11 win-win dress styles that make you slim

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11 win-win dress styles that make you slim
11 win-win dress styles that make you slim

What dress to buy to look slimmer? 11 win-win styles with which the figure is visually stretched and takes on an attractive silhouette.

A dress is a wardrobe element that can emphasize the femininity of the figure, emphasize the merits and hide flaws from the eyes. Provided that the model is well chosen. Today, manufacturers produce a huge variety of products. Each option is interesting in its own way. Due to the variety of assortment, it will be possible to find a solution for any type of figure. We have collected 11 win-win styles of dresses in which every girl will look sophisticated.

High-waisted dress

High-waisted dress that slims down
High-waisted dress that slims down

The styles of dresses that are slim are of interest primarily to ladies with curvaceous forms. But not necessarily! They are also relevant in the case when the figure is not completely balanced. The high-waisted outfit first appeared in ancient Egypt. True, then women invented it on the go - between times, one might say. Since long clothes interfered with work, the hem was picked up and tied under the chest. At the same time, the girls immediately noticed that such a decision emphasizes the splendor of the bust, hiding the absence of a waist or too large volumes in the lower part of the body.

Today, such a dress can be safely worn, hoping that it will slim:

  • Girls with a triangle-type figure, when the hips are very wide;
  • For women whose forms tend to rectangular outlines, if the waist is almost not prominent;
  • Ladies with a protruding tummy - he will hide perfectly without giving himself out;
  • Pregnant women.

By the way, these styles of dresses, which are slim, are used in tailoring outfits for all occasions. You can buy a product made of the finest comfortable material for everyday wear for the summer. There are options from dense fabrics for cold spring and even winter.

Moreover, evening and even high-waisted wedding dresses are beautiful. They are chosen in order to make the figure slimmer, and the image more romantic. And, of course, this is a great way out of the situation if a girl is getting married in anticipation of the birth of a baby.

Dress Basques

Peplum dress that slims
Peplum dress that slims

Studying the fashionable styles of dresses, you can see that in the collection of eminent couturiers, outfits with a peplum have returned. It is nothing more than a frill or flounce that looks like a small skirt. It is placed in the waist area.

Initially, the basque began to be worn in the 40s of the twentieth century in Spain and the South-West of France as an element of the national costume. It is curious that such a frill was sewn to outerwear. But by the 80s, fashion designers had taken a great interest in it. With their light hand, the Basque moved to dresses. True, the public did not appreciate this decision. And only in the new millennium, closer to 2010, peplum dresses have become incredibly popular. Moreover, interest in them is growing from year to year.

As women of fashion quickly found out, such styles of women's dresses visually slim. This is one of the reasons why basque is trending today. It is made very narrow and wide, falling on the hips. It can be made in the same color as the entire product, or in a different shade, including contrasting colors.

To emphasize the sophistication of the silhouette, to hide the flaws in the physique, it is important to know how to choose a dress with a peplum:

  • If the tummy is too bulging, it is better that the frill be asymmetrical. For example, it can lengthen at the back or at the side - it is worth trying on different outfits, to decide which figure looks the most advantageous.
  • If too wide hips are upset, then the optimal model with a peplum that overlaps the most prominent part.
  • If massive shoulders are embarrassing, a peplum will also help balance the silhouette. In this case, preference for an outfit with layered ruffles.

When buying such products, special attention is paid to the fabric. Even the most successful shape dress will spoil the material of inadequate quality. It is required from him that the peplum holds its shape well. If it hangs down with a crumpled cloth, it will only spoil the whole impression.

Column dress

Column dress that slims
Column dress that slims

The so-called column dress has recently added to the women's wardrobe. More precisely, it first appeared on the catwalks in the late 90s, but in 2020 it experienced a rebirth.

Column dress is a straight or fitted long dress. He has almost no decor, there is no neckline either. Models come in both short and long sleeves. A small amount at the waist or hips is acceptable. A slight downward expansion is also possible.

Such styles of dresses for women have become especially popular against the background of the dominance of oversized. After all, as it turned out, the outfit conceals various flaws in the physique just as well. But at the same time, he looks very elegant and even strict - depending on the color, material, sewing.

With a column dress, you can become not only visually slimmer, but also a couple of centimeters taller. Of course, it fits beautifully on girls with a flawless silhouette that any model looks like.

If the goal is to visually "lose weight", then the outfit is selected taking into account the following recommendations:

  • Preference for products in monochromatic, pure shades.
  • It is better to avoid decor, prints.
  • An accessory - a handbag, a belt, jewelry - will help you to successfully beat the silhouette's features. They will add accents to draw attention to the benefits.

Wrap dress

Slimming wrap dress
Slimming wrap dress

Such styles of summer dresses are not understood and loved by all women. Some people compare them to home clothes - a bathrobe. And completely in vain! A wrap dress can help create a spectacular, sophisticated and very interesting look.

By the way, the first such models appeared on the catwalk about half a century ago. Diana von Fürstenberg came up with the original outfit. Fashionistas liked her invention. They started wearing a wrap dress for special occasions and in everyday life. Interest in the model is not lost today.

