Haircuts for short hair: TOP-10 fashion trends

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Haircuts for short hair: TOP-10 fashion trends
Haircuts for short hair: TOP-10 fashion trends

Popular short haircuts for women: fashion trends and trends. Tips for choosing the best model. TOP 10 haircuts for short hair.

Haircuts for short hair help to show individuality and emphasize character traits. Subject to a competent choice, the hairstyle successfully focuses on the merits of the image and hides the flaws. When looking for the best option, it is important to take into account the characteristics of the strands: then even thin and weakened curls will look presentable.

Fashion trends

Women's haircut for short hair

Photo haircuts for short hair

Modern women's haircuts for short hair are impressive in variety. However, two main trends can be distinguished. The first is trendy models for young people. These include bold and daring ideas that a woman of Balzac's age will not allow herself. Confident girls cut their hair very short, pronouncedly asymmetrical, shave their hair on different parts of the head. All these experiments are complemented by coloring, which further enlivens the image.

The second trend is universal haircuts, which are chosen even by business ladies who have to adhere to an extremely strict office dress code.

But another interesting direction has emerged. Studying haircuts for short hair in 2020, we can single out models that combine classics with creativity. Such a solution, simple to the point of genius, brings a zest to the image, enlivens it. You can look stylish and original, even if it is based on the well-known square or the notorious bob.

How to choose a haircut for short hair?

How to choose a haircut for short hair

In order for the image to be complete, harmonious, four key criteria should be taken into account when choosing a hairstyle:

  1. Face shape;
  2. Hair structure and type;
  3. The growth and complexion of the figure;
  4. Age.

Most of all, girls with a rounded face are lucky. They can choose any fashionable haircuts for short hair. If the outlines are closer to a circle, then it is better to visually correct the face so that it does not look as if it is clearly outlined with a compass. Therefore, asymmetry, milled sharp strands, volume on the crown are welcomed.

If the face tends to a rectangular shape, it should be softened, the corners should be made less expressive. Hairstyles that hide excessive forehead height and add volume to the sides will do.

For square-faced ladies, it is critical to soften the angles in the lower jaw area. It is also advisable to stretch your head up a little. In principle, the choice of options is wide enough: any hairstyle that suggests volume in the crown area will do. But expansion on the sides should be excluded.

Girls with a face in the shape of a heart or the letter V need a hairstyle that visually makes the chin a little wider and the forehead narrower. Haircuts with strands that cover the ears and hang freely along the face look good.

If the outlines are closer to the trapezium, then you just need to expand the temporal zone to the maximum. With this trick, the lower part of the face itself will look narrower, more graceful.

As for the structure and type of hair, it is relatively problematic to choose a haircut when the curls are too thin. It is necessary to find a model of this type so that they look at least a little thicker. If the curls are curly, the hair is thick, then you can choose almost any idea to your liking.

Height and complexion determine the volume of the haircut. The taller and larger the woman, the more voluminous stylish haircuts for short hair should be. Petite and slender girls can experiment with hairstyles as much as they like, of course, taking into account the shape of the face and the type of strands.

Age, as a rule, imposes a minimum of restrictions.Naturally, mature ladies are less likely to choose too bold and expressive hairstyles. Nevertheless, no one forbids trying even frankly youth models. If it turns out to successfully select and implement the idea, then you can “drop” a few years, emphasize the dynamism and purposefulness.

TOP 10 fashionable haircuts for short hair

Before getting a haircut for short hair, it is useful to get acquainted with fashion trends. While there are models that have remained relevant for decades, a new idea may be to your liking.


Bob haircut for short hair

This hairstyle is one of the most sought after. Only a square can compete with her for this title. If you want to cut your curls, you can safely choose this particular model.

Moreover, it will be relevant in any performance:

  • The bob looks relatively restrained and even strict if the hairdresser makes an even cut.
  • To surprise and impress others, you can twist the strands a little, and then specially make a deliberately disheveled styling.
  • A vintage bob looks really luxurious.

