How to cook fried eggs in lard and onions for breakfast

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How to cook fried eggs in lard and onions for breakfast
How to cook fried eggs in lard and onions for breakfast

A step-by-step recipe with a photo of cooking fried eggs in lard with onions at home. A nutritious and satisfying meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Video recipe.

Finished fried eggs on lard with onions

Scrambled eggs are the easiest and fastest dish to prepare. It is very tasty, so many people like it. Hearty, tasty, fast, simple and healthy. This fairly common dish has many cooking and serving options. The easiest option is to simply fry some eggs (natural) in vegetable oil. But you can make your food tastier and more nutritious. For example, combine fried eggs with meat products, potatoes, green onions, fresh tomatoes, bean pods, spinach, zucchini, Brussels sprouts or cauliflower, as well as with other products.

But today I have a hearty and easy-to-cook fried egg on lard with onions for breakfast. Of course, such a dish is not dietary, but sometimes you can pamper yourself. Especially such scrambled eggs will appeal to the male half, and will also help out those who live in a crazy rhythm, which sometimes does not have time to have dinner, or simply do not have the strength and energy to prepare a hearty meal. A similar post is already on the site, but as they say, repetition is the mother of learning. And such a sincere and pure bachelor dish is not a sin to repeat.

  • Caloric content per 100 g - 195 kcal.
  • Servings - 1
  • Cooking time - 20 minutes


  • Lard - 50 g for frying
  • Eggs - 2 pcs.
  • Onions - 1-2 pcs. depending on the size
  • Salt - pinch or to taste

Step-by-step cooking of fried eggs in lard with onions:

Sliced ​​bacon

1. Cut the bacon into thin slices, cubes, strips, slices or any other convenient form.

I usually have lard, but you can take a piece with layers of meat or bacon will do. For scrambled eggs, take both fresh lard and salted. If you use fresh bacon for the dish, then salt the eggs when frying. If salty, then just fry it without additional salt.

Lard sent to the pan

2. Take a frying pan, preferably portioned, so that you can serve the finished dish in it. Any frying pan is suitable for frying. But it is easier to fry in a cast iron pan with a thick bottom or with a non-stick coating.

Send the chopped bacon to a preheated pan, putting it in one layer.

Lard melted in a frying pan

3. Turn on medium heat and heat the lard for 5 minutes until golden brown. If you want the bacon to remain in the eggs, then bring it to a light golden brown. If you plan to remove from the pan, then melt as much as possible until greaves are formed, which then collect with a spoon and remove from the pan.

Stir the pieces of bacon periodically during frying. If you are using fresh lard, add a little salt to it. If you use salted, then you do not need to salt, but just fry it. There should be enough fat in the pan. You usually no longer need to add any fat to the pan. Any fat melts well and a sufficient amount of fat is formed in the pan.

Onions chopped

4. Peel the onions, rinse with cold running water and dry with a paper towel. Chop the onions into thin rings or half rings. To keep your eyes from watering during cutting, take the bulbs from the refrigerator, because cold onions are less likely to cause tears. You can also moisten the knife and work surface with cold water.

You can vary the amount of onion to your liking.

Not only ordinary yellow onions are suitable for frying. You can also take the white part of the leek, red or white onions. Green onions are unlikely to be brought to a golden color and the desired taste. Therefore, it is not recommended to fry it.

Onions are fried in a pan

5.Send the chopped onion to the pan with melted bacon.

Onions are fried in a pan

6. After a few seconds, it will become almost transparent. This means that it is necessary to prevent it. The main secret to properly roasting onions is stirring regularly. It cooks very quickly, so you can trace the degree of readiness.

Fry the onions over moderate heat to keep them soft and not flavourful. Properly fried onions will acquire a pleasant golden color, and not a burnt appearance, mouth-watering aroma, tenderness and slightly sweet taste.

If using fresh bacon, season the onion with salt at the end of cooking. If you wish, you can add your favorite spices, they will add spice.

On average, after 10 minutes, the fried onions will acquire the desired shade. Add tomato slices to the skillet if desired and simmer for 1 minute, stirring occasionally, until tender.

Eggs added to the pan

7. Wash the eggs, dry them with a paper towel and gently break the shells so as not to damage the yolk. In a frying pan, line the fried onions in an even layer so that it does not exceed 1 cm, and pour the eggs so that the yolks remain intact. Twist the pan slightly in all directions so that the protein spreads evenly along the bottom.

Season the eggs with a little salt and pepper. If you use fresh lard, then you can add a little more salt to the eggs.

Cook the eggs over medium heat until the egg whites coagulate and become white. Then make the smallest heat, cover the pan and hold the eggs for 1 minute. At this point, you can sprinkle the eggs with cheese shavings so that the cheese melts and you get a pleasant viscous cheese mass. After this time, turn off the fire so that the yolks warm up slightly and acquire a warm temperature, but remain liquid inside. For this reason, do not hold the pan with the lid closed any longer, otherwise the yolks will fry and acquire firmness.

Serve hearty and tasty fried eggs with lard and onions in a frying pan in which it was cooked hot or warm with bread. Gently transfer from the skillet to a preheated shallow plate, if desired. When serving, scrambled eggs can be sprinkled with chopped fresh herbs or green onions.

See also a video recipe on how to cook fried eggs in lard with onions

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