Cardigan for all occasions: 12 best ideas

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Cardigan for all occasions: 12 best ideas
Cardigan for all occasions: 12 best ideas

Popular models, successful combinations, fashion trends. 12 best ideas for a bold look with a women's cardigan.

A cardigan is an elongated swing jacket that does not have a collar or lapels, but is equipped with either a row of buttons or a belt. According to legend, it was made popular by the British General Cardigan, who wore a woolen undercoat under his uniform, which perfectly warmed the body and at the same time did not spoil the look of the brave warrior, protruding from under the uniform. A hundred years passed, and, as often happens in the world of fashion, comfortable style migrated from the military and men's wardrobe to the wardrobes of the fair sex. Today we present to you 12 of the best ideas for choosing a beautiful and cozy women's cardigan.

Cropped Cardigans

Cropped cardigan

Perhaps a cropped cardigan will not allow you to hide a couple of extra pounds on your hips, but it will make your legs breathtakingly long and your waist slim. In addition, the model is worth taking note of for girls who are not averse to visually adding to their height.

It is advisable that a short women's cardigan be fitted, real "razletayki" of this length are very few.

Where and with what to wear a cropped cardigan:

  • With turtlenecks, golf sweaters and soothing-toned shirts for a business look.
  • With jeans, denim skirts, high-waisted trousers and sheath dresses for a bold, casual day.
  • With fluffy skirts for a romantic date.
  • A bright cardigan or one that combines several contrasting shades is unacceptable in the office and tiring for the eyes in everyday wear, but very good for creating a festive look, catchy, memorable and comfortable.
  • A long knitted dress with a cardigan is an indispensable option for cold Russian winters. So the lower back will not be chilled, and you can appear before friends and colleagues as a gentle Snow Maiden in cozy waves of knitwear.

Important! When combining a wool cardigan with a knitted dress, make sure that they differ from each other in the knit texture. Even a casual glance should be clear where one ends and another begins.

Elongated models

Long cardigan

Since long cardigans, already not languishing in obscurity, returned to fashionable Olympus with brilliance, designers almost every season find new and new forms of embodiment for them. For example, lately maestros have clearly been inclined towards maxi length, textured knitting and “animal” prints - tiger, turtle, leopard.

Where and with what to wear a long women's cardigan:

  • With trousers and jeans, choosing tight or narrowed to the ankle models and matching them in a pair of blouses made of light fabrics;
  • With a sheath dress, trying to keep its hem noticeably shorter than the cardigan - this combination looks especially advantageous;
  • With a skirt, preferring a straight cut for an office style and a naughty pleat for a date.

Animal prints so beloved by designers should be combined with shirts and trousers in neutral colors or skinny jeans.

Elongated models are recommended for slender girls of tall stature, however, for a full one, a cardigan cut from thin, flying fabrics can be a real godsend.

Mid-length cardigans

Mid-length cardigan

Even though the classic cardigans had to yield the palm to the favorites of fashion designers - elongated models, they are not going to give up their positions so easily. Moreover, we are practically not limited in material, textures and decor, offering to choose according to your taste:

  • Cardigan with buttons, with a zipper, with a belt;
  • With sleeves of traditional shape, short, lanterns, bat, no sleeves at all;
  • With ethnic motives, oriental prints, geometric patterns;
  • Sweatshirts of delicate pastel shades or mixes assembled from bright patches;
  • Regular or asymmetrical fit.

All colors and styles of cardigans are welcome, although chunky knits are definitely taking off at the top of the fashion wave.

Where and with what to wear:

  • With classic trousers and shirts, pencil skirts and blouses, not flared straight-cut dresses - to the office;
  • With elongated capri pants, breeches, skinny jeans, shorts, straight skirts and T-shirts - for every day;
  • With short shirt dresses, maxi dresses made of lace lightweight fabrics and tatyanka skirts - for a date or a party.

Important! The classic mid-length cardigan for women with full hips can be a disaster! She focuses on the most disadvantageous part of the body and makes her look even more massive.

Oversized cardigans

Oversized cardigan

An oversized universal cardigan is a real salvation for a fashionista! Perhaps no other piece of clothing is able to complete the chosen image in the blink of an eye, warm it up in cool weather and create a feeling of home comfort, regardless of your location. The "dimensionless" jacket looks incredibly interesting if you choose a decent company for it.

