How to wash your hair with an egg instead of shampoo?

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How to wash your hair with an egg instead of shampoo?
How to wash your hair with an egg instead of shampoo?

Useful properties of eggs for hair. How to properly wash your hair, recipes for effective egg shampoos. How to make a mouthwash to use after egg shampoo?

The use of eggs instead of shampoo is an old method of shampooing, tested by more than one generation of women. Ancient Slavs took care of their hair with yolks mixed with honey. In pre-revolutionary Russia, shampoo made from beaten eggs was sometimes used more readily than purchased soap. And in the days of the USSR, the old recipe was not yet consigned to oblivion. However, today this amazing method causes a lot of criticism - either because it cannot be compared with modern hair care products, or because of the lost washing technology. Let's try to figure out what's the matter.

Useful properties of eggs

Hair egg
Hair egg

If, in principle, it is not clear to you why wash your hair with an egg, we note that under its thin shell there is a whole storehouse of useful substances. Here are:

  • Beta-carotene and vitamin A formed from it, as well as an extensive group of vitamins from B1 to B9, plus B12, E, D, D3 and K.
  • Poly- and monounsaturated fatty acids - linoleic and lenolenic, oleic and palmitoleic, saturated palmitic, stearic and myristic.
  • Iron, iodine, potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, copper, sodium, selenium, phosphorus, fluorine, chromium, zinc.

This is why a variety of egg-based hair masks are so popular. They supply nutrients to the follicles, prevent hair loss, promote accelerated growth, give a pleasant gloss and silkiness. Accordingly, regular washing of the head with an egg also brings benefits, although the time for the effect of healing substances on the strands in this case turns out to be much shorter. And the egg qualitatively cleanses the hairs and scalp from impurities, which, in fact, is required from the shampoo.

Note! Ideal if you use rustic eggs with bright, large yolks. Compared to store-bought ones obtained from the incubator, they have a wide range of nutrients.

How to properly wash your hair with an egg?

Washing your hair with an egg
Washing your hair with an egg

Many girls, when they first hear about the original way of hair care, enthusiastically get down to business and after the very first wash of their hair they get a hard shock of dull hair that is difficult to comb, which, moreover, gives off rotten notes. It is not surprising that a devastating post about a worthless beauty recipe will soon appear on one of the reviewers, and a fat cross is put on the egg shampoo once and for all.

And in vain. Of course, the "good old" method is not suitable for everyone, because it is not a panacea. But in order to form an objective opinion about him, one should accurately reproduce the recipe of the Slavic ancestors. So the algorithm of actions is as follows: first we study the sources, then I wash my head with an egg correctly and write reviews, only being sure that we understood all the ins and outs about natural shampoo. Now let's get down to business.

Everything you need to know about egg shampoo:

  • Focus on the yolk … Initially, the fair sex in Russia took only yolks to make shampoo, and not just like that, but passing them through a fine strainer or punctures with a knife to get rid of the flagellum and a thin surface film. It is extremely undesirable to ignore this stage, since it is the film on the yolk that gives the strands an unpleasant smell. Do they wash their hair with an egg, breaking it entirely, without unnecessary wisdom? Yes, they wash and often get quite decent results, especially if they have oily hair at the roots. But keep in mind that protein dries out the skin, makes the hair stiff, and also curls when it gets into hot water, and it takes a long time and needs to be combed out. So it is better to mix a mask for the neck and décolleté from the transparent part of the egg or prepare meringues for homemade ones, and brush the curls exclusively with yolks.
  • Number of eggs … For short hair that barely reaches the earlobe, one egg is more than enough. For curls descending to the shoulder blades - two. If you, like the Slavic beauties, excite the hearts of those around you with a scythe to the waist, cook at least three yolks. The idea of using not a chicken, but a quail egg instead of shampoo, reviews on forums dedicated to eco-care for oneself, is called expensive, but giving excellent results. If you decide to somehow try it in practice, the number of yolks will have to be doubled, or even tripled.
  • Duet and Solo … It is unreasonable to immediately switch from the usual shampoo to egg shampoo: your head of hair may react badly to such a drastic change. First, use both products on an equal footing, alternating them with each other, and only after a couple of weeks, if you are not disappointed in the power of natural yolk, make it your main assistant in caring for your hair. On average, washing your hair with a chicken egg is required twice a week, not more often.

Note! To get rid of the film, some put the yolks in a saucer and put them under a thin stream of hot water, which does not break the shape of the yolks, but makes their surface harden, after which it is not difficult to pierce it and extract the liquid content.

Instructions on how to properly wash your hair with an egg:

  1. Take the required amount of yolks, remove the film, and pour what remains into a small bowl.
  2. Add 5-6 tbsp. l. cold water. The volume is indicated approximately, for someone it is enough, and someone brings the amount of liquid to one glass. What will be more convenient for you will have to be determined empirically.
  3. Beat the yolks with a whisk, fork or mixer until the mixture becomes homogeneous and increases in volume. Foam will begin to form on its surface.
  4. Dampen your hair generously with warm water and squeeze it out with your hands.
  5. Spread the beaten yolks through your hair, rub the strands a little in your hands and massage the skin with your fingertips.
  6. Wait 5-10 minutes for the yolks to take effect.
  7. Wash your hair as you would after applying your regular shampoo.
  8. Rinse them with water acidified with lemon juice (1-2 tablespoons per 1 liter) for a better shine.

