How to pump up a girl's ass

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How to pump up a girl's ass
How to pump up a girl's ass

The female body is a real work of art. But in order for it to evoke only admiring glances, it is necessary to pump it over. Today we will talk about how to pump up the ass. After all, it is a beautiful elastic butt that is the subject of increased attention of all, without exception, representatives of the stronger sex. The second point requires special attention from each girl. If you feel that the technique is difficult, then do your homework. Learn to squat competently every night without using a projectile. Feel the tension in every muscle in your legs and buttocks. Only then can you understand how the effect on muscle tissue occurs. Do not carry too much weight in the gym. For starters, train with an empty bar.

Squats: execution technique

Girl squats with a barbell in front of a mirror
Girl squats with a barbell in front of a mirror

Men's squats are significantly different from women's squats. A strong half of humanity pumps the quadriceps, and women focus their attention on the buttocks. This is why squats are different for each group. The technique matters, otherwise you may be disappointed in the result. And you obviously did not come to the gym for this!

To understand the technique more accurately, let's describe how each part of the body works. This will make it easier to learn the theory in order to competently transfer it to practice:

  • The back should be straight. The natural deflection is preserved in the lumbar region. Simply put, the belly is forward, the butt is back. If you feel that the bend is not maintained in the squat, then it is worth reducing the weight on the bar. You just aren't ready to hold that many pounds on your female shoulders yet. Otherwise, you will not only not get the desired result, but also damage the spine. While squatting, slight backward bends are permissible. This can reduce the stress on the spine, but the effect remains the same. But you should not round your back.
  • The knees also need attention. During squats, they should not go beyond the border of the socks. Pull your buttocks back more. At the initial stage, this will be quite difficult to do. Athletes recommend placing a low stool under the butt (pay attention to highchairs). Now you have to sit on this stool and for this you will have to abduct the buttocks.
  • The feet look towards the knees. Place them as wide as possible - this position will increase the load on the gluteal muscles. It is best to place them wider than shoulder height. The heels do not come off the floor. It will be difficult, but you can. Remember, this is the price to pay for an unmatched butt.
  • The head should be straight. Look into the distance, but do not lower your eyes to the floor. We breathe correctly - inhale while squatting, exhale while returning to the starting position.
  • Descend slowly, the speed in this case is not rational. You need to squat deeply. Men are advised not to go beyond the horizon. But with women, everything is different. The deeper you squat, the better the effect on the buttocks.
  • Watch the amplitude. When you go up, do not fully extend your knees. Otherwise, such a load on the joints will give unpleasant consequences.

Remember to warm up before any workout. Warm up your muscles by squatting a couple of times without weights with an empty bar. You can put a towel between your body and the bar to relieve pressure. Do not chase big weights, the main thing in this matter is perseverance and time.

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