Rating of the best Korean cloth face masks

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Rating of the best Korean cloth face masks
Rating of the best Korean cloth face masks

Features, benefits and harms of Korean cloth masks. TOP 7 best fabric-based products. Rules of use and precautions, real reviews.

The Korean Fabric Mask is a skin care product designed to tackle a variety of cosmetic problems, from dryness to age spots. In shape, they are a flap of thin material, impregnated with a healing substance, and in fact, they play the role of a multifunctional serum of complex action. Let's see if Korean cloth masks are as useful for the skin as they are said to be.

What is a sheet mask?

Cloth mask

In the photo, a cloth mask

The women of Ancient Egypt also used masks cut from pieces of cloth. They even say that Cleopatra herself invented this method of self-care - however, she is credited with the authorship of almost every second beauty recipe. But even if the Egyptian queen had nothing to do with a useful innovation, the idea of ​​using a wet compress soaked in decoction of herbs to return the skin to an even color, relieve irritation, make it smoother, softer and more moisturized turned out to be successful. And so much so that it has not been lost for centuries.

True, they did not always use it sensibly: for example, in 1875, the English dressmaker Helen Rhodey creatively reworked the experience of her ancestors and suggested that women cover their faces at night with a rubber mask without any additives to fight acne, wrinkles and dull color. Needless to say, her invention did not bring any benefit to the English ladies?

French women in this regard were luckier. In the same century, the inhabitants of Paris got into the habit of anointing their skin with oils, which, for convenience, soaked pieces of matter, which were then applied to the face. And although the new trend did not become widespread, and over time it completely sunk into oblivion, it can be considered that it became a harbinger of the appearance of later invented European and Korean face masks on a woven basis.

Cloth masks, as we are accustomed to seeing them today, were born at the end of the last century in the laboratories of mysterious Asia, and the fame of the discoverers of this wonderful tool still cannot be shared by Taiwan, Japan and South Korea.

But if the past can still raise some doubts, then in the present things are unambiguous: at the moment, the palm in this area definitely belongs to Korean fabric face masks. Neither the Asian neighbors, nor the giants like the American Olay or the European Sephora, who followed their example, have been able to surpass the Republic of Korea so far.

Korean sheet masks are usually a face-cut napkin made of cotton linen, cellulose or other similar materials, generously impregnated with serum, gel or liquid cream. They have holes for the eyes, nose and mouth, and sometimes special slots for attaching the mask to the ears.

Some masks are made up of two separate parts - an upper and a lower one. This is done for convenience so that any girl can easily use them, regardless of the size and structure of her face.

Such products are provided with individual packaging and are designed for a single use. In rare cases stipulated in the instructions, the napkin can be neatly packaged again in the opened bag and reused, but this cannot be done with a disposable Korean mask in order to save money.

Benefits of Korean Cloth Face Masks

Korean Cloth Facial Masks

Photo of Korean Cloth Masks

The main advantage of fabric masks, which opened the door to the new product on the world beauty markets, is the ability of the substances with which they are impregnated to penetrate the skin deeper than when applying a cream or a regular mask. This happens for two reasons: the particles that make up the serum base are more modest in size, and the tissue base does not allow useful substances to evaporate from the skin surface ahead of time. In the production of creams for this purpose, not particularly useful silicones are used, while masks can do without them.

Other benefits of the product:

  1. Simplicity… Any woman can use Korean masks at home, regardless of whether she has dealt with them before or not.
  2. Mobility… Small, flat bags can be thrown into your suitcase or purse when you travel, and you can give your skin the best care it needs under any circumstance.
  3. Rapidity… The effect of using masks is visible after the first use. And although to fix it, the procedure needs to be repeated more than once, woven napkins are simply irreplaceable when you need to quickly put yourself in order.
  4. Price… You don't have to make holes in your family budget to buy a Korean face mask. True, it should be admitted that sometimes really expensive products are found on the beauty market: for example, the price of a Korean mask with black charcoal from Aepwoom can reach 3000 rubles, and a honey mask from Missha - 2000 rubles. But more often you don't have to spend more than 100 rubles.
  5. Diversity… Do not count the impregnation options invented by Koreans to make their cosmetic masterpieces! Moisturizing and nourishing, cleansing and relieving inflammation, warming and restoring, tightening, refreshing, rejuvenating, soothing, whitening - there is a solution for any problem. In addition, before use, some Korean face masks can either be briefly held in the refrigerator to refresh the skin, or heated in hot (no more than 60 degrees) water to increase their effectiveness - that is, to make the serum adapt to the needs of your face.
  6. Naturalness… This is one of the main "chips" of Koreans, who, along with the achievements of modern cosmetology - collagen, hyaluronic acid, artificially synthesized snail mucin and snake venom, epidermal growth factor EGF - use natural ingredients, namely plant extracts, caviar, clay, pearl powder, peptides of gold and silver, particles of coal. The best Korean masks combine both ingredients, perfectly balancing laboratory-derived and natural ingredients.

