Craft a hedgehog from various materials - master class

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Craft a hedgehog from various materials - master class
Craft a hedgehog from various materials - master class

The most detailed master classes and 99 photos will tell you how a hedgehog craft is made from various materials, how original baked goods are made on this topic. Small forest animals are charming creatures of nature. The hedgehog craft can be made from a variety of materials. For her, seeds, cloth, plastic bottles, felt are useful.

You can make some options with your children, others you will make as a gift or for sale.

How is a felt hedgehog craft made?

Homemade felt hedgehogs

With a little practice and the necessary materials and equipment, you can make the creation of such toys not only an exciting hobby, but also a financial help. Such toys are in good demand, so it is quite possible to sell them. Let's start with a simple option.

Homemade felt hedgehog

Few will guess that this cute forest animal is not real, but a toy one. Watch a master class in which a hedgehog will be created in stages. From materials and equipment you will need:

  • needles for felting - No. 40 reverse, No. 38 with an asterisk and No. 36;
  • wool for felting;
  • special brush;
  • mohair under the hedgehog;
  • gel glue "Contact".

First, we create the body of the animal. To do this, take a ball of light wool and a needle number 36, form a hemisphere.

Wool hedgehog body

The convex side will become the back of the hedgehog, and the opposite, his tummy.

Now tear off a piece of wool, form a cone.

Formation of the hedgehog's face

The sharp nose should be tight enough, on the other hand, the felt remains loose to easily attach to the base of the head.

Make a notch for the eyes with a needle. Create a round nose out of brown wool, and weld it to the sharp part of the muzzle. Mark the nostrils here.

Hedgehog nose formation

You can make eyes for an animal yourself using dark beads, create them from polymer clay, or buy ready-made ones in the store. Attach them in place with super glue.

Glued eyes on the hedgehog's face

To make eyelids, place two pieces of light wool on the felting brush, shape them into semicircular flat blanks with a needle, and weld them into place.

Formation of eyelids on the muzzle of a hedgehog

You have made the upper eyelids. The lower ones are created according to the same principle, but they are slightly smaller.

A little dark brown wool should be rolled around the eyes and around the nose to highlight these areas.

Now you need to make the fore and hind legs of the forest dweller. Attach them to the body, in the same way attach the head of the hedgehog.

Hedgehog's feet

It remains to create his skin. To make it the perfect size, place a sheet of fabric on one side and the other of the animal. Outline these blanks, cut them out, only then transfer them to the mohair.

Ready-made hedgehog base

Sew two blanks from this material on the back, sew the animal's fur coat in place.

Here's how you can make a hedgehog with your own hands, the master class probably helped you with this.

Ready felt hedgehog

If you want to make a more complex character, then check out the second idea.

Another version of the hedgehog

To do it, take:

  • carded wool of gray, white, black and light gray color;
  • felting mat;
  • needles for felting No. 40, 38, 36;
  • black plastic;
  • synthetic flat brush;
  • cilia;
  • glue Moment "Crystal";
  • a needle;
  • hedgehog mohair;
  • threads;
  • thin fishing line;
  • art pastels in pink, brown and black;
  • glossy varnish.

Take a light gray wool and fluff it up. Form a circle out of this blank, which will be dense on the inside and loose on the outside. To do this, the needle must be inserted as deep as possible.

Forming a blank for a hedgehog

After you have made the head of the hedgehog, use the same principle to shape its body, but it should be in the shape of an egg.

Leave the hair loose where you will attach your head to the body.

Forming a blank for a hedgehog head

Form two equal eye sockets in the head.

The formation of eye sockets on the head of a hedgehog

Place your head on the loose side of your torso. In this process, add a little wool to the joint, and attach it with a needle as well.

To make the muzzle more realistic, take some wool of the same color, form a small loose lump out of it, and weld it in place of the future nose. Use a needle to mark where the smiling mouth will be.

Forming the nose and mouth of the hedgehog

Take some of the same wool and shape the lower lip of the animal out of it. Using a coarse needle, attach this part to the face.

Formation of the lower lip of the hedgehog

Also use this wool to shape the cheeks of your character.

Formation of hedgehog cheeks

Add a little bit of felt to the forehead to make it a little more bulging.

Hedgehog forehead shaping

Check the symmetry of the face. If something doesn't suit you, you can add some wool at this stage. If everything is so, we proceed to the formation of the nose. To do this, take some black wool and dump it a little. Use a needle to attach this workpiece in place.

