Best quick hair masks

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Best quick hair masks
Best quick hair masks

What is a quick hair mask, the benefits of the procedure, possible contraindications. Proven recipes, application features, real reviews.

A quick hair mask is a cosmetic product that helps to quickly restore the beauty of the hair. It combines two valuable qualities: instant effect and minimal time consumption. True, there is a specificity of such events. Also, for a good result, it is necessary to choose a composition that optimally matches the condition of the hair.

What is a quick hair mask?

Fast kefir hair mask

Pictured is a quick hair mask

Such tools are also called express masks. The main thing that distinguishes them is the peculiarities of cooking. The composition is prepared and applied instantly, it is not necessary to maintain the mass on the head for long, and at the end it remains to wash off the remnants and dry the hair, having obtained an amazing effect.

Unlike conventional masks, homemade quick masks show results instantly, immediately after application. Therefore, they are also called first aid for hair. They are very helpful on the eve of an important event if the curls look completely lifeless, dull, faded.

If you study the topic in advance, it turns out that most of the quick mask recipes include products that are almost always on hand. So they are convenient, that you do not need to run to the store specifically for the procedure.

Useful properties of quick hair masks

The result of applying a quick hair mask

To maintain the beauty and health of hair, many women prefer balms, or even 2 in 1 products - shampoo with the addition of balm, since it takes a minimum of time to care, and it is often sorely lacking. An ordinary hair mask will take at least an hour to prepare the ingredients, keep the composition on the hair (up to 40 minutes), and wash off the mass.

If you use quick action masks, it will take up to half an hour for everything. In this case, the following effect will be observed:

  1. The hair will return to its natural shine.
  2. The strands will become obedient, it will be easy to style them.
  3. Static electricity will be removed.
  4. The scales will be smoothed, so the hair will look smooth, and the sealing will also protect the core from destructive factors.
  5. A shock of hair will gain volume and density.

Moreover, even with short-term use, the effect will not only be visual. At least a little curls are fed with valuable substances. If you follow the rules for using the formulations, your hair will take maximum benefit from them.

Since express masks are applied for a short time, ingredients that contain a concentrate of beneficial substances are suitable for them. For example, recipes with the following ingredients are common:

  • Eggs… Rich in lecithin, amino acids, vitamin E. The first has the ability to restore damaged hair. Amino acids give shine and prevent dandruff. Thanks to vitamin E, elasticity, shine, silkiness return to the strands.
  • Dairy products… They are rich in proteins and fats that nourish the hair. Such a component eliminates dryness, fragility, irritation of the skin.
  • Onion… The product contains vitamin C, silicon, zinc. Effective masks are made with it for rapid hair growth, as it has a complex effect on the head: it nourishes the follicles, disinfects the skin, and normalizes the secretion production.

Contraindications and harm of quick hair masks

Dermatitis on the head as a contraindication for quick masks

Basically, it is impossible to harm with a properly selected mask. The main thing is to choose a recipe in which there are no ingredients that can cause allergies. Care should be taken when using formulations with burning ingredients.

Before using the quick hair mask, be sure to test it.To do this, apply a little of the product to the skin behind the ear and evaluate the reaction after half an hour. If there are no unpleasant sensations, itching, redness, rashes, you can carry out the procedure.

The insidiousness of quick masks lies in the fact that they create the illusion that health has returned to the hair, the curls are completely restored. But this is not the case! To fully support the strands, regular competent care is required. You should not expect a long-lasting healing effect from such masks. It is possible only if they are applied constantly.

It is forbidden to use quick hair masks for scalp injuries, open wounds, scratches. Also, do not apply such a remedy if you suffer from dermatitis, psoriasis and other skin diseases.

Note! If during the procedure you experience discomfort, itching, burning, wash off the mask immediately.

Best quick hair mask recipes

Fast hair yeast mask

Although the key task of such a procedure is to give the hairstyle a brilliant look, it is still worth choosing a mask with a quick effect, taking into account its beneficial effect on the hair. Therefore, they first study what the problems are: perhaps the strands are very greasy or, conversely, overdried, there are brittle hairs or split ends. You can also find universal formulations.

The most effective recipes:

  1. With mustard powder and cognac… The mask is suitable for all occasions. Prepare the following components: 1 tbsp. l. aloe juice, 1 tbsp. l. mustard powder, 1 tbsp. l. cognac, 1 egg yolk, 2 tsp. cream. First, aloe juice is combined with cognac and mustard powder. Beat the yolk separately. Next, all the ingredients are kneaded, the composition is applied to the head and kept for 15 minutes.
  2. With gelatin… To prepare a mask for fast hair growth and for volume of hair, take gelatin and water in a ratio of 1 to 3. After mixing these ingredients, leave the mixture to swell. Then it is warmed up for just a few seconds in the microwave, a little shampoo is added and the procedure is carried out in a standard way. The result will impress immediately after one application.
  3. With yeast… A fast effective mustard mask has similar properties. Combining it with yeast, you get a product with high performance. And everything is prepared quickly and simply, and the effect is pleasing from the first application. First, knead the yeast with warm water, add a little sugar and mustard powder. Then you can apply the mask to your hair. This recipe is used with some nuances in mind. The water should be up to 40 degrees, otherwise the mustard will only harm: it will begin to release toxic substances. It is necessary to listen to the sensations: if there is a strong burning sensation, the composition must be urgently washed off. Since the composition is relatively aggressive, it is used no more than 2 times a week.
  4. With yolk… If your hair is shiny with fat, you can combine 0.5 liters of yogurt (kefir) with 1 whipped yolk. Starting from the roots, the mass is distributed over the curls and left for 30 minutes, if time permits.
  5. With onion… A quick hair loss mask is made from onions and honey. For this, the head is turned into gruel. A small onion will need 4 tbsp. l. honey, which is introduced after grinding the vegetable, knead the mass. If burdock extract is available at home, it is helpful to add that as well.

