How to lose 10 kg: rules and best diets

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How to lose 10 kg: rules and best diets
How to lose 10 kg: rules and best diets

What is the allowable rate of weight loss? Basic rules for how to lose weight. The best diets that will help you get rid of 10 kg, consolidate the result.

Losing weight by 10 kg is not a very difficult task, but quite laborious, especially if in the process you do not want to lose smooth, radiant skin, lush hair, strong nails and well-being at the same time. Therefore, diets that promise a loss of 10 kg per week are swept aside right away: they will not bring anything but disappointment. Let's focus on eating styles that work slowly but surely.

What is the allowable rate of weight loss?

Allowable rate of weight loss

Any nutritionist will confirm: it is impossible to quickly lose 10 kg at home without risking your health and beauty. Our body by its very nature is not programmed for a speedy parting with fat deposits, which it has stored for more than one year. And if you force the body to turn to its reserves in search of nutrients, a few pounds will actually go away at first, but then an inevitable plateau will come, and the briskly started process of losing weight will slow down. To push him in the right direction again, you will have to apply more and more stringent measures, inflicting new blows on your health.

Fast weight loss is accompanied by other troubles:

  1. The skin sags, not keeping up with the body losing volume;
  2. There are problems with the gastrointestinal tract, blood vessels, excretory system;
  3. The half-life products formed during fat burning will not have time to be excreted from the body, posing a threat to health.

The optimal weight loss rate recommended by nutritionists is 3-5% of the total body weight per month. For example, if your weight does not exceed 80 kg, then in 30 days you can lose 3.5-4 kg without harm to your health. Theoretically, of course, you can tighten up and lose 10 kg in a month, but such a jerk can end badly.

How to Lose Weight Properly?

How to lose weight

It is known that there is no single eating style that would be equally effective for everyone without exception. Physiological features, different metabolic rate, psychological mood often lead to completely different results, so the diet with which your friend found a chiseled waist, in your case, may not have any effect.

However, a general set of rules that are equally useful to everyone, nutritionists nevertheless indicated:

  1. Hunger strikes are prohibited… Diets that offer to lose 10 kg in 10 days are always built on a sharp restriction of calories, so in 99% of cases they end up with re-gaining weight and entail health problems, not to mention the fact that muscles are burned along with fat, and appearance is poor.
  2. Varied food… Your body should receive everything it needs, therefore, "kefir", "apple", "vegetable" and other mono-diets are not suitable here, they are good only in the form of fasting days. In order for the internal organs and systems to work in the right rhythm, the skin remains elastic, and the hair and nails healthy, one cannot do without a full set of vitamins and minerals. That is why it is recommended to take vitamin complexes during the diet, but they will not help much if you are going to sit on cabbage or water for weeks.
  3. Physical exercise… Sport accelerates the burning of calories, maintains muscle tone, and prevents the skin from sagging. You cannot afford a fitness club and full-fledged jogging in the morning, do the simplest home gymnastics, only regularly and with diligence: 30 minutes daily or 1 hour 3-4 times a week. In addition, it does not hurt to revise the lifestyle in general in order to make it as active as possible.
  4. Avoiding harmful products… Sweets, baked goods, fatty and smoked foods, semi-finished products and store sauces are not only high in calories, they have a bad effect on health and inhibit metabolism.
  5. Physiological orientation… If you have any disease or predisposition to it, this must be taken into account when drawing up a diet. Ideally, it is advisable to consult at least once with a specialist who will help you calculate the calorie content of the diet and determine its features.

Note! Do not rely on numerous drugs that promise "weight loss by 10 kg per month without sports and diets." Despite the title of fat burners, most often they act on the principle of a mild laxative or diuretic, in fact, forcing the arrow of the scales to crawl down, but without affecting body fat. In addition, everything dropped with their help is quickly restored.

The best diets for losing weight by 10 kg

The bad thing about diets is that sooner or later they end, and a person returns to old habits. The result has been achieved, I want to celebrate the victory over the extra pounds, and there are so many all kinds of goodies around that have remained banned for a long time! In such a situation, only the most persistent and strong-willed contrives to maintain the achieved weight, while the majority slowly begins to "pick up" the dropped. Therefore, the best diet is one that not only makes you lose weight, but also helps you develop healthy habits.

Diet "Minus 60"

Diet Minus 60 for weight loss by 10 kg

Ekaterina Mirimanova herself, the author of this interesting diet, prefers to call it "System -60". And it is true: the diet does not contain the traditional list of permitted and prohibited foods, does not regulate meals by the hour and, in principle, does not make losing weight the meaning of life. But she teaches you to feel your body, gradually develop healthy eating habits, avoid severe restrictions, eat not only right, but also tasty and enjoy life.