Note! Some manufacturers care not only about the skin, but also about the good mood of their customers, supplying their masks with funny prints in the form of animal faces or just bright spots.

Contraindications and harm of Korean cloth masks

Allergy to Korean Cloth Mask

It seems to many girls that the use of Korean masks does not require caution, because they look quite harmless. However, this is not entirely true, since, firstly, the composition of serums includes many components that are unusual for Europeans and Russians, to which the skin can react in the most unpleasant way, and secondly, the active ingredients of impregnations sometimes act very aggressively.

The mask should not be used categorically in two cases:

  • if there is damage or severe inflammation on the face;
  • if you are prone to allergic reactions.

In addition, a Korean cloth mask should be carefully matched to your skin type and existing problems. So, with increased greasiness, it is better to avoid increased nutrition and hydration, and with severe sensitivity, stay away from active masks, preferring soothing ones.

Note! Before using the Korean mask, make sure that the serum does not leak into the eyes, and the wipe does not touch the skin of the lower eyelids, which requires the use of more delicate formulations.In extreme cases, the shape of the woven base can be slightly corrected with scissors.

Rating of the best Korean cloth masks

How to choose a Korean cloth mask

Among the hundreds of fabric masks that have glorified Korean cosmetics, it can be difficult to choose one specific one, which will help to put your skin in order, and maybe will become your favorite for a long time. To facilitate this task, we present you the TOP 7 Korean masks already tested and recommended by other users:

  1. Pure Natural Mask Sheet Snail by The Saem… The main active ingredient, snail mucin, combines in this mask with collagen, elastin, chitosan and allantoin, giving it the ability to restore the elasticity of aging skin, reduce the number and depth of wrinkles, nourish, moisturize, and care. Additional support is provided by a complex of vitamins A, C, E, B6 and B12, as well as extracts of licorice root, schisandra and ginger root. Since the prices for Korean face masks from different sellers do not coincide, the cost of a package with 1 napkin inside in this case ranges from 40 to 100 rubles.
  2. Visible Difference Mask Sheet Acerola by Farmstay… The mask has a lifting effect, makes the skin fresher, nourished and hydrated, tightens pores, mattifies, and reduces wrinkles. The stake here is made on the extract of Acerola cherry, which contains a record amount of vitamin C and many vitamins of group B. The cost of a mask in an individual package is 50-90 rubles.
  3. Banana Milk One-Pack by A'Pieu… A good nourishing and moisturizing Korean mask with milk proteins, royal jelly and banana extract. It removes dead skin cells from the skin, restores its pleasant color and softness. Milk proteins relieve minor inflammation and lighten freckles and blemishes, banana smoothes skin micro-relief and reduces wrinkles, hyaluronic acid fights dehydration and rejuvenates. Extracts of white mistletoe and lotus are present. The mask costs 75-80 rubles. for 1 pc.
  4. Charcoal Collagen Essence Mask by Dermal… Many of the cleansing Korean masks contain charcoal, which allows them to function as a light scrub, but here they are accompanied by collagen, vitamin E, panthenol, aloe and purslane extracts, thanks to which the mask not only copes with clogged pores, acne and oily sheen, but and moisturizes, refreshes, improves skin elasticity. Costs 1 napkin in a separate package 60-80 rubles.
  5. The Fresh by It'S skin… The mask of intensive action nourishes, moisturizes and softens tissues thanks to the presence of honey extract in the serum. A complex of healing substances that penetrate the skin, normalizes intercellular metabolic processes, has a slight exfoliating effect, stimulates regeneration, gives velvety and a feeling of comfort even to a dehydrated tired face. Other notable ingredients include hyaluronic acid, panthenol, castor oil, green tea extract, grapefruit seed, and ginger. The mask costs about 100 rubles.
  6. Premium Essence Mask Antioxidant effect by La Miso… One of the best Korean face masks to keep skin toned. Stimulates regeneration processes, removes signs of fatigue and swelling, improves blood circulation, removes toxins, softens, nourishes, protects. The serum contains extracts of pomegranate, aloe, chamomile, mint, rosemary, olive, purslane, green tea and red wine; hyaluronic acid; coenzyme Q The mask costs from 40 to 100 rubles. depending on the trading platform.
  7. MJ Care EGF Essence mask by MIJIN Cosmetics… The mask slows down the aging process, stimulates cell renewal and tissue repair, prevents irritation, and improves skin color and texture. Has a slight whitening effect and the ability to tighten pores. Contains hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, shea butter, jojoba, aloe vera and purslane extract. The mask costs about 55 rubles.

