Types and menus of curd diet

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Types and menus of curd diet
Types and menus of curd diet

Features of the curd diet, permitted and prohibited foods. Varieties and options of the menu. Results and reviews of losing weight.

The curd diet is a popular mono-diet among those who are losing weight, the main product of the diet of which is cottage cheese. This product is known to everyone as very healthy, full of protein and important macronutrients. And it is also quite satisfying, so it quickly became one of the key ones for those who want to lose weight. Next, you will learn how effective the cottage cheese diet is and how to use it correctly.

Features and rules of the curd diet

Slimming cottage cheese

The cottage cheese diet is chosen quite often, since it allows you to lose up to 7 kilograms in a week. The main dish of the diet is 5% or low-fat cottage cheese with various additives. In the latter, there is absolutely no fat, only 1.3 g per 100 g of product and a lot of protein - 16.5 g.

The rules of the curd diet for weight loss:

  1. You can use only cottage cheese up to 5% fat, otherwise there will be no result from losing weight. Remember that the body also needs fats, so if you are using a fat-free product, then add other healthy fats, such as nuts.
  2. Remember to drink water, preferably mineral or filtered water. You cannot replace it with tea or other drinks, because they have completely different properties.
  3. Do not use a lot of salt in your cooking. Too much of it and a small amount of water consumed violates the water-salt balance of the body, provoking edema, which we often mistake for fat.
  4. Also, sugar cannot be used in cooking. These are net carbs, and even a couple of scoops are high in calories. If you have a sweet tooth, consider switching to a virtually calorie-free sweetener.
  5. You can cook food in any way other than frying. When frying, a lot of oil is used, and it is very high in calories.
  6. Add more physical activity to your life. Start walking more, doing exercises. You can go swimming or yoga. Sports activities will only increase the effect of losing weight, and will also help make your figure beautiful and fit.
  7. Sitting on a mono-diet, it is not always possible to saturate the body with all the necessary vitamins, so you can buy vitamin and mineral complexes at the pharmacy.
  8. After the end of the diet, you cannot change the diet dramatically, otherwise all efforts may collapse. Previously prohibited foods should be included in the diet gradually.
  9. Having achieved the result, it is advisable to regularly arrange a fasting day on cottage cheese.

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Pros and cons of curd diet

Pregnancy as a contraindication to the curd diet

Cottage cheese is certainly a very healthy product, and it may seem that such a mono-diet is absolutely safe. But it is not so. There are nuances in any diet that must be followed.

Pros of the curd diet:

  1. It will really help you lose weight very quickly. A lot of people have tried the curd diet, and there is no one who does not help it.
  2. Curd is very healthy. It contains a lot of vitamins, minerals, protein, fat-soluble acids.
  3. With a low carbohydrate content, cottage cheese remains a very satisfying product, so the likelihood of a breakdown from the diet is extremely small.
  4. Cottage cheese improves the water-salt balance of organisms, stimulates the intestines, and normalizes the liver.
  5. Consuming cottage cheese will make bones and nails stronger, hair shiny, and skin soft and radiant.

Cons of the curd diet:

  1. After any diet, you can gain the lost pounds back, so you need to approach weight loss correctly. Do not force yourself into an unnecessarily strict diet. The main thing is to observe the daily calorie deficit and the norm of BJU (proteins, fats, carbohydrates).
  2. Not everyone can withstand a mono-diet. The human brain is designed in such a way that variety is important for him in food.A varied food helps to saturate the body with all the important elements for maintaining health, therefore, the brain perceives monotonous nutrition in a negative way, and it becomes psychologically difficult to eat the same thing. Therefore, you can alternate the curd diet with others, for example, with buckwheat or oatmeal.
  3. The curd diet has a number of contraindications. People with lactose intolerance, anemia, chronic diseases of the digestive system, as well as any acute ones should not sit on it. The acute period of the disease is an undesirable time for losing weight. The body needs to feel comfortable. Also, pregnant and lactating women should not limit themselves in nutrition.