Catherine's principles:

  1. Don't create a list of forbidden foods. Desperate for a sweet cupcake? Eat, but only half and always before 12 noon.
  2. Change gradually. There is no need to try to grasp the immensity in one fell swoop, so you will only overstrain.
  3. Reduce portions of your usual meals and chew each bite thoroughly. This is good for the digestive tract and helps not to eat too much.
  4. Use a grill instead of a frying pan.
  5. Snacks are allowed during the day, but preference should be given to unsweetened fruits or berries, which, by the way, are allowed to be eaten until 16:00. After that, it is better to switch to vegetables and dry crackers.
  6. Do not mix meat with potatoes, white rice, pasta in one meal. The best company for him will be cereals and vegetables - raw or stewed.
  7. Have dinner at 6:00 pm with protein and a little fiber. For example, a salad with fish is ideal.
  8. Remove alcohol from the menu, except for good dry wine.
  9. Replace sugar and honey with vegetable sweeteners like stevia and bread with croutons and rye crisps.
  10. Find a sport that you enjoy.

The results of adherence to the -60 diet are different for everyone, but in most cases, in the first 4 weeks, it takes from 5 to 8 kg. So effective weight loss by 10 kg in 1, 5-2 months, and without hunger strikes and nervous breakdowns, you will be guaranteed.

Ducan's diet

Dukan's diet for weight loss by 10 kg

Around the diet of Dr. Ducan, many controversies, scandals and even litigation flared up in due time. In particular, the doctor himself once lost an impressive amount by filing a libel suit against a colleague who criticized his food system: the judges considered the criticism fair and forced Monsieur Ducan to pay a fine. However, this does not mean that the diet is bad! The fact is that, due to the high amount of protein, it is not suitable for people with kidney problems and is not recommended for constant use.

Losing weight is divided into 3 phases.Strict "Attack" loads the body with proteins, practically excluding the intake of plant foods and fats; it is followed by "Alternation", which is a mixture of protein and carbohydrate days, and "Fixation" fixes the achieved result. The first two phases have a strictly limited duration, you cannot stay on them for a long time. The third, with some indulgences, can become the basis for a daily diet.

Ducan's principles:

  1. The diet recommends keeping salt intake to a minimum and using sweeteners instead of sugar.
  2. It is better not to get carried away with starchy vegetables and grains - potatoes, legumes, rice, even on the days allowed for carbohydrates.
  3. You need to eat 1 tbsp per day. l. oat bran and drink at least 1.5 liters of water.
  4. Sport is necessary, at least in the form of intense walking.

During the first phase, the fastest weight loss occurs, up to 5 kg per week (the "Attack" should not last any longer), after which the process slows down to 1 kg in 7 days. On average, the Ducan diet allows you to lose weight by 10 kg in 1, 5 months.

French diet

French diet for weight loss by 10 kg

Mireille Guiliano, author of the bestselling book Why Don't French Women Get Fat ?, published with a total circulation of almost a million copies, encourages people to enjoy every bite of food, devote themselves to cooking, but strictly control portion sizes and move a lot.

Mireille's basic principles:

  1. Use the fractional feeding method.
  2. No fast food, semi-finished products and other ready-made food! Only high quality products.
  3. Rely on small amounts of meals - ideally 200 g per meal, and when it comes to high-calorie food, 100-50 g each.
  4. Eat low-calorie vegetables, fruits and greens more often.
  5. Don't forbid yourself desserts, just cut back on your usual portions and savor every bite diligently.
  6. Drink plenty of water.
  7. Don't snack on the raid! French women say: "If there is no time to sit down and eat, it is better not to eat at all."
  8. Use every opportunity to get moving! If the house has a staircase, why use the elevator? If you need to travel three stops to your destination, why not walk them?
  9. The French diet has three phases. During the first, you keep a food diary and calculate your weak points in the organization of nutrition, in the second, you reduce the volume of portions and accustom yourself to enjoy the quality of food, not quantity, in the third you consolidate the skills you have acquired.

Fast weight loss of 10 kg or more according to the French method is hardly possible, since its first phases represent a rather long and painstaking entry into a new nutritional system. But then the weight begins to go away faster and does not return. Of course, provided that you adhere to the "French rules" and beyond.

Japanese diet

Japanese diet for weight loss by 10 kg

Let's make a reservation right away: we are not talking about a 2-week weight loss course, the menu of which so often flashes on the Internet. It helps to lose weight well in peak situations, but it cannot be considered as systemic weight loss. We want to list the main secrets of the diet of the Land of the Rising Sun, which will help you form the correct principles of nutrition and not only lose 10 kg at home, but also take a course for longevity and beauty.

