Women's wardrobe items that went out of fashion in 2021: 13 anti-trends

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Women's wardrobe items that went out of fashion in 2021: 13 anti-trends
Women's wardrobe items that went out of fashion in 2021: 13 anti-trends

What things need to be urgently removed from the women's wardrobe? What clothes are out of fashion in 2021? 13 anti-trends.

Women's wardrobe is a set of things that combine with each other, making up harmonious sets. They are selected taking into account fashion trends, but the latter are changing so rapidly that one day you may find that all the clothes in the closet are completely out of fashion. Of course, it is worth dressing according to your taste and taking into account the peculiarities of the figure, but it is still useful to know the 13 anti-trends of 2021 in order to make adjustments to the wardrobe.

Fur coat

Fur coat as an anti-trend in women's wardrobe 2021

It seems that until recently, getting a fluffy coat made of natural fur was a fix idea for fashionistas. But now, in connection with the special activity of the movement in defense of nature, it is better to discard this idea and not return to it.

The first fight against natural fur was announced by designers with world-famous names. And fashionistas followed them. So there is no need to rush to complement the basic women's wardrobe with a fur coat.

If you really want something made of fur, let it be artificial. But it is even better to buy a quality coat made from natural linen. Young people prefer bright down jackets. And this is also a great solution: it is warm and cozy, it looks stylish.

Set of hat and scarf

Hat and scarf set as anti-trend in women's wardrobe 2021

This anti-trend is not well understood by many women. After all, ladies are looking for a harmonious combination in the image, and what could be more organic than buying a hat and a scarf in the same color, made in the same knit. But as of 2020, this is considered bad taste!

Now stylists recommend buying products in different colors. They may differ not only in the knitting method, but also in the material. For example, a hat can be knitted from woolen or acrylic threads, and it is permissible to pick up a cashmere scarf for it, thinking over a women's wardrobe in 2021.

Knitted bodycon sweater dress

Knit bodycon sweater dress as anti-trend in women's wardrobe 2021

This will upset girls with a beautiful figure, but a knitted dress that effectively outlines the silhouette is an unwanted item in a woman's wardrobe, according to the latest fashion trends. This does not mean that you will have to completely abandon knitted products.

Just stylists recommend looking at other models:

  • in oversized style with a smooth cut;
  • straight cut with long sleeves;
  • with a V-neck at the back.

However, a sweater dress, if desired, can also be worn, but only adhering to the principle of layering. That is, it is combined with a skirt or trousers. You can put on a turtleneck under it.

Off Shoulder Dresses

Off-the-shoulder dress as an anti-trend in women's wardrobe 2021

Perhaps, many ladies will be delighted to learn that such dresses are no longer in vogue. Still, they obliged a lot. After all, they open the shoulders and neck, which means that in this part of the body the outlines should be perfect. Excessive plumpness and folds do not paint ladies in such an outfit.

True, even the owners of beautiful shoulders and swan necks were not always delighted with such a dress. Since with this style it is necessary to monitor the posture, so that the clothes do not slip too low, revealing intimate places. However, since 2020, products with bare shoulders are no longer in vogue, so you can relax.

It is better to include a crochet crochet dress in the women's basic wardrobe. It looks feminine and elegant. Moreover, such a thing is very comfortable. Of course, it is worth choosing it taking into account the characteristics of the figure.

Flared trousers

Flared trousers as an anti-trend in women's wardrobe 2021

This style has experienced ups and downs many times. Flared trousers are loved because they can be matched to any body type, playing with length, width, color and fit. Such a model is recognized as especially successful with a pronounced imbalance between the shoulders and hips: if the former are too prominent, and the latter are very narrow.

However, unfortunately or fortunately, it is not customary to include flared trousers in the list of women's wardrobe in 2021. But this does not mean that women will be left without pants.

Stylists offer a number of alternative solutions, among which you can choose an option for any shape and height:

  1. Extra wide, loose fit models. They look especially advantageous on slender girls when the fabric flows effectively on the go.
  2. With a high waist and different leg widths. This model has not lost its popularity over the past few years, and in 2021 it should be included in the list of basic women's wardrobe. Having successfully chosen the style, you can visually transform the silhouette, hiding the flaws and highlighting the advantages.
  3. Leather: straight cut on a high corset belt, sporty style, with rivets.
  4. Classic in all colors and shades, from different materials.
  5. Made of shiny fabrics, with sequins, sequins, rhinestones, with a metallization effect.
  6. Cropped to showcase the gracefulness of the ankles. They come in different styles. By the way, the stylists have so far pardoned the shortened bell-bottom: if you really like such trousers, you can wear them.
  7. Banana trousers are experiencing a resurgence in popularity. And this is not surprising: this cut is recognized as one of the most successful. It gives the figure a seductive shape. Moreover, it is quite possible to pick up such trousers even for girls with lush hips, imperceptibly draping the volume.
  8. Evening trousers in flowing satin, chiffon and other luxurious materials. They can be safely worn at a gala event instead of an evening dress.