What to wear with an oversized cardigan:

  • With classic and tapered trousers, skinny jeans and leggings, observing the rule "voluminous top - tight bottom";
  • With skirts and midi dresses of a straight cut, as if flowing over the figure;
  • With shirts and frayed jeans for casual casual;
  • In the company of frivolous tops and high-waisted trousers for a fun, casual look with a moderate amount of playfulness.

Oversized models are often complemented with pockets, thick belts and oversized sleeves, which add even more softness to the silhouette. Speaking of sleeves: if you are not yet ripe for buying a voluminous cardigan, try on a model with puffy sleeves, they can be really adorable.

Important! Contrary to the well-established pattern of "oversized - for fatties", it suits slender young ladies more than anyone else, emphasizing with its seeming massiveness the fragility of the hostess.


Cardigan poncho

A correctly selected cardigan-poncho can give lightness to the silhouette of a girl "in the body", make a slim one even more feminine and graceful, and help a short one to look taller. It all depends on the length, the chosen style and the material used.

As a rule, trendy cardigans-ponchos are devoid of sleeves, with the exception of the surprisingly matching bat sleeve. However, designers more than make up for their absence with large fasteners, which adorn the front cut, fringe with tassels, asymmetrical collar, hood or fur trim, as well as endless play with length and material.

What to wear with a poncho cardigan:

  • With jeans, leggings, tight trousers, shorts, mini skirts - in a word, with everything that does not add extra volume to the lower body;
  • With straight and fitted midi dresses;
  • For the top, choose turtlenecks and shirts, calm shades for casual style, dazzling white for special occasions.

One of the most non-standard models of cardigans, the cape, resembles a poncho, but, unlike the latter, it has slots for the arms. It looks very elegant and stylish and, depending on the overall silhouette and material, can serve to create both a business image and a festive one.


Cardigan coat

Long cardigans-coats are quite capable of replacing outerwear in cool April-October. They are either sewn from a dense fabric such as drape, bouclé or tweed, or knit from thick wool, often complementing the model with a hood or fur trim for greater insulation, but they do without lining in order to preserve the airiness of the silhouette.Among winter models, for example, bulky coats made using the lalo knitting technique are popular, and light cardigans made of cotton or silk are more suitable for cool summer evenings.

Often, the style of a cardigan-coat provides for long sleeves, with or without cuffs, and a turn-down collar, and the traditional row of buttons often gives way to a wrap closure.

With what and how to wear:

  • With straight and A-line dresses of mini, midi and maxi lengths, depending on the weather;
  • With skirts - narrow, slightly flared, pleated;
  • With cropped or tapered trousers and jeans, as well as shorts.


Cardigan vest

As you might guess, the sleeves of the cardigan-vest are not put on, which turns it into an extremely comfortable to wear, cozy piece of clothing that can be worn with the onset of the first timid warmth in late March - early April and sometimes worn until November.

Women's knitted cardigans-vests, designed for spring and autumn, are decorated with voluminous braids, spikelets and plaits. As for the choice of style, among modern fashionistas, spacious draped floors and a "cocoon" that smoothly expands from the chest and tapers to the bottom are especially quoted, which makes it seem as if it gently envelops the figure.

Summer cardigans-vests are sewn from thin fabrics, occasionally emphasizing the waist with a thin belt and enhancing the feeling of lightness with openwork inserts, but the most beautiful cardigans are made from embossed lace, which looks spectacular, gentle, and bewitching.

How and with what to wear:

  • With classic trousers or a pencil skirt, complemented by a strict blouse for visiting the office;
  • With a dress made of suiting to create the image of a business lady;
  • With trapezoidal sundresses and midi summer dresses for a cute and romantic look;
  • With shorts, mini skirts, T-shirts falling from one shoulder - for a light summer mood.

Important! The absence of sleeves allows you to safely combine a fashionable women's cardigan with blouses and turtlenecks in contrasting colors, creating bold bright images.


