We swing the Brazilian ass at home

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We swing the Brazilian ass at home
We swing the Brazilian ass at home

Find out which exercises work best for the glutes and which workouts to choose: strength or cardio. Many girls envy the forms of Brazilian women when it comes to the buttocks. Of course, genetics have some influence here, but in Brazil, women pay a lot of attention to training the gluteal muscles. Often, when planning a training, they devote half an hour to the buttocks, and they do this every day. Most of our girls devote time to the buttocks only after working out the muscles of the back or other part of the body.

Answering the question of how to pump up a Brazilian ass at home, you cannot reveal any secret, since it simply does not exist. If you want to have beautiful buttocks, then you need to work on them. However, this must be done correctly in order to achieve the desired result. First of all, this applies to regular training in the desired zones. The technique of performing all the movements included in your training program is equally important.

Only by working with full dedication and properly loading the targeting muscles will you definitely achieve results. The importance of proper nutrition should also be reminded. You can get a fleeting pleasure from a cake, which then becomes a serious disappointment. Regardless of which body part you are working on, diet control is essential.

The female body is very willing to accumulate fat, and especially in the buttocks. Do not forget about cellulite, which most often appears just on the buttocks. It is impossible to eliminate body fat pointwise. Thanks to a properly organized training and an appropriate nutrition program, you will burn adipose tissue, but evenly throughout the body. Through training, you will make your buttocks firm and toned.

Let's not forget to talk about motivation, because many quickly lose their initial fuse. If you want to achieve your goals, you need to constantly motivate yourself. Today we will tell you how to pump up a Brazilian ass at home, having considered all the nuances, including psychological ones. A fruitful workout in the gym will make it possible to achieve the cherished goal.

The structure of the gluteal muscles

Schematic representation of the structure of the buttocks
Schematic representation of the structure of the buttocks

Every woman strives to increase the size of the buttocks and in this area, the presence of strong, well-pumped muscles is allowed. To determine the best training methods for any muscle group, it is necessary to understand its structure.

  1. Large section of the gluteal muscles. It is one of the largest muscles in the body and also forms the base of the buttocks. The main functions of the large muscle are stretching, turning the legs, as well as the ability to push them apart. To perform all these movements, the gluteus maximus muscle works in conjunction with the small.
  2. The middle section of the gluteus muscles. This muscle is located on the outside of the pelvis, and its main function is to maintain a stable position of the pelvic region while walking or while maintaining balance. This is a kind of muscular stabilizer, without which the gait would be staggering.
  3. Small section of the gluteal muscles. The smallest muscle located under the middle section, which also takes part in maintaining balance.

The three sections of the gluteal muscle that we have considered now can have great strength and endurance, but for this it is necessary to constantly work on them. If the physical activity is insufficient, then their functioning will be far from perfect. Even with normal walking, the buttocks practically do not participate in the work. A passive lifestyle is to blame for the fact that a person very poorly uses the largest muscle group on his body.

It is quite obvious that in the absence of a load, the muscle tone drops sharply. As a result, the main load falls on other muscles located in the lumbar spine. Most likely, this is precisely the reason for the low productivity, because the spinal column is in constant tension.

To work on the buttocks, it is necessary to use power movements that cannot be called light. It should be remembered that exercises force other muscles to work, and not just the gluteal muscles. A similar situation occurs when walking, climbing stairs, etc. Of course, all these movements are good for the legs, but they cannot work exclusively on the buttocks.

How to activate the gluteus muscles?

What sports glutes look like
What sports glutes look like

Many of the exercises you do in the gym can be beneficial for the glutes, but only if the muscle group has been activated. Lunges, gluteal bridge squats are able to work out the gluteal muscles. Unfortunately, not all girls include these and other movements in their training program. Now we will look at the exercises that will enable you to activate the required group. You should learn to feel the contraction of the buttocks, and only in this case you can count on success.