T-shirt with logo

T-shirt with logo as anti-trend in women's wardrobe 2021

Such a thing looks relatively simple, but is loved by many. However, in 2021, it should be deleted from the basic things for a woman's wardrobe. Maybe the ladies won't be upset. Still, such models, rather, are the lot of young people, for example, if you want to declare to the whole world about your love for a musical group.

However, even young girls are unlikely to be upset when they learn that a T-shirt with a logo is considered an anti-trend, because stylists offer an excellent bright alternative. This is the so-called tie-dye T-shirt. It was invented in the 70s, it is distinguished by a characteristic way of dyeing the fabric. By the way, it is quite possible to make such a T-shirt at home, with a little tinkering with dyes.

It is important to know how to wear it correctly if you want this piece of women's wardrobe to demonstrate all its charms:

  • A tie-dye T-shirt with jeans looks great. Especially if you buy them fashionable, as well as find an interesting accessory to the image. It can be a miniature colorful handbag or a backpack.
  • In cool weather, you can throw a trench coat over a bright T-shirt. It will protect from the cold and soften the image a little.
  • Tie-dye is also combined with skirts. It's only best to look for a midi fashionable in 2021 in one color. A T-shirt with a silk or satin skirt will look very interesting. Since the trend is layering, the image will turn out doubly cool if you put on a short sweatshirt over the tie-dye.

Sometimes you can even pick up a set for trousers. But it will be tricky. However, some designers offer similar looks, so you can look for ideas if you want to wear a trendy tie-dye tee with trousers. This set looks a little serious, but at the same time it retains its playfulness and boldness.

Leather Jacket

Leather jacket as an anti-trend in women's wardrobe 2021

It is still difficult to say unequivocally whether to be sad or happy due to the fact that leather jackets have also been attributed to women's clothing that has gone out of fashion. Still, such a thing has become too familiar to many. It is quite practical and comfortable, especially if it is made of soft leather. However, pursuing the goal of protecting nature, it is worth giving up on it. Moreover, designers and stylists have found an excellent alternative.

Instead of a leather jacket, it is advised to wear a light coat made of thick fabric. It is warm, just as comfortable. True, such a thing requires more restraint and elegance in the image. Still, the leather jacket is more associated with freedom.However, no one bothers to experiment. Surely it will turn out to make an interesting set with a coat.

Ugg boots

Ugg boots as an anti-trend in women's wardrobe 2021

Yes, yes, these warm and very comfortable shoes have left the pedestal. It was readily worn in different countries and on all continents. It's a little sad to say goodbye to ugg boots. It's amazing how widespread this model, which came from Australia, has gained. She was seduced by many ladies who previously recognized only classics and high heels.

What can be included in the women's wardrobe of 2021 instead of uggs:

  1. Hiking boots or so-called hiking boots… In the new season, elements of a sporty style in the image are in trend. So you can buy such a model or similar versions - trekking, ski boots, ankle boots.
  2. Lace-up high boots, "rocker" or "punk" models… You can safely buy shoes with thick grooved soles. Specific decor is welcome: lacing and belts, rivets and chains, textile inserts.
  3. Chelsea boots insulated with fur or wool… Stylists allow variations with and without a heel, on a flat and embossed sole. These are comfortable shoes that are not felt on the foot, providing stability.
  4. Boots… They are also quite capable of replacing ugg boots. They will look fashionable and relevant if you choose a model up to the knee or even higher. By the way, the figure only benefits from this. Moreover, the trend is loose shoes, with a fairly wide bootleg. There is no need to doubt the convenience: these boots are easy to put on and take off, they do not constrain when walking. The solution is also successful in that, if desired, jeans or trousers can be tucked into the shoes.

Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans as anti-trend in women's wardrobe 2021

Another anti-trend that pleases rather than disappoints. Still, such models are intended exclusively for the slender girls. Therefore, some women were only upset that they could not be fashionable, since the figure was imperfect, while others were horrified by how ladies free from complexes squeeze into skinny, while the outlines of the silhouette, to put it mildly, are far from ideal.

Let's not argue about the advantages and disadvantages of such jeans. Better to find an alternative for the wardrobe of women's clothing. Fortunately, stylists offer more than one worthy version of jeans:

  • Wide fit and loose fit… And this is good news! Maximum comfort is guaranteed in such clothes. You can wear wide jeans with T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies. The combination with an elongated shirt is considered trendy.
  • Patchwork… This option is not for everyone, but lovers of the sewing technique from shreds will surely squeak with delight. However, we must admit that such items of women's wardrobe are really worthy of attention. They certainly cannot be called ordinary, especially since you can choose completely bold or restrained models. The first ones are sewn from patches of different colors. The latter are assembled from pieces of fabric of similar shades.
  • With contrasting cuffs… Moreover, it is curious that the designers propose to wear not cropped jeans, but long jeans, in which a contrasting lapel is provided. You can also choose very wide models.
  • Classic straight jeans… If you don't want to experiment, to complicate your life, you can dwell on the classics. It is easiest to fit it into a basic wardrobe for a woman in 2021. This decision is perfectly played in different ways.

