Ventilation valve for a bath: manufacturing and installation features

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Ventilation valve for a bath: manufacturing and installation features
Ventilation valve for a bath: manufacturing and installation features

A ventilation grill with a latch can not only be installed in the air duct by yourself, but also made. Our instructions will help you figure out how to select the material and carry out the installation work. Content:

  1. The need for a ventilation valve
  2. Bath grate with plug

    • Manufacturing
    • Mounting
  3. Grille with cover and box
  4. Gate valve adjustment

In order for the air in the steam room to warm up evenly, it is important to correctly equip the ventilation in the room. It is also necessary to compensate for the lack of oxygen and remove carbon dioxide outside. The heat balance of the steam room depends on the correct location of the channel.

The need for a ventilation valve for a bath

Bath ventilation valve
Bath ventilation valve

If the ventilation is improperly arranged, the lack of oxygen can lead to poor health among the visitors of the steam room. In addition, the heated air will be concentrated near the stove, without warming up all areas of the room. In some cases, when the air exchange is too fast, the steam room will simply not warm up. To regulate the flow of air into the room, the system is equipped with grilles and plugs.

It is recommended to install the dampers regardless of the chosen layout of the holes for air exchange in the steam room. In this case, it is important not to create a draft in the room, that is, the plug should be as tight as possible. The grill, in turn, is necessary to prevent the ingress of insects, rodents or sediments.

It is necessary to think about the equipment of the ventilation system even at the design stage of the bath. During construction, a supply ventilation hole with a diameter of 120% of the chimney diameter is made in the wall at a height of 0.4-0.5 meters from the floor where the heater is supposed to be placed.

If the steam room is heated by an electric heater, then the dimensions of the supply pipe are calculated according to the volume of the room (24 cm2 1 m3). However, its area should not be less than 30 cm.2.

For air flow, in some cases, underground vents are also used, which are located in the basement. But it is better that fresh air comes from the street, and not from the underground.

The outlet diameter should be twice as large. It is done on the opposite wall near the ceiling. However, it is undesirable to place it above the shelf, since the person sitting there will be in a draft and may catch a cold.

Bath grate with plug

You can buy a production ventilation grill for a bath. The best are the products of the Finnish manufacturer Harvia. But if you wish, you can make a grid with your own hands.

Manufacturing a lattice with a latch for a bath

Grill with a latch for arranging ventilation in the bath
Grill with a latch for arranging ventilation in the bath

Ventilation grilles for a bath with a valve are traditionally made of wood. It is strictly forbidden to use plugs with metal handles in the steam room. In this case, you can get burned by adjusting the air flow in the heated room.

The optimal material is alder or linden. They can best tolerate changes in temperature and humidity. Conifers are also undesirable to use. When heated, they release resins, which can also burn yourself.

When making a lattice, we adhere to the following algorithm of actions:

  1. We measure the ventilation opening and cut four slats to assemble the frame. Calculate the dimensions so that the frame protrudes a few centimeters on each side of the hole. The optimal thickness of the slats is 2-3 cm.
  2. We mill along the rail on one side a depression of 0.8 cm. We grind all the details of the frame with fine-grained paper.
  3. We completely cut off one rail in height by 0.8 cm. This is necessary for the free movement of the plug.
  4. We collect the frame. We use wooden pins or galvanized nails as fasteners. The milled holes must be on one side.
  5. We cut out individual elements of the lattice along the height of the frame, with a section of 1 * 0.5 cm or 0.5 * 0.5 cm. We grind them.
  6. We fix the elements on the frame with a pitch of 0.3 cm. It is best to use galvanized self-tapping screws as fasteners.
  7. From a durable wooden canvas, we cut a gate valve 0.5 cm thick along the perimeter of the frame, taking into account the milled area. We sand the surface and attach a wooden handle.
  8. Between the top and bottom rails, on the side opposite from the handle of the plug, we nail another rail thicker than the frame. She will hold the latch.
  9. Insert a plug into the hole between the frame and the nailed rail. It should fit into the grooves milled for it and move easily along them.
  10. By analogy, make the second grill, since we need two such products for the equipment of the ventilation system. They are installed at the inlet and outlet.

Please note that all wood after sanding must be impregnated with an antiseptic composition and a fire retardant.

Installation of a grate with a plug in a bath

Installing a grate with a plug
Installing a grate with a plug

Before installation, it is necessary to fix the corrugated pipe in the exhaust duct, which is usually extended to a level above the roof to increase traction. Remember that the duct should be kept as short and straight as possible. In this case, the efficiency of the ventilation system will be maximized.

We fix the lattice itself in this order:

  • We install the structure in the hole so that the valve can freely walk along the groove.
  • Using the hydraulic level, we check the evenness of the position.
  • We fix it firmly to the wall using galvanized self-tapping screws. We bury the caps of metal fasteners into the wood.

In this way, a ventilation valve is installed both at the inlet and outlet.

Manufacturing and installation of a grate with a plug and a box in a bath

Ventilation hole in the bath base
Ventilation hole in the bath base

In some cases, the inlet and outlet openings are equipped with a special box for adjusting ventilation, and they do it in the following sequence:

  1. We knock down the frame according to the size of the hole at the exit from the bars with a section of 2 * 2 cm.
  2. Along the length of the frame, we cut the elements of the lattice, 0.5 cm thick and 2 cm wide. Please note that all wooden elements must be carefully sanded and soaked several times with antiseptics and fire retardants. We apply each next layer of protective compounds after the previous one has completely dried.
  3. Install the grate at the exit. We check the level of the horizontal position and fix it with galvanized fasteners.
  4. We cut out a block of wood. Its width and height should correspond to the dimensions of the ventilation opening, and its length should correspond to the thickness of the wall.
  5. We carefully grind the product, impregnate it with protective compounds.
  6. Cut out the plate separately, 4 cm more on each side than the hole.
  7. We grind it and attach a wooden handle in the middle.
  8. We fasten the plate to the blanking bar with galvanized fasteners. We must deepen the hats into the wood.
  9. If necessary, the projection of the plate above the plug can be upholstered with a roll of insulation. This will prevent air from entering through the shallow crevices.

As a result, the plug should move freely along the ventilation duct and fit snugly against the wall.

Adjusting the valve during bath procedures

Bath ventilation scheme
Bath ventilation scheme

To ensure effective air exchange and create the most favorable microclimate in the steam room, you need to correctly adjust the position of the ventilation valve for the bath. To do this, consider a few rules:

  • At the beginning of the firebox, both the exhaust and supply vents must be covered.
  • When the temperature reaches the desired level with the valve, you need to adjust the appropriate mode.
  • To increase the air volume while in the steam room, the inlet must be opened.
  • After completing the procedures, open both doors to ventilate the room and dry it.

As for the ventilation equipment in the washing department, it would be more appropriate to install a production grill with a fan and an electric motor there. At the same time, it is better to choose the exhaust power by 10% more than is required for the dimensions of the room. This will compensate for the flow of air from windows and cracks. Therefore, a balance will be maintained in the washing room. Watch a video about ventilation in the bath:

On average, with a normally equipped ventilation system, air is replaced in a steam room about six times in one hour. A well-made and installed plug will not allow air to pass through and create a draft in the closed position. Adhering to the above recommendations, you can independently make and install a ventilation grill for a bath with a valve, ensuring effective air exchange in your steam room.

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