Diet Nazardan - menu, results, reviews

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Diet Nazardan - menu, results, reviews
Diet Nazardan - menu, results, reviews

Features, permitted and prohibited foods on the Nazardan diet. Sample menu and recipes. Results and reviews of losing weight.

The Nazardan diet is a diet aimed at intense weight loss. It consists in the use of foods in liquid form, thereby reducing the size of the serving and accelerating the absorption of nutrients. The Nazardan diet menu is designed for 1200 kcal.

Features and rules of the Nazardan diet

Nazardan diet for weight loss

Dr. Nazardan is an American doctor and surgeon who has cured dozens of people from obesity. He created television programs "I weigh 300 kg", "What happened next?", In which he helps people lose weight.

The doctor developed a liquid diet, during which low-calorie meals are consumed in the form of mashed potatoes or cocktails, and a lot of fluids are drunk during the day.

The basic principles of Dr. Nazardan's diet are as follows:

  • Every hour, a liquid should enter the body - herbal tea, juice, cocktail, water. The volume is 1 glass.
  • Junk food, fatty, fried, smoked and salty foods are excluded. You can only steam, simmer or boil. After cooking, the dish is mashed.
  • Be sure to use broths, liquid cereals, milk and its derivatives.
  • The volume of liquid drunk per day is from 2 liters, 50% of which is water.
  • High-protein foods are eaten every 2-3 hours.
  • Meals and drinks alternate on the Nazardan liquid diet menu.
  • Serving size is no more than 1 cup.
  • The daily calorie content of Dr. Nazardan's diet is 1200 kcal.

Due to the constant flow of fluid into the body, there is no feeling of hunger.

To reduce weight more effectively, nutritionists advise you to follow additional rules:

  • From berries and fruits, in addition to compote, prepare cocktails, smoothies, decoctions, juices.
  • Diversify your diet with new dishes so that the diet does not get bored.
  • Remove salt from the menu completely. It retains fluid in the body and interferes with weight loss.
  • Eat plant foods fresh, grind with a blender to preserve vitamins.
  • Protein food is eaten at least once a day.
  • If you're hungry, eat or drink. Fasting is prohibited: it leads to metabolic disorders.

If you have enough energy, you can visit sections or a fitness club, go in for sports. Eat a teaspoon of honey or fruit instead of sweets.

Important! No sweets. It is not allowed to use sweets, cookies, carbonated water.

Allowed foods on the Nazardan diet

Allowed foods on the Nazardan diet

The list of foods that are allowed on the diet of Dr. Nazardan for weight loss includes any vegetables and fruits. The doctor does not recommend giving up even bananas and grapes, which are considered high-calorie. As part of dishes, they are used in small quantities and do not harm the figure. Legumes (beans, peas) are also eaten in mashed potatoes and soups.

Lean meat (turkey, chicken, rabbit, beef) is allowed from meat products. Broths are prepared from it, the meat is ground and put into the soup. Fatty varieties (pork, lamb) are prohibited. In addition to meat, it is recommended to eat fish and seafood.

Low-fat dairy products are welcome on the diet. Kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese, milk, cheese maintain the balance of minerals, strengthen bones, and improve digestion. Eggs are allowed to be added to protein shakes.

Allowed drinks include:

  • green tea;
  • decoctions of tansy, nettle, chamomile;
  • juices (pear, orange, carrot, apple and others).

Fruit drink can be made. It is recommended to add raspberry, mint, currant, sage leaves to herbal teas.

Prohibited foods on the Nazardan diet

Baking as a forbidden food on the Nazardan diet

Although doctors call the diet menu of Dr. Nazardan democratic, many products are prohibited for use:

  • fresh bread and pastries;
  • sugar and salt;
  • fatty meat and fish;
  • alcohol;
  • high-calorie sauces (including mayonnaise);
  • black tea, coffee.

Restrictions also apply to cooking methods. You cannot fry, smoke. They eat steamed or oven-baked foods. Pickles, sweets, marinades are not consumed on a diet.

If you need to season the salad, use lemon juice. But it's better to make a delicious smoothie out of vegetables and fruits.

Preparing for the Nazardan diet

Since Dr. Nazardan's Weight Loss Diet menu imposes strict restrictions, a smooth entry and exit is required. To enter the diet, a special menu has been developed for 3 days. The exit is also carried out according to the rules.

For the preparatory days, a 6-day menu has been developed, consisting of half of solid and liquid dishes:

Eating First day Second day Third day
Breakfast Oatmeal on the water Liquid oatmeal Liquid semolina
Lunch Salad with honey and carrots Skimmed milk Rosehip decoction
Dinner Mushroom puree soup with meat Soup with meat and vegetables Pumpkin puree soup
Afternoon snack Cottage cheese Baked apple Yogurt
Dinner Vegetable salad with lemon juice Steamed fish, 2 cauliflower slices Mashed potatoes without salt and oil
Before bedtime Boiled chicken A glass of kefir A glass of kefir

Note! After the diet, the exit from it is carried out in the reverse order, starting from the third day. This is necessary for the stomach to re-adapt to solid food and perceive it normally.

Nazardan diet menu

Vegetable broth for the Nazardan diet

Everyone who is losing weight can independently develop a menu for themselves. But Nazardan claims to be making nutritional programs for patients individually. This is due to the characteristics of the body, the rate of metabolism.

But since not everyone has the opportunity to get an appointment with Nazardan, who lives in Texas, you can focus on the approximate menu. Adjust it depending on the availability of food, their calorie content and your favorite foods. A 1-glass portion of food or drink is provided for each hour.

Drink a glass of warm water or green tea immediately after sleep. Cold water should not be consumed: it does not start the digestion process. Drink water before every meal to relieve hunger.