Slim-fit shirt or blouse

Fitted blouse as an anti-trend in women's wardrobe 2021

It seems that designers and stylists of all countries and peoples have finally come together in a rush to make the basic wardrobe 2021 for a woman not only beautiful, but also very comfortable. Therefore, many things have gone, which at least somehow, but embarrassed. This is not to say that a fitted blouse or shirt added so much inconvenience. However, this is an anti-trend from this season!

Instead, stylists offer the following options:

  • Classic straight models with free sleeves;
  • Oversize, which looks especially cute on fragile young ladies.

If it's scary to cross out fitted models from the list of things in women's wardrobe, since it seems that loose ones will fit badly, you should heed the following advice. They keep the shape of the product well, in which there are about 80% natural fibers, and there are very few synthetics. Then sticking to the body is excluded, but at the same time, the fabric does not wrinkle much.

Dresses and mini skirts

Mini dress as an anti-trend in women's wardrobe 2021

We can safely conclude that with modern fashion, a woman's wardrobe is becoming more pleasant and comfortable. It must be admitted that tight mini is extremely effective, seductive and sexy. If a figurine is close to perfect, why not show it off?

But still, such dresses and skirts are very specific clothes. In many ways, it fetters and obliges. She is often called overly provocative and cocky (and not without reason). Therefore, perhaps you can breathe out with relief that it is not necessary to include a mini in the wardrobe for the summer of 2021 for women.

Instead of extremely short dresses and skirts, you can wear:

  1. Midi with a comfortable length so that the bottom of the dress or skirt ends in the area from the knee to the ankle;
  2. Dresses, the style of which is chosen at your discretion: in the form of a trapeze, "pencil", with a slight flare;
  3. Models with a wide variety of decor. Pleating and frills, flounces and draperies, cuts and buttons are in trend.

Midi goes well with various add-ons. If it is a skirt, then it is worn with sweaters and shirts, oversized T-shirts and classic blouses. And sometimes you can even wear sneakers or sneakers.

Ballet shoes

Ballerinas as an anti-trend in women's wardrobe 2021

But from this news just right and despair! At least for those girls who adore such shoes for their lightness, almost weightlessness. It can also be safely called universal. After all, ballet flats were worn with anything. But, at the whim of capricious fashion, from now on they have no place in the women's wardrobe.

Stylists and designers suggest wearing shoes with narrow toes. However, don't panic! The toe should be slightly tapered and not as extremely narrow as it was in the early 2000s.

Shoes can be bought with heels and flat soles. They are different in shape: in the form of loafers, like sneakers. In any case, it is not a problem to find universal comfortable shoes, no worse than ballet flats.

Hole sweater

Hole sweater as anti-trend in women's wardrobe 2021

Ladies have a twofold attitude towards such things. Some find them completely impractical. And there is some truth in this. Others love it because they are moderately seductive. On the one hand, there is no unnecessary exposure. On the other hand, when the body shines a little through the knit, it looks magnetically attractive.

Most likely, according to modern fashion, a sweater with holes does not belong in the basic wardrobe of a woman, for the reason that it does not particularly warm. Today, the tendency not to sacrifice comfort and, even more so, health, for the sake of beauty and sexuality, is more and more clearly traced.

Oversized sweaters, but with a sophisticated cut, are recognized as trending in the current season. Of course, they are comfortable, so that a wardrobe with fashionable women's clothing becomes more and more comfortable. The only way to achieve sophistication by creating oversized models? For the layman, this is a mystery, however, solved by talented couturiers. It remains only to find a suitable option for yourself.

Moving away from the holes in the products, the designers suggest focusing on the sleeves. Therefore, it is possible and necessary to include things that are generously decorated in this area in the list of the basic women's wardrobe of 2021. They make cuts, lacing, pigtails, bumps. Sleeves in the shape of bells, puffs, bat are interesting.

Having banished women's dresses with bare shoulders from wardrobes, the creators of fashion trends offer to be naked in a sweater. More precisely, lower it from one shoulder. However, you can choose an alternative solution - with a deep neckline, with a cutout in the back. The bottom line is the same: in some advantageous place to bare the body a little.

What are the anti-trends in women's clothing in 2021 - watch the video:

Composing a woman's wardrobe according to fashion, you can rejoice for your contemporaries. It will definitely not be boring and at the same time it will become much more comfortable. Moreover, the choice of solutions for the ladies is quite large.

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