Forming the tip of the hedgehog's nose

At the same time, stick the needle deeply to seal the nose well. Add a dash of light gray wool to the back of the head to make it look more voluminous.

How the hedgehog craft is made, the master class tells further. Take two identical pieces of gray wool to form two front legs. They should be more dense near the fingers, on the other hand they should be loose, so that they can be well attached to the body of the animal.

Formation of the hedgehog's legs

In the place where these parts are fastened, you can also weld a small amount of wool of the same color, do this using the same coarse needle number 36.

For the hind legs, also take two pieces of the same size, form these hedgehog limbs from them, attach them in place.

To make the ears, take 2 gray wool pieces and place them on a felting sponge, shape into two circles.

Hedgehog ear blanks

First, use a coarse needle, then take a thin one. Form the curves of the ears with a 38 gauge needle.

Hedgehog ears

This is how they should turn out, from the side of attachment to the head they will be loose. Snap them in place.

Ready-made hedgehog base

With a needle, you can attach some light gray wool to your thighs. She will also help you shape the fingers of the animal.

Formation of the lower legs of the hedgehog

Now you need to work out the little things: add a little light gray wool to the place where the ears are attached to the head. Needle 38 will help you to make the curves of the ears more realistic, as well as highlight the line at the bottom of the nose.

See that the hedgehog craft is stable. To do this, you can add a little light wool to the lower part of one or the second hind legs, to the thighs to balance the proportions. Roll a little white on the tummy.

To make the surface of the hedgehog smoother, it must be worked out with a thin needle No. 38. From black plastic, make two eyes for the hedgehog, glue them.

Hedgehog eyes made of black plastic

To make the eyelids, place two identical small balls of light gray wool on the mat or felting sponge. In the middle of these parts, you need to work with a # 38 needle, from the back side as well. Leave the edges free to make it easier to attach the eyelids in place.

Forming the eyelids of a hedgehog from wool

Finally, work this part of the eyes with a fine needle. Look, how long you should have eyelashes, cut off the excess. Glue them over your eyes.

Attaching the eyelids to the hedgehog's face

Cover the eyes and nose with varnish. It remains to process some surfaces with a thin needle and cut out a coat for a hedgehog. To do this, you need to measure its sides and back, first transfer the pattern to paper.

Blank for the back of a hedgehog

Now again you should try on the pattern for the hedgehog, remove the excess or add.

Fastening the hedgehog back blank to the base

Then this pattern is applied to the auxiliary fabric, cut out. Further, fitting again follows.

Ready-made hedgehog back cover based on

At this stage, you can also add or remove excess. When everything suits you, then you can apply the pattern to the hedgehog mohair, cut it according to this template.

Hedgehog mohair for finishing the back

It is better to remove the needles on the seams with scissors. Mix PVA glue with water, glue the seams from the inside with this solution. When it's dry, grind off the hedgehog's coat.

Mohair backrest blank

Try on a new thing on it, cut it behind the ears.

Hedgehog back trim

Sew this blank to the hedgehog's body.

Ready-made hedgehog made of wool and mohair

Take dry pastel, using a brush, apply it to the ears, bridge of the nose, around the eyes, on the legs, heels, around the mouth and nose. Cover your cheeks with a blush.

Applying blush to the hedgehog's cheeks

Thread the line into the needle, sew these antennae into place. Here is such a wonderful and funny hedgehog craft.

The muzzle of a hedgehog with applied make-up

Animals from plastic bottles

Now many are fond of country design, embody various ideas, which require a minimum of funds to create. One such example is a garden hedgehog craft.

Hedgehog from a plastic bottle

To craft this touching character, you will need:

  • plastic bottle with a volume of 3 liters;
  • gray garbage bags;
  • cement;
  • scissors;
  • pencil;
  • Scotch;
  • White paper;
  • blister from pills;
  • self-adhesive black paper;
  • two black beads.

Make a cement mortar, fill a bottle with it. This is necessary in order to give stability to the craft. You can use small stones or sand instead of cement.

Wrap tape around the spout of the bottle to make a smooth transition from it to the hanger of the container.

Bottle for making hedgehog

Cut the bags into strips, which are 5 cm wide. Wind them over the place taped with tape and slightly below. Fix this blank with tape and glue.

Bottle for making a hedgehog pasted over with tape

Cut the rest of the bags into strips of the same width, form them with a fringe from the bottom using scissors, but do not cut through to the end.

