Kefir-apple diet - rules, menus, reviews

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Kefir-apple diet - rules, menus, reviews
Kefir-apple diet - rules, menus, reviews

Rules and features of the kefir-apple diet. Permitted and prohibited foods, food ration for 3 and 9 days. Results and reviews.

Kefir-apple diet is an effective way to fight excess weight. This is an express method, which involves the use of only apples, kefir and clean drinking water for 3 or 9 days.

Features of the kefir-apple diet

Kefir-apple diet for weight loss

Kefir-apple diet is very popular among overweight people. This type of food allows you to quickly remove extra pounds, returns vigor, lightness and good health. It is best to start losing weight in the fall, in the apple season, when you can buy a high-quality, natural product at an affordable price.

The essence of the kefir-apple diet is that it is recommended to leave apples, kefir and water in the diet for 3, 7 or 9 days. It is these foods that form the basis of the diet. In the event that there is a need to expand the menu, it is enriched with a small amount of permitted products.

The main benefit of the kefir-apple diet is the ability to cleanse the body of toxins, toxins, and waste products of bacteria. Even 1 fasting day a month on apples and kefir is able to start the processes of self-purification and renewal of the body. And all this is due to the beneficial properties of two foods that are recommended to be left in the daily diet.

Apples are called "rejuvenating" for a reason. They contain a large amount of fiber and pectin, which binds and removes the remains of all the "food waste" that has accumulated in the body. The body is cleansed, renewed, stomach activity and, consequently, the quality of the skin improves. The product also contains useful vitamins and minerals that have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the entire body as a whole.

The use of high-quality kefir with a bacterial ferment allows you to restore the normal microflora. Useful lactobacilli and bifidobacteria take part in the utilization of fats, sugar, carbohydrates and do not allow harmful substances to pass into fat deposits. As a result, metabolic processes are improved, it is easier to lose weight and maintain its optimal performance in the future.

To achieve the best result and consolidate it, it is recommended to follow the rules of the kefir-apple diet:

  • Daily amount of fruits… In the process of losing weight, it is recommended to eat up to 1.5 kg of green, unsweetened apples per day.
  • Apple quality… It is better to give preference to domestic, seasonal products that were grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides and were not treated with wax or paraffin. It is better to purchase apples from trusted farmers who do not use antibacterial spraying when growing fruit. After all, apples will have to be eaten for 3, 7 or 9 days, and poor-quality food can adversely affect the state of health and the detoxification system.
  • Duration of the diet… It is recommended to adhere to such a diet for no more than 7-9 days. This is due to a paucity of diet, a significant reduction in calories and an increased risk of developing deficiencies of useful vitamins, trace elements and other nutrients.

If, in the process of observing the apple-kefir diet, there is a sharp deterioration in health, discomfort or pain in the abdomen, it is necessary to stop losing weight. A similar reaction can be associated with both individual intolerance to a large number of apples and kefir, and a malfunction of the stomach, which is not able to digest fiber along with lactose.

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