White diet after teeth whitening - rules, menus, reviews

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White diet after teeth whitening - rules, menus, reviews
White diet after teeth whitening - rules, menus, reviews

Principles of the white diet, permitted and prohibited foods. Menu for one day and for a week, real reviews.

The White Diet for Teeth is the recommended diet after the tooth enamel whitening procedure. It involves the exclusion of products containing dyes. But with its help, you can not only preserve white teeth, but also lose weight. Consider what a white diet is after bleaching.

Principles of White Diet After Teeth Whitening

White diet

The diet gets its name from the foods that make up the diet. Most are light in color and do not contain natural or artificial colors. The second name of the diet is "transparent". It includes foods useful for the body, heals and allows you to lose weight by 7-10 kg per week.

However, the main purpose of the diet is to preserve the natural color of tooth enamel after bleaching. The need for dietary restrictions is due to the fact that the procedure is performed with aggressive chemicals. They make the enamel porous and thin, easily pigmented. Diet is required to protect teeth from exposure to coloring compounds in foods.

Important! If you do not change your diet, the effect will not last even for 2 weeks. The transition to a white diet after whitening allows you to strengthen the enamel and maintain the result.

The duration of the white diet should be at least 2 weeks. For best results, it is advisable to extend it up to a month. Some people stick to their diet for 1 to 2 years.

If you can't completely abandon foods with dyes, eat them a little. Take drinks through a straw, carefully, in small portions. It is worth giving up alcohol and smoking, as they negatively affect the color and quality of the enamel.

In addition to whitening, the white diet menu has a slimming effect. This happens by reducing the consumption of sweets, chocolate, fatty and fried foods, giving up bad habits.

In addition to the traditional white diet, which includes a number of permitted foods without dyes, there is also a mono diet. It implies the use of only one product, which determines the type of diet:

  • lactic;
  • curd;
  • kefir;
  • rice;
  • meat (only white meat is allowed);
  • coconut;
  • bean.

But the mono-diet is dangerous to health. Its duration should not be more than a week. It is suitable for the initial stage. For example, if you have just whitened your teeth, you can only eat cottage cheese or yogurt for the first 3-5 days. Then gradually introduce other foods from the approved list.

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