Allowed and prohibited foods on a curd diet

Allowed foods on a curd diet

Sitting on a cottage cheese diet, you will have to prepare for the fact that you need to limit yourself in something. Of course, the number of restrictions depends on the desired result, in principle, you can eat anything at all. But in order to be not only thin, but also beautiful, it is important to eat a balanced diet. In general, you need to diversify your meals with different additives in order to saturate the body with substances that are not contained in cottage cheese, and not to torture yourself with monotony.

Allowed foods on a curd diet:

  1. Fruits, dried fruits and berries… You can eat ripe berries and fruits, preferably non-starchy ones. An excellent addition to cottage cheese will be an apple, pear, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry.
  2. Non-starchy vegetables and herbs… Starchy vegetables like potatoes are high in carbohydrates and therefore calories. Therefore, it is better to give preference to cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini and other healthy vegetables with low carbohydrate content.
  3. Nuts… This is a source of healthy fats, so adding them to cottage cheese is not only possible, but also necessary. The main thing is not to overdo it, because they are quite high in calories.
  4. Bran… It is a source of fiber and complex carbohydrates. They are very useful, but also quite high in calories, so do not get too carried away with them.
  5. Low-fat dairy products… Low-fat milk, sour cream, kefir will be a pleasant addition to cottage cheese. They are also high in protein and low in carbohydrates.
  6. Lean meat… It's a great source of protein, so you can add some chicken, rabbit, or turkey to your diet.
  7. Eggs… It is pure protein and pure fat. So it's better to eat one egg a day, but you can use egg white separately from the yolk in cooking.

Prohibited foods on a curd diet:

  1. Bold… Our body needs very little fat, so fatty foods on a diet are prohibited. In addition, they are usually quite high in calories.
  2. Starch products… This includes potatoes, bananas (although they can be added occasionally), corn, rice.
  3. Flour… The baked goods are loaded with simple carbohydrates, which are high in calories and low in saturation. Having eaten one loaf, which contains from 300 to 500 kilocalories, you want to eat in an hour.
  4. Sweets… They contain a lot of calories and practically no benefit, moreover, the feeling of fullness does not last long. The worst thing for those losing weight is that the constant consumption of sugar forms a kind of addiction. The more we eat sweet, the more we want it, and vice versa.
  5. Alcohol… Although at first glance it may not seem so, alcoholic products contain a lot of calories. Therefore, if you are trying to lose weight, it is better to temporarily stop using them.

Important! Never eat fast food or soda. These are very high-calorie foods that do not benefit the body and do not give a full-fledged feeling of fullness.

Varieties of curd diet

Dairy and curd diet

In order to make the diet more complete and varied, different options for the curd diet are used:

  1. Curd-kefir… Assumes the use of 2 glasses of kefir per day. For example, for breakfast a glass of kefir can be divided with 100 grams of cottage cheese, and in the afternoon you can have a kefir snack. Better to use a non-fat drink.
  2. Milk curd… The daily ration of this diet consists of 400 grams of cottage cheese and 1 liter of milk.They keep such a diet for 3 days, and during this period you can get rid of 2-3 kilograms of excess weight. This diet is best done over the weekend to avoid adding stress to your work schedule. It is also recommended to consume enough water and green tea.
  3. Curd and yoghurt… This diet is carried out for 6 days. The daily diet consists of 600 ml of natural low-fat yogurt without additives and dyes and 200 grams of cottage cheese. Fruits and nuts can be used as additives.
  4. Egg-curd… This is a diet rich in protein. Only one whole egg is consumed per day, but egg whites are used in cooking. For example, you can make an omelet from 3 proteins and 1 yolk - this dish will be a great breakfast.
  5. Curd and vegetable… This is a three-day diet in which curd dishes are combined with various vegetable salads, ratatouille, vegetable stews. It is important not to get carried away on it and observe the calorie deficit necessary for losing weight. If you find it too difficult to maintain a diet, you can try the alternation method: eat according to the rules for 3 days, and allow yourself a denser diet for 4 days. You can add more fruits, meat, carbohydrate products to the diet.
  6. Curd-fruit… On a three-day curd-fruit diet, you can get rid of 3 kilograms of excess weight. It is quite satisfying, so there is no discomfort. You can arrange a 3-5-day apple diet in combination with cottage cheese. Her daily diet consists of 2 kilograms of apples and 200 grams of cottage cheese. Usually food is divided into 5-6 meals, but you can use the usual three meals a day. Another fruit diet option is with a banana. Banana is rich in carbohydrates and therefore only needs very little to create a feeling of fullness. For 100 grams of cottage cheese, you need to add half a banana, and you get a full-fledged dish.
  7. Curd-oatmeal… Oatmeal is another healthy, complex carbohydrate that you can add to your curd diet. She, too, causes a feeling of satiety, and you need very little of it. The optimal duration of this diet is 7 days. On it you need to alternate oatmeal and curd dishes, for example, oatmeal for breakfast, and for lunch - 100 grams of cottage cheese with additives.
  8. Curd-buckwheat… The diet is carried out for 2 weeks, and during this time you can lose up to 10 kilograms of excess weight. Buckwheat is an excellent low-calorie product with complex carbohydrates in its composition. For weight loss, 2 glasses of buckwheat are steamed overnight with 4 glasses of boiling water. In the morning, you can prepare a healthy breakfast with kefir or milk from it. For lunch, buckwheat can be mixed with cottage cheese, and for dinner, eat cottage cheese with fruit or nut additives. It is better to choose green-golden buckwheat, because there was very little thermal effect on it. Such cereals are rich in vitamins, macro- and microelements.