You can safely buy such beautiful styles of dresses for sports shoes, for shoes and sandals with high heels. They suit almost everyone without exception. The figure looks advantageous thanks to the loose fit. The sash looks a modest and discreet accent at the waist. So the extra pounds are perfectly concealed. And, importantly, this outfit is extremely comfortable. That is why it is chosen with great pleasure for everyday wear.

Such dresses are sewn by numerous manufacturers using different fabrics, using interesting decorative techniques. But, if the goal is to look slimmer, then you need to adhere to the following rules when choosing a model:

  • It is best to avoid complex draperies.
  • Excessive ruffles can ruin the whole impression.
  • A dress in which the scent crosses the figure diagonally looks best.

Such styles of dresses for the summer allow for a short sleeve and even its complete absence. In winter and autumn, it is logical to cover your hands. But for the warm season, the most optimal solution that slims down is a three-quarter sleeve. Due to the open wrist, the image acquires vulnerability, fragility and becomes touching, romantic.

Also pay attention to the cut at the bottom. There is a narrow, wide and even flared skirt. Which one to choose is based on the characteristics of the lower body. It is better for full ladies to buy products of classic length - just below the knee. Although a little shorter dresses are acceptable if the legs are slender.

A-line hem dress

Slimming A-line dress
Slimming A-line dress

Studying what dresses slim the figure, you can and should return to the history of fashion. After all, many ideas are drawn precisely from the past. And dresses with an A-line hem fall into this category.

They are perfectly recognizable from old films. Mostly, the surge in popularity of this style falls on the 50s of the twentieth century. However, one cannot say that he experienced complete oblivion. Today, many famous designers are also inspired by him.

The outfit is perfectly recognizable: the cut is relatively laconic and simple. It is already upward and wider downward, due to which it is possible to make the figure as proportional and feminine as possible:

  • Large growth creeps if a lady wants to look more gentle and defenseless. If a woman is outstanding in every sense - both in shape and height, then you should give preference to short or medium length dresses with an A-line hem.
  • The waist seems to be narrower, which is especially valuable when, in fact, it is almost absent. To get closer to the ideal - the shape of the guitar, it is better to buy a model with a narrow yoke and a fluffy skirt. Plus a thin belt will do the job, highlighting the waistline.
  • The visually heavy bottom seems to be less massive. So, if the belly and hips are wide, you can safely take the A-style outfit. With full legs, the styles of long dresses with such a cut will help out.
  • Excessive thinness is not so striking. It is no secret that while some ladies lose weight unsuccessfully, others suffer that they cannot gain weight. And it is the A-silhouette that is considered a salvation for slender girls. The shape looks softer, the outlines are smoother.

By the way, such a floor-length dress is a must-have thing in the wardrobe of a future mother. She may not worry that all eyes will be focused on her tummy. In the outfit, she will be very comfortable, and he also involuntarily gives regularity and smoothness to movements.

Dress shirt

Slimming shirt dress
Slimming shirt dress

Perhaps this model will never go out of fashion! And this is not surprising, because the great Coco Chanel herself was involved in the creation of the shirt dress. And she, as you know, gave out such ideas that in the literal sense of the word became eternal, like the fashion designer herself. After Coco, the model was conjured up by Yves Saint Laurent. He brought new touches to the outline: he made the shoulders wider, the waist narrower, and also suggested a belt. And such ideas found grateful followers.

However, in our democratic time, there are a variety of stylish styles of dresses born from the first model, which resembles an ordinary shirt. They are as close to the classics as possible, very romantic and even festive.

The main thing is to find a solution, taking into account the peculiarities of the physique and the purpose of the purchase:

  • In the summer, a product with a length just above the knee of a free cut is perfectly worn. It is great to move in it, it does not float. Preference for thin natural fabrics. To visually reduce the volume and increase in height, it is worth wearing shoes or sandals on a platform or with high heels for such a dress.
  • The silhouette definitely wins if the model is sewn from fabric in vertical or diagonal stripes.
  • Fitted and ultra-short dresses are taboo. And not only for the reason that only a very thin and sonorous girl can afford something like this: such outfits have long gone out of fashion.

What else is the beauty of a shirt dress that slims the figure: it is universal in every sense. If you buy a model with a neutral color, a free cut and a good length, it can be worn with a variety of ensembles. With shoes or sandals, the image will be restrained, especially if you successfully complement it with a handbag, belt and jewelry. With sneakers, you get a wonderful set for everyday wear.

V-neck dress

V-neck dress that slims down
V-neck dress that slims down

This solution almost never goes out of style. Because a neckline of this shape is an accent that unambiguously reminds of femininity, as it points to the chest, drawing attention to it. With him, the neck looks much slimmer, thinner and more graceful. Since all eyes are directed to the chest and upper body, even massive hips and a bulging tummy are no longer so conspicuous. It is for this reason that almost all styles of dresses for full ones are accompanied by a V-shaped neckline.