This is followed by the Nazardan diet menu by the hour, starting at 8 am:

  • Oatmeal kissel;
  • Vegetable broth;
  • Juice;
  • Milk;
  • Dried fruit compote;
  • Water;
  • Fresh fruit decoction;
  • Fish or meat broth;
  • Water;
  • Vegetable juice;
  • Fruit drink;
  • Decoction of vegetables;
  • Water;
  • Kefir.

Important! You can change drinks and dishes in places, but you cannot reduce the volume of clean water.

The duration of the diet is 7-14 days. For the first time, 1 week is enough. If you have experience losing weight on diets, you can extend the diet for another week. It is impossible to adhere to the Nazardan diet for a longer period: the state of health worsens.

Recipes for the Nazardan diet

Vegetable cocktail for the Nazardan diet

To maintain a varied diet, it is worth stocking up on delicious recipes. We offer a selection for compiling a menu that will impress even gourmet gourmets:

  • Smoothie… Take 100 g of cottage cheese and yogurt, 1 banana and put it in a blender bowl. Grind. You can add other fruits as desired besides pears and plums. They don't go well with milk.
  • Vegetable cocktail… For the dish, broccoli cabbage, cucumber, tomatoes, dill are suitable. Chop the ingredients and put them in a blender. Chop food.
  • Vegetable broth… For cooking, you will need zucchini, cabbage, carrots, herbs, garlic. You can add any vegetables except potatoes. The legumes are pre-soaked, boiled and added to the broth. The finished soup is cooled to room temperature and chopped in a blender.
  • Protein cocktail… Place milk, 200 g of cottage cheese and some oatmeal in a blender and chop until puree. Add ground cinnamon, berries, or fruit to enhance the flavor.
  • Banana Strawberry Smoothie… Grind half a banana and 150 g strawberries with a blender. Add 30 ml milk or yoghurt and turn on the appliance again. Add cinnamon to the finished dish.
  • Soup… Boil half of the chicken breast in 1 liter of water. Add onion and celery root. Drink only broth. It is allowed to grind in a blender with a small piece of meat.
  • Kefir-ginger drink… Mix a glass of kefir with orange juice and fresh grated ginger root. Add mint and lemon zest and blend.
  • Mulled wine without alcohol… Cook the fruit compote without sugar. Cherries, raspberries, currants are suitable for a drink. Add ginger, cinnamon, or cloves. Insist for an hour, put honey and lemon juice. The drink activates fat burning. It is advised to drink it hot an hour before eating.

Thanks to the recipes given, you will diversify your diet and make it enjoyable and healthy.

Results of the Nazardan diet

Results of the Nazardan diet

Reviews of Dr. Nazardan's diet prove its effectiveness. The results of obese people on a liquid diet are amazing. The world famous example of the American Amber Rahdi, who has lost almost 200 kg and continues to bring herself back to normal thanks to Dr. Nazardan. Amber weighed almost 300 kg. She was tired of being overweight and decided to fight it. Making an appointment with Nazardan, the girl firmly decided to follow his advice.

After a few months, she lost 120 kg. Her skin was drooping. But the doctor was so pleased with her results that he himself suggested that she undergo surgery to remove excess skin. Amber continued to lose weight and completely changed her approach to nutrition.

Amber isn't the only one to have staggering results while on a liquid diet. There are many positive reviews on the Internet about the Nazardan diet. It is mainly used to lose 5 to 10 kg of excess weight.

The average result is 5-7 kg per week. But the weight can return if it is wrong to exit the diet and switch to the previous diet. Losing weight have to reduce the usual serving size and switch to proper nutrition. In this case, the weight will not be returned.

If necessary, repeat the diet after 3-6 months. You can arrange liquid fasting days to maintain normal body weight.

Real reviews of the Nazardan diet

Real reviews of the Nazardan diet

Nazardan's diet and menu received positive reviews. Losing weight mark a significant plummet in a week. Weight loss occurs in any case, even in people who previously could not lose weight using other programs.

The disadvantage of a diet is called low calorie content. Despite the constant intake of fluids, they feel hungry, and people rarely survive for more than a week. Protein products do not save: liquid is absorbed quickly, there is no feeling of satiety.

But, despite the downsides, the Nazardan diet has many fans. Among them are the Hollywood stars, weight watchers. Losing weight occurs not only due to the burning of fat, but also due to the total cleansing of the body.

Marina, 36 years old

I couldn't lose weight after pregnancy. I tried many diets, but they did not help. Stopped for liquid, although it seemed tough. I tried for a week and was surprised: the diet is easy to tolerate, and the dishes are tasty and nutritious. I continued for another week. During this time, I lost 7 kg. I got out of the diet according to the prescriptions. Now the truth has gained 1 kg, but this is normal.

Sergey, 47 years old

Excess weight made me and my wife go on a diet. We were looking for a suitable one for a long time, we settled on the liquid version. True, the diet seemed tough, and was not mistaken. I barely survived the week, although my wife endured it easily. Despite the meat broths, I really wanted to eat. Dishes with cottage cheese and yogurt were best satisfied: satisfying and pleasant. I lost 3 kg in a week. I will not say that a lot, but there is lightness in the body. As I gather my strength, I will repeat.

Love, 23 years old

As a child, she was a fat woman, and in adolescence, her weight did not decrease. When other girls were courted by guys, I was offended, since no one paid attention to me. I decided to do weight and lose 5-7 kg.I opted for a liquid diet. Although it was difficult, I survived for 2 weeks and achieved what I wanted. Now I want to repeat the result in a couple of months.

The Nazardan diet is an effective way to combat obesity, tried by hundreds of people. It allows you to get rid of 5-7 kg in a couple of weeks, without experiencing burning hunger, eating tasty and healthy.

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