Curd diet menu

This diet assumes that at least one meal will contain this product. Strict mono diets are made entirely of cottage cheese without additives, but we offer you a varied cottage cheese diet menu from 3 days to 4 weeks.

Curd diet menu for 3 days

A varied diet will help you get rid of a few centimeters in your waist if you are slightly overweight.

An approximate menu of a curd diet for 3 days:

Day Breakfast Dinner Dinner
First Boiled egg, green tea with sweetener 150 g cottage cheese 0% fat with apple or berries 150 g cottage cheese 0% fat without additives
Second 150 g cottage cheese 0% fat and green tea with sweetener 100g boiled chicken breast and a cup of tea 150 g low-fat cottage cheese and a glass of low-fat kefir
Third Boiled egg and green tea with sweetener 100g boiled chicken breast and a cup of tea 150 g cottage cheese 0% fat and apple

Curd diet menu for 7 days

This nutrition system will help you get rid of 3 to 10 kilograms per week, but remember that it is undesirable to drastically lose weight. Rapid weight changes can lead to the formation of unaesthetic skin folds.

An example of a curd diet menu for 7 days:

Day Breakfast Dinner Dinner
First 150 g cottage cheese 0% fat, grapefruit or orange and green tea with sweetener 100 g cottage cheese 0% fat and boiled egg 100 g lean boiled meat, vegetable salad and rosehip decoction
Second 40 g bran with milk 0% fat 100 g of cottage cheese 0% fat and 100 g of boiled lean meat 100 g baked lean fish fillet, carrot salad and herbal decoction
Third 150 g cottage cheese 0% fat, grapefruit or orange and green tea with sweetener 100 g cottage cheese 0% fat and boiled egg 100 g baked chicken breast, tomato salad and rosehip decoction
Fourth 40 g bran with milk 0% fat 100 g cottage cheese 0% fat and 100 g lean fish fillet Cabbage salad and green tea
Fifth 150 g cottage cheese 0% fat, grapefruit or orange and green tea with sweetener 100 g cottage cheese 0% fat and boiled squid Vegetable soup and rosehip decoction
Sixth 40 g bran with milk 0% fat 100 g cottage cheese 0% fat and boiled egg 100 g baked fish fillet, lettuce and green tea with sweetener
Seventh 150 g cottage cheese 0% fat, grapefruit or orange and green tea with sweetener 100 g cottage cheese 0% fat with berries Cucumber and greens salad and green tea with sweetener

Breakfast on the cottage cheese diet menu for the week is rather monotonous - this is practically a tradition in some dietary diets. If you find it hard to eat the same dish, you can replace cottage cheese with oatmeal or bran with milk.

Curd diet menu for 2 weeks

This food option is suitable for those who want to get rid of quite noticeable excess weight.

