Vegetable salad with shrimps and cream cheese

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Vegetable salad with shrimps and cream cheese
Vegetable salad with shrimps and cream cheese

A step-by-step recipe with a photo of making a vegetable salad with shrimps and melted cheese at home. Benefits and nutritional value. Video recipe.

Ready-made vegetable salad with shrimps and melted cheese

Perhaps one of the most popular summer dishes is fresh vegetable salads. They are light for the stomach, while saturating well, and everyone has heard a lot about the benefits of fresh vegetables. Salads are prepared from almost any vegetables, and they are served with fried and boiled meat, fish and poultry as an appetizer at the beginning of lunch or dinner. The salad can be refreshing and at the same time satisfying if you add different products to the composition, such as boiled eggs, meat products, fish products, etc. Today I propose to prepare a delicious tender vegetable salad with shrimps and tender melted cheese. Shrimps are the highlight of the dish, and in tandem with vegetables they give an excellent taste. The salad is complemented with lots of vitamin greens and flax seeds, which give a good flavor. And the dish is filled with an unusual dressing without mayonnaise with a minimum of oil.

Thanks to this, it turns out to be very healthy and satisfying. In my opinion, all products are perfectly matched, but you can vary their quantity and ratio according to your taste. This salad can be used as an independent dish without side dishes and meat ingredients. Such an unusual dish can be prepared not only on weekdays, but also on a holiday. Such an exquisite salad, combined with simple and original ingredients, will delight all eaters.

  • Calorie content per 100 g - 72 kcal.
  • Servings - 2
  • Cooking time - 15 minutes


  • White cabbage - 200 g
  • Radish - 4 pcs.
  • Vegetable oil - for dressing
  • Cucumbers - 1 pc.
  • Flax seeds - 1 tsp
  • Cilantro - 6-7 branches
  • Green onions - a few feathers
  • Processed cheese - 100 g
  • Salt - a pinch
  • Garlic - 1 clove
  • Soy sauce - 2 tablespoons
  • Boiled-frozen shrimps - 150 g
  • Grain French mustard - 1 tsp

Step-by-step preparation of vegetable salad with shrimps and melted cheese:

Shredded cabbage

1. Remove the top leaves from the head of white cabbage. they are usually dirty and tainted. Wash, dry with a paper towel and cut off the desired part. Use a sharp knife to chop into thin strips and sprinkle the cabbage with salt. Use your hands to crush it several times so that the cabbage lets out the juice, then the salad will be juicier.

Cucumbers cut into half rings

2. Wash cucumbers and dry with a towel. Cut off the ends on both sides and cut the vegetables into thin quarter rings, 3 mm wide.

Radish sliced

3. Wash the radish, dry it and cut off the tip on one side and the tail on the other. Cut the radishes, like the cucumbers, into thin quarter rings.

Green onions chopped

4. Wash the green onions, dry with a paper towel, remove the wilted part from each stem by simply pulling it down, and discard these unusable stems. Then finely chop the feathers.

The greens are chopped

5. Rinse the cilantro under running water to remove dirt and dirt from the leaves. Then, absorb the excess water with a paper towel. Remove discolored and wilted leaves from the bunch and chop finely.

Garlic crumbled, melted cheese diced

6. Peel the garlic and finely chop it.

Cut the processed cheese into 1 cm cubes. If the cheese is very soft and chokes when slicing, keep it in the freezer for 15 minutes beforehand, and then cut it. It will freeze a little and will not wrinkle when cutting.

For the recipe, you can use processed cheese with any taste. Shrimp-flavored salad will be very tasty.

Instead of melted cheese, you can take any soft cheese, for example, feta. Although it is not a bad substitute for hard cheeses of expensive varieties.

Shrimp peeled

7. Defrost the cooked frozen shrimp. To do this, immerse them in hot water and leave for 5 minutes. Or, simply remove them from the freezer beforehand so that they thaw naturally.

I have regular medium-sized shrimps.If you have king prawns, chop them finely.

Also in stores you can find raw frozen gray shrimp. These must be boiled before adding to the salad.

All products are put in a bowl

8. Put all the ingredients in a large bowl and add the flax seeds.

Products are filled with vegetable oil

9. Season salad with vegetable oil.

Foods seasoned with soy sauce

10. Pour in the soy sauce.

The salad is dressed with mustard and mixed

11. Add grain mustard and mix well. Taste the shrimp and cream cheese vegetable salad and add salt if necessary. You may not need salt at all, and there will be enough of it from soy sauce.

Serve the salad in platters. Sprinkle with croutons or poached egg if desired.

See also a video recipe on how to make a vegetable salad with shrimp and melted cheese

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