10 trendy bows for the summer

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10 trendy bows for the summer
10 trendy bows for the summer

What summer looks are considered stylish? How to put together a harmonious ensemble to look brilliant without denying yourself comfort? TOP 10 fashionable bows for the summer.

Summer bows are image ideas that help create harmonious ensembles. Today, designers suggest wearing clothes that combine comfort and aesthetics, and this is good news. In order not to rack your brains in the hot season, what to wear tomorrow, it is worth adopting 10 fashionable bows.


Safari style summer bow

This style was born out of experiments with the equipment of hunters. It is associated with comfort, freedom and self-confidence. Among the fashionable bows for the summer of 2021, ensembles are also firmly rooted in which the spirit of hot Africa is clearly felt. After all, it is with her that safari is associated.

First of all, such compositions are asked for a walk. Moreover, you can dress in this spirit both on a hot day and on a cool evening. But with knowledge of the matter, it is really possible to make a kit in which it is permissible even to appear in the office or in a restaurant - even on a date, even at a business meeting.

Since the safari style was formed at the junction of several directions at once - colonial, military and sports, you can freely and widely experiment with the image. Key rules to follow to create trendy summer looks in the spirit of a safari:

  1. Colors matter… They prefer calm natural shades. Among them, beige and sand, khaki and olive, camel and green, as well as brown of different tones prevail. Thanks to the designers for recently allowing the inclusion of white, blue and terracotta. Due to this, the image comes to life.
  2. The choice of materials is important… The safari ensemble uses natural fabrics with excellent breathability. They are also very durable and non-marking materials.
  3. Belonging to style is emphasized by specific details… These are patch pockets and shoulder straps, harness and stand-up collar, large pockets and lacing.

Beautiful summer stylish bows are obtained by adding a few safari-style gizmos to the wardrobe. It can be a jumpsuit, a sundress or a straight-cut shirt dress. As an option, make up a composition of voluminous shorts with cuffs or wide pants with pockets and blouses, straight cut shirts. Even a laconic midi-length skirt of the corresponding color will do as a bottom. Cravings are welcome: to accentuate the safari style, have an accessory with an animal print.

In this case, they put on shoes with laces or gladiator sandals. Looks good in such a composition of steam on a wedge. If you want to put on a piece of jewelry, you will have to select it meticulously. Only accessories made of stones or other natural elements will not spoil the image.

Total bow

Summer total bow

It would seem that until recently, dressing up in one color was bad manners. But modern designers have a different opinion. Many fashion houses offer looks for the summer of 2021 in the same color scheme.

This solution turns out to be beneficial in many situations:

  • If you wear an ensemble in one tone, visually, the silhouette will seem more elongated. So the short girls who want to seem a little taller definitely win. But tall women should think about how they will look.
  • If you want to play with texture, total bow is the perfect choice. When the whole set is in one color, it is the texture that comes to the fore.
  • If you want to show off a new bag, another accessory, demonstrate bright lips or a stylish haircut, you should also choose summer fashionable bows in one shade.

To look spectacular, you can assemble an image from things of a certain color, but so that they differ from each other literally by half a tone. You can work longer and more painstakingly on drawing up a composition in which all the elements are exactly the same color, but each has a unique texture. For example, guipure, pleated and satin are superbly combined, emphasizing the beauty of each other.

If summer total bows are incredibly attractive, so that you cannot resist the temptation so as not to experiment with them, you should carefully consider how to complement the image. Since accessories and jewelry play a special role in this case. With their help, it is possible to successfully place accents in order to balance the silhouette, if there are imperfections in the physique.

The most in demand are total bows in black, white, beige. Although you can make kits in other colors. We should also mention total denim.


Transparent summer bow

One of the destinations that begs for the summer. When, if not in the hottest weather, dress up in flowing transparent chiffon, lace or tulle? It is not surprising that such women's bows for the summer were presented by almost all fashion houses.

However, with such images, balance, a sense of harmony, measure and style are doubly important. First of all, for the reason that with too much nudity, there is a high risk of looking vulgar and vulgar. At the same time, what may seem strange, sexuality erodes. It is seductiveness that shines through if nudity is embedded in half-hints.

What exactly should be included in your wardrobe, creating the best summer bows with transparent elements:

  • You can buy a dress with mesh inserts. Their optimal location is on the collarbones, sleeves or back.
  • Blouses look great, both completely translucent and partially. You can look for a model in which a second layer is provided in the chest area. She looks attractive, but at the same time restrained. Even in some offices, the dress code allows you to wear something like that.
  • For bold slender girls, you can choose a long dress to the floor, but with a transparent flowing skirt. Provided that there is a willingness to show the legs to the whole world.
  • Nobody cancels multi-layered women's summer bows made of transparent fabrics. The only thing that needs to be taken into account is the body type, so as not to weigh down those areas where there are already extra centimeters.

