What to wear with a pencil skirt: 9 ideas

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What to wear with a pencil skirt: 9 ideas
What to wear with a pencil skirt: 9 ideas

What outfits go best with a pencil skirt? Interesting ensembles, current trends. 9 ideas on how to wear a pencil skirt.

A pencil skirt is out of fashion as it suits almost everyone. Such a model can be called universal, provided that it is matched to the features of the silhouette. There are sure-fire compositions that you should get acquainted with in order to introduce this thing into your wardrobe. We offer 9 ideas how and with what you can wear a pencil skirt.


Pencil skirt with t-shirt

One of the latest trends is a combination that would probably faint the creator of a pencil skirt. The authorship is attributed to Christian Dior, who painted for the first time a model unique for his era in the distant 40s of the twentieth century. Only a great fashion designer has seen a skirt complete with elegant blouses. Well, the new era dictates its own rules!

You can choose any T-shirt - even with a print or an inscription. A leather pencil skirt, a model made of textiles and denim will suit her. This is an option for everyday wear.

Cropped top or sweater

Pencil skirt with top

Cropped tops, sweaters and even T-shirts remain on the rise in popularity. And if they are used to seeing them with jeans or shorts, then in the 2021 season you can take a closer look at an unusual addition - a denim pencil skirt. The look is bold and very playful. True, such an ensemble can only be afforded by the owners of beautiful flat tummies.

By the way, it is not necessary to dwell on the denim model. Alternatively, you can find a knitted skirt, chiffon product. The composition will be no less harmonious and interesting.


Pencil skirt with blouse

In order not to rack your brains with what to wear a pencil skirt, you can choose a classic combination. This is a blouse that makes the image feminine, but at the same time, depending on the model, it can be strict or emotional, romantic.

A pencil skirt in 2021 appears in a new light when combined:

  • With a blouse with thin straps… A very unexpected and no less interesting solution. This is the so-called underwear style, which helps to emphasize fragility. Such an ensemble looks perfect on slender girls. To make the image sophisticated, preference for models made of satin or silk.
  • With a blouse that opens up the shoulders… An equally bold decision! Moreover, the model can be of any style - wraparound, with ruffles and flounces, with long and short sleeves. When the blouse accidentally falls off the shoulders, the image is touching and playful.
  • With asymmetric models… For example, it can be a blouse with one open shoulder or other variations. And again, a girl in a pencil skirt with such a top focuses on her romance, lightness, sensuality.
  • With blouses that have very unusual sleeves… It is interesting that, in general, the model can be strict, buttoned tightly to the top. But due to the original design of the sleeve, even a long pencil skirt does not look too harsh. In fact, this element of the blouse is made decorative. It comes with an elongated cuff, with ties, with a series of shiny or variegated buttons. Fashionable so-called "episcopal" sleeve, "bell".
  • With a model with a print… Such blouses are especially relevant if a black pencil skirt is bored in the closet. Predatory prints are in trend today. You can choose a striped top - white and blue, creamy burgundy, beige and brown. A safe bet is polka dots.
  • With blouses decorated with bows and ties… Where couturiers do not place them! For example, you can buy a blouse with a cute bow on the back of the neck for a pencil skirt. Ties on the sleeves and on the back are appropriate. Sometimes the bow transforms into a soft tie.
  • With a model complemented by a stand-up collar… First of all, such blouses are associated with a strict dress code. However, this is no longer entirely true in relation to modern variations. Designers have experimented with models to their hearts' content, offering very extraordinary blouses. Brightness was given to them with the help of colored buttons, frills, frilly sleeves, lace. Such a blouse will make even a strict straight pencil skirt much softer and more romantic.


Pencil skirt with shirt

This wardrobe item is borrowed from men. And if quite recently it was worn only by the most daring young ladies exclusively with trousers or jeans, now fashion houses offer to wear a shirt with a pencil skirt, because the images are very harmonious. And completely different, depending on how the top is decorated.

In the new season, couturier shirts played no less than blouses. So there is a huge choice of what to wear with a pencil skirt in summer or autumn:

  • With a shirt that has an open back… Perhaps the most daring decision! It is especially intriguing because the model looks very restrained from the front, but a completely different picture opens up from behind. Alternatively, the back cutout is trimmed with a ruffle for a feminine touch. But a shirt without a frill looks no worse.
  • Cropped crop top… Another variation on how to make a typical element of a man's wardrobe the most feminine. Moreover, in the shirt they also make puffy sleeves, sew on ruffles. So even with a pencil skirt below the knee, the ensemble will not become too serious and restrained.
  • With a deep-cut shirt… Such a solution is for the most daring, as well as slender girls. Since the front is supposed to have a very deep cut, you need to think about whether the lady is ready to take a chance. Interestingly, the shirt is generally decorated very strictly, if not boring. But due to the fact that the neckline reaches almost to the navel, the image turns out to be very spicy. A discreet bottom is suitable for such a top. You should definitely not take a pencil skirt with a slit, which also balances on the verge of decency. Better to keep the model modest. Shirts are made not only with a deep cut, in order to draw attention to it, symbolic fasteners, clasps, ties are sewn on. Models with a smell are interesting in their own way. To look chic, you can buy a product made of satin or silk.
  • With a model tied on her belly… A summer pencil skirt will look very impressive with such a shirt, especially if a thin graceful girl is wearing such a set. This ensemble is perfect for every day if you choose products from practical fabrics. He also acquires a romantic reading when things are made of transparent chiffon. Trendy shirts with a drawstring belly will help create a street style look.
  • With a denim shirt… If you are bored with a classic blouse with a pencil skirt, a democratic model will be the best alternative. Denim items are decorated in different ways. You can buy a familiar shirt with a collar and long sleeves, which is worn by rolling up. Alternatively, choose a model with a V-neck and buttons.


