How to get rid of acne marks?

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How to get rid of acne marks?
How to get rid of acne marks?

Why are acne marks left, how do they look, can you get rid of them? Proven and effective ways to fight.

Acne marks are a cosmetic defect that can persist for a long time after all inflammatory processes have ended. Sometimes real scars form, which are especially frustrating if they appear in a prominent place. If there are spots and scars after acne, you have to find effective remedies to eliminate them.

What do acne marks look like?

Acne marks
Acne marks

In the photo there are traces of acne

The consequences of rashes are different. And by their appearance, you can already determine how easy it will be to eliminate them. Also, the choice of a way to deal with acne marks depends on what kind of spots appeared.

There are the following types of acne marks on the face:

  • Normotrophic … Correction is unlikely to be needed. This is where the spots are almost invisible.
  • Atrophic … Most often formed. It is very easy to recognize them - these are depressions in which the edges are both rounded and chipped. They are also compared to stars or craters. Such depressions are usually small and do not strike the eye too much. But if the face was thoroughly covered with pimples, a specific pattern forms that does not paint anyone.
  • Hypertrophic … Such scars are recognized by their convex shape. They resemble a kind of bumps. Fortunately, they rarely form on the face. These scars are more common after the back and chest rashes have healed. Although there they do not please anyone.
  • Keloid … If, after healing, the connective tissue grows too much, rough scars with a reddish tint appear. They not only do not decorate a person, but also cause some discomfort. The fact is that such marks after acne often itch.

Why do acne marks appear?

Acne on the face of a girl
Acne on the face of a girl

In general, the visual effects of rashes are a normal natural phenomenon. It is explained by the structure of the pimple and the development of processes in the skin during its formation.

In fact, this is an inflamed area, to which the body's defenses respond appropriately. He puts all his energy into preventing the spread of infection. Accordingly, bacteria are blocked to localize the inflammation and prevent it from spreading.

The mechanism works as follows:

  1. First, the vessels spasm in the zone.
  2. Further, there is an expansion of the bloodstream.
  3. There is a local increase in temperature (visually, this is recognized at the stage of "pimple maturing".
  4. Leukocytes are actively working on the site.
  5. When the infection is destroyed, the process of tissue regeneration starts, the appearance of new vessels.

In fact, red marks from acne are nothing more than areas where microcirculation of blood is temporarily impaired. The blood flow was activated to eliminate the inflammatory process, then new vessels were formed to nourish the tissues involved in the restoration of the site. Therefore, it is visually a red speck.

However, if not enough collagen was produced during the healing process, atrophic traces appear. When there is too much connective tissue, keloid or hypertrophic scars occur.

Also, sometimes the place where the pimple was is pronouncedly darker than the surrounding skin. This is due to the increased production of melanin. That is, in fact, we are talking about hyperpigmentation.

Why do acne marks and even scars sometimes remain? There are several factors that affect the level of tissue damage:

  • The intensity of the inflammatory process;
  • Features of the structure of the skin;
  • An approach to their elimination.

It is logical that the stronger the rash, the more active the inflammation, the more difficult the consequences will be. But the skin integuments differ in structure in nuances from different people. Therefore, scars are formed in their own way. For someone, a harmless pimple leaves a mark for life, but someone is lucky, and after heavy severe rashes, the epidermis quickly recovers.

In order not to have to look for a remedy for acne marks, it is important to responsibly treat skin problems. It should be understood that this is an inflammatory process, so it is better to stop it in a timely manner. And you certainly can't comb the place, try to squeeze out the pimple. Even delicate actions lead to injury to the epithelium. The risk of infection is higher, and this is fraught with more intense inflammation, which will lead to the formation of scars. And no one can predict whether they will be atrophic or keloid.

The consequences of squeezing acne in the area of the nasolabial triangle are especially unpredictable. The fact is that the circulatory system is highly developed here. This means that it is easy to introduce an infection into the bloodstream, which will immediately penetrate to the brain. In addition, the likelihood of scar formation is much higher.

Ways to deal with acne marks

Having studied the types of marks after rashes, you can proceed to finding an effective way to remove marks from acne, since the choice of method depends directly on whether a dark spot remains or an ugly scar has formed.

How to get rid of red spots after acne?

Ice cubes from red spots after acne
Ice cubes from red spots after acne

If reddish spots remain after the rash, you can use various hand-held tools with which it is easy to make acne marks not so noticeable at home. Since we are actually talking about the vigorous activity of the circulatory system, which is the reason for the reddish color, you can just wait until the processes are normalized. And you can also support the skin by taking the simplest measures:

  • For the epidermis to recover faster, it needs support from the inside. Therefore, it is worth adjusting the diet, taking vitamin complexes as needed.
  • It is better to give up alcohol, spicy foods, fried foods, smoked meats. All this harms digestion, pollutes the body, which is reflected in the speed of regeneration processes.
  • Be sure to take care of the intake of clean drinking water.
  • It is very important to carry out a full range of skin care, from cleaning to nutrition, protection from destructive factors.

It is on the red dots that you can influence the place with cold. A regular ice cube will help constrict tissues, including blood vessels. Therefore, the redness will subside.

However, this method should not be abused. Let the processes in the skin proceed naturally. But the method will help out if you need to find a way to quickly remove acne marks before an important meeting or event.

How to remove dark acne spots?

