How to remove capillaries on the face?

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How to remove capillaries on the face?
How to remove capillaries on the face?

What do capillaries look like on the face, why do they appear? Ways to combat rosacea: cosmetics, salon procedures, folk recipes.

Capillaries on the face are a dermatological defect that occurs due to the expansion, rupture or blockage of small blood vessels and externally manifests itself in the form of reddish spots or vascular mesh. Other names are rosacea or telangiectasia. There are many reasons for their development, they are associated with different life factors, while there are also many solutions to this problem. This article provides more detailed information on how to remove capillaries on the face with cosmetic and folk remedies, as well as during salon procedures.

What do capillaries look like on the face?

What capillaries look like on the face
What capillaries look like on the face

Photo of capillaries on the face

Healthy and clean skin of a natural shade is the dream of any woman. The skin on the face very often suffers from various negative factors, and then acne, age spots, wrinkles, all sorts of irritation and redness appear on them. Capillaries on the face may also be visible. The problem is quite common, and there are many reasons for its occurrence. Most often, rosacea occurs on the wings of the nose, cheeks and chin. In this case, the appearance of a person suffers greatly.

The degree of development of rosacea on the face:

  • Diffuse redness … Occurs with slight destruction or expansion of capillaries. Such a defect is localized more often on the cheeks. Although, with progression, it can become noticeable on the rest of the face. As a result of negative changes in the circulatory system, slight redness appears. In this case, the capillary network itself is not visible. At best, the defect disappears by itself, although it may progress.
  • Vascular mesh … Reddish or bluish capillaries appear, intertwined with each other. Moreover, the second option is more difficult to eliminate. The spider web is easy to see with the naked eye on the surface of the skin. In general, such a skin defect does not provoke soreness, tissue swelling or changes in the structure of the skin. Only in exceptional cases can dryness occur, which leads to a malnutrition of the cells.
  • Development of the inflammatory process … If a person is generally healthy, and serious diseases are not the cause of the appearance of the vascular network, then this stage does not occur. It is characterized by swelling, hardening of tissues, severe redness or the appearance of brown spots, and pain also appears.

It should be understood that the removal of capillaries on the face using cosmetic methods is not always justified and possible. The first two stages of development - diffuse redness and vascular networks - cause significant aesthetic discomfort. And if you cannot disguise them with the help of decorative cosmetics, then, of course, you need to start eliminating them with the help of nutrients or through special procedures.

The causes of the appearance of capillaries on the skin of the face

Temperature changes as the cause of capillaries on the face
Temperature changes as the cause of capillaries on the face

The main reason, which results in the appearance of redness and vascular cobweb on the skin of the face, are changes in the capillaries. These blood vessels are influenced by various negative factors, as a result of which they expand, the pressure on the walls increases, which, along with this, become very thin and often burst. Also adjacent tissues sometimes suffer.

Various internal and external factors can lead to this state of affairs. Determining the reasons that caused the appearance of this defect is very important for solving the question of how to deal with it.

Why the capillaries on the face become noticeable:

  • Genetic predisposition … The likelihood of the appearance of rosacea is very high if various pathologies of the cardiovascular system are observed in the family.
  • Lack of vitamins … If the body is deficient in certain nutrients, then the vessels may suffer. To strengthen them, increase elasticity and permeability, and facilitate blood flow, it is necessary to balance the diet and add foods containing vitamins K, E, C to the diet.
  • Improper care … No matter how strange it may be, it is possible to harm your beauty during caring cosmetic procedures. For example, beauty injections, cleansing steaming or aggressive massage can also provoke the appearance of capillaries on the skin of the face.
  • Temperature drops … A stay in a sauna or a bath, frostbite of the integument, washing with ice or too hot water, prolonged exposure to the scorching sun can negatively affect the condition of the face.
  • Bad habits … Nicotine and alcohol are serious enemies of the blood vessels. Due to the addiction to these toxic substances, their elasticity decreases. Coffee and spicy foods have a similar effect.
  • Stress … During a stressful state, a person often has an increase in pressure, this leads to damage to the vascular walls.
  • Age after 30 years … Every year the condition of the capillaries worsens. This is due not only to age-related changes, but also to the fact that over the years of a person's life various chronic diseases appear, the body experiences more unfavorable environmental factors.
  • Chronic illnesses … First of all, of course, the emergence of the vascular cobweb is provoked by various pathologies of the cardiovascular system, for example, hypertension, VSD, atherosclerosis and others. Also, the cause can be diseases of the digestive system, endocrine disorders, gynecological diseases. The list includes dysbiosis, metabolic disorders, gastritis, abnormalities in the liver, changes in hormonal levels, fibroids, cystic neoplasms, diabetes mellitus, etc.