It should be added that transparent things in themselves attract attention, stand out from a number of analogues. So when composing an image, you do not need to add something flashy, bright to them. Then the risk of feeling lurid is too great. If you want to wear a transparent blouse, a discreet skirt will be the best set for it. Calm trousers and even jeans are permissible.


Summer bow with sequins

Lovers of glamor are delighted: you can safely make a woman's bow for the summer, which in the literal sense of the word is brilliant and sparkling. Moreover, the couturier proposes to include elements with sequins in a variety of ensembles. Of course, they just ask for an evening, cocktail, club look. But what if you put on a sequin piece with a business suit?

It turns out that such a composition has the right to life. Moreover, in the current season, such bows for the summer are recognized as cool. Naturally, there are rules for composing a composition, which includes clothes with sequins:

  • The smaller the item is in size, the more chances it will fit into a business ensemble. Accordingly, the larger the element, the more solemn it looks, so it should be chosen for a special occasion.
  • Clothes with sequins immediately catch the eye and become the center of attention. And in the image of one such center is more than enough. So you don't have to wear multiple sequins. And even more so, do not try to dazzle, coming up with ensembles with additions of bright colors, with different expressive prints. Better to keep the rest of things simple and restrained.
  • Stylish bows for summer with sequins can be harmonious and beautiful, if these shiny discs are of the same color. When there are two or more of them, the risk is too great that the image will turn out to be not spectacular, but disharmonious.

Naturally, it is worth remembering the sense of proportion when choosing accessories and jewelry for the image, which includes elements with sequins. No need for an abundance of diamonds and gems. Sometimes it is better to do without jewelry at all, sometimes a modest chain is acceptable.


Summer bow colorblock

Summer in itself is one of the brightest and most colorful seasons. But if, surrounded by colorful nature, you want to shine yourself, putting on clothes of several saturated shades, now is the time, since color block is on the crest of popularity.

This trend involves a bold combination of two, three, and sometimes more bright colors in one image. Moreover, those that usually do not coexist with each other. The most telling example: shoes are red, a skirt is yellow, and a blouse or T-shirt is green. Of course, you have to have the courage to experiment with these trendy summer looks in 2021. But nobody canceled harmony either!

To rule out a fashion disaster, it is important to remember the following rules for composing an ensemble in the spirit of color block:

  • If several pure and bright colors coexist in the composition, the cut should be restrained and laconic. So they exclude all kinds of ruffles, flounces, and other excesses.
  • In the combination of colors according to the color block principle, it is necessary to select the most contrasting shades. That is, the desired effect will not work if the yellow is pastel, and the red is sharp and saturated.
  • To make the bows for the summer look beautiful and not ridiculous, the easiest way is to choose shades that are adjacent in the color scale. Accordingly, you can make an ensemble of red, orange and yellow colors. The second approach is a combination of complementary colors, that is, yellow and purple, red and green.

If you want to try a color block for the first time, you can start with a powdery pink or a regular pink. Oddly enough, but for this direction, these shades are relatively neutral.

White dress

Summer bow with white dress

They say that the most attractive color is red, which is associated with power, aggression, the desire to assert oneself. But in hot sunny summer, a dazzling white dress can be considered a must-have thing. Why it is willingly included in the 2021 summer bows for girls and women: it looks light and airy, very delicate and clean. Moreover, on the basis of such an element, it is possible to build ensembles for all occasions.

But first of all, it's time to get rid of the stereotype that white things are the lot of exceptionally slender and graceful girls. If you successfully compose the composition, choose the right style, a snow-white dress can hide flaws and emphasize the dignity of the physique.

Do not forget that white also has shades! So you can wear almond, ivory, seashell, snowy or smoky outfits. It is worth considering your color type: winter and spring girls face cold colors, and summer and autumn ones - warm ones. If the skin is very pale, there is a risk of blending into the dress. To prevent this from happening, you can dilute the 2021 summer bows for women with neckerchiefs, jewelry.

It is quite natural and logical that in a hot time it is worth giving preference to things made of natural matter. Linen and cotton dresses are great. An outfit made of chintz or staple is also suitable for the beach or for running around the city.


Summer neon bow

It is curious that in the women's summer bows 2021 there is a tendency of a general return to neon. Acid colors are very specific, so it's no surprise their fleeting popularity. But their real fans can rejoice: now such images are only welcome.

