Denim shirt: 10 trendy streetstyle looks

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Denim shirt: 10 trendy streetstyle looks
Denim shirt: 10 trendy streetstyle looks

How to wear a denim shirt? Stylists' advice, rules for combining with other wardrobe items. 10 trendy streetstyle looks with a denim shirt for all occasions.

A denim shirt is a versatile and stylish thing that does not give up its position, remaining popular and in demand. Only the approaches to the design of a harmonious ensemble are changing. The advantage of such clothing is that it can be complemented with various skirts and trousers, shorts and jeans. You can buy just one denim shirt to create 10 trendy looks.

Denim shirt with jeans

Denim shirt with jeans

Modern designers fully approve of the image, which can also be called Denim total look, because a women's denim shirt really goes well with jeans.

Moreover, you can and should play with variations, experimenting with shapes, shades:

  • The classic discreet top looks great with a similar calm bottom. This is the perfect casual outfit, in which you can even come to work at the office on Friday and just as successfully go for a walk with your friends.
  • If you want to stand out from the crowd, you can put together a set of multi-colored and even multi-textured denim. The image, of course, will be non-trivial. Colored decorations will complement it very interestingly. Even massive beads, bracelets, earrings are acceptable.
  • Black top, white bottom, or vice versa is another win-win solution. As a rule, it is better to build on the characteristics of the physique. A black denim shirt with a white bottom is welcome if you need to visually enlarge the hips. Accordingly, if you want to make the lower part of the body less visually voluminous, then wear black jeans.

The insidiousness of Denim total look lies in the fact that you have to play very carefully with textures and shades. If you decide to make the image in the same color, the tone of the top and bottom should match perfectly. When they barely noticeably differ, outsiders have a distinct feeling that there was an attempt to put together a whole image, but it failed. So it's better to play in contrast so as not to look ridiculous. A denim shirt in a solid color looks great with jeans in which several colors are combined. The main thing is that at least one of them is combined with the color of the top.

There is one more solution that can be called a win-win. Namely, things of varying degrees of wear are perfectly combined. In this case, neither color nor texture is so significant. The wear comes to the fore: let the shirt be "aged", and the jeans are obviously new, or vice versa.

Denim shirt with leather

Denim shirt with leather

Natural or artificial leather is the element in the image that brings predatory and even aggressive notes. At the same time, the material is extremely sexy. If you want to add sex appeal to your image, but without kinks, you should buy a denim shirt in a pair with trousers, shorts or a leather skirt.

And in this case, a variety of stylish and effective variations are possible:

  1. A girl in leggings or tight-fitting leather trousers will look very calm and at the same time, not without a twist, if you put on a denim shirt with an elongated cut on top. By the way, then an accent in the waist area is recommended: a narrow leather strap will perfectly cope with this role. Moreover, it can be colored, and then the image will come to life, acquire brilliance. Such a set is indispensable if a lady with curvaceous forms wants to flaunt in leather leggings, trousers or leggings, but it is important to smooth out the features of the figure.However, if a thin girl is puzzled about what to wear with a long denim shirt, the set will suit her perfectly. You can boldly take over from the oversize category.
  2. A thin denim shirt looks incredibly impressive if there is a tight leather skirt at the bottom. Moreover, an elongated model is only welcome - for example, up to the knees or slightly higher. But you can add peppercorn to the image if the skirt has a slit in the front.
  3. A short-sleeved denim shirt tucked into trousers or leather shorts looks good. This is an actual, casual improvisation. The look is perfect for a walk on a cool summer evening.

By the way, it is not necessary to limit yourself exclusively to the black bottom, which can be considered a modern classic. Today, the trend is leather goods of bright colors. For example, blue trousers look great with a denim top. But you can afford a completely bold expressive set with a red bottom.

Denim shirt with jacket

Denim shirt with jacket

It is good news that fashion is becoming more and more democratic. And a striking example of this is that fashionable denim shirts, complemented by jackets, shone at the shows of many couturiers.

The combination itself is very strange, so you can treat it differently. There are many voices of skeptics who consider such a composition strange. But, nevertheless, there is really something interesting in it.

Of course, subject to the harmonious composition of bows with a denim shirt:

  • The easiest and most effective way to create a blazer look is to take on a versatile, as discreet shirt as possible. Let her be calm, without unnecessary accents. Moreover, the jacket can just stand out - for example, with a pattern on the fabric, colored or large buttons.
  • A denim shirt will perfectly form the basis of a multi-layered everyday look. Then you can put on a T-shirt, top, T-shirt, put on denim on top, and then also a jacket. Naturally, such experiments are not for everyone. Mostly, a similar image is presented on young, active and daring girls.

