How to choose the right e-book? + Video

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How to choose the right e-book? + Video
How to choose the right e-book? + Video

In this article, you will learn the tips for choosing an e-book. What to look for when buying. Advantages of an e-book over a regular one. Also watch the detailed video. The age of innovative technologies has not been able to supplant books, but nevertheless, immense book bindings sometimes cause inconvenience. In this case, an e-book will become a faithful assistant, which will not take up much space and will contain a large amount of literature.

Of course, you can do without this gadget and attract various equipment adapted for this, but the e-book performs the main function - reading the text. It is quite easy to navigate in it, moreover, it supports the playback of multimedia files and photos, and this is more than just a book.

How to choose an e-book?

Features of the e-book:

  1. Bookmarks. For convenient orientation in the text, searching for words, there are functions for highlighting paragraphs, quotes. This is perhaps the main feature of an e-book.
  2. Definitions of words. It is impossible not to mention such a convenient function (especially for those who are fond of poetry) as the search for the meaning of words. One has only to touch the desired word, as its meaning is immediately revealed.
  3. Search. You can find any word on the Internet, if, of course, your eBook Reader is intended for this. After all, this greatly improves the convenience of the book.

This is just a small part of the possibilities that an e-book can provide. The wide format also allows you to enjoy quality movies, photos, music and simple games.

What to look for when buying an e-book:

1. Display of the e-book

E-book display

First, you need to view the model screen. The display in all models is varied, both black and white and color, with or without backlighting. It is worth noting that the type of screen must be E-link, the rest are of poor quality LCD. Both black-and-white and color displays have a sufficiently wide angle of view that does not distort information, but each model to a different extent, this must be taken into account when buying a product.

2. Book navigation

Navigating the e-book

Experts advise that it is worth purchasing an e-book with a touch screen, they consume less energy and are much more convenient. Push-button models are also available, allowing all generations to use with ease.

3. Russification and formats

The presence of Russification is a particularly important point when choosing a device, because it is it that allows you to read texts in Russian. This function makes it possible to work with Cyrillic fonts, use Russian in the menu, and also prevents the device from getting confused in punctuation. Some devices do not support several of these items. After all, most manufacturers have developed models for foreign language users. As a result, the device displays various hieroglyphs, and sometimes refuses to work with the Russian language.

The most popular e-books are HTML, TXT, FB2, RTF, PDF. The PDF format is of more interest to the reader today, but you need to be prepared for the fact that the model does not support such a format. This is due to the fact that the screen of such a book is smaller than *.pdf requires, namely A4 paper format.

4. Weight and dimensions

Weight and dimensions of the e-book

Readers come in a variety of sizes and weights. Here it is worth paying attention to where you are going to use this "tool" for reading: at home or reading in transport (metro, bus), because many people travel a long way to work and home and spend time that can be occupied by reading a book. See which device fits better in your bag, how easy it sits in your hand, otherwise the pens can quickly get tired of a heavy e-book. Everything is individual.

Before giving preference to this or that model, it is advisable to pick it up, use all the settings provided, read it so that it is more clear what your heart is about.

We hope our tips on how to choose an eBook will help you make the right purchase. Good luck with your choice!

For more details, see the video on how to choose the right eBook Reader:

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