Menu and diet rules after childbirth

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Menu and diet rules after childbirth
Menu and diet rules after childbirth

What is the diet after childbirth, the basic rules of nutrition after the birth of a child. What foods are allowed and what are forbidden for a nursing mother? Diet menu after childbirth, real reviews.

Diet after childbirth is a rational correction of nutrition, based on the needs of the body of a nursing mother. A specific diet is based on taking into account the characteristics of the period, but also allows the mother to normalize her weight. The mother's diet after childbirth is also important for the baby, since a balanced diet also affects the quality of milk. The return of harmony after childbirth has its own specifics and depends on the individual characteristics of the female body, the method of delivery and the condition of the woman after the baby is born. A woman receives recommendations on proper nutrition already in the postpartum ward. But if we are talking about the individual preparation of the menu, the appointment of a diet in the first month after childbirth should be carried out by a nutritionist after personal consultation.

Diet rules after childbirth

Nutrition after childbirth

The mother's diet after childbirth is called nutritional correction during the period from delivery to the beginning of the first menstruation. This is the period called postpartum, and nutrition is developed taking into account both the mother's desire to return to the "pre-pregnant" forms, and the needs of the child, if natural breastfeeding is carried out. At the same time, the diet in the first month after childbirth is somewhat different from the subsequent months, when the child's body adapts to a new way of digestion.

For the entire postpartum period, the diet for a lactating woman must comply with the key principles:

  • Nutrition should be varied - here we are not talking about a complete change in food addictions, but about controlling the amount of nutrients in food. Severe restrictions are strictly prohibited: the diet menu after childbirth should include the maximum amount of food allowed.
  • Balanced diet: the ratio of complex carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats consumed per day should be 4: 3: 3.
  • Control of consumed portions: the birth and feeding of a baby is not a reason to eat "for two". Naturally, the diet after childbirth for a nursing mother takes into account the "double" load of a woman, however, the calorie content of the daily diet increases by only 400 kcal, no more.
  • The food must be of good quality. Unhealthy foods such as sweets and fast food, semi-finished products should be removed from the table, but healthy products (vegetables, fruits) should be added. The introduction of new foods into the diet should be carried out gradually.
  • The number of meals during the diet of a nursing mother after childbirth should be at least 5 - 3 main meals and 2 snacks, dinner should be held 2 hours before bedtime. It is important to control not only the number of meals, but also their regularity.

Drinking regime during lactation is selected individually. The basic rule is to drink a glass of warm water 10-15 minutes before feeding the baby. If, during the formation of lactation, milk arrives too quickly, up to painful sensations in the breast, then the amount of fluid consumed can be reduced. Once milk production has stabilized, you can return to normal fluid intake.

Important! Mindfulness is a key rule of postpartum diet for nursing mothers. Restrictions and stresses due to harsh dietary conditions lead to a decrease in the amount of breast milk, and the rejection of any "framework" can lead to the development of allergies in the baby.

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