Ginger oil in cosmetology - benefits, methods of application, reviews

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Ginger oil in cosmetology - benefits, methods of application, reviews
Ginger oil in cosmetology - benefits, methods of application, reviews

The composition and components of ginger oil, the best manufacturers. Useful properties, contraindications and harm. Ways of using ginger oil for the face, body, hair, recipes for cosmetics, real reviews.

Ginger oil is a product derived from the root of the plant. It is widely used in cosmetology to improve the appearance of skin and hair, to correct body contours. Having a rich composition, ginger oil has a beneficial effect on cells and tissues, restoring youth and beauty to the body.

Description and composition of ginger oil

Ginger oil

In the photo, ginger oil

Ginger oil is a greenish or amber liquid. It has a spicy aroma with citrus notes. The product is made from plant roots by steam distillation. To obtain 1 g of ether, 50 g of raw materials are required.

Ginger oil contains over 400 compounds. The most valuable is gingerol - a substance from the group of alkaloids that is not found anywhere else. It provides a specific bitter taste to the product and has a powerful antiseptic effect. Thanks to this compound, ginger essential oil suppresses pathogenic microorganisms, helps to cope with acne and acne on the body.

In addition to gingerol, ginger oil contains:

  • vitamins A, E, group B - nourish cells, slow down skin aging, strengthen local immunity;
  • essential amino acids - a building material for tissues, compounds that accelerate metabolism;
  • minerals (phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron) - participate in metabolic processes, promote cell regeneration, nourish body tissues;
  • bisabolic - relieves inflammation, spasms, is effective for acne and wrinkles;
  • tsingiberen is a compound that inhibits the activity of bacteria, fungi, parasites.

Only a high-quality natural product can provide the maximum benefits of ginger oil for skin and hair. Artificially produced esters and fakes do not contain valuable compounds that have a healing effect.

When choosing a product, pay attention to the cost. The price of high quality ginger oil is at least 700 rubles per 10 ml. A cheap product is most likely a fake and can harm the body.

Another important criterion when choosing a product is the country of origin. The highest quality oil is made in India, where about 150 thousand tons of ginger roots are grown per year. China, Japan, Vietnam, West Africa remain major producers. England and the USA stand out among the importers. The oils sourced from these countries are the best.

It is equally important to pay attention to the reputation of the company that represents the products on the market. Among the reputable companies that produce premium oils, the following stand out:

  • Karel Hadek… Czech brand, also known in China, Japan. Raw materials purchased by the company on world sites are tested in the laboratory. The company's products are popular with professional cosmetologists.
  • "Styx"… Austrian company, which declared itself on the market at the beginning of the last century. The company buys raw materials of exceptionally high quality, the production technology meets international standards.
  • "Iris"… One of the best Russian manufacturers. Ether components are purchased directly from plantations. The oils are produced using a gentle technology that preserves the maximum of biologically active compounds.

You can also use the products of other trusted companies. But remember: you can buy high-quality ginger oil for at least 300-350 rubles per 5 ml.It is sold in dark glass bottles, has a bright fresh aroma, shimmering with citrus notes.

Useful properties of ginger oil in cosmetology

Ginger essential oil

Ginger essential oil has found wide application in cosmetology due to its valuable properties. The product penetrates deeply into tissues, providing an antiseptic, anti-aging effect.

Regularly using ether for cosmetic procedures, you can significantly improve the condition of the body and appearance:

  • get rid of acne and blackheads;
  • smooth out wrinkles;
  • lighten pigmentation;
  • to increase the elasticity of the skin, correct the oval of the face;
  • accelerate hair growth, improve their condition;
  • get rid of cellulite.

The beneficial properties of ginger essential oil are primarily in enhancing blood circulation, due to which toxins and toxins are removed from tissues faster, and cell nutrition is improved. By accelerating the local metabolism, the product triggers the natural processes of rejuvenation and regeneration in the deep layers of the dermis.

Ginger Body Oil is effective as a powerful anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic agent. It perfectly copes with acne, acne, inhibiting harmful microorganisms on the skin, drying out the epidermis and regulating the secretion of the sebaceous glands.

Ginger oil is essential for weight loss. It enhances the burning of subcutaneous fat, effectively coping with the "orange peel" on the body, tones the skin, increases the production of collagen and elastin.

Note! During cosmetic procedures, ginger oil also has a psychological effect. The spicy aroma restores vigor, cheers up, helps to cope with stressful conditions, depression.

Contraindications and harm of ginger oil

Allergy to ginger oil

Despite its many valuable properties, ginger oil has a number of contraindications. Neglecting them leads to side effects, since the product has a strong effect on the body. It is not recommended to use ginger ether:

  • At high body temperature… The oil has a warming effect, increases blood circulation, which can worsen the condition in case of fever.
  • With hypertension, tachycardia, taking drugs to lower blood pressure, heart medications… Ether tones, increases blood pressure, strengthens the work of the heart. Even inhaling the scent of ginger can trigger heart palpitations.
  • For skin lesions, open wounds, abrasions… Ginger oil is irritating and interferes with skin healing. It thins the blood and can cause bleeding. In addition, when applied to a fresh wound, the product produces an unpleasant burning and tingling sensation.
  • During pregnancy… The tonic and warming effect that ginger oil has when applied externally increases uterine contractility and increases the risk of miscarriage.
  • With individual intolerance… Test for allergic reactions before adding ester to cosmetics. Apply some oil to your wrist or elbow fold. The presence of red spots, irritation, rash indicates an allergy to the product.

Important! If you do not take into account the listed contraindications, the use of ginger oil as a component of cosmetics can lead to increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, skin irritation, and allergies.

