How to make ice for rubbing your face at home

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How to make ice for rubbing your face at home
How to make ice for rubbing your face at home

The effectiveness and benefits of wiping the face with ice, possible contraindications, recipes for making cosmetic ice for different types of skin, rules for the procedure at home. Ice wipe is a simple and affordable remedy that will help keep your skin young and beautiful for years to come. Cold slows down the aging process and makes you look younger than your age.

Benefits of ice for the face

Removal of inflammation with ice cubes

The beneficial properties of snow and ice for a woman's appearance have long been known. That is why the "snow" washing in the morning has been popular among girls since ancient times.

The beneficial properties of ice include the following:

  • Pronounced anti-aging effect;
  • Removal of dead cells from the top layer of the skin;
  • Narrowing of pores;
  • Removal of inflammation;
  • Lightening of pigmentation on the face;
  • Slowing down natural aging;
  • Smoothing fine wrinkles;
  • Help with severe rashes in children;
  • Removal of itching in case of skin diseases;
  • Reducing puffiness under the eyes;
  • Help in removing dark circles around the eyes.

Ice effect for the face

Ice rubbing on your face

As you run the ice cube over your face, you massage it and the muscles underneath. Despite the ease and simplicity of movements, it gives a tonic effect, the vessels narrow under the influence of cold. As a result, the skin is naturally tightened and its appearance is improved.

And for the body, rubbing the face with an ice cube plays the role of hardening and strengthening the immune system. After we remove a piece from the face, the vessels expand. Thanks to this, blood flow begins to increase, the process of skin renewal at the cell level is accelerated. This leads to smoothing of wrinkles, gives a noticeable lifting effect.

If you replace traditional washing every morning with rubbing with an ice cube, then the results will not be long in coming. The skin color will become smoother, it will be toned, the pores will shrink, and a healthy glow will appear.

In contact with the skin, ice melts and saturates it with moisture. Therefore, it is important that it is saturated with useful substances. These can be various frozen decoctions, juices and mixtures.

Contraindications to the use of ice for rubbing the face


Despite the large number of positive aspects, this simple cosmetic procedure has a number of contraindications. It is necessary to know about them. Otherwise, instead of the positive effect of rubbing your face with an ice cube, you can get a backlash that will aggravate the existing problems and lead to negative consequences.

The main contraindications:

  1. The close location of small vessels to the upper layer of the epidermis.
  2. Individual cold intolerance. In this case, the use of ice can provoke itching, pain, blistering and other troubles.
  3. Allergic reaction to the components of the ice compress (grass, essential oils, juices). In this case, you just need to choose the right composition.
  4. Colds. Postpone this cosmetic procedure until you have fully recovered.
  5. If your skin is prone to rosacea, then wiping your face with ice from wrinkles is prohibited. It can aggravate the condition and lead to an intensification of the problem.

If the above points do not apply to you, then you can safely prepare ice cubes for yourself.

Ice recipes for the face at home

Making ice for your face doesn't take a lot of time and effort. You will need water and an ice cube tray (silicone, plastic, ceramic). A special package is perfect for this.It looks like a regular one, but inside it is divided into many small sections. Do not take tap water for this procedure. It is of poor quality and can trigger allergies. It is better to take purified, spring or non-carbonated mineral water for ice. After the mold is filled with liquid, it is placed in the freezer. After three to four hours, the ice is ready and ready to use.

How to make chamomile ice for your face

Chamomile ice for face skin

Most often, medicinal chamomile is used to make cosmetic ice. This flower has good antiseptic, soothing, moisturizing properties. To obtain infusion, take 1 tbsp. l. and brew in 200 ml of hot water. Let it brew warm and strain. The finished broth must be cooled. Now it can be poured into molds and placed in the freezer.

After 4 hours, chamomile ice is ready. Wash your face a couple of times a day for a week with gentle circular motions. Your skin will acquire a beautiful well-groomed appearance, it will become soft and velvety to the touch. If you use a rich decoction of chamomile, then after a while your face will be covered with a light golden "tan".

You can combine chamomile with linden. This broth is great for combination or teenage skin. It will relieve inflammation and soothe.

If desired, you can combine linden and chamomile decoctions every other day. Chamomile ice is great for all skin types. However, if you have a personal intolerance to this herb, then choose another plant for yourself.

Making ice with herbs for the face

Ice cube with nettles

A large number of medicinal herbs can be found on pharmacy counters. On their basis, it is good to cook decoctions and freeze them. The result obtained after using them will impress you, and the skin will look well-groomed and youthful.

Herb Ice Recipes:

  • For combination and oily skin… Mix oak bark and calendula flowers in equal proportions. Pour the resulting mixture with boiling water and leave to infuse. Before pouring into molds, add 1 tsp to the broth. soda and stir well. Then we put it in the refrigerator. Oak and calendula will relieve inflammation, narrow pores, remove excess sebum, soothe, and soda will have an antiseptic effect. As a result, the skin will be matte and well-groomed.
  • For skin with enlarged pores… Brew a tablespoon of sage in a glass of water. The broth must be infused for an hour. Then we filter it, add 1 tsp. lemon juice and stir well. Now it remains to pour into molds and put in the freezer. We wash our face twice a day. Such ice perfectly relieves inflammation, regulates oiliness and tightens pores due to the action of sage, and lemon juice will brighten the face.
  • For problem skin… If you constantly have acne, brew coltsfoot, wormwood, string, nettle. Pour the resulting decoctions into molds and wipe your face with ice. All of these medicinal plants regulate the work of the sebaceous glands and reduce inflammation.
  • For normal skin types… Ice made from any medicinal herb will work for you. If you want to give yourself a feeling of coolness and freshness, brew and freeze a decoction of mint and lemon balm leaves. Parsley ice will give your skin youth and tighten it.
  • For dry skin types… Fill one tablespoon of dried linden blossom with hot water and let stand for 1 hour. Then we filter by adding a tablespoon of olive oil to the broth. We distribute the resulting broth into molds and send to the freezer. Such ice will moisturize the skin, relieve dryness, and remove flaking.
  • For flaky skin… Tea rose is not only a good cold remedy, but also great for moisturizing and nourishing dry, flaky skin. The main condition for making such ice is the absence of processing on the petals. We take a rose, boil it with boiling water, cool it and pour it into molds. And in the morning we wipe our face with the resulting ice.A beautiful, even complexion is ensured.

Recipe for ice with lemon for the face

Ice cubes with lemon

Lemon juice is an excellent remedy that whitens the skin, regulates the sebaceous glands, disinfects and tones. It can also be used to make ice for the face. To do this, dilute freshly squeezed juice one to one with water and freeze. The same operation can be done with orange juice.

Lemon can be added to various herbal and vegetable teas to enhance the properties of ice. To prepare the broth, if there is no fresh fruit at hand, you can use the zest of lemon or orange.

If you want to get beautiful cosmetic ice, freeze a small slice of citrus. With the resulting piece, you wipe your face, and put the fruit in your mouth. Both beautiful and useful.

Ice tea for the face at home

Tea ice for the face

Green tea has a wide range of beneficial qualities. It tones well, moisturizes, relieves puffiness, makes the skin dull and fresh. Due to its high antioxidant qualities, green tea slows down the aging process and has a noticeable anti-aging effect.

That is why it is often used to make cosmetic ice. For this, brewed tea is chosen, packed in bags is not suitable. The brewed infusion is cooled and poured into molds. This ice is used in the morning and evening. Great for all skin types.

Instructions for making ice from rice water

Rice ice for face

Getting rid of dark circles under the eyes is not easy. This problem greatly spoils the appearance and gives the face a tortured look. With cosmetic ice, you can easily forget about this trouble.

To prepare the broth, you need to take a small amount of rice (2-3 tablespoons) and cook in 500 ml until completely dissolved. After that, the resulting broth must be filtered and cooled. When the rice water is at room temperature, it can be placed in the refrigerator.

Every morning, use an ice cube to rub the eye area from the outer edge of the eyelid to the inner edge for 1 to 2 minutes. Then let the moisture dry and apply your favorite cream. The effect will not be long in coming, and after two days the circles under the eyes will become lighter, and then they will disappear altogether.

In addition to eliminating dark color under the eyes, cosmetic rice ice helps to cope with puffiness and smooths out fine lines and wrinkles.

DIY honey ice for your face

Honey ice for face

Natural honey is a real storehouse of useful microelements and vitamins. It is especially suitable for dry skin. To make honey ice, you need to dilute one teaspoon of honey (natural, it is not recommended to take another) in a glass of warm water.

After cooling down, pour into molds and put into the freezer. In the morning and in the evening, it is necessary to wipe cleansed face skin with ice. After the procedure done, a nourishing cream must be applied.

How to wipe your face with ice cubes at home

Whichever skin type you have, when carrying out a cosmetic procedure using ice, you must remember the basic rules. Procedures at night and in the morning are slightly different.

How to properly wipe your face with ice before bed

Rubbing ice on your face before bed

Rubbing the face with ice at night tones the skin and gives a feeling of freshness in the morning. This cosmetic procedure is performed before bedtime. It can be done constantly, or it can be done in courses - 1 time in 14 days.

Basic rules for wiping your face at night:

  1. With the help of a gel or cleanser, the skin is cleansed of cosmetics in the evening.
  2. With an ice cube, without pressure and pressure, we lead along the massage lines, starting from the center of the face and ending with the temples.
  3. Rubbing should not exceed five minutes.
  4. You can not stay on one area of ​​the skin for more than 20 seconds.
  5. You cannot wipe off after the procedure. You can lightly blot excess moisture.
  6. When the face is dry, a nourishing night cream should be applied.
  7. Ice cubes made from decoctions of herbs, fruits or vegetables are great for the neck and décolleté area.After using them and drying the moisture, a nourishing cream must be applied.

Washing your face with ice in the morning

Ice cubes for morning face rub

Washing your face with ice in the morning will allow you to awaken the body, tone it up, and recharge its energy for the next eight hours. If the day before you spent a long time at a party, slept badly, drank a lot, a cold massage will remove all traces from your face and give your skin a fresh look.

Ice made from herbal decoctions, vegetable and fruit juices, green tea and natural coffee is perfect for washing.

One of the options for morning washing is "ice" cream. To make it, you need to prepare a mixture in the evening: beat the berries of currants, viburnum, rowan or strawberries in a mixer, add a couple of tablespoons of olive oil, and then mix well.

The finished mixture should be distributed in molds and placed in the freezer. In the morning, you need to wipe your face with such cubes. The excess is soaked with a paper napkin. A nourishing cream is applied on top.

How to make ice for the face - watch the video:

Washing your face with ice is a great way to preserve your beauty naturally. Such procedures will take a little time, and the result will be amazing. The main thing is to follow simple rules and use suitable formulations and decoctions for each skin type.

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