How to shrink pores on your face?

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How to shrink pores on your face?
How to shrink pores on your face?

What do enlarged pores on the face look like and why? Effective and proven ways to tighten pores, masks and beauty treatments.

Enlarged pores on the face are a cosmetic problem most often encountered by those with combination or oily skin types. The phenomenon occurs at different ages: sometimes the integuments look porous even in young years, and sometimes the trouble comes closer to old age. It is important to find out what causes the expansion of pores in order to find adequate methods to eliminate the problem.

What do enlarged pores look like?

What enlarged pores look like

In the photo, enlarged pores

Pores are holes in the skin of every person through which the ducts of the sebaceous and sweat glands exit. For some, they are clearly visible, for some people, the integuments look absolutely smooth from the side, but this does not mean that they have no pores. But everyone wants such holes to be invisible. It is especially unpleasant to watch when they gradually expand.

Despite the fact that the pores on the face are arranged the same for everyone, they look completely different. On dry skin, sometimes it is completely impossible to distinguish them. But on a normal one, a certain pattern is already noticeable upon close examination. If the skin is of a mixed type, widening of the holes in the T-zone is more common. When the sebaceous glands are working very actively, then it happens that the whole face looks clearly porous.

Quite often, such a phenomenon occurs when the pores are not just expanded, but clogged with sebaceous accumulations, which darken from contact with air. Therefore, small black dots are visible on the surface from the side, which is also not entirely aesthetically pleasing. If you unclog such clogged pores, deep "craters" will remain, which you will certainly want to get rid of, as they look unpresentable.

It is even worse when an inflammatory process begins in the clogged ducts. Then acne appears, and it is urgently necessary to look for the best way to reduce pores on the face so as not to bring the situation to a critical one. Naturally, the task is difficult and complex - in addition to eliminating pollution, it is important to take measures to combat the pathogenic microflora, which leads to inflammation. Only after the pores are cleaned, acne is treated, measures are taken to narrow the ducts.

The main causes of pore enlargement

Overuse of decorative cosmetics as a cause of enlarged pores

It all starts completely imperceptible. Owners of oily or combination skin types are most affected, since sebum, filling the holes, expands them. Why this happens: sex hormones are responsible for the activity of the sebaceous glands; in fact, they regulate the amount of fat produced.

If there is too much of it, it accumulates in the pores, and dead cells join it. It turns out a vicious circle: due to fat, keratinized particles cannot be freely separated, and they also contribute to the retention of secretions in the opening. Plus, purely external contaminants also mix with such pore contents, finally clogging them. Bursting openings purely mechanically, all this mass leads to the expansion of the ducts.

Having dealt with the mechanism of the problem, it is important to understand for what reasons the pores on the face are becoming more pronounced. There are factors that provoke expansion. If you take them into account and take preventive measures, then even with very oily skin, it is really possible to restrain unwanted processes.

What are the reasons that lead to enlarged pores on the face:

  • Hormonal changes… When there is a restructuring of the activity of the endocrine, reproductive system, there is an excessive secretion of sebum. This triggers the process of pore clogging.
  • Improper care… Do not ignore the skin cleansing procedure.Even if it is dry and it seems that such an exercise is unnecessary, all the same, the activity of the sebaceous glands and dead cells lead to pollution. Not to mention purely external factors.
  • Eating disorder… The condition of the epidermis is influenced by the human diet. If there is an abundance of fried and fatty, spicy and sweet, pastries and carbonated drinks on the table, all this will soon affect the appearance.
  • Excessive love for the sun… Despite the fact that warm rays are necessary for health and beauty, when there is too much ultraviolet radiation, it is also not good for the skin. She begins to create a reliable barrier - thickens the stratum corneum. This also leads to faster clogging of the pores.
  • Age changes… With aging, the skin loses its elasticity, as the process of destruction of collagen, elastin occurs. The covers become loose, the pores appear more and more clearly. Beauticians also remind of such a phenomenon as gravitational ptosis. And because of it, the ducts are drawn pronouncedly and distinctly over the years.
  • Overuse of decorative cosmetics… The products that are used to create the perfect look also clog the pores imperceptibly, but confidently. If you periodically forget about thorough make-up remover, cleaning after makeup is not scrupulous enough, very soon the holes will become pronouncedly enlarged. According to experts, blush and bronzers bring the greatest harm.
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, endocrine system… If there is a disorder with the stomach or intestines, the activity of the thyroid gland is disrupted, problems arise with the skin.
  • Unfavorable ecological situation… Residents of megalopolises often suffer from enlarged pores, since the epidermis is invisibly, but constantly affected by dust and smog, exhaust gases. Poor quality tap water is another cause of enlarged facial pores.

Although many cosmetologists confidently declare that it will not work to make the face perfectly smooth, this does not mean that you need to give up and do nothing. At any stage, you can and should use funds that will help to suspend the unwanted process, or even shrink the pores a little so that they do not look so wide.

How to narrow enlarged pores on your face?

If you are seriously concerned about the question of what to do with pores on your face, you should adhere to an integrated approach in the fight against the phenomenon. You cannot do without adjusting the diet: you should eliminate everything that worsens the condition of the skin, supplementing the menu with dishes that are rich in vitamins and minerals. Healthy sleep, physical activity, walking in the fresh air - all this should become a natural habit so that the condition of the pores does not worsen, but improves.

Proper skin care

Home cryotherapy for enlarged pores

First of all, having attended to the question of how to narrow the pores on the face, you need to analyze your own grooming routine. It is important to think about the questions of whether the skin is cleaned correctly, whether the funds are correctly chosen, taking into account the type of epidermis.