Blanks from packages

Without unwrapping these tapes, use duct tape to attach them to the wide rim of the bottle. Then glue it all over in the same way, reaching the hedgehog's face.

Fastening blanks to the hedgehog base

To close its back, cut a strip from the bag, also cut one edge in the form of a fringe, roll it into a tube. Glue this piece to the back of the container.

Detail for the back of the hedgehog

Here's how a bottle hedgehog is made next. Take self-adhesive paper and draw a circle on it. In a circle, add an allowance on all sides of 0.5 cm, on which you want to make cuts.

Hedgehog nose piece

Also cut a thin strip from this material. First stick the resulting circle on the bottle cap, and then this tape behind it, so that you get the animal's nose.

Forming a cardboard hedgehog nose from a bottle

Cut two cells from the blister from under the tablets, put them in a circle of white paper in each. Place black beads as pupils. Glue the resulting eyes on the animal's face.

Forming a hedgehog's face from a bottle

From the same self-adhesive paper, cut out two squares with sides of 4 cm. Remove the protective layer, fold each of these blanks diagonally to make triangular shapes. Cut the top corner to make the ears rounded. Glue them in place and you can put the garden figurine outside.

Ready-made hedgehog from a plastic bottle

If you add cones to the plastic bottle, you get equally interesting characters.

Hedgehogs from a plastic bottle and cones

To make these garden figurines, take:

  • three plastic bottles;
  • Pine cones;
  • 2 wine corks;
  • plastic bowl;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • black marker;
  • white acrylic;
  • green corrugated cardboard;
  • brush;
  • red gouache;
  • sharp knife.

To work you need 1 brown two transparent bottles. First, take the brown one and cut off the upper part of the nose.

Cut the wide side of this piece into strips. Bending them over into a bowl of a suitable size, glue this blank to it. The nose will become the hedgehog's muzzle, and the bowl will become its body. It must be decorated by gluing it over with pine cones and other natural materials. Use a sharp knife to cut two circles off the cork plug. Draw the squirrels with white paint, when it dries, mark the pupils with black marker. Glue the eyes in place on the face.

Hedgehog from a plastic bottle and natural materials

And here is another master class. After reading it, you will learn how to create a hedgehog from a bottle using a different method. In this case, this container can turn into an original planter.

  1. Lay the bottle on its side, cut out the center top. Cover the bottle with cones, leaving the spout free.
  2. This part needs to be covered with light paint, and when it dries, paint the dark eyes and eyebrows of the animal.
  3. Pour soil through the slot in the bottle and plant your favorite plant here.If you have pets, you can sow grass seeds for cats, they will certainly appreciate this treat.

You can buy already grown grass for animals at a pet store, plant it in a bottle.

Hedgehog-flowerpot from a plastic bottle and natural materials

How to make hedgehog crafts from other materials?

For this you can use: coffee beans; seeds; felt; paper; cardboard and even dough.

You already know how to make a hedgehog from coffee beans, check out an interesting and quick way to create this animal from seeds.

Hedgehog made of plasticine and seeds

For such a craft, very few materials are needed:

  • light brown and black plasticine;
  • sunflower seeds;
  • modeling board.

Instructions for creating:

  1. This craft is intended for children 4-7 years old. Explain to them how to create such an animal, they will gladly make it.
  2. Roll a thick sausage from brown plasticine, sharpen it on one side. There will be a muzzle on which the child will attach two small circles-eyes and one slightly larger, which will become a nose.
  3. The body needs to be slightly flattened so that it is convenient to insert seeds into it with sharp noses.
  4. You can roll a small apple out of red, yellow or green plasticine, put a hedgehog on the resulting thorns.

If you are thinking what kind of paper seed paper applications for a child to make, then watch the next master class.

It will be within the power of babies from the age of three. But do it together with your child so that he does not accidentally swallow the seed, which is a small material.

Such a children's application on the theme of hedgehogs is created using:

  • paper;
  • a simple pencil;
  • glue;
  • small seeds;
  • plasticine.

If the child is small, then draw him an applique pattern yourself.

Drawn hedgehog

Let him lubricate the animal's fur coat with glue, attach the seeds in one direction. So that the thin ends are directed towards the paper, and the wide ones towards the outside.

Step-by-step creation of a hedgehog applique

Let the child blind apples, pears, small mushrooms from plasticine and attach these objects to the hedgehog's fur coat.

Ready-made hedgehog applique

The body and head of this character can be painted with brown paint or a pencil of this color, and from the leaves you can make an applique of a tree, glue clover or other flowers on the picture.

