Best cottage design ideas

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Best cottage design ideas
Best cottage design ideas

Features of the design of the country house, popular styles of design of a country house. Rules, tips, best ideas, decor options.

The design of the cottage is a beautiful design of the interior space of a country house for a comfortable stay with family and close friends. People come to comfortably furnished cottages with pleasure at any time of the year, not just in summer. Next are the best summer cottage design ideas that even families with a modest budget can use.

Stylish solutions for decorating a summer residence

Cottage design design

A dacha is a small house or cottage for recreation. Usually these are wooden or brick buildings with walls no more than 6x6 m, but wealthy people often build much larger mansions. The interior design of a summer residence is fundamentally different from home improvement for permanent residence.

For a comfortable stay, it is necessary to correctly develop the interior of a country house, which largely depends on its layout. The standard scheme of the interior space of an economy class summer house is 1-2 bedrooms and a kitchen. With competent design development, even in small houses, you can allocate space for the terrace and veranda. If there is a second floor or attic, 1-2 living rooms are added.

In elite cottages there is room for a living room, a bathroom, an entrance hall, a bathroom and other premises, so the development of the design of large summer cottages is quite difficult and takes a lot of time.

The basic rule for decorating rooms is that the interior must be made in the same style. Popular summer cottage design options are shown in the table below:

Cottage design styles Features of space design
Provence (French country) The walls are plastered and painted in light colors, the floor is the same color. The beams on the walls and ceiling are brown. The design of the dacha assumes the obligatory presence of forged and wicker products and textiles with dull colors. The furniture is old, without varnish, painted white.
Village hut style (Russian country) The house has a large stove and rough wooden furniture. There are chintz curtains on the windows, bright rugs on the floor. Bedspreads, rugs, pillows are sewn from bright patches. Rough crocheted tablecloth. The design of a wooden cottage can be supplemented with a samovar, a spinning wheel or other antiques.
Classic style (English country) The style is restrained and aristocratic. The walls of the room are decorated with wallpaper in a cage or with discreet colors. The room has a fireplace and armchairs, glazed bookcases. Furniture, floor, doors and window frames are painted brown. According to this style, there should not be many objects in the room.
Minimalism (Scandinavian country) The furniture is simple and minimal. The walls are finished in light and light gray colors. Items of simple design are used for decoration. Such an environment creates a special atmosphere of peace, in which a person pays more attention to the beautiful landscape outside the window. Minimalism is often used when designing a small room.
Cottage design in Provence style

In the photo, the design of the cottage in the style of Provence

Country house design in the style of a village hut

Photo of a cottage design in the style of a village hut

Cottage design in classic style

Cottage design in classic style

Cottage design in the style of minimalism

In the photo, the design of the cottage in the style of minimalism

Design of the main rooms in the country

The modern design of the cottage allows you to transform its internal space into a cozy place for a pleasant pastime. Examples of room decoration are given below.

The main areas of the cottage include rooms for sleeping and cooking. In small buildings without internal partitions, functional zones are allocated for such purposes. In order not to be mistaken with the choice of interior, carefully study the situation in the room.


Kitchen design in the country

In the photo, the design of the kitchen in the country

A food preparation room, regardless of size, should be equipped with a standard set of furniture and communications. Tablecloths and curtains are required. The table can be folded out to fold and remove from the room after a meal. A worktop made of stone, tiles and wood is allowed. Set up a glass table and hand-decorated chairs in the room. High bar stools, transparent plastic furniture and other original products are also appropriate. It is advisable to make furniture to order in order to maximally take into account all the nuances of the room. The design of the kitchen in the country is well complemented by decorative dishes and handmade jewelry.


Bedroom design in the country

Photo of bedroom design in the country

A white bed with a bright bedspread, pillows and curtains looks good in this room. It is recommended to periodically change the color and texture of the accessories according to the mood. The most joyful colors are green, yellow, blue and orange. Be sure to have a chest of drawers or a large wardrobe. The walls are decorated with paper wallpaper. If necessary, it is allowed to combine the bedroom with the living room. In this case, people sleep on armchairs and sofa-books, which are unfolded only for the night. It is allowed to use bunk beds.

