Kitchen countertop: which one to choose?

Kitchen countertop: which one to choose?
Kitchen countertop: which one to choose?

How to choose a countertop, everything about countertops made of artificial stone, glass, stainless steel, chipboard, solid wood and marble. Their advantages and disadvantages. The countertop is one of the most important parts of the kitchen interior and the work surface that housewives use every day in the cooking process. The main role in the quality characteristics of this kitchen accessory is played by the material used in the manufacture of the countertop. Next, we will try to describe in detail all possible options.

Modern kitchen countertops are made of solid wood, glass, laminated chipboard, stainless steel, natural and artificial stone.

The most popular and affordable are chipboard countertops covered with special plastic. Such products are distinguished by wear resistance and impact resistance, they are not sensitive to household chemicals and food acids. And it is very easy to care for such a surface.

Chipboard top

has a number of disadvantages - water accidentally hitting the base material causes it to swell, you cannot put hot objects on it, and they are not very resistant to scratches. Therefore, it is imperative to seal the insertion point of the sink with a sealant. Nevertheless, modern chipboard countertops are impregnated with a special compound to give it greater moisture resistance.

Recently, they have also become popular. artificial stone countertops… This material is hygienic, pleasant to the touch, strong and durable. It is very flexible, therefore it allows you to produce a tabletop of any shape and without seams. However, artificial stone countertops have a significant drawback - they are easily scratched. Although the damaged area can be easily polished. Natural materials are also used in the manufacture of countertops - glass, wood, stone and stainless steel. For a classic interior, a solid wood worktop is ideal. However, its surface can quickly deteriorate from caustic detergents, stains from wine, juice, mechanical damage and high humidity.

Solid wood worktop

extremely sensitive to hot objects. Countertops made of natural stone also require anxious handling and close attention. This is especially true for marble, which has a porous structure. To avoid the appearance of stains on such a countertop, which are then very difficult to get rid of, you should immediately wipe up spilled juice, coffee, tea or wine.

But granite is more resistant to mechanical damage, high temperatures and household pollution.

Granite countertop

For adherents of high-tech style, it is more suitable stainless steel table top, which will bring the aesthetics of rough simplicity into the kitchen interior, and will also delight the hostess with its quality. After all, a metal surface is practically not afraid of all kinds of mechanical influences, neither hot dishes, nor household chemicals, it is easy to clean, durable and hygienic.

The least widespread glass countertops, due to its high cost.

If you do not like any of these options, you can opt for a countertop lined with small-format ceramic tiles, mosaics or porcelain stoneware. It is only necessary to use waterproof, impact-resistant, heat-resistant tiles, as well as high-quality grout for joints. Such tiles are laid on chipboard or waterproof plywood.

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