What you can wear to make a vivid and lasting impression:

  • Neon total bow! Naturally, the most daring girls can afford it.You can wear things of the same poisonous color. But a combination of the two is also permissible. In any case, no one will go unnoticed in such an outfit.
  • If there is no desire to dress in all bright, it is enough to make an accent. It can be a skirt or top, shoes or even just a belt. In any case, the attention of others is guaranteed.
  • You can and should buy neon accessories. First, they are not so striking. Secondly, the field for experiments is wider.
  • Neon with prints and inscriptions is in trend. Such clothes, oddly enough, are softer than just plain acid colors.

By the way, neon summer bows for girls who love to post photos on Instagram are considered a win-win. It's amazing how good the poisonous colors in the tape look, immediately standing out from the crowd.


Summer bow with print

This is not at all a novelty, but it does not mean that summer bows for women with prints look hackneyed and uninteresting. They have outlined their own new tendencies, which are worth getting to know in order to shine - even in the light, even on a romantic date or just a walk with friends.

What is important to consider:

  • First of all, the cage is again in the top positions. But not boring and extraordinary at all. Some designers skillfully weave it with floral ornaments. Others suggest playing with contrasts at the intersections of lines.
  • Stripe - and it does not lose its popularity. It is included in beautiful bows for the summer, positioning in any direction. Lines come in various thicknesses and colors. Including, you can buy an outfit in which literally the whole rainbow is collected. Of course, it looks incredibly juicy and truly summer.
  • Animal print also does not leave the leading positions. But in 2021, summer bows have become much more interesting due to the fact that designers have added images of animals to the corresponding prints! For example, if a dress is colored with spots, like a giraffe, this amazing animal will be drawn on it.
  • Floral prints are just asking for summer outfits. After all, they themselves say that the long-awaited warmth has finally come, which the whole nature rejoices, not hiding its joy. A new trend of the current season: designers prefer to place flowers on dark fabrics. And this has its own charm!

As with drawing up any other summer bows from dresses, blouses or other outfits, games with prints should be started, taking into account the peculiarities of the figure. In order not to look vulgar, it is worth leaving one thing bright - for example, in the colors of a leopard skin, but in general, let the set be very restrained and laconic in cut.

Lingerie style

Summer bow in linen style

Not all women approve of him. As, however, not every lady can afford an outfit in a similar spirit. But this does not negate the love of designers for slip-dress dresses and similar gizmos. And by the way, they fit very harmoniously into summer bows for women.

What can you offer for a trendy and organic look:

  • Top made of delicate flowing silk with thin graceful shoulder straps… It can be decorated with lace and flowers, but this is optional. As a rule, such a top is included in the ensemble, which is generally designed in a calm and even austere style. Models wear both with a deep neckline and without it. In the second case, you can risk wearing a top in linen style even to the office on the hottest day.
  • Satin or chiffon slip dress… It is decorated on the bottom or in the neckline with lace, guipure. Naturally, this is not an outfit for a business meeting or work. But for a club, a romantic date is a great solution. True, mostly, such dresses are permissible on fragile girls with slender and long legs.
  • Silk shirt, as if borrowed from a pajama set… It should be loose-fitting with patch pockets and large fasteners so that it can be attributed to the linen style.It is not necessary to limit yourself to clothes in one color: bows for girls for the summer are fashionable and spectacular if the shirt is decorated with a stylish print.
  • Silk skirt with slit or guipure insert… It is worn over a shirt or blouse made of a denser fabric. And then there is a feeling as if the combination accidentally peeped out from under the clothes, which is very seductive and very feminine.

Predominantly underwear style is the lot of young people. An older woman can look ridiculous in a slip dress or in a top with thin straps. If your shape allows, you can wear something similar. But then it is better to choose things of dark colors - chocolate, black, purple.


Summer bow with mesh

And again, a trend that should not be taken into account by everyone. But it is definitely impossible not to mention it. It is difficult to say what the designers were inspired by when they came up with clothes and bows for women for the summer of 2021. Looking at some of the outfits, it seems that they were feeding a fantasy when looking at fishing nets. Other things are reminiscent of tracksuits. But in any case, this trendy direction is worth exploring.

How does a couturier suggest wearing a mesh:

  • With the usual jeans! For example, it can be a mesh tunic, under which a short top is put on top.
  • The most daring and sexy girls can afford a mesh dress. Provided that they are not afraid to open the figure to prying eyes, and they have something to show.
  • The mesh can be elegant and sophisticated! For example, such an impression is made by products made of metallized threads. Under a tunic or dress, then you need to put on underwear to match, and intercept the waist with a wide belt.

What are the most fashionable bows for the summer - look at the video:

Choosing bows and clothes for the summer of 2021, you can definitely find things for yourself that will look beautiful without denying convenience. And only for this one can thank fashion designers, and also for the variety of ideas.

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