Bath with tea: benefits, harm, reviews

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Bath with tea: benefits, harm, reviews
Bath with tea: benefits, harm, reviews

Tips for choosing a tea for the bath. Benefits and contraindications for the procedure. How to take a tea bath, reviews of girls.

A tea bath is an effective skin care method that also helps to improve a person's mental state. It has numerous useful properties, has almost no contraindications and can be prepared according to completely different recipes. The main component is quite affordable in price, and there are no special problems to buy it.

Which tea to choose for the bath?

Bath tea

Before going to bed, taking a bath with green tea helps well, which perfectly fights fatigue, perfectly relaxes and soothes, makes night rest more effective. If the priority is the prevention of various skin diseases, then attention should be paid to black tea. Hibiscus (Sudanese rose) can be advised for those who wish to take proper care of their body.

It is most convenient to add large leaves to the tea bath so that you can easily get them out if necessary. If possible, it is best to avoid granular drinks, as they strongly discolor the water and can affect skin tone.

Tea does not have to be expensive for such procedures. If finances allow, you can buy it by weight; with a modest budget, store-bought tea in packs is quite suitable.

For those who do not want to waste time straining ready-made infusions and cleansing them of impurities, you can think about using tea for the bathroom in bags. However, this is not very convenient, since each of them contains an average of 2 g of raw materials, and it will not be possible to accurately calculate the correct ratio with water.

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