How to make a swing for a summer residence with your own hands?

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How to make a swing for a summer residence with your own hands?
How to make a swing for a summer residence with your own hands?

Construction, elements and types of swing for summer cottages. What material to give preference to and how to choose a place for installation? Instructions for making wooden and metal swings with your own hands.

Making a swing with your own hands is a set of activities that includes the development of a project and the process of assembling a structure. Everyone can do this work independently, the main thing is to adhere to a certain sequence of actions. Further, in more detail about how to assemble a swing in the country without involving masters.

What kind of swing are there for a summer residence?

Portable swing for summer cottages

In the photo there is a swing for a summer residence

First of all, the master must determine who will use the swing. You can make a product for children or give preference to an option that is suitable for the whole family. It is also necessary to decide the question of whether a stationary structure is required or whether it needs to be made collapsible. Our recommendations will help you with the choice.

The versatile garden swing is distinguished by its size and design. The seats can be up to 2 m long and can be fitted with a backrest. Often the seat is made in the form of a sofa with soft pillows. Garden swing posts are massive, capable of supporting the weight of several adults. The design is also called a swing for family vacations, because it can fit the whole family.

Children's swings for summer cottages differ from garden ones mainly in size and carrying capacity, but there are other differences:

  • The structure is recommended to be made of wood to avoid serious injury.
  • The seat is equipped with seat belts.
  • The seat is low above the ground.
  • To prevent circular rotation, the swing seat must be equipped with an additional rail from the corners of the structure to the crossbeam.
  • Outdoor swings for children are installed on a special playground.
  • The seat hangers are attached to the bar with snap hooks. The use of hooks is prohibited.
  • Sharp corners and edges are not allowed on the swing.
  • It is recommended to paint children's models in bright colors.

Portable swings are popular for their ability to move - for example, in the shade or under a canopy to keep out the rain. The most stable are the models in the shape of the letter "A", in which the lower parts of the racks are connected by additional crossbars. U-shaped swings can also be carried, but for stability they are equipped with beams that make the structure heavier.

There are no support posts in the construction of a suspended swing. They consist of a seat and ropes that are attached to any element that can support the weight of the child. Supports can be a tree branch, floor beams of a covered veranda or porch, special portable structures. In this version, a seat is any object on which you can sit - a board, a log, a small tire, etc. The rope is simply tied to the seat and to the load-bearing element.

Construction and main elements of the swing

Swing design for summer cottages

Scheme of the design of a swing for a summer residence

Swings are an integral part of summer cottages and country houses, creating an atmosphere of comfort and romance. For a good time, you don't have to buy a ready-made model, since many of them have a simple design and are easy to make yourself. But first study their device.

All swings differ only externally and consist of only a few elements:

  • Support posts… They ensure the stability of the swing during operation. They are buried in the ground or installed on a rigid base - a concrete surface, tiles, etc. In the latter case, the structure can be easily moved to another location.
  • Seat… This is the footprint for the user. Manufactured in a wide range of sizes up to 2 m in length. The simplest ones are a simple wooden plank 40-60 cm long. Garden swing seats are often made in the form of a sofa with a backrest, armrests and cushions.
  • Hangers… Fastening elements of the seat to the load-bearing element of the frame. For these purposes, simple ropes, chains or metal rods are used. Chain hangers seem to be preferable.
  • Canopy… Protects users and seat cushions from sun and rain. The most popular form is a single slope with a backward tilt of 10 °. If the swing is not removed for the winter, it is made gable. The canopy consists of a frame with a stretched canvas or hard cover.
  • Cushions… Used when the seat is very rigid or made of mesh. They are made with removable covers for easy washing and replacement.

The most common swing patterns are in the form of the letter "A" with an angle in the upper part of 30-40 °: this is a simple, stable structure of relatively small dimensions. U-shaped models are complemented by a lower crossbar and spacers connecting the side posts with the lower one, but the frame is bulky, moreover, it has additional stops at the base to prevent overturning. The construction in the form of the letter "Ж" is convenient if there is a roof.