Rubbing an area of your face with apple cider vinegar
Rubbing an area of your face with apple cider vinegar

If, after healing, the skin at the site of the rash has darkened, you also need not worry - the color will soon even out. And in this case, competent care of the epidermis as a whole is important. Thanks to this, the cells will regenerate faster. But there are also simple and effective remedies that speed up the removal of stains. In fact, we are talking about discoloration of the area.

How to get rid of acne marks if they are just dark spots:

  • Wipe the area with apple cider vinegar … The product is diluted with water in a ratio of 1 to 3. It turns out a kind of lotion that can be used 2 times a day. If the situation is running, the acne has disappeared for a long time, and the skin does not brighten, they make compresses. Having folded a piece of gauze in several layers, it is applied to the affected area, moistened in a solution with apple cider vinegar. It is enough to hold the compress for about 5 minutes. The procedure is repeated every other day until the desired effect is achieved.
  • Use lemon juice … This product also has whitening properties. If the skin is oily, apply pure juice. If the epidermis is prone to dryness, then it is better to dilute it with clean water in a ratio of 1 to 1. They act in the simplest way: rub the spots. It is important to repeat the procedure regularly in order to achieve an excellent result.
  • Make ice from grapefruit juice … And this remedy is good for whitening darkened skin. Having squeezed out the juice, it is poured into ice molds, frozen. With cubes, you need to wipe the places that have darkened after the acne has healed.
  • Lubricate the area with hydrogen peroxide … This product also has a whitening effect. However, it is used very carefully, excluding contact with the eyes and mucous membranes. It is imperative to treat an exceptionally dark spot. For example, for high accuracy, use a cotton swab dipped in peroxide. Another tool is used sparingly, otherwise pronounced white spots on the face may appear.

In search of the best way to get rid of dark spots of acne, you can turn to creams with fruit acids. They will also lead to the desired results. For example, good effects are achievable by using the following products:

  • Whitening cream La Beaute Medicale Skinolight with vitamin E … Russian cosmetics, which contains extracts (licorice root and bearberry), azelaic and hiauluronic acid, peptides. The tool is recognized as effective, however, it costs 1,410 rubles. or 542 UAH
  • Bergamo Moselle Whitening EX Whitening Cream … This is an excellent cream for acne marks caused by hyperpigmentation. The Korean product with hyaluronic acid pleases with a light texture and good results. Cosmetics cost 1280 rubles. or 492 UAH.
  • Kiehl`s Clearly Corrective Brightening and Soothing Treatment Water … It is an essence for even skin tone and radiance, which also helps to eliminate dark spots left after rashes. The product is found to be very effective. It contains a mix of glycolic acid, vitamin C and white birch extract. All of these ingredients help to whiten the skin. True, the cost of cosmetics is 3,715 rubles. or UAH 1430.

How to get rid of acne scars?

Fermencol gel for acne scars
Fermencol gel for acne scars

In the photo, Fermenkol gel from traces of acne at a price of 1560 rubles.

If there are pronounced bumps, or even real scars, in search of information on how to get rid of the traces of acne on the face, you can get upset, since many cosmetologists assure that it will not be possible to completely eliminate the scars by returning the skin to perfect smoothness. However, there is no need to give up. There are many effective remedies for removing acne marks. At the very least, you can make them almost invisible.

First of all, it is worth testing the means at hand. For example, sometimes a hand-made mask for acne marks will help. Which one to use depends on the situation, since the compositions are effective:

  • Aspirin and honey … This is a relatively gentle remedy, but you will not have to rely on a pronounced result with a real scar. If a small reddish or dark bump remains, it is worth conjuring. For preparation, you need to grind 2 aspirin tablets, dilute them with water. Then add 1 teaspoon of honey to them. When the mass becomes homogeneous, you can apply it to the skin. After 10-15 minutes, the composition is washed off with warm water.
  • Made from honey and cinnamon … These ingredients stimulate regeneration processes, therefore, at an early stage, they help reduce bulging acne marks, according to reviews. Mix 1 teaspoon of honey with half of ground cinnamon. Such a composition is applied to the skin and left for 20 minutes. The procedure can be repeated every other day.
  • From badyaga … The herbal product has antiseptic and absorbent properties. Therefore, it is believed that badyag from acne marks is effective, even if scarring has begun. For the mask, you need to combine the powder from the plant with 3% hydrogen peroxide, adding 5% boric acid to them. After mixing the components, the mass is applied to the face for 20 minutes. At the end of the procedure, wash with warm water. Since this compound is relatively aggressive, you should make sure in an inconspicuous area that it will not cause undesirable consequences!

Pharmacy products are also used to eliminate acne marks. True, not all of them are able to cope with scars. There are many options for reducing redness - zinc and salicylic, synthomycin and heparin ointments for acne marks.

But only some drugs fight scars. The following products have been proven to be effective:

  • Contractubex … Heparin, onion extract and allantoin block the production of fibrin. The latter is responsible for the formation of scars. Therefore, it is possible to reduce the marks after the rashes, even if they have grown into bumps and scars. It is best to start application early in order to stop and reverse the scarring process in a timely manner. A tube weighing 20 g costs 569 rubles. or UAH 218
  • Fermencol gel cosmetic line En Ther … Copes with the effects of acne and acne. It is based on collagenolytic enzymes, which help to eliminate cicatricial changes. The cost of a tube weighing 30 g is 1560 rubles. or 600 UAH.

How to get rid of acne marks - watch the video:

Instead of puzzling over acne marks on your face, it's easier to keep an eye on your skin. If rashes have begun, you should not ignore them - by maintaining the epidermis in time, it will be possible to prevent serious consequences.

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