Another version of the hedgehog applique

No less interesting is the hedgehog made from the pom-pom. To do this, you need to cut out 2 identical thick rings from cardboard, wind a thread of the main color around them, and a lighter one on the side. Then the threads are cut along the outer circle, the rope laid inside is tightened.

The resulting pompom needs to be trimmed with scissors to give it the shape of a hedgehog. Glue the eyes for animals, a black nose, the hedgehog craft is ready.

Hedgehog pompom

A toy made of socks will also turn out to be original. To create it, you need to take:

  • sock;
  • threads;
  • cardboard template;
  • synthetic winterizer;
  • thread with a needle.
Hedgehog stuffed with padding polyester
  1. Stuff the sock with padding polyester. Tie it at the bottom and tie it just above the center. Form a sharp-nosed hedgehog's face.
  2. Tie up the bottom with threads, making it 2 hind legs. To create a pair of front ones, sew with a needle at the appropriate places on the sides.
  3. Make some small pom-poms, sew them on as an animal fur coat.

Those familiar with origami techniques can make a forest dweller out of paper modules. The coat is made of cones.

Origami hedgehog

If this is still difficult for you, then take a sheet of cardboard or paper, fold it in half, make a semicircle at the top with scissors, and a spout on the side.

Using scissors, cut the fur coat at the top in the form of a fringe, with a black marker you need to draw the nose, mouth, eyes, ears of the animal.

Paper hedgehog

If you know how to knit or sew, then create a hedgehog using this technique.

Hedgehog made of fabric and thread
  1. To embody the last idea, you need to sew a face together with a nose from fabric, consisting of two parts. The canvas rectangle will become the body, and the circle will become the hedgehog's hips.
  2. Cut small triangles from the fabric, roll them into cones, sew on the sides, stuff with padding polyester.
  3. Fill in the entire body of the animal in the same way. Sew the formed thorns onto it, as well as the eyes and nose.
  4. You can stitch fabric flowers or drape leaves in place of the fur coat.
Sewn hedgehog

If you create a template for a hedgehog from cardboard, cut out triangles inside with small scissors and bend them, you get a realistic forest dweller with needles.

Cardboard hedgehog template

The next character is also very prickly.

Spiny hedgehog made of plasticine and toothpicks

To make it, prepare:

  • plasticine;
  • toothpicks;
  • a modeling board.

Form the body and head of the hedgehog from colored plasticine, make a slit for the mouth with a knife. Use black plasticine to blind his nose and eyes. By sticking toothpicks into the back, you will make thorns for the animal.

Weaving from newspaper tubes hedgehog baskets

If you are fascinated by the process of creating various objects from curled paper, then this master class will come in handy.

Twisted paper hedgehog

You can put fruits and small items in the resulting basket. A perky hedgehog will decorate any interior and become a beautiful container for storing all sorts of things.

To make this item, take:

  • tubes from magazines or newspapers;
  • glue;
  • cardboard;
  • stationery knife;
  • hot gun;
  • clothespins;
  • a suitable shape such as a bowl;
  • blank of a cone made of cardboard or foam.

Decide what size the bottom of your basket will be. This needs to cut two blanks from cardboard.

Hedgehog base

Place rolled paper tubes between them. On top of the cardboard template, place the selected container, which you will braid.

Weaving a hedgehog from twisted paper tubes

Complete 4 or 5 rows, then you need to make needles for our hero. To do this, you need to cut the tubes of the same size and roll them in half.

Paper tubes

To make the first needle, align the bend in the center of the first tube with the vertical bar, intertwine with the main horizontal tube. Thus, complete the bottom row of the tubular basket.

Step-by-step basket weaving

There is no need to weave tubes where the hedgehog's nose will be.

Base of a basket made of paper tubes

Making a craft using the same technique, weave the required number of rows. Finish this process with the last row, closing it in the chosen way.

Ready-made basket base

To make a spout, braid the tip of the cone with newspaper tubes.

Forming a muzzle from paper tubes

Now you need to attach it to the basket, hide the tips of newspaper tubes between its rows, cut off the excess, fix it with hot glue.

If you haven't painted the straws, do so at this stage, or you can also paint them with wood varnish. Glue the eyes for toys, after which the hedgehog craft is ready.

Formation of the base of a basket hedgehog from paper tubes

And finally, check out how you can create interesting baked goods and appetizers on the same topic. Such food will decorate any table, look extraordinary and will certainly cheer you up.

