What is a nail top?

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What is a nail top?
What is a nail top?

Appointment of top for nails. Topcoats pros and cons, types and most popular brands. How to apply the top correctly?

Top for nails is a finishing coat that is applied to the finished manicure to give it strength. With rare exceptions, it can be transparent or matte, but the lack of color does not prevent the top, in addition to the protective function, to also perform a decorative one, providing the nail design with a complete look.

Why do you need a top for nails?

Top for manicure

Pictured top for nails

No matter how beautiful and expensive a manicure is, its value is low, if after a couple of days the varnish begins to peel off and become covered with cracks, and decorative elements fly off. Fortunately, modern women have at their disposal not only a variety of gel polishes and bases, but also such a wonderful thing as a top coat for nails. It was thanks to him that it became possible to extend the "shelf life" of a manicure until the moment when regrown cuticles or noticeable holes of nails will not allow to postpone a visit to a beauty salon.

The top coat of the varnish performs a number of important functions:

  • evens out the color;
  • smoothes minor imperfections of the base layer;
  • creates an even glare, dullness, shimmer effect, sand or wet nails;
  • protects gel polish from early abrasion, cracks and chips;
  • fixes decorative elements;
  • prevents clouding or yellowing of the colored layer under the influence of household detergents and chlorinated water;
  • in the presence of UV filters, protects nails from the harmful effects of sunlight;
  • top nail polish with drying effect significantly saves time spent on manicure.

By and large, you can do without a topcoat. But if you are thinking of abandoning it in order to save money, then you will definitely go wrong, because a thin layer of transparent gel allows you to fix your manicure less often, which means it reduces the cost of bases, colored varnishes and other pleasant little things necessary for nail design. If you compare the price of a top coat for nails with the cost of other products, the "wear" of which it will increase, in the end you will come out in a plus.

The main types of tops for nails

Vogue Nails Matte Top Corduroy Manicure

Photo of matte top for gel polish

There is no doubt that it is impossible to create a high-quality and long-lasting manicure without a finishing agent. However, it is not enough to cast an absent-minded glance at the shop window and take the bottle you like at random. To successfully buy a top coat for nails, you need a solid understanding of what kind of action the future hostess expects from him. Even the cost in this case is, although not insignificant, but not a determining criterion.

Types of nail finish tops:

  • With a sticky layer… The top coat with a dispersion layer, firstly, allows you to securely fix decorative elements on it, and secondly, it provides greater elasticity of the manicure. The latter circumstance makes the purchase of a "sticky" top for nails especially relevant for girls with a soft and flexible nail plate, on which insufficiently elastic gel will quickly become covered with cracks.
  • No sticky layer… But for strong nails, a top without a sticky layer will be more than appropriate. It will last a little less, but you will get the opportunity to use rubbers and sliders that are not suitable for "sticky" tops, you will be able to create beautiful highlights, and as a bonus, you will save a lot of time on drying and money on a dispersion layer remover.
  • Universal… Top bases for nails of the "2 in 1" class have a serious advantage over other coatings of the same type: they allow you to use the same product both as a base and as a finishing layer.Their disadvantage lies in poor compatibility with some gel polishes, so you have to either experiment to your heart's content, choosing a suitable pair for the top, or come to terms with the fact that the manicure in a sock will be a little less persistent.
  • With rubber… Tops that include rubber fibers are renowned for their ductility, durability and self-leveling ability. They perfectly fill small depressions and grooves, give elasticity to the manicure, but at the same time do not deprive it of its glare. True, the cost of a rubber top for nails will be higher, but this price is quite justified.
  • Liquid and thick… Beginners should choose a finish of medium thickness, easily distributed over the surface of the nail. A liquid top too often flows over the cuticle, and a thick top lays down too thick, so it's better to look for a middle ground.
  • Matte top for nails… A cheerful gloss is far from always appropriate; in some cases, a restrained surface that is deliberately devoid of glare looks much more advantageous, emphasizing the depth of color. Before applying such products, it is necessary to mix well, since the composition of the top matte coating for nails includes special small particles to create the desired "haze" effect.
  • Velvet, corduroy, cashmere. Strictly speaking, these coatings also belong to the category of matting. However, in addition to getting rid of glare and creating protection for nails, top corduroy (velvet, velor, cashmere or satin) provides a pleasant feeling of a rough surface, and the manicure itself makes you look more expensive and noble.
  • With shine… Outwardly transparent, these finishes hide the mysterious depths of space, the breathtaking northern lights and the cold shine of metal, starting to sparkle and play with highlights whenever they are in the light. A variety of such tops can be considered a complex "cat's eye" design, created with the help of magnetic finishes, and a gel with a wet coating effect, and a rather primitive but attractive top with a shimmer - for short or medium nails this is quite a working option, although for long nail plates, it is better to find something more sophisticated.
  • Scented tops… Lovers of fruity, floral and sweet scents now have the opportunity to get a bottle of scented top coat of nail polish and feel surrounded by a fragrant aura all day long. However, there is one complication here: it is important that the scent of the top does not conflict with the scent of your perfume.
  • With vitamins. Logically speaking, it is difficult to imagine that applying a top enriched with medicinal substances to nails makes a lot of sense, since vitamins and minerals will be separated from the nail plate by 2-3 layers of base and colored varnish. But, if desired, such means can be found on the beauty market.
  • Thermotopes… To create a truly unusual nail design, a top chameleon that responds to changing temperatures is the best fit. As soon as you walk without gloves in late autumn, rinse your hands in cold water or hold a cup of hot tea in your palms, the smart coating will brighten or darken before your very eyes. And on long nails, due to the temperature difference, it is capable of creating even fabulous overflows!