Of course, it's hard to say if one of the options on the list will be your favorite or if you have yet to find your best Korean cloth mask, but you have a starting point to start your search. The main thing to remember: refer to the products of well-established brands, shop on official websites and always check the expiration date of your next purchase.

Rules for the use of Korean cloth masks

How To Use Korean Cloth Mask

The photo shows how to use the Korean Cloth Mask

There are 2 ways to apply Korean masks. The first is to immerse the compressed napkin in a special tonic, let it swell, and then unfold and apply on cleansed skin. But it is inconvenient and extremely rare. The second is the most common and simple, but it has its own nuances, we will consider them in more detail.

How to use Korean face mask:

  1. Thoroughly cleanse your skin of make-up and household dirt.
  2. If the product is pre-cooled or heated, place it on the refrigerator door or in a bowl of hot water for a few minutes.
  3. Open the packaging. Some manufacturers supply the fabric backing with a thin plastic wrap for better preservation. If this is your case, carefully remove the film before using the Korean mask.
  4. Unfold the napkin and apply it over the face, placing the slits over the eyes and mouth.
  5. Smooth out the folds and use your fingertips around the edges of the mask, pressing it firmly against your skin.
  6. Take a horizontal position and relax well. It's great if at this time soft music plays in the background or your favorite movie is on. However, try not to fall asleep: the mask left on the skin for more than 20 minutes begins to work in the opposite direction and draws moisture out of it.
  7. After the time indicated in the instructions, grasp the edges of the napkin on the chin and gently lift it off your face.
  8. Give a short massage to allow the remaining serum to absorb, and treat your face with a toning lotion or your favorite cream.

Cloth masks are used 1-2 times a week in spring and summer and 2-3 times in 7 days in autumn and winter.

Note! You cannot reuse a disposable tissue. Even if you bought a Korean mask for a high enough price, it is better to discard the base that has been removed from your face so that it does not become a breeding ground for bacteria. But the liquid remaining at the bottom of the package can be used by moistening cotton pads in it and wiping the skin with them.

Real Reviews of Korean Cloth Face Masks

Reviews of Korean Cloth Masks

As a rule, reviews of Korean face masks are positive. They are praised for their ease of use, good hydration and beneficial effects on the skin, and they also notice that the most pronounced and long-term effect of impregnated cloths is achieved with their regular use - making masks 1-2 times a month, you will not achieve much.

Negative reviews about Korean masks blame them for a burning sensation that sometimes occurs on sensitive skin, the stickiness of some impregnations and a discrepancy between the actual effect and the desired one. But here, as they say, everything is individual. If you want to form an objective opinion about a popular cosmetic product, spend once by buying 2-3 products from the same manufacturer (preferably one line), and try them yourself. And then you can leave your own review of Korean fabric masks as wonderful or completely useless.

Ekaterina, 30 years old

I recently bought a Pure Natural Mask Sheet Snail, it is available in any MI with Korean cosmetics. Beautiful design with a snail, pleasant aroma, a lot of impregnation, no stickiness, slightly evens out skin tone, nourishes and moisturizes well, an excellent makeup base … However, the pattern is bad, burning sensation during exposure. I can give 4 stars to The Saem. For me, the minus is quite significant, so I removed the point. The rest of the mask is very good, pleasant, justifies its price.

Oksana, 26 years old

From Banana Milk One-Pack, I got a smoother and lighter skin tone, hydration and nutrition, redness was not so bright. I did not like the pattern very much, and the essence was very sticky, it was not absorbed after 15 or even 30 minutes, I had to wash my face, as everything was sticky to my face, it’s terribly unpleasant. And if you put makeup on all this, I think it will be a fat pancake. The mask is straight to a solid 4! And honestly, I would have bought it again. Therefore, I advise you to buy.

Julia, 32 years old

The MJ Care EGF Essence mask is simply wonderful, perfectly nourishes the skin, tones, moisturizes, smoothes. It is very convenient to use, although, as for me, it is too wide on the sides, because of this it lies awkwardly in places, but this is not a minus by and large, but simply the peculiarities of production. If you use it regularly and in accordance with all the rules of care, the mask in combination with other means gives a very visible result.

How to choose a Korean fabric face mask - watch the video:

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