Important! Washing your hair with a raw egg should be leisurely, completely immersing yourself in the process. This is a kind of beauty ritual and relaxation in one bottle, haste here can only do harm. Enjoy what is happening as a spa treatment, and the effect will hardly disappoint you.

Egg Shampoo Recipes

Egg and honey shampoo
Egg and honey shampoo

If there is no place for protein and films in the shampoo, then this rule does not apply to other ingredients. The finished mixture can be easily enriched with vitamins, minerals and amino acids that an egg cannot boast of.

Before washing your hair with an egg and honey or scented oils, be sure to test the mixture on the crook of your elbow or wrist to make sure it doesn't cause hives or itching. In addition, the smell of oils gives newcomers a headache. If this is for you, reduce the amount of scented additives to 1-2 drops.

Recipes for effective shampoos with egg and other ingredients:

  1. With honey … Grind prepared, but not whipped yolks with liquid honey in a 2: 1 ratio and only then grab the whisk. The resulting shampoo will not only have the effect of a nourishing mask on the hair, but will also slightly lighten it: brunettes and brown-haired women will not notice the difference, but blondes can catch a slight change in the shade of the hair.
  2. With essential oils … Add 3-4 drops of aromatic oil to the beaten yolks: for strands prone to fat content - bergamot, lemon, lemongrass, juniper, rosemary and petitgrain, for dry ones - jasmine and myrrh, neroli, patchouli, chamomile, for dull ones - orange, green tea, ylang-ylang, tea tree, lavender, mint, from loss - geranium, palmarosa, nutmeg, rosewood and sandalwood, for density - cloves and cinnamon, cypress, fir, thyme. Whisk the mixture again and use as described above.
  3. With fatty oils. Burdock, olive or almond oil will help to feed too dry hair. But add them to the yolk mass with caution, in very small doses - no more than 0.5-1 tsp. Remember, you are using an egg instead of hair shampoo, which means it will not be so easy to wash out the greasy oil from the strands. You can protect the strands from oily shine by replacing the oil with the contents of 3-5 Aevita capsules. An oil base in homeopathic doses and vitamins will take care of your curls effectively and without unnecessary complications.
  4. With kefir … Convert a nourishing shampoo to a moisturizing shampoo to provide quality care for dry hair. Just add a little kefir to it and whisk well. Kefir is added at the rate of 2 tbsp. l. for each yolk.
  5. With coffee … We wish you to restore strength to your hair, speed up hair growth and forget about dandruff - wash your head with an egg with freshly ground coffee, mixed into the total mass in a volume of 1 tsp. on the yolk. Small tough particles act as a scrub and activate blood circulation, along with which the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles will improve. Hair becomes stronger, takes on a bright shade (blondes, be careful!), And also smells like your favorite invigorating drink.
  6. With aloe vera … Another elementary way to make your shampoo doubly healing. Add a dessert spoon of pharmacy Aloe Vera gel to the yolks, mix. The shampoo is ready to use.
  7. With cognac and lemon … Whisking the yolks, add 1 tbsp. l. good cognac and 1 tsp. freshly squeezed lemon juice. The cognac blend will leave your hair wonderfully soft, smooth and shiny.

Note! If you decide to wash your hair with an egg according to the recipes given above, leave the foamed yolk shampoo on your hair not for 5-10, but for 15-20 minutes, so that the nutrients penetrate to the roots. If you have free time, you can even wrap your head with cling film and a handkerchief and get two in one - shampoo and a cosmetic mask.

How to make a hair rinse?

How to make a hair rinse
How to make a hair rinse

Is it possible to wash your hair with an egg, prepared in compliance with all the rules, and complete the procedure with a banal rinsing with running water? Probably not. If we pamper the curls, then in full, in compliance with all the traditions of the ancient Slavs. And they never missed an opportunity to use the miraculous power of herbs.

Rules for preparing a rinse broth:

  • Use nettles, burdock rhizomes, linden flowers, chamomile, sage and other herbs - 2 tbsp each. l. dry raw materials in a glass of boiling water.
  • Do not be lazy to filter the resulting infusion before use, otherwise spend more than one hour combing out the blades of grass from your hair.
  • Prepare the broth just before shampooing and use it lukewarm. It is impossible to store the infusion even in the refrigerator, it quickly loses its healing properties.
  • If you do not need to leave the house in the next 2-3 hours, do not wipe your head dry, and even more so do not use a hairdryer. Let the herbal potion have as much time as possible to nourish your strands.
  • Consider the ability of some herbs to color your curls. So, chamomile gives the hair of blondes a pleasant golden hue, oak bark darkens, and coffee dyes light brown hair in tones close to chestnut.

How to wash your hair with an egg - watch the video:

You know how to wash your hair with an egg instead of shampoo. You probably have the desire to try new things and replenish your collection of favorite cosmetic recipes, or you simply would not be on this page. The only thing left is to get into the refrigerator for a couple of eggs and arrange a spa treatment for your hair, following the example of the ancient Slavs. Chances are your curls will love this.

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