An additional risk factor for small facial capillaries to become visible on the surface is skin type. For example, women with a light, thin and sensitive dermis are at greatest risk. Although integuments with increased sebum secretion can also be exposed to rosacea, albeit less often.

Due to the large list of possible reasons, before removing capillaries on the face, you first need to try to exclude all negative factors from your life. Also, the owner of such an unaesthetic defect will have to abandon the use of cosmetic clay, soap, products with a high content of essential oils, alcohol and fruit acids. It is not recommended to carry out manual massage, steaming, mechanical peeling and contrast washing. Among the recommendations for the prevention of rosacea is the use of gentle and hypoallergenic cosmetics, refusal to take a bath in favor of a shower, the mandatory use of protective equipment that protects against ultraviolet radiation.

Ways to combat capillaries on the face

There are many effective cosmetics, home recipes for facial care to eliminate rosacea, as well as various hardware techniques used in different salons. However, even the best remedy or procedure may turn out to be meaningless, or their effect will be very short, if you do not change your lifestyle, so it is important to give up bad habits, dangerous foods and improve your health. Further, the most popular and effective ways to solve the question of how to get rid of capillaries on the face.

Salon treatments to eliminate vascular reticulum

Laser removal of capillaries on the face
Laser removal of capillaries on the face

If the occurrence of redness is not associated with serious vascular diseases and does not require medical intervention, then their elimination can be carried out using cosmetological methods. If capillaries on the face become noticeable, the cosmetologist-dermatologist will tell you what to do. He will determine the degree of development of the defect and offer suitable options for solving the problem, because there are many modern technologies that have practically no contraindications.

How to remove red capillaries on the face quickly and effectively:

  • Photo procedure using BBL broadband light … It is used to correct redness on the face during the diffuse stage. The impact is performed with a special cooling nozzle of the JOULE Sciton apparatus, the procedure is painless and does not require further rehabilitation. Price - from 6000 rubles or 3300 hryvnia.
  • Laser removal of capillaries on the face … This method is considered one of the most effective. It is used even for the most pronounced form of a dermatological defect. The principle of operation is quite interesting. The laser directs energy to hemoglobin, which is present in the vessels. Blood cells convert this energy into heat, which leads to heating and coagulation. In order not to injure the capillaries and adjacent tissues, the technology provides for a cooling system. Thanks to this, the procedure is comfortable and very effective. Capillaries on the face with a laser can be removed in one procedure. The result depends on the degree of damage. The minimum cost of one session when treating a small area of skin is about 600 rubles or 300 hryvnia.
  • Microcurrent therapy … With this technology, you can increase the tone of the skin and remove stagnant redness. Preliminary preparation includes cleaning the integument and processing with a special solution that enhances the penetration of current into the dermis. Then a direct exposure to microcurrent is carried out. The procedure can be uncomfortable, but it is highly effective. Among the useful effects are relief correction, wrinkle elimination. Price - from 2000 rubles or 700 hryvnia.
  • Lymphatic drainage … A special technique of lymphatic drainage massage allows you to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, disperse the lymph, eliminate swelling of soft tissues, as well as improve the complexion and tighten the contour. The cost of an anti-couperous massage for 60 minutes is from 3,500 rubles or 1,300 hryvnias.
  • Mesotherapy … During the session, vitamin cocktails are injected into the skin, which make it possible to strengthen blood vessels, establish blood circulation, and improve cell metabolism. The impact is complex. Cost - from 2000 rubles or 800 hryvnia.

Experts do not recommend starting the removal of red capillaries on the face in the spring-summer period, because at this time there is a high probability of tissue overheating due to high air temperatures. In such conditions, all efforts may be in vain, and the vascular spider web will quickly return. In addition, photodermatosis, secondary hyperpigmentation and minor burns sometimes develop.

Usually the rehabilitation period lasts about 2 weeks. At this time, exposure to the sun is undesirable. The use of UV protection products is recommended.

Cosmetics for capillaries on the face

New Line cream mask with amino acids and hyaluronic acid against capillaries on the face
New Line cream mask with amino acids and hyaluronic acid against capillaries on the face

In the photo, a cream-mask New Line with amino acids and hyaluronic acid from capillaries on the face at a price of 1050 rubles.

