How to stop your puppy from chewing on furniture

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How to stop your puppy from chewing on furniture
How to stop your puppy from chewing on furniture

How to wean a puppy from spoiling property and choose the right toy for him. If you have a dog and are immediately faced with the first difficulties, remember - you are not alone. Without this, not a single process of upbringing and rapprochement with a newly-made household is complete.

By following a number of simple rules, you can save not only valuable furniture, but also your own nerves.

First, a small puppy should not be left alone. Someone has to be there by all means. Supervision will not allow the baby to commit an unpleasant dirty trick for you.

But ensuring a permanent presence is difficult. There are times when none of the family members can postpone their affairs and stay at home. Here toys come to the rescue.

The right toy will help your puppy cope with the first moments of loneliness and will interest him much more than your favorite slippers or antique chair legs.

In the future, with the help of a toy, the dog can be trained. In addition, it is excellent for helping to cope with nerves and overexcitation.

Dog toys

So how do you choose the right toy for your dog?

First of all, the toy must be safe for the animal. Look at the material from which it is made, it should in no way be toxic. The toy must be elastic and strong so that the dog cannot chew it into pieces. After all, then there is a risk that most of it will end up in the stomach. Do not buy a toy that is larger than your puppy's jaw can fit, or it will be disappointing.

In the earliest period of life, toys such as all kinds of sticks and bones are indispensable. They are incredibly pleasant to chew on! Only if you decide to take it away from the animal, do not pull too hard, otherwise the loss of teeth is guaranteed.

To strengthen your teeth, toys that can be patted are perfect. Grabbing a tourniquet or rope, the dog imagines that it is prey and violently tears it apart. But this pleasure will only harm children completely. Until a year and a half hits, you shouldn't even think about such games.

For outdoor activities with your dog, balls are perfect. Rubber, tight. This is for your personal taste and color. The puppy will love absolutely any solution!

If the toy still does not distract the puppy from the furniture as much as you would like. It remains only to deprive him of the desire to gnaw his favorite things. Lubricate with something that dislikes your pet, and it's in the bag.

Now a little about the punishment of the puppy

There are times when an animal deliberately seeks to do what is prohibited, although it understands it. There are many explanations. For some, this is such a game. If you punish once and let go of the other, then the puppy repeats the action again. It happens that in this way the dog is trying to win authority in the house. So don't be afraid to be persistent. From childhood, a puppy should know the limits of what is permissible and understand what punishment will follow for violating them.

Apply all these principles in moderation, and comfort will reign in your home, and communication with a four-legged friend will only bring happiness!

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