Potato zrazy with sausage and cheese

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Potato zrazy with sausage and cheese
Potato zrazy with sausage and cheese

How to cook potato zrazy with sausage and cheese at home? Calorie content and selection of products. Technology and secrets of the dish. Step by step recipe with photo and video recipe.

Ready-made potato zrazy with sausage and cheese

Zrazy is an unusual cutlet that sometimes comes with a filling. There are meat zrazy, vegetables and others. But, as a rule, they are made from potato dough. I propose to cook very hearty and delicious potato cutlets with cheese and sausage. For them, you must first make mashed potatoes, which will be the dough. It can be made specifically for a recipe, or you can use leftovers from yesterday's dinner. This is one great way to recycle mashed potatoes.

Cutlet blanks are formed into the desired size and fried in a pan. The finished meatballs have a slightly crispy, fried crust on the outside and a soft potato structure on the inside. Usually, the sausage-cheese filling is put inside the cutlet, and I decided to use it in a different way. Prepare potato zrazy, in the form of a small pizza and put the sausage with cheese on top of the tortillas. Such a dish is obtained with more pronounced sausage and cheese flavors. This is a decent recipe for a quick and satisfying dinner. It is very difficult to refuse fried potatoes with sausage and cheese. Moreover, it is very easy and simple to prepare the dish, but it turns out to be unusual and tasty.

  • Caloric content per 100 g - 285 kcal.
  • Servings - 4
  • Cooking time - 1 hour


  • Mashed potatoes - 500 g
  • Flour - 80 g
  • Boiled sausage - 100 g
  • Ketchup - 3 tablespoons
  • Salt - 1/2 tsp or to taste
  • Hard cheese - 100 g
  • Eggs - 1 pc.
  • Vegetable oil - for frying

Step-by-step cooking of potato zraz with sausage and cheese:

Mashed potatoes combined with flour and eggs

1. I have ready-made mashed potatoes, which, as I wrote above, have not been eaten since yesterday's dinner. Combine it with flour and eggs.

If you are preparing potato zrazy from the very beginning, then wash the potatoes under running water, peel and remove all "eyes". Wash the peeled tubers with cold water and cut into equal pieces so that they cook at the same time. You can not chop the potatoes, but boil them whole. But then it will cook longer than sliced.

Place the potatoes in a cooking pot, cover with cold water so that they are completely covered, salt and send to the stove. If desired, for aroma and taste, you can add peeled garlic cloves or onions, bay leaves or allspice peas to the pan. When the tubers are cooked, remove all these spices from the pan. Place a lid on the saucepan and bring to a boil. Reduce the temperature to the lowest setting and cook the potatoes until tender. It is usually ready in 20 minutes. Check the readiness with a puncture of a knife or fork - the tubers should be soft and well pierced. If the potatoes are not completely cooked, then unpleasant raw lumps will remain in the mashed potatoes.

Turn the finished potatoes onto a sieve to drain all the liquid. Then return it to the same saucepan and simmer for 1 minute without liquid to evaporate the remaining moisture. Chop the cooked tubers with a potato grinder or a potato press. Do not use a mixer or blender, otherwise you will get a viscous paste, not fluffy mashed potatoes.

Kneaded potato dough

2. So, mix the mashed potatoes with flour and eggs with a pusher so that the food is evenly distributed. The potato mass should stick well and not fall apart. If it turns out to be too dry, beat in another egg, if too thin, add flour. Taste and season with salt and pepper if necessary.

If desired, add spices and seasonings to the potato dough to taste: chopped green onions, squeezed garlic, chopped herbs (dill, parsley, cilantro), fried onions.

Zrazy formed

3. Moisten your hands in water to prevent the dough from sticking and form oval or round zrazy, about 1-1.5 cm thick. Bread them on both sides with flour and shake to remove any residues. Instead of flour, you can roll the cakes in breadcrumbs. But then, when frying, you will need more oil, but the pancakes will turn out to be crispy. You can not bread the pancakes at all, but immediately put them in the pan.

Zrazy are fried in a pan

4. Pour vegetable oil into a frying pan and heat well. Place the zrazy and sauté them over medium heat on one side until golden brown, about 2 minutes. If the zrazy cracks during frying, it means that there are few eggs and flour in the dough. Add 1 more spoonful of flour and beat in half of one egg to make the dough stronger.

Zrazy are fried in a pan

5. Flip the zrazy to the other side. Add oil to the pan if necessary. Fry the tortillas for another 1 minute until golden brown.

Zrazy smeared with ketchup

6. After 1 minute, brush the zrazy with ketchup. If not, you can use tomato sauce.

Sausage is laid out on zrazy

7. Peel the sausage from the packaging film, cut into thin slices about 5 mm thick and put on the zrazy, as shown in the photo. The size of the sausage should not be larger than a potato tortilla. Therefore, trim the edges if necessary.

If desired, put tomato rings and a sprig of herbs on top of the sausage, then the zrazy will look like a real pizza.

Sausage is lined with cheese

8. Cut the cheese into thin slices and place on top of the sausage.

the pan is covered with a lid

9. Close the pan with a lid, reduce heat to the lowest setting and hold the pancakes in this form for 1-2 minutes to straighten the cheese. You can make a filling from sausage cheese. To do this, chop them finely and place them in the middle of the zraz. Twist the resulting cutlet in your hands to smooth and align the seams. But in this case, you will spend more time cooking. And according to my proposed recipe, zrazy are prepared easier, easier and faster.

Ready-made potato zrazy with sausage and cheese

10. Spread the finished zrazy (optional) on paper towels to remove excess fat. Then continue to fry the potato pancakes in the same way. Add vegetable oil to the pan as needed after frying each batch. Serve warm potato zrazy with sausage and cheese. They do not need an additional topigne. Although, if you wish, you can supplement them with sour cream or mayonnaise sauces.

See also a video recipe on how to cook potato zrazy with sausage and cheese

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