Chocolate diet - rules and menus

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Chocolate diet - rules and menus
Chocolate diet - rules and menus

Features of the chocolate diet. Allowed and Prohibited Products. Menu for 3 and 7 days. Results and reviews of losing weight.

The chocolate diet is every woman's dream. Eat chocolate, drink coffee and lose weight. But the diet is harsh, unbalanced and hazardous to health if you do not adhere to certain rules.

Features of the chocolate diet

Chocolate diet for weight loss

The chocolate diet for weight loss is considered strict. It involves consuming a bar of chocolate throughout the day and coffee without sugar. Other foods and drinks are prohibited. The calorie content of the daily diet is 500-600 kcal.

The chocolate bar is divided into 3 meals. You cannot drink coffee with chocolate. The gap is 2 hours. For a day, losing weight drink 2 liters of clean water.

The express diet belongs to the category of strict and low-carb, therefore it is difficult to tolerate. This is a blow to the liver, and it is not allowed to sit on a chocolate diet for more than a week.

To reduce health risks, the diet is preceded by a fasting day. The exit from the chocolate diet should be gentle, with the gradual addition of foods. Start with light salads, gradually moving on to cereals, fish and meat.

There are several varieties of the chocolate diet:

  • Drinking… For 1-3 days, it is allowed to drink cocoa, coffee, hot chocolate, water and tea. In addition to liquids, other foods are prohibited. Sugar is banned.
  • Chocolate for 3 or 7 days… You can eat hard chocolate and drink coffee or green tea.
  • In Italian… A gentle version of the diet, designed for 2 weeks. In addition to chocolate, they consume products with complex carbohydrates: vegetables, fruits, durum wheat products. Chocolate is allowed in the amount of 30 g per day.
  • Chocolate milk… Milk is drunk during breaks, used for cooking.
  • Protein-chocolate… The diet combines the consumption of fish, meat, eggs and chocolate.

The advantages of the chocolate diet are that it gives quick results, is suitable for those with a sweet tooth, and improves mood. Natural cocoa powder contains minerals, flavonoids that have a beneficial effect on the body.

But the chocolate diet has contraindications:

  • Diabetes… There is sugar in chocolate, so its use is contraindicated for this disease.
  • Allergy… Cocoa powder is an allergenic product.
  • Diseases of the liver and kidneys… During the diet, the kidneys in large quantities have to remove stagnant fluid. In the absence of carbohydrate food, an increased load is created on the liver. If these organs are out of order, the diet will harm your health.
  • Hypertension… Chocolate and coffee increase blood pressure and stress the heart.
  • Metabolic disorders, endocrine diseases… The diet is unbalanced, so there are metabolic problems.

When deciding on a chocolate diet, you need to assess the risks and your own willpower. If you fail, all efforts will be lost.

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