How to choose a hair remover?

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How to choose a hair remover?
How to choose a hair remover?

What is a hair remover, types and composition. Pros and cons, rating of the best hair lightening products. Instructions for using hair removers, real reviews.

Hair wash is a cosmetic product for washing out the coloring pigment from the hair, allowing it to return to its natural color. Another name is decolorant. The procedure itself is called pickling. It is quite simple to perform, but it carries some risks to the health and beauty of the curls, so it is advisable to use the safest means for this purpose or use the help of a professional hairdresser. Further, in detail about the features of such products, their properties, possible contraindications to use and the rules of choice.

What is a hair remover?

Hair wash
Hair wash

In the photo, a hair remover

Many girls, dyeing their hair in a new shade, are often faced with the fact that the result does not bring satisfaction and seems unacceptable. In such cases, there are several ways out: cut and grow hair again, dye it in a darker shade, or use a special agent to remove unwanted pigment and then dye it in the desired color. The latter option is a win-win, although it carries certain risks.

Indications for using paint remover:

  • Unsuitable shade of hair resulting from previous dyeing;
  • Desire to change color, which has been for several years;
  • Uneven staining result when the color is stained or streaked;
  • The situation if the resulting color looks too bright or unnatural;
  • The need to lighten the ends of the strand, which have accumulated a lot of dark pigment over a long time.

When choosing this or that product, you should not be guided only by the price and brand name. It is very important to pay attention to the composition and be able to determine how suitable and safe it is for a particular type of hair. There are several types of washes for strands, and they differ among themselves in efficiency, level of harmlessness, application option, the number of required pickling sessions, as well as the option of subsequent restoration.

Types of hair removers by composition and their characteristics:

  • Alkaline … The product consists of a bleaching agent, a reaction stabilizer and an activator. Differs in high efficiency and is intended for deep cleansing. With the help of alkaline washes, you can wash off the artificial pigment, making the curls 2-3 tones lighter. The mechanism of action is a thermal reaction that breaks down the paint molecules. If water is used for mixing, the pigment will be washed off the surface of the rod. With an oxidant, the effect is more powerful, because the mixture removes paint from the body of each hair. This type of professional hair wash is used once. Staining can be carried out immediately after the alkaline wash. If the result is far from the desired one, then the repeated procedure can be done in 7-10 days. They are used in the case of repeated staining, the use of paints from the mass market, the need for quick and deep cleansing.
  • Acidic … The composition includes acidic substances. The mechanism of action of acidic compounds is a soft loosening of the hair, followed by dissolution of the coloring pigment. The tool is not capable of removing the native shade and refers to the gentle methods of surface lightening of the strands. To achieve the result of pickling for several tones, it is necessary to carry out 2-4 procedures. They are used when acting on weakened and thin strands. Estel Color Off acid hair remover is very popular.
  • Natural … The products are made at home from natural products. As a brightening agent, you can take a fermented milk drink, natural oil, chamomile broth, aspirin, soda, lemon, honey, laundry soap. The impact is the safest for the strands. In this case, the effect is also weaker. Depending on the desired result, it is necessary to carry out at least two procedures. Natural washes are not suitable for deep color removal. They are used if there are contraindications to the use of other options.

Acidic and alkaline agents for removing pigment from the hair shaft are produced in the form of powders, emulsions, and liquids.

You can buy a hair remover at many cosmetic stores or specialized points of sale of professional hair care products. There are funds for sale from both domestic and foreign manufacturers.

Pros and cons of hair removers

Applying a hair remover
Applying a hair remover

The main advantage of any high-quality wash is to remove unwanted pigment from the hair shafts. This does not carry any health benefits, but is important for many women aesthetically. On the contrary, exposure to paint solvents can aggravate the condition of the strands, therefore it is very important to pay attention to the composition of the mixtures, which may contain not only aggressive substances, but also compounds for care.

The safest are industrial organic washes or homemade washes. In addition to the declared effect of pickling, they have a positive effect on the condition of the hair.

Usually, after the procedure, the scales rise, the curls become weakened, dehydrated and defenseless. To prevent this from happening, some manufacturers add silk proteins, rice, vitamins and minerals to the composition. In this case, when the color is washed out, the core is simultaneously restored. After the procedure using organic washes, the hair remains silky, shiny and smooth.

However, removing color from strands is a chemical process that is not natural for humans. That is why it has some disadvantages and can cause negative consequences.

The main restrictions for the use of paint remover:

  • Individual intolerance to at least one of the components in the composition of the product;
  • Brittle, porous and severely weakened curls;
  • Strands dyed with henna or basma;
  • The presence of damage or disease of the skin on the scalp.

If you do not adhere to the manufacturer's recommendations and incorrectly carry out the pickling procedure, then you can seriously harm your hair. For example, aggressive substances not only wash out the artificial color, but also destroy the structure of the rod, lifting the scales, making the curls dry, brittle and like a washcloth. Also, a wash, especially an alkaline one, can burn or completely destroy the hair follicle. And this is fraught with a slowdown in growth or loss of strands. Burns also often occur on the skin with inaccurate application of the bleaching composition.