We offer several options for the curd diet menu for 2 weeks:

Breakfast Dinner Dinner
A glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, 30 g oatmeal in milk Curd casserole, carrot salad 50 g boiled crab meat, bread with low-fat cheese
A glass of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, 30 g of bran with milk, 0% fat 100 g cod fillet, 100 g cottage cheese Vegetable soup, green tea with sweetener
2 loaves of cottage cheese 0% fat and tea with sweetener Cottage cheese casserole with carrots, peas and low-fat cheese 50 g boiled crab meat, bread with cottage cheese 0% fat
30 g lean boiled meat, cucumber, bread Cottage cheese with low-fat grated cheese and sweet pepper, bread Curd and berry casserole
30 g of boiled turkey, a loaf of cottage cheese 0% fat, a glass of grapefruit juice 250 g cottage cheese 0% fat with berries, oatmeal Curd mass with herbs and cucumber
A glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and 30 g of oatmeal Cottage cheese-semolina casserole with raspberries and lemon zest 50 g hake fillet and vegetables
2 loaves of cottage cheese and a cup of tea with sweetener Cottage cheese 0% fat with kefir and prunes 200 g squash soup and bread

On a note! If you find it difficult to follow the three meals a day, you can arrange snacks with an apple or grapefruit between meals.

Curd diet menu for 4 weeks

The diet is designed for those who want to lose weight gradually and at the same time can withstand a rather monotonous menu during this time.

4 Weeks Curd Diet Meal Options:

Breakfast Dinner Dinner
100 g oatmeal and 2 green apples 200 g boiled chicken breast and vegetable salad 150 g cottage cheese 0% fat with apple
Boiled soft-boiled egg, green tea with sweetener 150 g cottage cheese 0% fat with berries Vegetable stew
120 g cottage cheese 0% fat and orange 150 g cottage cheese 0% fat and 100 g melon 100 g steamed beef, carrot salad, herbal tea
A glass of kefir 0% fat and a loaf of bread 100 g oatmeal with tsp. honey, 100 g cottage cheese 0% fat and apple Baked lean fish fillet, vegetable salad, rosehip decoction
100 g oatmeal with berries 100 g cottage cheese 0% fat and boiled egg 200 g boiled chicken and banana
Boiled egg and grapefruit 100 g of cottage cheese 0% fat and 100 g of boiled chicken 150 g baked turkey with vegetables
30 g bran with low-fat milk Vegetable stew and 2 slices of low-fat cheese 200 g baked pollock, broccoli and grapefruit

Real reviews of the curd diet

Reviews of the curd diet

The curd diet is really effective and hasn't left anyone disappointed yet. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the reviews of those who are losing weight about the curd diet.

Svetlana, 45 years old

I have tried this diet many times. I always used homemade cottage cheese, I cooked it myself. I take milk and leave it to sour in a warm place, then I boil it. The first time I was sitting, I lost 10 kg of weight, then I weighed 65 kg. Since then, if I understand what I have typed, I immediately take up the cottage cheese.

Inna, 37 years old

I have been a donut for a long time, but somehow I did not think about getting rid of excess weight, but one day I decided to lose weight. I began to look for all sorts of diets, and now I came across a photo before and after the curd diet. I was very inspired and decided to try it. I found that you can sit on cottage cheese and fruits, and I love sweets, so I decided to choose this option. I counted the calorie intake and began to cook curd dishes for myself. The result - I lost 5 kg in a week. Now I will take a break from this diet, but I will still be counting calories. Then I'll sit down again.

Natalia, 28 years old

I just finished the curd diet just recently. I tried several different methods, and this one also did not disappoint, I really like the fact that it contains a lot of protein, and protein is important for muscles. I go in for sports on any diets so that my figure is fit, and you feel great. I used 5% cottage cheese, ate boiled meat for lunch, otherwise nothing, in the evenings, all sorts of vegetable salads, soups. Cottage cheese interfered with a lot of things: with kefir, with fruits, with herbs, so that it was tasty. It took 5 kg in a week, and I am happy with the result, so I advise everyone else.

Watch the video about the curd diet:

A curd diet is an effective way to lose weight, in addition, the diet is filled with a large amount of protein and a minimum of carbohydrates. It is important to maintain a calorie deficit, not to eat fatty and fried foods, and the result will not leave itself waiting.

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