Second floor

Design of the second floor in the country

Design of the second floor in the country

The design of the second floor in the country house should be in the same style as the first. Typically, lounges and bedrooms are located at the top of the house. Instead of the second floor, you can build an attic, but in winter it is better not to spend the night in this room. The design of the attic in the country depends on the functions that it must perform. A good option is to install large panoramic windows or make part of the roof from glass. The attic windows are decorated with long curtains. Boxes for various small items are placed under the roof arch. Beds are installed in places where sunlight does not reach. In this case, the upper floor is used for relaxation and relaxation. In large country houses in the attics, children's rooms are made with a hammock, board games and parallel bars. When developing the design of a nursery in the country, a play area and sleeping places should be allocated.

Design of additional rooms in the country

There are many rooms in large summer cottages, and they are all furnished in accordance with the purpose and the chosen style.

Living room

Living room design in the country

In the photo, the design of the living room in the country

Its main decoration is a fireplace. Place furniture in front of the fire, for example, a wicker chair, a soft sofa, a massive table. You can put a plain sofa in the room and decorate it with colored pillows or a bright blanket. Lay a carpet on the floor, hang pictures on the walls. Place a sideboard with a beautiful service near the partition. If the house is small, the living room can be combined with the kitchen, from which there is an exit to the veranda or terrace. In this case, the area of ​​the kitchen and living room is divided in a ratio of 1: 3. The kitchen is equipped in the corner of the living room, and place for dishes and seasonings on the wall.


Veranda design in the country

Photo of the design of the veranda in the country

The design of the veranda in the country depends on the type of building - it can be open or closed. In an open area, be sure to install light furniture, for example, wicker. Consider a tea table and a small cupboard. Plant ferns or grapes to shade the area. If the room is glazed, hang light curtains over the windows. The work on the improvement of the veranda is simple, so most owners can do the design of the dacha with their own hands without the involvement of a specialized team.


Terrace design in the country

Photo of the design of the terrace in the country

The design of the terrace in the country house must correspond to its purpose. On a dining-room-type site, set up dining tables, make a brazier or a stove. Be sure to complete the guest extension with apartment furniture. If the house does not shade the terrace, add a canopy.


Hallway design in the country

Hallway design in the country

There should be a minimum of items in this room. A shoe cabinet and a hanger are enough.It is allowed to install a cabinet for household equipment.


Bathroom design in the country

In the photo, the design of the bathroom in the country

At the dacha, a small room is allocated for the bathroom, so it is recommended to complete it only with everything you need and not overload it with unnecessary things. It is considered good taste to use environmentally friendly materials in the design of a bathroom in the country, for example, wooden lining.

Decor in the design of the cottage

Cottage decor

In a country house, you can embody ideas that cannot be realized in an apartment. To do this, you will need various items that act as decor. To make the decorations look organic, develop a summer cottage design project in advance.

Furniture should match the chosen style of home decoration. Natural wood products are always welcome. It is not necessary to buy new models, try to implement the ideas of the summer cottage design with your own hands. Old pallets can be used, which can be easily modified to suit your requirements. After building a wooden house, do not throw away the remains of boards and logs. It is easy to make a table and chairs of the simplest design from them. Irregularities, abrasions and roughness are allowed on the products. But in any case, they need to be painted.

In the design of a summer house, decor plays a very important role, which is to implement the chosen style. The best decorative material is textiles. The material is used for the manufacture of pillows, bedspreads, curtains, upholstered furniture, etc. The designs don't have to be strict, so choose fabric with polka dots, flowers, geometric shapes, etc.

In the design of the cottage, ecological building materials are valued. Brick walls are often plastered or finished with clapboard in a color that matches the overall interior. For the classic style, cognac or golden tones (the color of luxury) are suitable. For Provence, choose gentle shades. Many owners prefer to leave the walls made of wooden beams without finishing, but fire-retardant impregnation of partitions is required. The design of the bathroom in the country should contain materials that are not afraid of water.

The fireplace is the main decor element in the living room and is usually used to simulate a home environment. Although it is bulky, occupies a large area and often plays only a decorative role, it is the main subject for creating comfort, regardless of whether a fire is burning in it or not.

Fireplaces for summer cottages are made in various designs and differ in design, purpose, appearance, fuel and other characteristics. Some of them are installed only at the stage of building a house - for example, traditional models. Therefore, before making a summer cottage design, make sure that the installation of a fireplace does not require a major overhaul of the home.

The main types of fireplaces used in the interior of the cottage are shown in the table:

Fireplaces for cottage design

In the photo there are fireplaces for cottage design: 1 - traditional, 2 - decorative, 3 - gas, 4 - electric.