This neckline can do wonders! Surprisingly, even a tight-fitting outfit on curvaceous forms looks seductive and sexy if he has this type of neckline. But, of course, this does not mean that it should be abused.

Still, it is better to choose a dress taking into account the following nuances:

  • It is worth giving preference to models with decor in the upper part and under the chest, but let the bottom be neutral.
  • A medium length dress is recommended, possibly a maxi, and often very successful. However, the mini should be excluded - the image will be too defiant, provocative and vulgar.
  • For such a style, balance in the choice of jewelry is doubly important. It is better that they are light, sophisticated. Too massive necklace will ruin the whole experience.

If you are looking for which dresses are slimming, from among the models with a V-neck it is better to give those that are not decorated with ruffles, ruffles, wherever they are, since this still adds extra volume.

Blazer dress

Slimming blazer dress
Slimming blazer dress

This is one of the latest fashion trends. It all started again with the light hand of the notorious Yves Saint Laurent. It was he who brought the tuxedo to the women's wardrobe, which later transformed into a variety of jackets. Now the blazer dress is at the peak of popularity.

It must be admitted that this is a very specific model. Still, not every girl who is looking for dresses that slims down will wear it. In fact, this is nothing more than an elongated jacket. True, there is no need to oversimplify the idea. Since designers use different tricks to turn a familiar wardrobe item into a dress.

What versions can be safely worn by owners of curvaceous forms:

  • Elongated, up to mid-thigh and below, with a wide belt across the waist. This will help give the shape an hourglass shape. It is important to avoid rigid geometric lines. Better to take a model with beveled sleeves.
  • Asymmetric, for example, ideally smoothes the figure of a model in which one floor is slightly longer than the other and goes over the one that is shorter.
  • Straight cut with a V-neck - in this case, the girl wins by drawing attention to the neckline.

The most important taboo for this style is that the dress should not be too short, even if the legs are perfectly slender. It is important to avoid feeling as if it is a capsule with thin legs. For the rest, you can play with different options, keeping in mind the sense of harmony and proportion.

Cut-off dress at the waist

Slimming cut-off dress at the waist
Slimming cut-off dress at the waist

One of the dresses that slims the full, but when choosing it, you have to take into account a lot of "buts". For this reason, not everyone should buy it, and making a choice very carefully.

Let's start with its advantages, why it helps to achieve the desired effect. We can say this is an improved version of the combination of a skirt and a blouse. After all, the product is one-piece, a drop is excluded, which is possible if you put on two products separately. In the model, attention is very clearly focused on the waist, so that it is possible to "make" it, even when it is practically absent.

Alas, not everyone manages to find successful summer dresses that are slimming, cut at the waist. There are practically no problems if it is monochromatic. But in this case, the thing is quite ordinary and boring. If you want to play with flowers, prints and patterns, then it is easy to make a mistake that will adversely affect the image.

What is important to consider when buying:

  • Remember the rule: light plumps, and dark slims. Accordingly, we select the top and bottom, taking into account what effect it is desirable to achieve.
  • If you really like the stripes, they are acceptable, but not horizontal. Especially in the part that you want to visually make it slimmer. For ladies who are lush at the bottom, a skirt with a diagonal stripe would be a good solution.
  • The neckline plays an important role. If it is too small, there is a great risk of making the neck shorter and thicker visually than it really is. Remembering a win-win solution: the V-neck almost always saves.

Asymmetrical dress

Asymmetrical dress that slims
Asymmetrical dress that slims

To get rid of problems with the physique, they bring asymmetry to the styles of evening dresses and everyday outfits! It's amazing how she plays in the image, turning flaws into advantages.

Naturally, provided that the model is matched to a specific figure:

  • If the girl has an apple-shaped figure or an inverted triangle, an A-line dress with an asymmetrical bottom will help out. As a rule, such ladies have slender legs, so all eyes should be riveted to them.
  • If the bottom is heavy, accordingly, it is possible and necessary to draw attention to the upper part of the figure. Then a dress with one open shoulder, with an original sleeve - for example, a huge flashlight, will help out very much.

Since the asymmetry itself is bright, original, and does not go unnoticed, it is important not to overdo it when choosing accessories and jewelry. This is the case when it is better to do with the minimum than to create the impression of luridness.

Dress with contrasting side panels

Slimming dress with contrast side panels
Slimming dress with contrast side panels

How sometimes girls with curvaceous forms want to wear outfits that are clearly not entirely successful in cut for their body type! This does not mean that you need to give up your dream, considering only the styles of dresses to the floor, closed and deaf, boring and uninteresting. A solution such as inserts in contrasting colors on the sides will help to visually reduce the volume.

It's amazing that with such a trick, almost any style of dress with polka dots, with a different print and just plain colors looks great. It is only important that the inserts are positioned vertically, stretching the silhouette. Moreover, they can also be any: monochromatic, but contrasting, from another material, in the form of a print or pattern.

What styles of dresses are slimming - look at the video:

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