TOP 8 best hair washes

Hair Rinse Estel 3 in 1 Color Off
Hair Rinse Estel 3 in 1 Color Off

In the photo, Estel 3 in 1 Color Off hair remover is priced at 330 rubles.

When forming the rating of the best hair washes, factors such as cost, safety of the composition, possible effectiveness, availability for independent purchase and use, as well as real reviews were taken into account.

TOP-8 of the most popular artificial pigment removers for colored curls:

  1. Hair Rinse Estel 3 in 1 Color Off … This tool provides a multi-step procedure. The set includes three bottles - a catalyst, a neutralizer and a reducing agent. None of them contain aggressive ammonia compounds, so the effect is quite gentle. The tool can be used at home. The instruction is quite simple: it is necessary to consistently apply the existing compositions in order to get an excellent result and remove artificial colors from the structure of the hair shaft without harming the hair. You can buy Estel hair remover for 330 rubles or 150 hryvnia. The tool is presented in all specialized stores, because is very popular.
  2. L'Oreal Efassor Poudre Pickling Powder … It is a powder for mixing. It can be mixed with hot water for a mild effect, or with an oxidizing cream for deep cleansing. It is highly effective, but carries potential harm to the health and beauty of curls. In a short period of time, it can remove the artificial color without harming the main natural color. The price of one 28 g sachet is from 200 rubles or 80 hryvnia.
  3. Hair wash Kapous 2 in 1 Decoxon … The tool allows you to carry out the pickling procedure with a low risk to the health and beauty of the curls. The process itself takes a whole day, but the combination of efficiency and safety factors is at a fairly favorable level. The mechanism of action of the Kapus hair remover allows you to remove the artificial pigment by breaking the molecular bonds of the dye with the core and leaving the natural color of the strands intact. The tool is effective in removing shades such as black and red. Reviews of this hair remover are very good. Many people note that it is possible to bring out the darkest shades the first time. Product price - from 460 rubles or 210 hryvnia.
  4. Hair wash Ollin Service Line Color Corrector … It contains no hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. The tool allows you to change the shade by 2-3 tones. In this case, the natural pigment does not suffer at all. Ollin Hair Rinse has some application features. For example, you can do pickling 1-2 times a day, and when the desired result is achieved, staining is allowed. Price - from 290 rubles or 130 hryvnia.
  5. Nexxt Professional Color System Remover Nuance Out … Designed to remove coloring pigment from the hair shaft. Refers to professional remedies, has minimal side effects, while the effectiveness is quite high. The composition does not contain aggressive ammonia or hydrogen peroxide. Price - 300 rubles or 120 hryvnia per package. The product includes two bottles - two phases, each volume is 125 ml.
  6. Decolorant Hair Light Remake Color … This is an organic hair remover, it contains fruit acids, it removes dye molecules well and causes minimal damage to the strands. It has a pleasant aroma. After the pickling process, the strands remain silky and healthy. Packing price - 500 rubles or 180 hryvnia. To prepare a mass for washing out the paint, you also need to mix the contents of two bottles in equal proportions. After complete pickling, you can start a new staining.
  7. Organic wash Brelil Colorianne Remove Color System … Contains fruit acids and proteins for gentle care and preventing damage to curls. Judging by the reviews, the product is able to wash the black color in 3-4 procedures. The price of such a wash is quite high and starts at 1400 rubles or 450 hryvnia.
  8. Decorant Kaaral Baco Color Remove … Another product based on organic components. The composition, in addition to acids, contains silk and rice proteins for gentle care of curls. 6 procedures will help you go from black to light blond. The price of a hair remover is from 1000 rubles or 360 hryvnia.

How to use a hair remover correctly?

How to use hair remover
How to use hair remover

After the choice has been made in favor of one or another type of paint remover, it is necessary to study the rules for its use and the features of restoring strands after the procedure.

As for multiphase products, the instructions for each product indicate the features of use. For example, Estelle Color Off hair remover first involves mixing the contents of the first and second bottles (catalyst and reducing agent), and then applying to the strands for 20 minutes, then the hair is washed with deep cleaning shampoo and a developer is applied. If the paint reappears, the first mixture must be applied again.

Those products that are sold in powder form must be combined with excipients.

Washing options for gentle pickling using 30 g powder:

  • The powder is diluted with hot water (100 ml), it is also permissible to add shampoo (20 ml);
  • Powder with the addition of 120 ml of activator;
  • The powder is mixed with an oxidizing agent 6% (30 ml), warm water (45 ml) and shampoo (10 ml).