Original pastries and snacks in the shape of a hedgehog

The child will definitely be delighted if you make him a cake, which you can decorate with sweet mastic. After adding dyes of the desired color to it, form a hedgehog.

Hedgehog cake

If such a masterpiece seems difficult to reproduce, then bake round biscuit cakes. Form the face of the animal from the chocolate cream, coat the body with it. You need to stick such chocolate needles into the cream on the back so that they turn into a hedgehog's fur coat.

Another version of the hedgehog cake

If there is no such decoration, then the original baked goods can be decorated with nut needles.

The next hedgehog will be helped to make a special nozzle for a pastry syringe, because it is with it that such fluffy needles are made.

Another version of the hedgehog cake with cream needles
  1. And here's how the original baked goods on this topic are made. Make shortbread dough, shape hedgehog cookies out of it.
  2. When done, remove from oven, cover with chocolate icing and sprinkle with almond crumbs.
  3. You can cover baked goods with melted chocolate, chop walnuts or other nuts in a blender, and sprinkle them into a bowl.
  4. Dipping the workpiece here, you will see how nuts will stick to it, which will become the thorns of a hedgehog.
Hedgehog cookies

If you love yeast dough, then shape it into small hedgehog burgers. Make the eyes and nose from raisins or other dark berries, and the needles - all from the same almonds.

Hedgehog buns

If you do not have nuts on hand, then create a hedgehog fur coat in a different way.

Hedgehog buns with walnut coat

You can make yeast dough or buy one. Either purchase one from which buns are already formed or make them yourself. Each needs to be flattened, put in a little thick jam in the middle, and the edges closed.

Now these buns are shaped like a hedgehog by simply making them pointed to one side. Blind the front paws from the pieces of dough, use a knife to mark the fingers on them. Candied fruits and berries will become the nose and eyes of this animal.

See how original baked goods are created. We make cuts on the back of the hedgehog with scissors, you will create such needles in a checkerboard pattern.

If you were asked to bring a handicraft from vegetables to kindergarten, then together with your child you can create a similar original hedgehog.

Craft hedgehog from vegetables

For it you will need:

  • oval pumpkin or small squash;
  • plums;
  • toothpicks;
  • potato;
  • Rowan;
  • apples;
  • leaves;
  • carrot;
  • Champignon.

Master class on creating:

  1. This autumn craft from natural material looks great. Line the tray with leaves, you can put some spruce twigs here.
  2. Place a pumpkin or zucchini on top. Using toothpicks, attach a piece of carrot, and on its tip - a plum as a nose. From two halves of plums, make his eyes, from potatoes - paws.
  3. Decorate the animal's body with toothpicks to make them look like needles. String apples, mushrooms, rowan berries on them.

If you peel the flesh near the tail of a pear from the skin, you get a hedgehog blank. Stick a plum on a twig, this will be the nose, stick 2 peas as eyes.

Stick toothpicks and grapes instead of needles on the animal's body. You can attach various berries to the tips of these thorns.

Craft hedgehog from fruits

If you want to serve an original snack, also decorate it in the form of this animal. This dish is perfect for a children's menu.

Hedgehog snack

To create this meal, take:

  • processed cheese in triangles;
  • salty crackers;
  • chopped almonds.

Place a triangle of cheese on a cracker, stick the sliced ​​almonds into it as needles. For the spout, cut off the tip of this nut, use it. Make the eyes from olives or raisins.

And here is how you can arrange another original dish.

Hedgehog sandwiches

To make these types of sandwiches, you will need:

  • two slices of white bread;
  • carrot;
  • egg;
  • butter;
  • greens;
  • 4 carnation buds.


  1. Boil a hard-boiled egg, cool in ice water. Now it will cleanse well. Remove the shell, cut the egg in half lengthwise.
  2. To make the thorns, cut the carrots into long thin strips and insert them into the protein.
  3. If the carrot is boiled, then cut it in half lengthwise, cut thin strips from the outside. Now slice the carrots across to form fishnet semicircles.
  4. Insert carnation buds for eyes and nose. Spread butter on the bread, put a hedgehog in the center, sprinkle chopped herbs on your culinary art creation.

Here are how many useful ideas this forest animal gives us.

You can also learn how a hedgehog craft is made from various materials from the following video. The photo selection will suggest interesting ideas for creativity.

If you want to see how the original hedgehog baked goods are created, then watch the second video.

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