Swing seat design

Scheme of the design of the swing seat

The design of the racks, the size of the swing and the method of connecting the elements depend on the size and carrying capacity of the seat. Therefore, you need to start designing with it.

It is necessary to take into account the following points:

  1. A seat for 2 people should withstand 150-200 kg, for 3-4 - more than 250 kg.
  2. The minimum seat length for one person is 40-60 cm.
  3. The minimum gap between the seat and the side posts of the swing: 30 cm for chain suspensions, 40 cm for ropes.
  4. It is more convenient to swing with a back and an armrest.
  5. The swing seat tilts back to reduce muscle tension when swinging.
  6. The frame is reinforced with stiffening ribs.
  7. The distance from the ground to the seat is chosen so that you can sit down without any problems.

When making a children's swing with your own hands, remember that the presence of seat belts is required. The number of seats should not exceed three. Multi-seat structures are convenient when there are several children so that there is no queue. Select suspension chains with fine links to avoid pinching. For a children's swing, it is important that the child's feet touch the ground, otherwise he will not be able to sit down without assistance, as well as swing and brake. For example, with growth up to 80 cm, the suspension height is 54 cm, with growth up to 139 cm - 86 cm.

The seat is attached to the bar in different ways:

  • Using a spring… Metal brackets are attached to the crossbar. The same element is present on the chain. A tight spring is installed between them, which ensures smooth swinging.
  • Rings or staples… In turn, their attachment to the crossbar is required. The hanger is fixed to the rings with a hook or carabiners.

Selection of material for a swing

Drawing of a swing for a summer residence

An example of a drawing of a swing for a summer residence

First of all, it is important to decide on the material, find the place of installation of the structure and, on the basis of the decision made, develop a drawing and assembly instructions. Drawings can be downloaded from the Internet, but if you wish, it is easy to create a drawing yourself, taking into account all the characteristics that are important in your particular case. Throughout the assembly cycle, the assembly instructions should be at hand at all times.

For independent production of a swing, metal or wooden elements are used. The choice of option depends on the preferences of the master.

The metal swing is strong and durable. They are made from metal profiles or corners. The choice of parts depends on the load on the structure.Children's swing must withstand a weight of 200 kg, therefore, for their installation, workpieces with a wall thickness of more than 1 mm and a section of at least 40x40 mm (if the profiles are rectangular) are taken. Universal structures are made from a profile of at least 70x70 mm with a wall thickness of more than 2 mm.

If you liked a wrought-iron swing, then it should be borne in mind that it will not work to make them at home.

Profile pipes for the manufacture of metal swings

Profile pipes are considered the best option for a garden swing, since they have numerous advantages:

  • The shape of the product is simple and easy to use.
  • There is little waste left after finishing work.
  • The material is difficult to deform.
  • The elements are not afraid of temperature changes and sunlight.
  • Components do not accept wind load.

However, this material is not without its drawbacks:

  • The workpieces are difficult to bend. If the model requires bending the profile, a special machine will be needed.
  • The metal is very hot in the sun.
  • Metal structures have many sharp corners, which increases the risk of injury.
  • Carbon steel profiles rust quickly and galvanized steel profiles are expensive.
  • Profile models do not fit well with the design of the site.
  • When assembling a swing, welding is almost always used. Not everyone has a welding machine and skills in handling it.

A swing can be made of wood for a summer residence of any type and design, and lumber has many advantages:

  • The design is lightweight and pleasant to the touch.
  • The bars are simply processed, so everyone can assemble and install the swing.
  • Craftsmen often choose wood for aesthetic reasons: it looks good anywhere on the site and does not spoil the design.
  • The wooden swing is safe for children, because the wood is soft, which means it is less traumatic.
  • Structures made of lumber are not heated.

But also a wooden swing for a summer residence has disadvantages:

  • In the open air, the bars quickly fail: in the sun they dry out and become covered with cracks, and in damp weather they swell and rot. To prolong the life, the swing is covered with special products every 2-3 years. It is also recommended to install a canopy over them.
  • Workpieces for work must be dry so that the finished structure does not shrink or lose its shape. If the beams are damp, they are dried under a canopy for two weeks.
  • A lumber outdoor swing should be periodically covered with an antiseptic and varnish to protect it from moisture.
  • Wooden elements are fastened with bolted connections. They get weaker over time. Therefore, sometimes it is necessary to check their condition and tighten.