  1. Raising the pelvis while lying down. Lie on your back with your knees bent and your heels on the ground. From this position, begin to lift your pelvis, contracting your target muscles, as well as engaging your hamstrings and back straighteners. The most important thing in this exercise is to develop the ability to feel the work of the buttocks. At the top of the trajectory, you must remain in a static position for one minute.
  2. Raises the pelvis with the support of one leg on the roller. The starting position is similar to the previous movement, but only one leg rests on the ground, and the other is in a horizontal position on the roller. While lifting the pelvis up, it is necessary to ensure that it does not shift to the side, and the movement is carried out thanks to the work of the buttocks. Try to exclude the muscles of the lower back from the work as much as possible. It is necessary to be in a static position for about one minute.
  3. Exercise "Mollusk" on one side. Lie on your side and bend your hips at a 45-degree angle. The heels should be close to each other. Lift your upper leg using the gluteus maximus. The movement is performed for one minute.
  4. Exercise "Hunting Dog". Get into a position on all fours, then extend your left arm and right leg parallel to the ground. Make sure that the spinal column is not tense. First, do the movement in one direction for a minute, and then repeat in the other.

Strength training and cardio: which is better for the Brazilian butt?

Girl squat with a barbell
Girl squat with a barbell

In the early seventies, the term "aerobics" appeared in fitness and from that moment on, the discussion between the supporters of strength training and cardio continues. Now, in almost any gym, you can see a clear gender division - men prefer strength training, and girls in most cases choose aerobic exercise.

This happens almost all over the world, except for Brazil. Local beauties have long understood that cardio cannot give significant results when training the buttocks. If you want to make your butt elastic and even more attractive, then you cannot do without strength training.

However, this does not mean at all that you should completely abandon cardio. Every woman wants not only to have firm buttocks, but also to get rid of excess fat. If you want to know how to pump up a Brazilian ass at home, then you need to combine both types of training.

Strength Training Rules to Build Your Brazilian Butt

Girl shakes her ass with a barbell
Girl shakes her ass with a barbell

A perfectly round and elastic ass can only be created through strength training. Such training not only helps to strengthen the muscles, but also promotes the utilization of body fat. Here are the main reasons for weight training:

  • the processes of utilization of adipose tissues are accelerated;
  • you can change the shape of your buttocks;
  • increased endurance and muscle strength;
  • increased flexibility in the pelvic and hip areas.

However, do not rush to pick up the barbell, because there are several features of strength training that can make it more effective.

  1. Load progression. If you train with weights, then in any movement you have a personal best. However, the body is adaptable and you need to constantly increase your performance. For progress, you need to increase the load. Note that even a small increase can be beneficial. You can, say, perform a couple of extra reps in a set, or shorten the pauses between sets. Strive to make each new workout a little harder than the previous one.
  2. The intensity of the classes. You probably don't want your exercises to be overly simple or, on the contrary, heavy. When you find it difficult to perform the last two or three repetitions in a set and a feeling of heaviness appears in the working muscles, then the blood flow in this area of the body accelerates dramatically. It is these repetitions that will be most effective as a result.
  3. Pace. Each movement consists of two phases - lifting (concentric) and lowering (eccentric) a sports equipment. In the course of research, it was found that both stages are important for muscle growth, but the duration of the eccentric phase should be twice as long. If, for example, you raise the projectile in 2 seconds, then it should be lowered in 4.

How to pump up a Brazilian ass at home: the best exercises

The girl shakes the gluteal muscles on the floor
The girl shakes the gluteal muscles on the floor

Recall that you first need to perform a warm-up, including in it the movements to activate the gluteal muscles, which we talked about above. Now let's look at strength exercises that answer the question of how to pump up a Brazilian ass at home.

  1. Squats with your own body weight on the bench. It is necessary to stand in front of a bench located at the level of the knee joints. Place your feet at the level of your shoulder joints. Cross your arms across your chest so that your fingers touch the opposite shoulder. When doing squats, take your buttocks back. Do three sets of 15 reps each.
  2. Raises the pelvis up with one leg. Take a supine position, legs bent at the knee joints, and arms extended along the body. Push off with your heel and lift your other leg as high as possible. The lower back should not bend so that most of the load falls on the buttocks. Do three sets of 12 reps each.
  3. Plank. This movement should be familiar to you. Take a prone position and lift your torso on outstretched arms. As a result, the body should be stretched out in a straight line. At the uppermost point of the trajectory, you need to linger for one minute.
  4. Bulgarian split squats. Stand with your back to the bench and place your left foot on it. Hands should be at the waist. Begin to go down until the knee joint of the left leg touches the ground. Perform three sets on each leg, each with 20 reps.

How to pump up your Brazilian ass in 10 minutes a day, see below:

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