Ways to use ginger oil in cosmetology

Due to its many beneficial properties, ginger oil has found wide application in home cosmetology. Ether is added to masks, creams and tonics, shower gels and shampoos. On the basis of the product, effective means are prepared to improve the condition of the skin and hair.

Ginger oil for face

Ginger oil for face

Ginger oil for the face is used to eliminate wrinkles, rashes, lighten age spots, and improve skin turgor. But in its pure form, it acts aggressively and can cause irritation and microburns.In this regard, ginger ether is added to ready-made face cosmetics (4 drops per 15 ml) or combined with base oils, fats, fermented milk products when preparing home remedies.

Here are some recipes for face masks with ginger oil:

  • For skin whitening… The product is used to lighten pigmentation. First, prepare a concentrated parsley infusion by brewing 1 tbsp. l. raw materials 0, 5 tbsp. boiling water. When the workpiece has cooled, grind the infusion and grass in a blender to a state of gruel. Add 3 drops each of ginger and orange oils. Spread over face and soak for 20 minutes. Wash yourself.
  • For the skin around the eyes… The mask removes dark circles and bags under the eyes, moisturizes and nourishes the epidermis. 2 tsp pour 3 tsp of oatmeal. boiling water. Add 1 tsp. sour cream and 3-4 drops of ginger ether. Spread the mask over your face, wash after 20 minutes.
  • From wrinkles… The tool effectively tightens the skin, smoothes fine wrinkles. To prepare, mix 5 ml of lemon juice, 1 tsp. honey, 2 ampoules of vitamin E oil solution and 3 drops of ginger ether. Stir the ingredients, distribute over the face, and leave for 20 minutes. Rinse it off.
  • For acne… The product dries perfectly, regulates sebaceous secretions, and has an antiseptic effect. Mix 20 g of cosmetic clay with 20 ml of strong brewed green tea and 5 ml of lemon juice. Add 4 drops of ginger oil. Spread the mixture over your face, wait until it dries completely and feels tight. Rinse it off.

Apply face masks with ginger oil 2-3 times a week. More frequent use leads to dry skin, irritation. The full course consists of 10-20 sessions, depending on the severity of the problem and the desired result.

Ginger Body Oil

Ginger Body Oil

Ginger oil is used for firming skin, contouring and fighting cellulite. Thanks to the warming action, increased blood circulation, the agent will help improve the results of weight loss.

The most popular uses for body ginger oil are:

  • Baths… To speed up metabolism and improve skin condition, add 5-7 drops of oil to a warm bath. The procedure time is 15-20 minutes, the frequency is 2-3 times a week.
  • Scrubs, shower gels… Ester can be added to industrial or homemade skin cleansing formulations at 3-4 drops per 10-15 ml of base product. Apply the oil 2-3 times a week during your hygiene procedures.
  • Body masks… Ester is used as one of the ingredients in home remedies to improve skin condition. Ginger oil goes well with yogurt, sour cream, herbal decoctions, fruit and vegetable juices, neutral oils.
  • Massage aids… Ginger ester is widely used in cosmetology as an additive to industrial anti-cellulite or massage oils. For one procedure, 7-10 drops are enough.

The effect is noticeable after the first application of products with ginger oil. The skin is tightened, its color improves. The pores are narrowed, acne dries up. To obtain a stable result, regular massage and hygiene procedures with ginger ether are required at intervals of 2-3 days for 1-2 months.

Ginger oil for hair

Ginger oil for hair

Ginger oil is equally useful for hair. It activates the nutrition of the follicles, increases blood circulation in the scalp. With regular use of the product, the hair becomes thicker, the hair shaft thickens, acquires strength and elasticity. Hair shines with a healthy shine, easily fit into the hairstyle.

Ginger ester can be added to shampoo 3-4 drops during shampooing. To rinse the curls after hygienic procedures, take 5-7 drops of oil in 1 liter of water. But natural ginger extract gives the best effect in the composition of hair masks:

  • From baldness… Heat 15 ml of base oil (olive, peach, grape). Add 2 drops of orange ether, 4 drops each of ginger and chamomile. Massage the product into the root zone.Leave it on for 20-30 minutes, wash off with shampoo.
  • For dry hair… Add 1 tsp to 50 ml of kefir. honey, 4-5 drops of ginger ether and yolk. Mix the ingredients thoroughly. Apply the mixture along the entire length of the strands. Wait 50 minutes, wash off with shampoo.
  • For hair restoration… Mix 50 ml of castor oil with an egg, 5-6 drops of ginger ether, 10 g of honey. Add 20 ml each of ginseng tincture and aloe extract. Apply the product to the skin near the roots. Wait 30-40 minutes and rinse.

Use ginger oil masks 2-3 times a week. For a stable improvement in the condition of the curls, it will take 1-2 months of regular procedures.

Real reviews of ginger oil

Reviews about ginger oil

Reviews of ginger oil are mostly positive. The remedy is effective for acne, baldness, cellulite. Negative opinions are seldom encountered, as a rule, they are mainly based on the incorrect use of the product.

Olga, 30 years old

I really love the ginger oil hair masks. I prepare the product myself. I have been using it for 2 years. During this time, the hair is unrecognizable. They have become thick, silky, and fit well even into complex hairstyles.

Marina, 23 years old

I recently learned about ginger oil on the Internet. But in our town it is difficult to get natural high-quality goods. Finally, at my request, a friend brought it from abroad. Now I add to masks and face tonics. Acne disappeared, the oval tightened, the skin became beautiful, glowing.

Svetlana, 45 years old

I use ginger oil to eliminate cellulite. Of course, without physical activity and proper nutrition, this problem is difficult to cope with, but oil helps a lot. The skin has become more elastic and tightened. My friends ask how I manage to maintain such a youthful appearance. For this I am grateful to the ginger oil.

How to use ginger oil - watch the video:

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