Rating of the best juicers 2019 - TOP-5, reviews

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Rating of the best juicers 2019 - TOP-5, reviews
Rating of the best juicers 2019 - TOP-5, reviews

Review of TOP 5 best juicers 2019 - rating of the most popular and productive models, their characteristics and capabilities, prices and reviews.

Before proceeding with an overview of individual models, let's talk about juicers in general and consider some of the nuances of their choice.

In order to purchase a model that will serve you for a long time and satisfy all your requirements, it is important to consider some of the specifics of the purchase. First of all, you need to figure out which juicer you need. They can be conditionally divided into several types according to their purpose:

  1. Citrus juicer… Usually not very powerful (up to 40 watts), since it does not take much effort to juice citrus fruits.
  2. For hard vegetables and fruits. Such a model should be more powerful and have a good filtering system from the pulp.
  3. Universal. These models do an excellent job of squeezing fruit and vegetables, nuts and even herbs. Usually, such juicers have sufficient power and relatively wide functionality, clearing the juice from pulp and foam if necessary. The only drawback of such devices is the high price.

By the principle of operation, juicers are divided into:

  • Centrifugal - equipped with a centrifuge and a rotating chopping knife. These are usually electrical models. The main advantage of such models is that the juice is as pure as possible, however, when squeezing apples, a lot of foam can form (if there is no foam cleaning mode). However, some users attribute the heating of juice during extraction to the disadvantages of centrifugal juicers.
  • Auger - juicers, in which the juice is squeezed out through a press. Mostly manual, but electric ones are also common. The juice contains more pulp than that obtained from centrifugal models, but it does not heat up and less foam forms on top.

Before buying a juicer, decide which model you want and what you plan to use it for.

Below we take a look at the TOP 5 best juicers for fruits and vegetables, for citrus, screw and centrifugal, which are on the market in 2019.

Auger juicer ARDESTO JEG-1330SL


ARDESTO JEG-1330SL is a mechanical control model made in China. The juicer looks solid, the body is made of stainless steel and black polycarbonate. There are two containers for collecting juice and cake, each with a volume of 0.6 l. By the way, the collection of cake is automatic. The model is equipped with a reverse function and protection against overheating, accidental activation.

Construction of the ARDESTO JEG-1330SL juicer

Main characteristics of the ARDESTO JEG-1330SL juicer:

Dimensions (edit) 15x22x46 cm
The weight 3.7 kg
Power 200 W (90 rpm)
Loading hole diameter 85 mm
Length of cable 125 cm

The juicer auger (grater) is made of polycarbonate, and the sieve is made of stainless steel. Also, the model is equipped with a drop stop option.

Juicer ARDESTO JEG-1330SL perfectly copes with squeezing juice from products with a high starch content (mango, banana), can be used to extract juice from nuts, greens and hard vegetables (pumpkin, carrots, beets).

Juice is squeezed out in a low-speed mode - 90 rpm, and therefore the model does not make too much noise during operation, which makes it very convenient to use. Of the additional design features that facilitate the operation of the device, we highlight the presence of a special pusher in the kit, which is convenient for pushing products into the loading opening. In addition, the main flask has rubber gaskets to provide a secure fit when placed on a surface.

ARDESTO JEG-1330SL design

There is a special brush for washing. Let's not say that the juicer is very easy to clean, because the procedure itself is unpleasant, but in general it is more convenient to wash it than some centrifugal models.

Reviews of the ARDESTO JEG-1330SL auger juicer are generally positive.Of the advantages, users highlight the reliability of the device, ease of use and the ability to make juice even from hard fruits / vegetables, nuts, herbs. Of the minuses, some note a slight creak of polycarbonate and the fact that the cake does not come out completely dry.

ARDESTO JEG-1330SL and juice on the table

Unboxing and first launch of ARDESTO JEG-1330SL:

And here is a video of testing a juicer on solid fruits:

The price of ARDESTO JEG-1330SL in Russia is 10,240 rubles, in Ukraine - 3099 UAH

Centrifugal juicer PHILIPS Avance Collection HR1922 / 20

PHILIPS Avance Collection HR1922 / 20 and juice

This is a Chinese-made centrifugal model with 1200W power. The juicer can process food to produce up to 3 liters of juice at a time without the need to clean the cake container.

The main feature of PHILIPS Avance Collection HR1922 / 20 is FiberBoost technology, thanks to which you can choose the consistency of the juice. You can adjust the concentration of the pulp, getting a clear or thick juice.

The feed opening is slightly narrower here than in the previous model - 80 mm. However, it is still a wide chamber, into which large fruits or their pieces can easily pass. As in the ARDESTO juicer, the “Drop Stop” system is thought out here, which allows you to keep the workspace clean.

Juicer PHILIPS Avance Collection HR1922 / 20 and juice products

Main technical characteristics of PHILIPS Avance Collection HR1922 / 20:

Dimensions (edit) 250x296x432 mm
The weight 4.7 kg (packed)
Power 1200 watts
Juice container 1 l
Container for cake 2.1 l
Loading hole diameter 80 mm
Length of cable 1 meter

The device can operate at two speeds. The design of the body is thought out in such a way that it can be easily and quickly assembled, and thanks to the polishing of the sieve, it can be easily cleaned from the cake with a simple sponge. Also, the juicer has a pre-cleaning system - the user can quickly rinse the inside of the body after receiving the juice.

Of the disadvantages of the juicer, it is possible to note the large dimensions. Such a model will take up a lot of space in the kitchen if you keep it assembled. And if you collect and hide in a closet, then the constant need for assembly discourages the desire to use the juicer as a whole.