Cardigan dress

Charming blende clothing with a contrasting insert on the chest imitates the tandem of a cardigan and a dress, while being an inseparable whole. At the moment, the midi length is super popular, which helps out overweight girls, visually stretching the figure, while for slender young ladies, hemlines are provided just above the knee.

Knitted cardigan dresses look great with minimal trim. 1-2 large wooden buttons, a belt with tassels, a noticeable buckle will be appropriate here, but do not overload the image with decor, distracting attention from the flowing silhouette and soft draperies. And even more so, elegant evening models, for which silk, velveteen or lace are used, do not need tinsel.

Where and with what to wear:

  • In spring and summer, the cardigan dress is worn as a separate piece of clothing;
  • In winter and autumn, they complete it with bright turtlenecks.

Openwork cardigans

Openwork cardigan

Openwork cardigans are an undisguised ode to femininity, exciting romance and tenderness embodied. They can look playful, bohemian, exhilarating; be presented with the shortest possible models and wrap the ankles with lace floors.

For girls who want to look like young fairies, there are knitted models that resemble an airy spider web, and sweaters sewn from lace fabric. If you want to become the owner of a denser thing that will not only decorate, but also warm, choose cardigans with lace straps, a back or a partially knitted airy pattern.

With what and how to wear:

  • Cropped cardigans are great with sheath dresses, petite flared dresses, and sets of plain shirts and dress pants;
  • Translucent patterns fit well with bright T-shirts and T-shirts, which serve as an excellent background for them.

Important! The cardigan-tailcoat with an openwork insert on the back looks incredibly stylish.

Collar cardigans

Collar cardigan

Women of fashion have not been afraid for a long time to break the foundations, turning the usual concepts upside down. No matter how grateful we are to the Earl of Cardigan for a great idea, his brainchild has managed to change in order over the past centuries.

And now it is not worth seeing on the catwalk a fashionable knitted cardigan with a voluminous shawl collar, which gives the figure softness and femininity, a knitted sweater with a turn-down collar, practical and elegant, or sewn models with a stand-up collar, equally suitable for both full and thin girls. And how impressive cardigans look with fur, snugly fitting the hostess's neck!

Stylish images are based on the length, material and purpose of the cardigan.

Hooded cardigans

Hooded cardigan

What the English general had never thought of was more than compensated for by fashion designers, presenting to the public dozens of cardigans with hoods, which are extremely relevant in the conditions of our changeable weather. They suit almost all models: sewn and knitted, long and cropped, classic and innovative, but the most epic look is the cardigan mantle. You will definitely not go unnoticed in it!

Black, gray and white cardigans with hoods enjoy increased love of fashionistas today, but no one forbids you to add a little tenderness to your image with the help of your favorite pastel shade or cheer yourself up by throwing something sunny yellow or fiery red over your shoulders.

You can wear it with everything that your chosen model allows, with one single exception: a cardigan with a hood is not combined into sets with classic-cut shirts, sophisticated blouses and other representatives of office style.

Denim cardigans

Denim cardigan

Practical denim sweaters look so non-trivial that they are worth talking about separately, especially since the variety of styles allows even the most fastidious fashionista to buy a cardigan that fully corresponds to her notions of beauty and style.

The model, which is especially popular today, combining a straight cut with a 3/4 sleeve and a row of buttons, has already become a classic, but a jacket-shirt made of jeans, which is popular among young people, comes on her heels, which should look like you stole it from your boyfriend's closet and slightly overshot with the size of the cardigan.

For a more feminine look, fitted silhouettes and wraparounds are poetic and thrilling to help you, while the sleeveless denim cardigan is a vest-themed variation, often complemented by a turndown collar and pockets.

If you want something truly expressive, try looking for either an elongated model, a cardigan with a spacious shawl-shaped hood, or try to play with decor.

With what and where to wear:

  • With classic and skinny trousers and jeans;
  • With dresses of both strict and frivolous summer styles;
  • With stylish blouses and T-shirts;
  • With shorts and mini skirts.

Important! Best of all, denim cardigans fit into the framework of the casual style, while choosing the right model in a business style will be quite problematic. Moreover, they require suitable footwear. Set aside the stilettos and platforms for a while, you need lightweight sneakers, slip-ons or ballerinas.

How to wear a cardigan - watch the video:

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