Of course, rosacea can be hidden with decorative cosmetics. To this end, you need to take a good makeup base, you can use foundation, BB and CC cream, a correcting pencil, concealer and, of course, powder. However, many girls do not put on makeup every day, but they always strive to look good. In such cases, of course, it is necessary to eliminate the cause of capillaries on the face and use medical cosmetics.

Effective will be those cosmetic products that include chamomile and sandalwood extracts, hop and arnica extracts, jojoba, shea butter, as well as bisabolol and allantoin.

The most popular and effective remedies for removing capillaries on the face at home:

  • Anti-couperose face cream Medical Collagene 3D with Botox effect, Russia … The list of its useful properties is quite long. First of all, it strengthens the walls of blood vessels, slows down the aging process, accelerates regeneration and improves cell nutrition. Also allows you to smooth wrinkles, relax muscles, moisturize tissues well and protect against UV radiation. It contains a special Syn-Ake complex, collagen, phytosqualene, lecithin, olive oil, avocado, sweet almond. The cost of this cream for capillaries on the face is 1100 rubles or 450 hryvnia for a tube of 30 ml.
  • New Line deep moisturizing cream mask with amino acids and hyaluronic acid, Russia … The tool neutralizes the harmful effects of free radicals, increases the density and elasticity of the skin, restores protective functions, perfectly relieves irritation, inflammation, and redness. As an anti-couperous agent, it normalizes microcirculation, improves nutrition and restores the walls of blood vessels. It contains urea, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, D-panthenol, betaine, amino acids, kaolin, dandelion and oat extracts, as well as soybean oil. The price of a remedy for capillaries on the face is 1050 rubles or 380 hryvnia for a jar of 300 ml.
  • Anti-couperose cream-expert Medical Collagene 3D with collagen and Japanese Sophora, Russia … The beneficial effect is a decrease in the permeability and fragility of peripheral vessels, a decrease in tissue edema, a lifting effect, an increase in the elasticity of the integument, moisturizing, accelerated regeneration, an anti-inflammatory effect. The product quickly removes redness and irritation, rejuvenates the skin. The composition contains Japanese sophora and collagen. Price - 730 rubles or 300 hryvnia for a bottle of 30 ml, 2200 rubles or 900 hryvnia for a bottle of 150 ml.
  • Anti-couperose cream Premium, Russia … First of all, it has a strengthening effect on the cells and walls of blood vessels. It also stimulates microcirculation, prevents nutrient deficiencies, soothes integuments well and whitens them slightly. It can be used as a prophylactic agent in the presence of a genetic predisposition to rosacea. It contains a lot of natural ingredients, for example, extracts of horse chestnut, ginkgo biloba, hawthorn, witch hazel, soy and corn oils, L-arginine, bisabolol, yogurt proteins and vitamin C. The price is 1000 rubles or 350 hryvnia for a 50 ml tube.

Folk recipes to eliminate capillaries on the face

Chamomile lotions from capillaries on the face
Chamomile lotions from capillaries on the face

The use of natural products in the treatment of the first stages of rosacea allows you to achieve good results. Homemade masks, lotions, compresses replenish the supply of nutrients, strengthen the walls of blood vessels and, in general, have a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin. An additional advantage is the maximum safety of use. However, it takes much longer for the effect to become noticeable.

Recipes for folk remedies that are effective in the fight against the vascular network:

  • Chamomile lotions … A popular medicinal plant like chamomile is also useful for problems with small blood vessels. To prepare the product, it is enough to brew dry chamomile (3 tablespoons) with boiled water (200 ml). Filter the resulting mass and moisten cotton pads in the resulting broth. They need to be applied to the affected areas and kept for about 20 minutes. The frequency of application is once a week.
  • Potato mask … Potato tubers are rich in various vitamins and minerals, so they relieve redness well and tone the skin. To prepare a homemade mask, take 1 fresh potato, peel and rub. For chopping, it is better to use a fine grater. Apply this gruel to the face without additional treatment and keep it for 15 minutes.
  • Oil mask … It is better to use such a tool in the winter before going outside. The ingredients have a protective effect and prevent severe hypothermia of the skin. For the recipe you will need lanolin, grape seed oil, starch. The amount of ingredients should be such that you get a gruel of medium density, which will not drain. The oil mass is applied to the face and kept for 20 minutes. To remove this mask, you can use chamomile infusion.

How to remove capillaries on the face - watch the video:

Capillaries can be prevented by following a healthy diet and lifestyle. However, if, nevertheless, couperosis is on the face, you should not despair - modern cosmetology will help get rid of this skin defect.

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