How to properly care for your face:

  • Cleansing… It is not trivial and not simple, at first glance, but it is during this procedure that there are often serious mistakes that lead to unpleasant consequences. When studying how to effectively narrow pores on your face, you need to remember the key rule: everyone needs cleaning, regardless of skin type. It should be performed without fail twice a day, even if there was no decorative cosmetics on the face, it looks completely clean. After all, the sebaceous glands work constantly, as well as keratinized cells are separated without interruption. The use of special cosmetics is recommended, not tap water. It is good when the composition contains kaolin clay, salicylic acid, cucumber or lemon juice - they have the ability to tighten the skin.
  • Toning… This phase of departure is even more often ignored by many. And completely in vain.Special cosmetics will additionally cleanse dirt and remove traces of the cleaning agent. It also has a refreshing effect.
  • Moisturizing… Another step that should be included in the daily complex of measures for skin care, regardless of its type. To reduce pores on the face, it is necessary to restore the hydrolipid barrier, create protection against destructive factors. Products containing hyaluronic and glycolic acid are ideal.
  • Home cryotherapy… If you want to shrink the enlarged pores of your face, you can apply ice on a regular basis. It acts in an elementary way - it narrows the tissue. Naturally, use the product only after cleansing the face. You don't need to invent anything special to do this: just wipe it with ice cubes.

Note! Scrubs, peels, and cleansing masks should not be done too often. If they are abused, as a result, the normal activity of the sebaceous glands is disrupted, purely mechanical damage to the epidermis is possible. All these are factors that ultimately provoke the expansion of the ducts.

Masks for enlarged pores

Clay mask for enlarged pores

To narrow the pores on your face at home, prepare a mask from available tools that have the properties that are important to eliminate the problem. The following are the most effective recipes:

  • Fresh fruit… You will need a pear, from which the juice is squeezed, and then the same amount of starch is added to it. After mixing the mass until smooth, it is applied to the face and left for a quarter of an hour. Then it remains to wash off the remnants with warm water. This product has a whitening effect.
  • Egg white… Taking the protein of 1 egg, mix it with lemon juice. The finished composition is spread in a thin layer over the face. When the mask for tightening the pores on the face is completely dry, rinse it off with warm water. The product is not recommended for owners of dry skin!
  • From potatoes… Raw potatoes are grated. Add 1 teaspoon of starch and lemon juice, knead until smooth and apply on the face for a quarter of an hour. In addition to narrowing the pores, the product helps to eliminate pigmentation.
  • From clay… Any clay is used as a base - white or green, blue can be used. This component is combined with water to form a thick slurry. A face mask that tightens pores will be even more useful if the clay is diluted with green tea. Do not use metal dishes: let it be a glass or plastic container. The resulting mass is applied to the face and left to dry completely.
  • Oatmeal… First you need to grind the flakes into flour. Then it is combined with water to make a thick mass. It is applied to the skin with massage movements and the mixture is allowed to dry. This product has excellent cleansing ability. Alternatively, you can repeat the exercise twice a day instead of the usual facial cleansing.
  • From sugar… It is necessary to combine granulated sugar with honey and olive oil, and also add a little lemon juice to the composition. After mixing the ingredients, the mask is applied to the face, gently massaging it. After a quarter of an hour, you can wash your face with warm water. Since the product also acts in a cleansing way, according to the principle of a scrub, it should be used no more than 2 times a week.
  • From coffee… Using natural coffee grounds as a base, add some honey to it. Such a remedy is distributed over the face, gently massaging it. After 5 minutes, the composition is washed off.
  • With soda… Taking a couple of tablespoons of sodium bicarbonate, add water to it in such a volume that a thick slurry comes out. For about half a minute, the mass is rubbed into the skin, but without injuring it! For another couple of minutes, the product is left on the face. At the end, you need to wash yourself with cold water.

Any means that narrow the pores on the face are delicately tested if the skin is sensitive. Natural ingredients can be dangerous too if you are allergic to them! It is important to remember this when choosing a recipe for yourself.

Cosmetological procedures for enlarged pores

Mechanical cleaning of the face from enlarged pores

If the situation is neglected, and the pores on the skin of the face are very upsetting, you can turn to the help of professionals. Modern cosmetology offers a number of procedures that help restore the health of the epidermis, including narrowing of the dilated ducts:

  • Mechanical, dry cleaning… By deeply and effectively removing residual fat, keratinized cells and other impurities from the pores, the cosmetologist will help to make the pores less visible, as well as exclude the formation of ugly blackheads and prevent inflammation in clogged ducts. If the question is how to quickly narrow the pores on the face, salon cleaning will really demonstrate a good result after just one procedure. However, if the skin is very oily, then it is necessary to repeat the event periodically to keep the integument in good condition. The cost of services in the salons is on average 2,000 rubles.
  • Darsonvalization… This is the effect on the skin with high frequency current pulses. Thanks to this, blood circulation is normalized, tissue regeneration is improved, and fat secretion is stabilized. The cost of services depends on the duration of the execution, and it is predetermined by the scale of the problem. The average price for 5 minutes of processing is 150 rubles.
  • Cryotherapy… In the cabin, it is performed using liquid nitrogen. Thanks to the use of a special apparatus, the substance is actually massaged into the skin. Since nitrogen is supplied at a low temperature, it is a really effective remedy for tightening the pores on the face. In parallel, inflammation goes away, tone is restored. A salon procedure costs 1000 rubles. average.

How to narrow pores on your face - watch the video:

According to reviews, the above methods of dealing with enlarged pores on the face are highly effective. Provided that the task is taken by a competent cosmetologist, who calculates the number of procedures taking into account the initial condition of the skin. However, it is very important to understand that these are emergency measures that do not cancel the need for constant proper skin care.

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