Fireplace types Place of installation Features of fireplaces for summer cottages
Traditional Built into the wall Made of brick or metal. Works on solid fuels - wood or fire. There must be a chimney in the country. It gives off a lot of heat, so it can be used to heat a room.
Decorative Anywhere Externally decorated very nicely. They run on biofuel that burns without smoke and soot. Used for decorative purposes only. A chimney is not required for such products.
Gas Near the chimney Installed in a house with supplied gas. Often used for heating in winter.
Electric Anywhere Has an attractive appearance. Simulates flames or hot coals during operation. It is used as a design element for a summer residence and a heater with an original appearance.

Note! It must be remembered that there is no fireplace in the design of the summer cottage.

This is a favorite item of designers that can decorate a kitchen or living room - an old sideboard.Sand it and paint it in appropriate tones, such as milky white or olive-tinted white for the Provence style.

A lamp is an indispensable item for creating a comfortable environment. The individuality of the dacha will be given by products under a lampshade, small kerosene stoves on the fireplace, darkened sconces in the bedroom.

The figurines maintain a positive atmosphere in the house and create an interesting summer cottage design. The best options are those brought from travels or with their own history.

When decorating a summer cottage, do not forget about vases. In summer, fresh wildflowers are installed in them, in winter - artificial bouquets.

Another integral attribute of a summer residence is a rack. It has a practical purpose - storing numerous little things (from seeds to books) to maintain order in the house. Tall, floor-to-ceiling products with deep, even shelves are neatly filled with numerous boxes.

Useful Tips

Cottage design in light colors

In the photo, the design of the cottage in light colors

The design of the cottage design depends on personal preferences, but it must show all the advantages of the building and hide the shortcomings.

A few helpful tips:

  • The design of the rooms in the country house should be different from the decoration of city apartments. The same design will remind you of everyday life.
  • Be sure to divide the internal space into functional areas.
  • Do not use options in which plastic and chrome steel are present - loft, minimalism, urban.
  • Be sure to think over the design of the porch of the cottage: its style should correspond to the general style of construction.
  • Use vintage items in limited quantities. It is recommended to change the figurines, shells, souvenirs placed in the room once a year.
  • Do not plan to transport a lot of trash from a city apartment to a country house, even if you are developing a design for a large summer house, the interior will look sloppy.
  • Paintings and reproductions on the walls must be framed in the same style.
  • To save money, use an artificial stone in the interior, a PVC film coating for a wood texture, paper wallpaper.
  • A unique interior is obtained when using handmade decor.
  • Do not plaster the brick wall - cover it with water-based paint. This will save you a lot of money.
  • It is recommended to paint panel constructions. If plastering of the walls is necessary, use special building materials.
  • The design of a wooden cottage has its own characteristics. Unpainted wooden walls darken quickly and degrade the appearance of the room. To maintain the original condition, paint the walls with wood glaze. Do not use enamel, it covers the structure of the coating.
  • If possible, in the design of the cottage inside, use planken instead of lining. It is more durable.
  • Consider the location of the building on the site. If it is in the shade, install a maximum of lamps outside and inside the cottage. If there is too much natural light, use dark colors in the interior.
  • Lay the floor and other places that are often washed with ceramic tiles. It is also used as a finishing material for terraces. Wet areas can be decorated with polystyrene tiles and paint. Such materials can be used, for example, in the design of a bathroom in the country.
  • In small buildings, clearly define functional areas. It is allowed to separate them with light screens.
  • To get a beautiful summer cottage design, use old things and furniture, vintage items, lamps. Replace the upholstery on sofas and armchairs, paint the wooden parts. If you have a lot of out-of-fashion sophistication, try a Shabby Chic style. In this case, the building is made out in the form of a noble estate. It will look more spectacular if it was built a long time ago, but inside the design of an old cottage has been preserved.
  • If you have things from different eras, the building can be equipped in the boho style. It will look bright and carefree.
  • In small rooms, do not use complex decor and expensive textured wallpaper.

Cottage design photo


How to choose a summer cottage design - watch the video:

When choosing a summer cottage design, do not forget that you will come to this home periodically for relaxation and recreation. Therefore, to decorate the interior space, simple decoration and basic necessities are enough. However, even a budget cottage design should be unusual and festively beautiful, so that you dream of returning to a cozy place.

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