Fossil Grant FS4812 watches and other collections

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Fossil Grant FS4812 watches and other collections
Fossil Grant FS4812 watches and other collections

Review of wrist watches of the American brand Fossil: features and collections, FS4812 technical characteristics, appearance, photos and reviews. Fossil watch is a wrist accessory with a variety of models, democracy, vintage, style, sometimes very unusual, but always original and recognizable. The brand does not put any specific accents: watches can be either mechanical or electronic. Designers and couturiers are working on the appearance of the accessory. They are not considered prestigious, like Patek Philippe watches, but are intended rather for a wide range of buyers who keep up with fashion, but do not have accounts in foreign banks. Fossil today deservedly is the leader of the Western Hemisphere in the manufacture of watch movements.

Fossil features and collections

It turns out that not all watches are Swiss. Time indicators of good quality can also be found in the USA. Fossil began production in 1984 and did not initially focus on men's wrist accessories. The graceful Fossil women's wristwatches also left the hands of masters and designers.

The innovations of this brand include an accessory that is not only beautifully designed and indicates the date and time, but also has a PDA function. Such a "turn" simply destroyed the generally accepted ideas about the classical purpose of wrist watch movements.

Fossil watch collections

Here are the most popular Fossil collections:

  1. Georgia - round steel laconic dial (strokes and numbers), three hands, no date. Thin belts made of specially processed leather. The cost is about $ 85.
  2. Cecile - Elegant metal case and colored dial. Large Roman numerals. There are white, gold colors. Price in Europe is 130 dollars.
  3. Jacqueline - Fossil watches of this series are special, but not quite expensive (140 dollars), dedicated to the first lady of America Jacqueline Kennedy, with a thin graceful bracelet.
  4. Riley - the watch designers looked at the fashion of the last century in a modern way. Vintage style unusual metal belts. The price is strange, where I found it for $ 85, where it was 124, and where it was sold for $ 245, but I think their price, like other Fossil watches, is about $ 100.
  5. Sculptor - Ladies watch Fossil for everyday wear. They differ from the rest by a small rectangular metal case with rounded edges. Various colors, bracelets and belts (including rubber). The cost in Europe is around $ 125.
  6. Casual - men's line of wrist watches Fossil, with a chronograph and many functions. The strap is also made of various materials, but mostly leather. The body itself is made of steel, the numbers are large. Fossil Casual prices range from $ 80 to $ 130.
  7. Trend men is a collection for young people who follow fashion and want to stand out from the crowd. The watch case is metal, square or round, simple, no date, with three hands (seconds, minutes and hours). They are distinguished by an original wide leather strap. Price - $ 135? 180.
  8. Women's Sport Watches - Fossil has worked especially for women. An expensive model with a round dial, strokes (can be made of diamonds), three hands and a date, complete with a stopwatch and a chronograph. The bracelet is metal. About $ 180.

There is also a collection of Fossil Grant watches - we will talk about it more specifically later. These are not all the collections of the famous Western watchmaker Fossil. There are so many of them, and they present new products so often that I would not be surprised if at the time of writing about them a new original development is released. Maybe even a new feature.

Fossil Grant FS4812 Watch Specifications

Fossil Grant FS4812 Specifications

The novelty, which deserves attention and is affordable, is the FS4812 men's wristwatch. They have a business style, leather strap, classic buckle. Here are the rest of the details:

  • quartz movement, which provides accuracy from -10 to +15 seconds per month;
  • steel round case with a diameter of 44x44x12mm, water resistance 5 ATm;
  • the dial can be of different colors (preferably black) with Roman numerals, with a chronometer;
  • three hands (seconds, hours, minutes) with a composition glowing in the dark;
  • mineral glass, resistant to wear.
  • Fossil Grant FS4812 price in Russia within the limits of 7800? 9600 rubles, in Europe about 80? 90 dollars.

As you can see, nothing complicated or unnecessary. Fossil men's wrist watches are laconic and modest in a business-like manner, equally well suited to both casual wear and a business suit.

The appearance of the watch Fossil Grant FS4812

Fossil Grant FS4812 watches

Round dial, steel waterproof case and quartz movement are “hallmarks” of any watch. Large Roman numerals, hands glowing in the dark - it is very convenient to look for a second on a Fossil watch to find out what time it is. This is not a luxury, there are no expensive stones adorning the accessory on the wrist, it is convenient to use them in public transport and safely on deserted streets.

A durable leather strap to match the dial (black dial, which means black strap) with a reliable classic buckle is well suited to the classic Fossil FS4812 watch.

In general, wrist watches of the famous Fossil brand do not limit their customers to a certain style of clothing (like, for example, Swiss factories). The collections of Western masters are so diverse and affordable that you can choose not just one watch, but several, with a different set of functions or with precious jewelry, simple and strict, which can only fit a tracksuit, an evening dress, or is it just business clothes and etc.

Opinions from the Fossil FS4812

Reviews about watches Fossil Grant FS4812

The watch company Fossil also has a lot of admirers, such as Armani or even Tissot. Reviews of Fossil watches are written in a variety of ways: both positive and negative. Much is written about the design, attention-grabbing and original design of the accessory, as well as the adequate price of the product. Several negative reviews about fragile glass and water getting inside the case while swimming. There are positive reviews (and there are quite a few of them) about the accuracy of the displayed time. So…

Stanislav, 48 years old

I picked a wrist accessory with a Fossil watch in the spirit of the cool 80s. The appearance is impeccable, they walk exactly, but they are not combined with all the clothes, unfortunately, I bought a simpler watch for work.

Vlad, 29 years old

I didn’t choose Fossil for myself, but my wife. I didn't like them at all at first. But when I came to work in them, and listened to pleasant exclamations about a new gift, I immediately "looked more closely" and understood everything. I wear it for a year - they do not break, they go exactly, quartz has not yet run out in the battery. Satisfied, the shore.

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