You can experiment not only with a shirt, but also with a jacket. It can be short, classic or even elongated - like a summer coat. Accordingly, the bottom is selected to match.

Denim shirt with long skirt

Denim shirt with long skirt

Today in the fashion world there are countless answers to the question of what to wear with a denim shirt. Including, denim is combined even with light and airy romantic skirts. Although at first glance such an idea may seem outlandish, the models from the catwalks prove that such a composition has its own charm and zest.

You can come up with a variety of combinations, making up images with a denim shirt and skirt:

  1. Let the top be discreet, versatile, in a classic blue color, and thin chiffon with plant motifs flutter at the bottom. This is a godsend for a cool summer evening. In this outfit, you can go for a walk. It is suitable for a friendly party and for a romantic date.
  2. If you want to create a more dynamic look, you can also take a universal shirt as a basis. But it is best to tie it in a knot at the waist, emphasizing democracy. From the bottom, a monophonic loose skirt will look great. Or you can take variations in a cage, in a strip.
  3. If you wish, you can come up with a fairly strict image. In this case, they select the most serious skirt to the floor - for example, gray, brown, or even black. A long denim shirt is worn on top, accentuating the waist with a belt. Accordingly, if rigor is a priority, let the accessory also be discreet.

It should be added that in such images the contrast of textures should not be intimidating. He's just welcome! If the shirt is made of very dense denim, the chiffon bottom will seem even more airy, flying. In cold weather, you can just put on a warmer skirt, and the top can be made of thin denim.And then it is permissible to throw in another jacket or cardigan.

Denim shirt with fringed skirt

Denim shirt with fringed skirt

This season there is another great option with which to wear a women's denim shirt. This is the so-called fringe skirt, which has solemnly returned to the catwalks. Moreover, she found a new reading. Now the fringe is not associated with the Wild West and the era of jazz. Rather, it recalls the rhythms of flamenco and salsa.

How can you wear a denim shirt with a long or short sleeve, combined with a fringe skirt:

  • The fitted top in classic blue can be complemented with a slim midi skirt. Then a completely restrained image is obtained, which is suitable even for a business dinner in a restaurant.
  • A short asymmetrical skirt should be worn with a short shirt, or completely sleeveless.

It is worth considering that the fringe skirt is very insidious. If the figure is far from perfect, there is a high risk of just distorting the proportions not in your favor. So only girls with the perfect silhouette can safely wear such outfits.

Denim shirt with pencil skirt

Denim shirt with pencil skirt

No matter how sporty the character of a denim shirt may be, it looks surprisingly organically next to a pencil skirt. Moreover, this pair harmoniously coexists in different variations.

In this case, harmony is born from opposition. After all, a pencil skirt is almost the strictest of analogues, and denim shirts of any size are associated with freedom and emancipation. If the top is classic blue, and the bottom is dark, you can come to the office in this form. Colored skirts and products with prints are perfect for a universal denim shirt. Of course, in this case, the image will be lighter, less binding.

Denim shirt with dress or sundress

Denim shirt with dress

A denim shirt in 2021 may well replace a jacket or jacket. This is the interpretation of the things that designers offer, beloved by many girls. And I must say that this is a very good decision.

First of all, the shirt becomes an even more versatile wardrobe item. Having picked up a model that is successful in style, you can expect that it will be worn with a skirt, with trousers or shorts. But, besides this, it is also thrown over a dress or a sundress.

It is curious that instead of a jacket or jacket, not only a long, but also a short denim shirt will do. Naturally, as in any other composition, the key factors in composing an ensemble are harmony and a sense of proportion:

  • As an addition to a flying and even frivolous summer dress, the same democratic shirt is ideal. You can throw it over, leaving it unbuttoned. An oversized denim shirt tied with a loose knot at the belt looks charming on a fragile girl in a loose and delicate outfit.
  • If the dress is quite restrained, fits the figure, then it is better to take a cropped shirt. It can be short or long sleeved. In the second case, perhaps it is even better to just roll it up, giving the image a little bit of democracy.

By the way, there are simple tricks that instantly transform any denim shirt, so that it looks more like a real jacket or jacket. To do this, it is recommended not to fasten it, roll up the cuffs and raise the collar.

Denim shirt with trousers

Denim shirt with trousers

No sooner had the world come to terms with the fact that some men fell in love with wearing classic shirts with jeans, when another revolution in consciousness happened. The girls suddenly announced publicly that they like to wear denim summer shirts with a variety of trousers, including the classics with ironed arrows. Of course, the trend has strengthened not without the approval of professional designers.

