Errors in taking steroids in bodybuilding

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Errors in taking steroids in bodybuilding
Errors in taking steroids in bodybuilding

Often, athletes make mistakes when taking steroids, which reduces their effectiveness or can be harmful to health. Learn how to avoid AAS reception errors. So far, scientists have not been able to create a drug that can surpass steroids in its effectiveness. But the importance of anabolic steroids in achieving high sports results can be overestimated, because everything useful under certain conditions can be harmful. This is very well documented in medicine, but many steroids are banned and doctors are wary of sharing information.

This only leads to unverified data and can further confuse athletes. Now there are two groups of specialists who have exactly the opposite relationship to steroids. Some scold them, while others, on the contrary, almost extol them. The situation with doping control aggravates the situation even more. Even those drugs that do not have a harmful effect on the body are among the prohibited ones. However, there are some products that are extremely dangerous to health, but they can be used.

No matter how sports functionaries belong to steroids, they have been used by athletes in the past, and will be used in the future. For some reason, many do not understand the simple truth? today it is necessary not to criticize and prohibit steroids, but to do everything possible so that athletes do not make the mistake of taking steroids in bodybuilding. Prohibitions will not solve the problem.

Mistake # 1: Contraindications and age limit

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According to scientists, most people grow up to 25 years old. The skeletal system grows in size due to special cartilaginous areas called growth zones. The cells located in these areas are transformed into bone tissue, but with age they become petrified and growth stops. Steroids are synthesized from the male hormone testosterone, which determines sex with all the ensuing circumstances. At the same time, high testosterone levels accelerate the fossilization of growth zones. Anabolics contribute to the retention of phosphorus and calcium in the body, which cause cartilage to harden.

Of course, not every person is able to grow up to 25 years old. Part of the growth process stops much earlier and this can be said on X-ray images. If you start using AAS at an early age, growth may stop much earlier than it should. In addition, the balance in the hormonal system may be disturbed.

Thus, until the closure of the growth zones of the skeleton, other preparations should be used, of which a lot has been created. In terms of their effectiveness, although they are inferior to steroids, they will be very useful for athletes. Naturally, when using them, it is necessary to choose the right nutrition and training program to avoid side effects.

Mistake # 2: Excessive dosages

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Many athletes exceed the required dose of steroids. Some do this due to the banal lack of information, while others deliberately, expecting an increase in the effectiveness of their courses. For example, the effective dosage of methane is from 5 to 50 milligrams of daily intake, and retabolil should be injected in an amount of no more than one milliliter in two days on the third.

Smaller dosages will not bring the expected sports result, and if the dosage is overestimated, the risk of side effects increases significantly. Steroids pose a great danger to the liver. When they are used, the body begins to synthesize more protein compounds, which in turn leads to an acceleration in the production of bile. This becomes the cause of the development of jaundice.

In principle, the liver is able to heal on its own and after the abolition of the AAS, everything will return to its original state, but only if acceptable dosages are applied. This is where problems often arise. Athletes want to achieve great results and are starting to take shock doses. But this does not increase the effectiveness of the courses, and the liver suffers. Do not make the same mistake of taking steroids in bodybuilding.

Mistake # 3: Duration of steroid use

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Anabolics should be taken in cycles, the duration of which is a certain amount of time. After the end of the cycle, you must pause and stop using the AAS. It is important to understand that an increase in the duration of courses does not lead to an increase in their effectiveness, but, on the contrary, decreases them. The body adapts to any external conditions, including the use of steroids.

With prolonged use of drugs, the course will become less effective, but the risks of numerous side effects are rapidly increasing. Effectiveness can decrease for various reasons, but the main one is the presence of a large number of antibodies that can resist the steroid. The synthesis of these substances is triggered by defense systems, since steroids are a hostile substance for the body.

Antibody levels rise as you take AAS. The longer the cycle lasts, the more antibodies will be produced.

It should be remembered that the body has excellent immune memory. Even after a pause between cycles of steroids, when you resume taking them, the body will immediately begin to produce the necessary antibodies in quantities exceeding the previous ones. This feature of immunity is associated with a smaller return on each subsequent cycle. Also, with prolonged use of drugs, the body makes changes in the activity of the endocrine system. Surely many athletes know that taking steroids reduces the synthesis of the natural male hormone and at the end of the cycle it must be started with the help of certain medications. If this is not done, then the consequences will be sad.

Today we have covered the most common mistakes of taking steroids in bodybuilding. If you decide to use anabolic steroids, then the best option would be to consult a specialist. It should be understood that steroids are powerful hormonal drugs and their use is very difficult.

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