Choosing a place for a swing

Choosing a place for the location of the swing in the country

After making a drawing of a swing for a summer residence, you should study the diagram of the site and decide on the location of the structure on it.

When choosing an installation site, follow these recommendations:

  1. The area should be level, spacious and open.
  2. There should be no obstacles at a distance of 2.5 m from the swing.
  3. While swinging, tree branches should not touch a person.
  4. Choose an area under a canopy or in the shade for a comfortable stay on a sunny day.
  5. The swing on the veranda will be protected from the sun and rain.
  6. Do not install the structure near fountains, paths, lawns and flower beds.
  7. A good option for placing a swing is a place with a beautiful view of the garden, pond, etc.
  8. Correctly chosen territory will add originality to the entire site.

Making a wooden swing with your own hands

Self-assembly of a swing for the whole family is a laborious process, but if you have the skill and follow the established sequence of work, you can make a structure with your own hands and equip a resting place with comfort.

Stationary wooden swing for summer cottages

Making stationary wooden swing with your own hands

Consider the sequence of assembling a single swing for a garden of the simplest design. It consists of two wooden beams, buried vertically in the ground, connected at the top with a crossbar. The seat ropes are attached to it.To form the frame, you will need two wooden beams with a section of 100x100 cm and a length of 3 m - for the racks, as well as another one with a length of at least 1.5 m - for the crossbar.

The work is performed in the following sequence:

  1. Mark on the site the places for the support posts of the country swing in accordance with the drawing.
  2. In the selected place, dig two holes 1, 2-1, 5 m deep and 30-40 cm in diameter. Use a hand drill to facilitate the work.
  3. Pour crushed stone on the bottom of the pit with a layer of 20-50 cm.
  4. Cover the sections of beams of 1 m, which will be underground, with bitumen mastic and wrap with roofing material to protect against moisture.
  5. Connect the uprights with the upper crossbar.
  6. Install the beams into the holes.
  7. Make sure the top bar is horizontal. Fill the pit with the beams with a mortar of cement and sand in a 1: 3 ratio.
  8. Cut a piece of board 60 cm long and smooth the surface thoroughly.
  9. Drill two holes around the edges of the board.
  10. Pass a rope through them: entered one, exited the other.
  11. Wrap the deadbolt with the two ends of the rope.
  12. Check the distance from the seat to the ground and adjust if necessary.
  13. Paint the racks.
  14. After the concrete has set, the swing can be used.

Portable wooden swing for summer cottages

Making a portable wooden swing with your own hands

To prolong the lifespan of the swing, they are hidden in a barn or other closed place for the winter. In this case, a structure is made in which the supports are not buried. Consider the process of making a portable swing made of wood in the shape of the letter "A" with two horizontal struts and the following dimensions: width - 2.1 m, depth - 1.235 m, height - 2.2 m.

The table shows a set of necessary materials for the manufacture of a portable wooden swing:

Swing element Cross-section of beams, mm The length of the beams, m Quantity, pcs.
Rigel 150x45 2, 1 1
Rack 150x45 2, 775 4
Bottom brace 150x45 0, 99 2
Upper brace 150x45 0, 32 2
Seat and back
Back crossbar 70x35 0, 6 2
Bottom bar 70x35 1, 3 2
Armrest stand 70x35 0, 275 2
Armrest 70x35 0, 6 2
Seat bar 70x25 1, 3 8
Backrest plank 70x25 1, 3 2
Upper bar 90x25 1, 3 1
Eye bolt 100 6
Chain 8 8, 4 1

Perform work on assembling a swing from a tree for a summer residence in the following sequence:

  1. Connect the 150x45 mm posts with one side to get an angle of 40-45 °. To increase reliability, cover the beams at the junction with glue and tighten with bolted joints. Such a fixation is more reliable than a connection with self-tapping screws.
  2. Connect the side posts in each pair in the middle and at the bottom with a crossbar to increase rigidity.
  3. Connect the corner parts of the posts with a crossbar. The seat will be attached to it.
  4. Place the structure upright on a rigid base.
  5. From slats with a section of 70x35 mm knock down the seat frame measuring 130x60 cm, and from slats 70x25 mm - a back frame with a size of 130x60 cm.
  6. Fill the frames with planks.
  7. Make armrests from the same slats and fix them to the seat with self-tapping screws or in another way.
  8. Fasten the backrest to the seat frame and armrests with self-tapping screws.
  9. Fasten the eyebolts around the edges of the seat and backrest (2 on each side).
  10. Drill 2 holes in the crossbar and fix the eyebolts in them.
  11. Attach a chain of the appropriate length to the eyebolts with carabiners.
  12. From 20x30 or 30x40 mm bars, knock down the canopy frame and fix it to the upper crossbeam at an angle of 10-20 °.
  13. Paint the wood pieces.

It remains only to pull the canvas onto the frame. The best material for a canopy is polyester or mesh polyethylene. The latter is cheaper, but the service life of polyester reaches 10 years. In addition, it repels dirt and therefore does not require washing. A swing with a canopy of a similar design for the winter is recommended to be hidden in a place protected from bad weather.

A gable roof with bituminous tiles, which is not afraid of bad weather, is considered more practical. To create it, form a rafter system of wooden bars, which will provide a canopy slope of 10-20 °, and fasten it to the upper crossbeam. Create a batten on the rafter system and lay shingles on top of it.

How to make a metal swing with your own hands?

Making a metal swing with your own hands

For assembling a garden swing with your own hands, metal pipes from a round or rectangular profile are excellent. The structure consists of a rectangular base and two triangular posts with crossbars and does not imply the presence of fastenings to the ground, it can be carried, like a wooden model.

The table shows the main elements of a metal swing:

Swing element Profile, mm Length, m Quantity, pcs.
Base side Pipe 70x70 1, 5 2
Base side Pipe 70x70 2 2
Rack Pipe 70x70 2, 2 4
Rigel Pipe 70x70 2 1
Bow for fixing the seat ropes Armature d. 15 0, 025 4
Long sides of seat and backrest Pipe 40x40 1, 6 3
Back side Pipe 40x40 0, 88 3
Short sides of the seat, armrest Pipe 40x40 0, 5 4
Vertical armrest support Pipe 40x40 0, 2 2
Rope or chain capable of supporting 300 kg 3, 4 1

Perform the assembly of a garden swing in the following sequence:

  1. Bevelling the pipes at the weld points at an angle of 45 °.
  2. Weld two triangular supports from the workpieces, ensuring the distance between the uprights is 1.5 m at the bottom.
  3. Place the triangular supports alternately on the short sides of the rectangular base, set them vertically and weld to the base.
  4. Weld the wire ropes to the crossbar.
  5. Place the deadbolt on the tops of the triangular supports and weld.
  6. Weld the rectangular frame of the seat from two long and two short pieces.
  7. Weld the back from 160 cm and 88 cm pipes in the shape of the letter "W".
  8. Weld the backrest to the seat base at a 100 ° angle.
  9. Weld the armrest to the seat frame and backrest using 20 cm and 50 cm pieces.
  10. Clean metal surfaces with a wire brush. To prevent rust, prime the parts with GF-021 glyphtal primer and paint with PF-115 alkyd enamel.
  11. Fill the seat frame with wood planks at least 20 mm thick.
  12. Weld to the edges of the backrest and the frame of the seat, 2 arcs each for attaching the suspension.
  13. Attach a rope of the appropriate length to the bows on the bar and seat using carabiners.

How to make a swing for a summer residence - watch the video:

Making a swing for a summer residence with your own hands is an interesting activity, which also allows you to save up to 70% of the cost of factory-made products. For the simplest structures, it is enough to have unnecessary boards, bars and minimal skills in working with lumber. The imagination and ingenuity of the master is also required, which will help reflect his personality traits and preferences.

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