The great thing is that pants and a denim shirt not only made friends - this pair is capable of creating any mood. Of course, if you correctly look for models for each other in style and color:

  1. A thin denim shirt, fitted and tight-fitting for a girl's waist, complete with tight trousers, will create an incredibly seductive and even sexy look. True, such a set is still recommended for elegant girls, rather than ladies with curvaceous forms. And in addition to trousers, even a sleeveless denim shirt will do. If she has a stand-up collar, then the image will also acquire a share of severity.
  2. For a casual look, for a feeling of relaxation and maximum comfort, it is better to take wide trousers. Let the shirt be oversized. It can be worn over trousers. But as an option, it is tucked in the front or tied with a knot at the waist.
  3. A girl in a denim shirt and trousers can even become the star of the club. For example, if the top is uncommon - decorated with rhinestones, embroidery, stones, sequins.
  4. The real hit of the season is the combination of a denim shirt, which seems to have survived repeated washing and drying in the sun, with trousers with prints. This set has something of a retro style. At the same time, it guarantees a sense of freedom and even flight.

Returning to the classics, it is worth adding that a denim shirt is worn even with a formal suit of trousers and a jacket. Of course, provided that in the complex the ensemble turns out to be verified and harmonious.

By the way, the democratic denim shirt only encourages experiments with color scheme. You can wear it to a jacket and trousers not only in brown, gray or black. A girl in a dazzling white suit will look impressive, from under which you can see the classic blue denim color. It is permissible to choose contrasting expressive colors - red, green.

Denim shirt with shorts

Denim shirt with shorts

If we talk about democracy, then, perhaps, it is difficult to find more suitable things for each other than thin denim shirts and a variety of shorts. By the way, for the summer, such sets are more than winning. The thinnest denim breathes perfectly, allowing air to pass through. Shorts, on the other hand, almost do not cover the body at all, so they are as comfortable as possible in any heat.

What's also great about this pair: the same denim shirt in style can be completely different in appearance, depending on which bottom to choose for it. Taking as a basis the most classic model of straight cut with long sleeves, you can endlessly make beautiful compositions:

  • You can wear loose, elongated shorts by letting the shirt go over the top. This is a good option for everyday wear. It is also suitable for travel.
  • With ultra-short shorts, it is logical to tie the shirt in a knot just above the level of the tummy and roll up the sleeves.
  • With sports shorts, they put on a T-shirt or top, and throw a shirt on top, without even buttoning, as protection from the scorching rays of the sun or, conversely, from the coolness.
  • This top is also suitable for classic shorts with cuffs and arrows. Only then is it better to carefully tuck the shirt or put it under the belt.
  • Suede shorts are a thing that will help to unambiguously declare originality, delicate taste and love for aesthetics. And with them an elongated denim shirt will look great, tucked in in the front, and released on top at the back.

It should be added that not only classic blue denim looks great with light summer shorts. If you really liked a denim colored shirt, such a non-binding bottom would be just a great addition. You can take shorts in a solid color, any color scheme - from calm pastel to rich and colorful. But in the same way a print, polka dots, a strip, a cage will look great in the neighborhood.

Denim shirt with overalls

Denim shirt with overalls

Lovers of these comfy clothes can finally wear their jumpsuits again. And the best part is that they look really great with stylish denim shirts.

What kind of ideas surprised and delighted women of fashion in the new season:

  • You can and should wear bright avant-garde overalls in metallic color, asymmetric cut. And a denim shirt will just serve as that detail that will soften the image a little. Of course, she needs to be neutral if she's going to go for an ultra-modern jumpsuit.
  • Remembering that denim looks great next to leather, you can take a jumpsuit from the same material. True, it should be borne in mind that this is a very eccentric outfit that invariably attracts everyone's eyes. So both the shirt and accessories should be extremely laconic to the point of modesty.
  • Voluminous jumpsuits with numerous pockets, wide cuffs and belts are also a great base, to which the denim top fits. Remembering that the trend is deliberately rude models, as if borrowed from the shoulders of a hard worker, it is logical to complement such an outfit with a thin khaki denim shirt or another similar shade. By the way, such an ensemble will be extremely comfortable. In it, you can spend the whole day on your feet and not notice fatigue. It's also very good as a travel suit.

When composing a set of overalls and a denim shirt in a cage or from plain denim, it is worth choosing shoes carefully, because the images take on a completely different character. Elegant, sophisticated stiletto heels go with a trendy jumpsuit, shimmering in silver or gold. With a leather product, you can create a rock star image by picking up a pair of type of motorcycle boots. However, just massive low-speed boots are also suitable. If you want to give a reference to the military style in a voluminous overalls and a denim shirt with buttons, you should look for the appropriate shoes.

What to wear with a denim shirt - look at the video:

Summing up, it is easy to come to the conclusion that modern girls have a huge choice of what to wear with a denim shirt in 2021. So it is worth adding such a thing to the wardrobe, it will definitely not get bored in the closet.

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