Rinsing options for deep pickling using powder in a volume of 30 g:

  • The powder is mixed with an oxidizing agent (120 g), hot water (60 g) and shampoo (15 g);
  • The powder is added to a mixture of shampoo, hot water and an oxidizing agent, taken in equal amounts (30 g each);
  • Powder (30 g), hot water (60 ml), oxidizing agent (30 ml).

Such mixtures are usually prepared in the salon, and their use at home according to the manufacturer's recommendations is undesirable due to lack of experience. However, with the correct procedure using these formulations, you can achieve the desired result and remove the shade you did not like from the strands yourself. The main thing is to follow all the rules for removing pigment.

Features of the pickling procedure:

  • Before using the hair wash, wear protective gloves and open the window for ventilation.
  • An allergy test should be done the first time a wash is used. You can also treat one of the strands to evaluate the effectiveness of the composition.
  • It is better to use a sponge for applying liquid products, in other cases it is convenient to use a brush.
  • The curls must be dry before starting the procedure.
  • In the case of dark hair, it is always necessary to start applying the formulations from the ends. With repeated staining, they contain a greater amount of pigment, and even on visual inspection they look darker. Then the wash is applied to all strands, gradually rising to the root zone. Light strands can initially be treated evenly.
  • It is highly undesirable to handle curls at the roots, especially if the hair is already branching.
  • It is impossible to rub the hair in order to enhance the penetration of active substances into the rod. Movements should be smooth, tightening.
  • After applying the composition, the curls should be wrapped in polyethylene and a large soft towel.
  • The exposure time of the bleaching mass depends on the type of product, the original and the desired shade and is indicated by the manufacturer in the instructions for the hair remover. The maximum exposure time is 50 minutes. If the agent is overexposed, the effect is unlikely to improve, but the detrimental effect may increase.
  • It is necessary to wash off the decolorizing substance very carefully with a large amount of purified or boiled water.
  • Do not use a hairdryer to dry after pickling.
  • Many professionals recommend using dyes one shade lighter than the desired shade for the following staining.

Care measures after removing the artificial pigment from the hair shaft are mandatory in any case. Loose curls need daily support. There are several options for care, but in addition to restorative procedures, it is important to pay attention to the little things of daily procedures.

How to maintain hair after pickling with an acid, natural or alkaline hair remover:

  • In some cases, it is necessary to consult a specialist in order to carry out reconstruction or restoration in salon conditions. You can also do keratin straightening. All these procedures allow you to smooth the scales, level the surface, make the curls smooth and shiny and prepare for subsequent staining.
  • To combat hair weakening at home, you need to make natural masks on a regular basis. Preference should be given to oils, vitamin formulations, herbal decoctions, which allow you to restore the structure of the rod and return the curls to their former attractiveness. Masks can be made on the basis of gelatin, honey, kefir, lemon, etc.
  • At first, it is advisable to abandon hot styling, the use of a hair dryer for drying, as well as the use of various products to fix the hairstyle.
  • Temporarily replace all plastic or metal combs with wooden ones. Do not comb your hair when it is wet.
  • Protect your curls with a hat from sunlight, heat and cold.
  • Don't forget about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition.

Real reviews of hair remover

Hair remover reviews
Hair remover reviews

Before buying a hair remover, it is useful to find out the advice of friends who already have experience using the product, and read reviews on the Web. This allows you to avoid wasting money and time, and also helps not to cause harm due to the use of untested or low-quality goods. Here are some informative reviews about hair remover.

Margarita, 37 years old

I really liked the L'Oreal Efassor wash. I simply did not expect such a quick result. Brought out blue to blond. One procedure was enough. My hair is short, so one sachet was enough. If someone has dark shades after staining, then be sure to replace the water with an oxidizing agent. To restore, I used shampoo and balm of the same company with a laminating effect. A couple of my girlfriends have also tried this product and now they also think it is the best hair remover.

Ilona, 49 years old

And I like Kapous. When I had to lighten up, I decided to take Kapous Decoxon. For 3 applications brought out dark chestnut. The color turned out to be uniform, without red or reddish tones. And for the restoration, I also took special means from the same manufacturer. And for the last six months I have even been using them. In general, the decolorrant worked perfectly and did not horrify my strands. I advise you to try, the price is reasonable.

Natalia, 35 years old

I decided not to experiment with cheap products right away and ordered Brelil organic acid hair remover. And I didn’t regret it at all. There are many stories of how girls turned their curls into straw by removing the pigment. I didn't want to be one of them. The efficiency is excellent. Literally in 3 procedures, I lightened the tone by 3. And what is even more pleasant - the hair remained in excellent condition, the hairs are soft and silky. As for the use, the instructions say that it should be used only in the salons. But I did quite well at home without outside help. You just need to do everything carefully and on time.

What is a hair remover - watch the video:

Compared to the old generation products that contain ammonia, hydrogen peroxide and allow you to quickly lighten the strands, the new generation products not only give the desired result, but also allow you to maintain your own natural pigment and hair health. The main thing is to take your choice seriously and not save on yourself by choosing high-quality washes.

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