Turtleneck pencil skirt

This top can also be considered a traditional addition to a women's pencil skirt. A turtleneck is a thing that captivates with its simplicity and artlessness of forms. Interestingly, it was originally worn solely for practical reasons. These were clothes that acted as a buffer between the body and the tough suits. For example, a turtleneck has become an element of the wardrobe of pilots, divers, racers. And only since 1969, she shines on the catwalks with the light hand of Pierre Cardin.

The turtleneck makes a harmonious suit with a pencil skirt of any color. The image will be calm and elegant if you wear black clothes. To avoid being too harsh, it is better to buy a leather skirt. Such an ensemble with black shoes and even sandals with high long heels looks interesting. But you can also complement it with boots in a contrasting color.For example, you get a Wow effect if the shoes are bright red.

With a black turtleneck, a white pencil skirt looks great. You can add a touch of glamor by picking up the hem in sparkling gold-like leather. A set with a skirt made of satin with lace stretched over it is interesting in its own way.

By the way, the turtleneck does not have to be black. The gray, beige top looks neutral. It is easy to find a pencil skirt of a harmonious color for him. They even wear pink, blue, burgundy turtlenecks. In this case, it is better to make the bottom calm, restrained.

Oversized sweater

Oversized sweater pencil skirt

The model itself, which has a high waist, gives the impression of a thing that hinders movement rather than speaks of comfort. A bulky sweater, on the one hand, looks unexpected in the ensemble. But he just asks for the composition - so that you can feel the coziness and convenience.

Of course, first of all, a variety of voluminous sweaters are relevant in the fall. But you can also buy an air-knit item that is appropriate on a cool summer evening. If the question arises, what to wear with a pencil skirt to walk with friends, such an addition would be an excellent choice. By playing with flowers, you can create a set that exudes romanticism. And it is even quite possible to come up with a formal suit by choosing calm shades.

A chunky sweater can be worn over a slit pencil skirt. It is also worn tucked into a belt - in the center or on the side. Another option is to wear a belt over it.

Classic blazer

Pencil skirt with classic blazer

A fitted jacket or jacket asks for a skirt of this cut. Mostly such combinations are chosen to create an office look. However, it all depends on what colors prevail in the ensemble:

  • To get a bright and very sexy image, they wear a T-shirt under the jacket, which can be replaced with a top, and a short pencil skirt below.
  • A skirt with a neutral color, a blouse with a floral print, and a denim jacket will help to create an interesting ensemble and maintain a casual style.
  • A mix of a leather jacket and a skirt made from the same material with a T-shirt will help to go to the extreme.

Long cardigan

Pencil skirt with long cardigan

If you want to wear a midi pencil skirt that emphasizes the harmony of forms, but excluding the excessive severity of the image, then you should look at ensembles with cardigans or elongated jackets. They look simple enough, they breathe practicality and convenience.

You can choose a model made from jersey. They outline the silhouette well. At the same time, convenience is maintained, and movements are not constrained. From above you can wear:

  • spacious T-shirt;
  • a blouse with a simple cut;
  • classic shirt.

The cardigan is picked up to approximately mid-thigh. But it is better to take the length of the skirt as a reference point. In this case, the most important thing is the balance between these two elements of the image. Otherwise, it may turn out to be too heavy or shapeless. So it's best to find a top that matches the length and size of your pencil skirt.

Bomber jacket

Pencil skirt with bomber jacket

Such jackets, borrowed from pilots, are reborn in 2021. They are eagerly added to women's wardrobe, and making up unexpected ensembles. One of such compositions can be considered a combination of a bomber jacket with a pencil skirt of red, black or any other color.

First of all, such an image is about convenience, purposefulness and dynamism. But the overall impression is formed by the bottom. If you choose a knitted soft skirt and a T-shirt for her under a bomber jacket, then everything will talk about the love of comfort and practicality. It is not entirely expected, and therefore a skirt with a slit with a thin blouse worn under a jacket looks doubly impressive. It is interesting that a pencil skirt is combined with a bomber jacket, which is combined with sneakers or with high-heeled shoes.

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