Warrior's diet - principles, menus, reviews

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Warrior's diet - principles, menus, reviews
Warrior's diet - principles, menus, reviews

What is the warrior's diet, who is its creator, philosophy and basic principles. Allowed and prohibited foods, menus, reviews of those who are losing weight.

The Warrior Diet is a nutritional principle proposed by Ori Hofmekler in the early 2000s. The system caused a stir in the ranks of nutritionists, because it completely contradicted established principles of nutrition for weight loss. The diet is based on controlled fasting throughout the day and a heavy dinner to lower insulin production and speed up metabolism.

Description and principles of the warrior diet

Vegetables and fruits for the warrior's diet

Ori Hofmeckler is an internationally recognized artist with a higher art education. In his youth, he served in the ranks of the Israeli special forces, which made him interested in the principle of nutrition for the military, allowing you to stay healthy and keep fit.

Despite the lack of special education in the field of medicine and nutrition, Hofmeckler immersed himself in the study of these issues, as well as military history, the life of Roman legionnaires, hunters, athletes.

In the course of research and observation, he made stunning conclusions that made him reconsider the popular today weight loss and healthy lifestyle schemes. The principles of the new style of eating, their philosophical and medical rationale first saw the light in the form of a short article in a journal.

Readers interested in the new approach began to bombard the author with questions and letters. As a result, Hofmeckler no longer had time to answer them and decided to write a book in which he described in detail his discoveries. The book was published under the title "The Warrior's Diet", which attracted even more attention.

Important! The Warrior Diet is not a quick weight loss diet. It is rather a philosophy, a principle of life, which will have to be passed gradually, following the described rules. The result is cleansing the body, increasing efficiency and concentration, increasing the amount of vital energy, getting rid of excess weight.

Ori Hofmekler insists on careful study and adherence to the principles of diet. Those who want to lose weight and improve their health should be aware that the warrior's diet is a way of life, which will have to accustom themselves to gradually.

Ori Hofmekler divides the whole day into 2 phases - malnutrition and overeating. The first phase lasts 20 hours from morning to evening and captures the sleep period. During the day, it is not necessary to completely starve, you can eat fruits or vegetables, light protein foods, nuts, seeds, drink water and freshly squeezed juices. You need to drink more clean water to remove toxins from the body.

In the evening, you can afford food in any quantity within the limits of permitted products, but it should be eaten in a strictly defined order:

  • vegetables and fruits;
  • proteins (meat, fish, dairy products);
  • carbohydrates (cereals, potatoes, desserts, flour products).

The author insists on the exclusion of junk food (hamburgers, industrial sweets, sugar, ketchup, etc.). The emphasis is on the consumption of exclusively natural products that do not contain hormonal and chemical additives. It is important to combine foods and dishes of different colors, textures, temperatures, and cooking methods in your evening meal.

Stop eating when you feel very thirsty. This is the first signal that the body is full. Then wait 20 minutes. During this time, the signal from the stomach is transmitted to the brain. If after the specified time you do not feel hungry, then you have eaten enough, and there is no need to continue dinner.

It is advisable to eat vegetables and fruits according to the season, purchase them from private owners or farms, and grow them yourself. Preference should be given to meat from animals reared in good conditions.Store products contain artificial hormones and do not lead to health or healing.

An important part of the cycle is physical activity. The author recommends playing sports, walking more. This will help boost your metabolism and fat burning.

Realizing that it is difficult for most people to jump right into a new lifestyle, Hofmeckler suggests a gradual introduction to two-phase eating. In the early days, you can fast until lunchtime, gradually switch to recommended foods, increasing the duration of controlled fasting.

Important! The warrior's diet must become a lifestyle. Synthetic or stale foods should not appear on the table. Give preference to environmentally friendly food.

    Warrior Diet Menu

    Warrior Diet Menu

    Taking into account these rules, you can make a warrior's diet menu for a day or a week. In his book, Hofmeckler gives a sample of the daily diet that he himself adheres to:

    • Drink a glass of water immediately after waking up.
    • A little later, you can eat a small glass of yogurt, drink coffee, take a third of the daily value of vitamins and probiotics.
    • At noon, drink a vegetable or fruit juice, take vitamins and minerals.
    • Eat a plate of berries or fruits, yogurt shortly in the afternoon.
    • Later in the day, indulge in a protein shake with coffee.
    • In the early evening or after sports, drink a liter of water, take vitamins and minerals, and a protein shake.
    • In the evening, it's time for the main meal: salad with leafy vegetables, fish with tomato sauce and spices, broccoli, zucchini, steamed green beans, vegetable oil, lecithin as a dietary supplement.
    • If you are not full, eat brown rice or 2-3 handfuls of almonds, curd pudding, or drink green tea sweetened with honey.
    • Have a protein shake late at night.
    • Drink up to 1.5-2 liters of water throughout the day.

    The menu for the warrior diet week is easy to build on your own, focusing on the permitted foods and your own preferences. The simplicity of the diet lies in the fact that you only have to take care of dinner.

    Real Reviews of the Warrior Diet

    Warrior diet reviews

    Reviews about the warrior's diet are mostly positive. Many athletes have switched to this type of diet and feel an improvement in their condition, lightness in the body, and increased endurance.

    The results of the warrior diet are difficult to assess after 1-2 weeks: it takes time to transition to a new lifestyle. When the body gets used to it, there is a rapid weight loss.

    Dieting on a regular basis can help you stay fit and not gain weight. The results of those who have lost weight on the warrior's diet are 10-15 kg, depending on the initial weight.

    Reviews of those who lost weight on the warrior diet indicate the benefits of this nutritional principle:

    • a feeling of lightness and energy during the day;
    • lack of serious restrictions;
    • losing weight and improving condition;
    • no side effects;
    • no need to count calories or eat by the hour.

    Among the disadvantages, those losing weight noted the unusualness of such a diet. It takes time to get used to, and then you have to adhere to this lifestyle for a long time. Reviews and results on the Warrior Diet are controversial, but mostly confirm the effectiveness of the system.

    Olga, 35 years old

    After pregnancy, she recovered significantly. I tried to lose weight on different diets. I ate fractionally, adhered to a mono-diet, but the weight returned. I recently got acquainted with the warrior's diet. I was attracted by the fact that you can eat in the evening: this is my passion. It turned out that it is very easy to switch to such a diet. At work, sometimes I just ate some fruit and did not notice how the day went. But in the evening she ate her fill. After a couple of weeks, she noted that she had lost 5 kg. I decided to continue, and soon the warrior diet became my lifestyle.

    Dmitry, 45 years old

    I am a bodybuilder and have been looking for a system to keep me energized throughout the day for a long time. Protein shakes didn't give that feeling.Previously, I ate 5-6 times a day, counted calories and portion sizes, but did not feel well. Things went differently with the warrior's diet. During the day I have a light snack, drink cocktails, but I don't get hung up on food. And in the evening I eat what I really want. Now I feel great all the time and maintain a normal weight.

    Marina, 25 years old

    To lose weight, I tried different diets. A friend advised the warrior's diet. She said that it helps a lot. But my suspicions crept in even at the moment when I read that I needed to be malnourished during the day. I like to have a hearty breakfast and lunch, but on the contrary, I often skip dinner. The diet did not suit me: I cannot change my life so radically.

    What is the warrior's diet - watch the video:

    Like any diet, the military has its own characteristics. They are not suitable for everyone. But the majority of users have noted positive changes. Hence, the diet deserves attention.

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