Of course, in the end, each girl will have to decide for herself which top for nails will best suit her tastes and tasks. But in order not to get bored, wearing the same type of manicure week after week, you should add several finishes for different purposes to the company to the existing gel polishes and apply them according to your mood.

Best tops for nails

Top Kodi Rubber Top Gel for Nails

Pictured top Kodi Rubber Top Gel for nails

Women buy hundreds of bottles of manicure products every day and regularly leave their feedback on tops for nails in online stores and on specialized sites. Based on their opinion, you can narrow your search to the very best finish brands and make your choice much easier.

5 best tops for nails:

  • CND top coat Shellac Top Coat (USA)… A moderately viscous gel does not spread during application, cures within 2 minutes and forms a durable coating with a pronounced gloss, resistant to chips, abrasion and other damage. The bottle is equipped with a wide brush with a rounded tip for easy one-stroke application. Costs from 1400 rubles. for 15 ml.
  • Nano Professional top coat Nanlac Finish (Germany)… Classic top coat for nails with intense gloss and UV filters that prevent manicure from fading in the sun. Suitable for leveling nail plates, resistant to mechanical damage. It costs 800-1100 rubles. for 15 ml.
  • Vogue Nails top coat, matte top Velvet (Russia)… Opaque, tacky topcoat. After polymerization, it acquires an exquisite milky shade and velvety texture that does not rub off within 2-3 weeks of wearing. Of the minuses: despite the rather pronounced viscosity, it often requires application in 2 layers. Costs from 450 rubles. for 10 ml.
  • Kodi Rubber Top Gel (Ukraine)… Top gel coat for nails with rubber fibers in the composition. It has an optimal thickness and dispersion layer for trouble-free application, gives a pronounced shine, protects nails from chips and delamination. Costs from 500 rubles. for 12 ml.
  • Adricoco Top Gel Polish Velvet (Hong Kong)… Matte gel with a velvet effect protects manicure from mechanical damage and burnout up to 4 weeks of wear. It has an elastic structure and is economical to apply. Ideal for creating light, airy manicure options with delicate shades. The cost can be added to the number of obvious advantages of the tool: the price of a top for nails is only 150-200 rubles. for 8 ml.

Note! The products of the German brand Patrisa, the Dutch Oniq and the American F.O.X deserve a lot of positive reviews about the top coat for nails.

How to apply top to nails?

How to apply top to nails

The use of finishes requires adherence to a certain technique, which will ensure the smoothness of the coating without streaks and bubbles and the long-term preservation of the manicure. It is not difficult to master it, although for beginners who have a vague idea of ​​gel varnishes and polymerization, it is better to visit the manicure master at least 1-2 times and carefully observe his work.

How to use a top for nails:

  1. First of all, the nail plate must be properly prepared: file it to the desired shape and length, polish it, tidy up the cuticle. Then the nails are covered with a base, sealing the end, and colored gel polish. Each layer is polymerized in a lamp.
  2. The vial with the top is warmed up in the palms, and its contents are mixed. This should be done intensively, but without fanaticism, in order to prevent the appearance of bubbles.
  3. The brush is dipped into the top and applied in an even thin layer on the sticky layer of the colored coating, especially carefully working out the area near the cuticle.
  4. The top is used to seal the edge of the nail to prevent the manicure from exfoliating.
  5. The top coat is dried in a lamp for the time specified in the instructions. Important: when the top is applied to the nails in several layers, each of them is polymerized separately.
  6. If the gel has a dispersion layer, it is removed with a special tool.

Note! After finishing manipulations with the finish, it is advisable to treat the cuticle with a nourishing and softening oil that will prevent the appearance of burrs.

Real reviews of top for nails

Tops for nails reviews

A good quality finish, applied in accordance with the recommendations of the professionals, as a rule, evokes only positive emotions. Negative reviews about the top coat for varnish appear in two cases: when an unusable cheap product is purchased or the conditions for its use are violated. In any case, before you buy a top for nails, it does not hurt to learn more about it in order to understand what to expect from the purchase.

Anastasia, 26 years old

CND Shellac Top Coat is an amazingly durable coating with a flawless gloss. It is leveled out during the drying process, worn for a long time, removed without filing. But at the same time it spreads a little unsuccessfully, despite a decent density, it is quickly consumed and costs a little for me.As they say, good, but there is a nuance … However, it suits me.

Maria, 33 years old

Vogue Nails Matte Corduroy Top is a budget finish with a semi-liquid consistency with a comfortable brush and virtually odorless. Very pleasant to the touch: if you are a kinesthetic like me, a real treat! However, this is where the pros end: on two nails, the matte top gave a gloss (!) And did not please with durability. After 2 weeks, it began to peel off.

Irina, 28 years old

I wear Kodi Rubber Top Gel for almost a month without chips! It is fantastic! When applying, you have to be more agile, since it is more liquid than I'm used to, and can leak onto the cuticle, and sometimes it bakes a little in the lamp, but there are no other complaints. The smell, of course, is present, but not strong. For a year, the top has not finished, has not thickened and has not gone bubbles. Definitely a worthwhile thing.

How to use a top for nails - watch the video:

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