PHILIPS Avance Collection HR1922 / 20 on the kitchen table

This issue with PHILIPS Avance Collection HR1922 / 20 was noted in their reviews by many users. However, most of them emphasized that the design of the device is very reliable and of high quality. Also, among the advantages, many indicated quiet operation, high power and ease of cleaning under running water.

By the way, this model is one of the leaders in reviews from the TOP-5 of the best juicers under consideration. There are practically no bad customer reviews about her. Therefore, if you want a good centrifugal model and you have a place in the kitchen for its location, then this is ideal.

The price of PHILIPS Avance Collection HR1922 / 20 in Russia is 13,300 rubles, in Ukraine - 5899 UAH

Juicer video:

PHILIPS Avance Collection HR1922 / 20 unboxing and testing video:

SCARLETT SC-JE50S08 Centrifugal Juicer

Design SCARLETT SC-JE50S08 Green

Another centrifugal model, only more budgetary compared to the Philips juicer. As with the previous device, there are 2 squeezing speeds for products of different hardness, as well as the “Drop of stop” function.

At the same time, the power of the juicer is comparatively lower - 1000 W, and the diameter of the loading opening is less - 75 mm. The model is equipped with a titanium-coated mesh filter, a foam separator and also has protection against inappropriate activation.

The SCARLETT SC-JE50S08 body is made of metal and plastic, there is a reservoir for juice (1 l) and for pulp (1.5 l). Rubberized feet allow you to securely fix the device on the work surface. The juicer can be used for citrus fruits, vegetables and fruits, nuts, herbs.

Main features of SCARLETT SC-JE50S08:

Dimensions (edit) 40x21x31 cm
The weight 2.75 kg
Power 1000 watts
Juice container 1 l.
Capacity for cake 1.5 l.
Loading hole diameter 75 mm

The most significant plus of this model is its relatively compact body. It does not take half a kitchen, although it is very productive in terms of power. There is a little lack of advanced functionality, such as separate cleaning from foam, adjusting the consistency of juice, but the device costs almost 5 times less than its competitor Phillips. For its price, the juicer copes with the main functions with a bang.

There are not so many reviews on the SCARLETT SC-JE50S08 on the Web as on previous models. Mostly all positive. Of the minuses, users point out that sometimes whole pieces of hard fruits or vegetables remain in the compartment.

The price of SCARLETT SC-JE50S08 in Russia is 3300 rubles, in Ukraine - 1199 UAH

Juicer video review:

GORENJE CJ90E - citrus juicer

A simple and inexpensive, but high-quality and reliable juicer GORENJE CJ90E is designed to extract juice from citrus fruits. It is made of stainless steel and plastic, equipped with a mesh filter and protection against dripping onto the table.

The device is very easy to operate and can be switched on at the touch of a button. It has only one nozzle, but the design, despite its simplicity, is thought out to the smallest detail. There is a protective dust cover here, and the case is prevented from sliding by rubber feet.

Main technical characteristics of GORENJE CJ90E:

Dimensions (edit) 28.3х23.5х23.5 cm (packed)
The weight 1.8 kg
Power 85 watts
Length of cable 1 meter

The juicer is made of high quality materials - the body does not creak or bend. Of the minuses, the small size of the nozzle can be noted. Some users in their reviews of the GORENJE CJ90E noted that it is difficult to squeeze juice from large oranges and grapefruits. Also, among the shortcomings, it was noted that the body is very tight and to maintain its aesthetic appearance, it must be constantly wiped.

The price of GORENJE CJ90E in Ukraine is 789 UAH

Juicer-shredder BelOMO SVSHPP-302

Box and equipment BelOMO SVSHPP-302

The Belarusian electric juicer BelOMO SVShPP-302 is practically a legend in the domestic market, since it has been produced for more than two decades!

The device operates at 1 speed and has a power of 250 W. However, the performance and functionality are impressive:

  • Processing 50 kg of products per hour.
  • Juicing - 830 g / min.
  • Shredding vegetables - 1.4 kg / min.
  • Shredding cabbage - 2.3 kg / min.
  • Cutting products into slices - 1.7 kg / min.

The body of BelOMO SVShPP-302 is made of plastic; it is equipped with rubberized legs for fixing on the surface. The delivery set includes a replaceable cover, a pusher and a shredding knife, as well as a pusher for squeezing juice. The centrifuge mesh is made of aluminum.

Housing elements BelOMO SVShPP-302

Main technical characteristics of BelOMO SVShPP-302:

Dimensions (edit) 33x25.2x30.1 cm
The weight 6 Kg
Power 250 watts

Reviews of the juicer are very controversial - some users praise BelOMO SVSHPP-302 for its reliability, durability, ability to process products in large volumes, wide functionality in terms of shredding and cutting vegetables / fruits; other buyers, comparing with modern European and Chinese models, note many disadvantages - unfinished fixation, too loud operation + vibration, lack of modern solutions and technologies, spraying of waste in the workplace.

Based on this, we can conclude that BelOMO SVShPP-302 is an inexpensive juicer for harvesting cabbage for the winter or juice in the country. Using fresh juices in an apartment can be inconvenient.

The price of BelOMO SVShPP-302 in Russia is about 3100 rubles, in Ukraine - 1545 UAH

Video review of BelOMO SVShPP-302:

So we reviewed the TOP 5 best juicers of 2019. Of course, the list can be continued with models from Hotpoint, Braun, Kenwood, Bosch, however, we included in our rating only the models that are currently the most popular on the market.

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