Note! If you need a quick mask to thicken your hair, it's time to make yourself a cup of coffee! Half can be drunk, and the remainder after cooling, mix with the egg yolk. Gently rubbing the resulting composition, keep it on the head for up to half an hour.

Rules for using quick hair masks

Applying a quick hair mask

Before making a quick mask, you should familiarize yourself with the basic rules for performing the procedure. This is important in order to get the desired result - luxurious strands that will be filled with life, will delight you with a natural shine and elasticity.

How to make a quick hair mask:

  1. It is useful to select in advance the optimal composition for a specific hair type in order to keep ready-made products at hand.After all, express masks were invented for that, so that they could be used at any time to quickly restore the beauty of curls.
  2. Before embarking on experiments, it is important to test the product, whether it will be allergic to it. This is especially risky on the eve of a responsible event. So there is no need to postpone testing until the last day. It is better to spend it in a calm atmosphere, to make sure that the body does not react violently to any components in the composition of the product.
  3. The fastest hair masks are oil-free! Just try to apply oil to the strands, and then rinse it off - with such a component, you will not be able to quickly wash your hair to perfect cleanliness. If you introduce a similar ingredient without risks to go to an important meeting with oily hair, then it must be heated in a water bath. And this again takes a lot of time. Accordingly, it is better to immediately sweep aside the options with oil.
  4. According to many recipes, masks are worth working on by hand, grinding the food. However, if time is running out, you can use a blender. He will definitely exclude lumps, which then get entangled in the hair and sometimes go completely unnoticed.
  5. Fast hair masks are mostly designed to quickly restore the appearance of curls. Therefore, they are distributed from root to tip, without trying to meticulously rub the mass into the head. For a short period, the ingredients will not have time to reach the follicles anyway, so you should not waste time on this. Naturally, if a composition for hair growth is used, in this case the emphasis is on the roots.
  6. Many women ignore warming, believing that it makes no sense to wrap their heads for 10-15 minutes. But this is not true, just the heat will multiply the effectiveness of the procedure. The easiest way would be to wrap your head first with a simple bag, and then roll a towel on top.
  7. If possible, lie down for the duration of the mask. Of course, many ladies love quick hair masks at home because they do not take time, and when the deadline is tight, you can quickly smear the composition between makeup and trying on a dress. But it's better to relax at least for a while. This will be more beneficial for both the hair and the face, which will also get rid of traces of fatigue.
  8. It is better to wash off the mask with warm water. Shampoo can be used, but no conditioner or balm additives. At the end, it will be useful to rinse the hair with water and lemon juice. Thanks to this, the hair will acquire a luxurious shine.
  9. If the hair is dried after the procedure, it partially loses its meaning, since after strengthening and healing the strands are immediately tested. On the other hand, such masks are made in moments when you need to hurry and quickly put your head in order. So you have to use a hairdryer, and sometimes you can't do without it - it helps with styling. Therefore, the best choice is to buy a device that protects your hair from drying out.
  10. Quick masks do not replace the need for regular routine grooming. And even more so, if there are clearly problems with the curls, they also need traditional procedures for deep recovery.

Real Reviews of Quick Hair Masks

Reviews of quick hair masks

Naturally, it is interesting to read reviews of quick hair masks in order to decide for yourself whether it is worth spending time on them, although it takes a little. Overall, there are many positive responses. Although negativity occurs: someone places unreasonably high hopes on such procedures, someone finds a composition that is not initially the most useful for a particular type of hair. Therefore, it is difficult to draw unambiguous conclusions.

Alesya, 38 years old

Since we had our second child, quick masks against hair loss have become my salvation. On the one hand, the strands just got in bunches. On the other hand, there was absolutely no time to leave. I read the recipes, picked up options for myself: I liked it with a banana, a good egg, sometimes I do it with onions. I try to repeat it at least once a week.In my opinion, they do not climb so much, they have become a little livelier, not as dull as immediately after childbirth and pregnancy.

Katerina, 27 years old

Naturally, my hair is not the best. And then there was the institute, nerves, all the cases. In general, as I finished my studies, I finally looked at myself in the mirror - and was horrified. In general, they thinned, as if I was not 20 with a tail, but all 70. But I have already got a job, the time is still not enough. I decided that it was time to do at least something. I read how to make quick effective masks at home. And she began to use - in fact, what is always in the refrigerator. Now I use curdled milk, then honey, then yeast and gelatin. Somehow I can't single out a particular recipe. But over a year and a half of such procedures, the type of hair has clearly changed for the better, although I did not really count on the result. True, I do them regularly - a couple of times a week for literally 15 minutes, but the effect is there.

Lyudmila, 40 years old

I use quick masks to save myself before meetings and events. In my opinion, they work. Eggs have tried different, like. The curls become shiny, tight. It takes quite a bit of time, and the look changes noticeably, as if lamination has passed in the cabin.

How to make a quick hair mask - watch the video:

If you want a quick hair mask to be effective, it's best to take the time and try different formulations. Each head of hair perceives different components in its own way. It is important to find a product that will optimally affect the curls.

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