Principles of the Japanese diet:

  1. Breakfast is the most satisfying meal of the day. To refuse it is unacceptable, to do with a crouton and a cup of coffee - too. Eat omelets, boiled fish, stewed vegetables, cereals, cheese, fruits.
  2. You cannot fry food, only cooking, steaming, baking are allowed. Grill as a last resort.
  3. Make soups often. Aerobatics - master the popular Japanese miso with fish broth with vegetables, mushrooms and tofu, but more traditional Russian versions of the first courses will do.
  4. Drink 2-3 cups of green tea a day, but try not to exceed 750 ml.
  5. Minimize your consumption of bread.
  6. Indulge in seafood often.By the way, 10% of all fish caught in the world falls on the table of the Japanese, despite the fact that their number barely covers 2% of the world's population.
  7. Replace your usual desserts with fruits and berries.
  8. If you can walk somewhere, go. Leave vehicles for special occasions.
  9. Do body exercises daily.

Note! Rice (sometimes three times a day) and soy are mandatory in the menu of the Japanese. However, the first product can cause constipation in Westerners who are not accustomed to such a cuisine, and the second can be problematic to buy in Russia, so you will have to make adjustments to the diet.

Diet "Three parts"

Diet 3 parts for weight loss for 10 kg

When the Finnish nutritionists were given the task of coming up with a nutritional system that would effectively allow them to lose weight, they did not make tricky rules, but simply took a plate and divided it into 3 parts.

How it works:

  1. Take a regular plate with a diameter of about 24 cm.
  2. Divide it in two mentally, and then one of the parts in half again.
  3. Take most of it for vegetables and root vegetables.
  4. Leave a quarter for carbohydrates - potatoes, rice, buckwheat and pasta. On average, one serving should be 120-150 g.
  5. Take the last quarter for protein - meat, poultry, fish, seafood, mushrooms, legumes, eggs, cottage cheese, cheese. The approximate serving size is 80-120 g.
  6. Eating according to this model is required 2 times a day - for lunch and dinner. Shape breakfast to your liking without overeating, and leave room for a couple of light snacks.
  7. Food can be flavored with butter and homemade sauces, but extremely sparingly.
  8. Meat and poultry should be lean.
  9. You can have a snack after meals with a small amount of berries or fruits, occasionally allowing yourself a slice or two of marmalade or marshmallows.

Reviews assure that for a year of nutrition according to the "Finnish model", you can easily lose up to 25 kg of excess weight without much effort. Therefore, losing 10 kg at home without the help of nutritionists and fitness trainers will last 5-5.5 months. And if you give up sweets and add sports to your schedule, cope with the task in half the time.

Mediterranean diet

Mediterranean diet for weight loss 10 kg

Those who care about how to quickly lose 10 kg will hardly like this eating style, since it acts very leisurely - for which it received the last place at the end of our list. But it was his international council of nutritionists, gastroenterologists and other nutritionists who called him the most correct and healthy of all those currently known.

The principles of the Mediterranean diet:

  1. More vegetables! We eat everything that is possible raw, the rest is stewed, boiled and baked.
  2. The best seasoning is extra virgin olive oil. They are poured over salads, fish, poultry and stews.
  3. Fish should appear on your table as a main course at least once a week.
  4. If there is cereal, pasta and bread, then only whole grains.
  5. We replace desserts with fruits, but eat them as a separate meal. For example, as a snack between breakfast and lunch. In case the fruit is not at hand, keep a pack of nuts in your desk or purse.
  6. Finish your dinner with red wine, but observe the dosage. For the fair sex, it is 90-100 ml, for the strong - 150 ml.
  7. No rush! The meal should be a pure pleasure for you, during which you are not distracted by anything and do not think about anything other than a piece melting on your tongue.

The Mediterranean diet is not popular among hurry people, since it will allow you to lose 10 kg only after six months or a year. But it is adored by those who are seriously concerned about preserving their health, beauty and youth. True, the diet has one drawback: it significantly hits the wallet.

How to consolidate the result?

How to consolidate the result when losing weight by 10 kg

It is not enough to choose the right 10 kg weight loss diet and sustain it. The achieved result must still be saved! Even with healthy eating habits and daily routines, many are regularly captured by old-life temptations.

In order not to succumb to them, it is important:

  1. Eat small portions, but often so that a sudden feeling of hunger does not overtake you in front of a display case with buns.
  2. Lead an active lifestyle and play sports 2-3 times a week.
  3. Whichever diet option is preferred, at the consolidating stage, it is necessary to return to it all the main groups of food products - proteins, fats, grains, vegetables and fruits.
  4. Consume plenty of clean drinking water and unsweetened teas. The total volume is calculated according to the formula "multiply 30 ml by the number of kilograms of body weight", unless the person has kidney problems.
  5. Get on the scales regularly. Best of all on a certain day of the week on an empty stomach, this will allow you to control your weight and notice its gain in time.

Note! There is no point in weighing yourself every day, since weight fluctuations of 1-2 kg are quite natural, especially for women during menstruation. The weekly monitoring gives a clearer picture.

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