Summing up, it is important to note that a bob haircut for short hair allows you to change the image with a slight movement of the hand and using the simplest available means. If you want to create the impression of a respectable lady, just use a hairdryer with a round brush to style your hair neatly. A similar effect is easy to achieve when there is an iron at hand - the strands are straightened and stretched. But when you are planning an easy and pleasant evening, a romantic date, you can use a curling iron and any spray, foam to add playful notes to the image.


Haircut for short hair

This is another clear leader who every now and then pushes the bean in the fight for the palm. Kare does not leave the lists of the best and most beautiful haircuts for short hair for the very reason that the model allows you to play with the image. It is enough to simply change the length of the bangs or remove it, and the face looks completely different. Thanks to this, the square is recognized as universal: you can find a solution for a girl of any size, with thin and thick hair, regardless of the shape of the face.

You can choose a variety of options - on a leg, asymmetry, with a side parting. A graduated square can be considered universal: it always looks a win-win. If the face is round, then the haircut should be made elongated. If the chin is square, an oblique bang will save the situation.

Today, natural styling without increasing volume is considered the most popular. That is, after washing, drying is performed upside down, without even working with a hairdryer. By the way, having made the usual square, you can change the image at any time by simply styling the hairstyle with the parting shifted to the side. Due to this, the effect of asymmetry will be obtained.

If there is a solemn event ahead, you can use a curling iron and wind the curls. A hairstyle with light creases looks very interesting: this technique allows you to give a touch of vintage. Young bright girls are incredibly fit with a bob with the effect of wet hair that is simply combed back.


Pixie haircut for short hair

Such a haircut is so popular today that it is ready to displace a bob and a square from a leadership position. A pixie haircut for short hair is associated with dramatic changes in life. It is even called extreme. After all, the bangs practically go away, the back length is also boyish. But elongation is assumed at the crown.

What is the charm of such a model? Amazingly, she looks incredibly sexy. Of course, provided that it fits the type of girl. That's the beauty of a pixie, that most ladies can get their hair cut this way. They only choose different subspecies, depending on the characteristics of the physique, the outlines of the face. Moreover, the hairstyle will look surprisingly harmonious with both an elegant evening dress and jeans.

By the way, pixie practically does not require styling. With the help of a haircut, it is easy to emphasize the eyes, to give expressiveness to the cheekbones and neck line.True, you will have to go to the hairdresser relatively often: usually a correction is needed at least once a month.


Haircut page for short hair

Although the model has a typical masculine name, girls with such a haircut look very seductive. This option is especially helpful for ladies with straight and fine hair. Moreover, the model is completely simple to install: after washing your hair with a hairdryer and a round brush, you just need to set the strands in the right direction. True, if they are curly, an iron will have to be brought in to help. However, today you can even leave curls that make your hairstyle more perky, playful.

Page is in trend, as it goes to almost everyone, without exception. Like the above hairstyles, a haircut allows for a lot of experimentation. It is made with and without graduation. You can leave a long bang, shorten it, or even remove it altogether. Just doing the parting in different ways, it is possible to radically change the image.

Only if the lady has a too round or triangular face, it is better to carefully experiment with the model. Since there is a high probability of over-highlighting the cheekbones, which is undesirable.


Seson haircut for short hair

Such a haircut has become especially relevant in an era when there is a sorely lack of time for styling. Sesson looks great - easy and feminine, even if you do not work in the morning with a hairdryer in front of the mirror. True, the model requires professionalism. Since the master must competently perform a haircut, taking into account the type of hair, so that they themselves fit softly and voluminously.

Sesson is often confused with a bob cut for short hair. Its key difference is that the pronounced semicircular bangs blend harmoniously into the rest of the head. Due to the fact that the strands are cut in a special way - at a certain degree, in several layers, they themselves twist inward.

A good master will be able to choose a successful modification for almost any type of face. Sesson is made with asymmetry, very short and medium in length.

Another interest in such a model flared up due to the popularity of the retro style. After all, sesson goes well with such outfits. It is important to know that a haircut requires timely adjustments.


