Banana diet rules and menus for weight loss

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Banana diet rules and menus for weight loss
Banana diet rules and menus for weight loss

Basic principles of the banana diet. The list of permitted and prohibited products, an approximate menu for 3 and 7 days. Banana diet results, real reviews.

The Banana Diet is a mono diet formulated by a Japanese nutritionist. Allows you to quickly lose weight, normalize the stomach. But such a diet is not suitable for people with intolerance to simple carbohydrates.

Features and rules of the banana diet

Banana diet

Mono diets are some of the most effective and are suitable for most people. Nutritionists point out that according to the results of numerous studies, the banana diet for weight loss does not negatively affect the functioning of the stomach, unlike the mixed type of food. Healthy fruits help to speed up the recovery of damaged tissues and mucous membranes of the stomach, protect it from the formation of ulcers.

The main benefits of the banana diet:

  • Cleansing… Bananas gently cleanse the body, remove toxins and toxic substances.
  • Saturation with vitamins and minerals… Thanks to the rich composition on a banana diet, you can fill the deficiency of missing vitamins - A, group B, E, ascorbic acid, as well as minerals - calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, iron.
  • Normalization of stomach functioning… Potassium deserves special attention. Bananas are rich in this substance, which has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the heart and blood vessels, as well as the stomach.
  • Short duration… The banana diet does not involve prolonged fasting. The duration of such a diet is only 3-5 days, and during this time the product manages to act as efficiently as possible. With strict adherence to all recommendations, in some cases people managed to lose up to 7-10 kg. Of no small importance are the initial indicators - body weight, metabolic rate, age.
  • Lack of hunger… Bananas contain a large amount of glucose, sugars, fructose, which provide quick satiety, supply the brain with useful substances, and improve mood. Fruits can dull hunger for a long time, so this diet is well tolerated by most people.

Important! With a gradual withdrawal from the banana diet, it is possible to maintain weight for a long time, restore metabolic processes, and improve the condition of the skin, hair, nails.

However, the banana diet also has disadvantages: a poor diet, possible individual intolerance to simple carbohydrates. Compared to other diets, it is not always possible to lose a lot of body weight on banana diets due to the short duration of this type of diet. If a person does not leave the diet gradually and immediately return the usual food to the diet, then the lost kilograms will quickly recover. As with other mono diets, long-term consumption of bananas alone can cause oversaturation and psychological discomfort when eating the fruit.

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