Haircut cascade for short hair

Such a model is in trend, since it is recognized as universal. A cascade haircut for short hair will be good at any age. It can be done for girls of different builds and heights, selecting modifications for the features of the facial contours. The hairstyle is very helpful when the curls leave much to be desired - there is no pronounced volume, the strands are brittle, weakened.

The model is appreciated for its ease of care and styling. The big advantage of the cascade: it allows you to experiment with the image as widely as possible. In everyday life, you don't have to fiddle with your hair at all: after washing, you can dry your head with a hairdryer, slightly lifting the hair at the roots with a comb.


Shag haircut for short hair

This haircut gets its name from the English word "shaggy", which means "shaggy". And although it fully characterizes the hairstyle, this does not mean that it is enough to cut your hair short and create chaos on your head. To achieve the desired effect, you need the hand of a master.

The peculiarity of the haircut is that torn strands are laid along the entire perimeter in soft layers. Due to this, even the thinnest hair looks very light, airy. The more thinning and torn ends, the more playful the look becomes.

Shag also allows you to experiment with the image. For example, you can curl your curls a little if they don't curl themselves. Thanks to this, the curls "jump up", become even shorter - insolence will hatch in the image.


Gavroche haircut for short hair

The hairstyle is named after the hero of the novel Les Miserables - a boy named Gavroche. She came into vogue after the film adaptation of the work in the late 60s. XX century. And to this day, interest in her does not fade among the fair sex. Moreover, Gavroche is experiencing another surge in popularity.

This is a type of haircut for short hair that does not require complex styling, which can be considered a key advantage. Young people are especially eager to turn to gavroche: he does not go unnoticed. After all, a haircut assumes that the strands are cut in different ways, the image turns out to be bright and a little chaotic. So, the shortest curls are left on the crown, slightly longer at the temples, but the longest at the back of the head. All together it looks boring and unbearable.

You can perform such haircuts on short hair with or without bangs. Gavroche looks completely different on straight and wavy curls. Therefore, you can quickly change your hairstyle: if you want to add playfulness, twist and fix the curls slightly. Or vice versa - work with an iron and straighten the strands a little.


Haircut caprice for short hair

This haircut got into the TOP-10 for the reason that it is … completely uncaptious. Despite its name, the hairstyle is unpretentious. She compares favorably with other creative models, which retain their attractiveness literally until the first shampooing. And then you have to fiddle with styling every time to put your head in order.

A whim is a pleasant exception. You can go to bed with a wet head, just dry your hair with a hairdryer, directing it in different directions - the result will be equally pleasing to the eye. The most important thing is the skill of the hairdresser, who must skillfully cut off the excess.

Although the hairstyle is done using the cascade technique, it is more difficult to perform. Hair is cut all over the head in several layers, while the ends are randomly scattered in different directions.

In the photo of haircuts for short hair, the whim is recognizable by the fact that the hairstyle looks deliberately careless, but very voluminous. This is one of the best solutions for owners of thin strands, especially if there is practically no volume at the very roots.


Tomboy haircut for short hair

You can complete the TOP 10 haircuts for short hair for women with a model who is actually recognized as unisex. Tomboy is just such an option. This is a recognizable hairstyle preferred by young and bright girls. But older ladies are less likely to decide on such experiments.

Tomboy assumes strong thinning and a ragged structure along the entire length. In the parietal part and in the area of ​​the bangs, the hair is made longer, and on the sides and on the lower part of the back of the head, they are cut very short.

The hairstyle takes on a completely different look, depending on the length. The longer the bangs and parietal part, the more opportunities for creative experimentation. For example, you can put your hair on one side, twist it a little - in each case, the image turns out to be new, which is wonderful in itself.

Since the haircut opens up the face and neck as much as possible, it will also emphasize imperfections or imperfections of the skin, imbalance in features, and any other defects.

How to choose a haircut for short hair - watch the video:

Before choosing a haircut for short hair, it is important to find a good master who can complete the task without mistakes. Alas, when the head of hair is cut short, any shortcomings of a specialist most clearly appear.

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