Elderberry jam - benefits, harms, recipes

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Elderberry jam - benefits, harms, recipes
Elderberry jam - benefits, harms, recipes

Important components in the composition of berries, the calorie content of the product. Why is elderberry jam useful and can it be dangerous? Cooking recipes, pastries with jam.

Elderberry jam is an original dessert that can be served with tea or used as an ingredient in baked goods and other sweet dishes. Quite rarely appears on our tables, and all because the opinion about the effect of berries on the body is contradictory. Traditional medicine considers elderberry a cure for many diseases, and the official one reminds that it is very easy to poison it. The truth, as always, is somewhere in between: elderberry jam can be eaten, but in small quantities, so we can get benefits from the berries and not endanger ourselves. However, we note right away that jam can only be made from black elderberry, red berry is poisonous even in small quantities.

Composition and calorie content of elderberry jam

The appearance of elderberry jam

In the photo, elderberry jam

Elderberry is one of the most high-calorie berries among the berries, but even so, jam from it can be considered a dietary dessert.

The calorie content of elderberry jam is 240 kcal per 100 g, of which:

  • Proteins - 0.3 g;
  • Fat - 0.3 g;
  • Carbohydrates - 55.6 g.

It should be noted that this energy value is relevant for classic jam, in which the ingredients are calculated 1: 1, that is, 1 kg of berries is taken for 1 kg of sugar and no water is added. If the recipe calls for less sugar or added water, the reading will be lower.

The berry itself has a rich chemical composition, it is especially valuable with vitamins C, B6, as well as iron, calcium, phosphorus.

Vitamins per 100 g:

  • Vitamin A, RE - 30 mcg;
  • Vitamin B1, thiamine - 0.07 mg
  • Vitamin B2, riboflavin - 0.06 mg;
  • Vitamin B5, pantothenic acid - 0.14 mg;
  • Vitamin B6, pyridoxine - 0.23 mg;
  • Vitamin B9, folate - 6 mcg;
  • Vitamin C, ascorbic acid - 36 mg;
  • Vitamin PP, NE - 0.5 mg.

Macronutrients per 100 g:

  • Potassium - 280 mg;
  • Calcium - 38 mg;
  • Magnesium - 5 mg;
  • Sodium - 6 mg;
  • Sulfur - 6.6 mg;
  • Phosphorus - 39 mg

Microelements per 100 g:

  • Iron - 1.6 mg;
  • Copper - 61 mcg;
  • Selenium - 0.6 mcg;
  • Zinc - 0, 11 mg.

In addition, the berry contains such valuable components as dietary fiber, organic, phenolic and fatty acids, phytoncides, essential oils, tannins, amino acids, anthocyanins, flavonoids, etc. Of course, they are already present in a smaller amount in elderberry jam - cooking and storage are doing their job, but many of them remain active.

Useful properties of elderberry jam

Homemade elderberry jam

Elderberry helps to get rid of many ailments, ranging from colds to rheumatism. However, it is worth noting that one of the strongest effects of elderberry jam is observed precisely with colds. It has a complex anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and diaphoretic effect. Therefore, you should definitely prepare a jar of dessert for the winter.

Other health benefits of elderberry jam:

  1. Normalization of bowel function… The product contains dietary fiber in the form of pectin, which has a mild stimulating effect on the intestines, helps in establishing daily bowel movements, preventing constipation, bloating, flatulence.
  2. Toning effect on the body… The dessert has a positive effect on the nervous system, helps to cheer up, cheers up, relieves mental fatigue, and improves concentration. For this reason, a cup of tea with elderberry jam will be especially appropriate after lunch, so that the second half of the working day will be cheerful and efficient.
  3. Pressure stabilization… The product has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, it is especially good at reducing blood pressure, so hypertensive patients can safely introduce dessert into their diet in order to use drugs less often. In addition, jam does a good job of normalizing cholesterol levels.
  4. Diuretic and choleretic effect… Due to its light and mild diuretic effect, jam is a good prevention of edema and inflammation of the organs of the genitourinary system. The choleretic effect helps to improve digestion and prevents stone formation.
  5. Strengthening the body's defenses… Dessert has powerful antibacterial properties, thanks to which it is able not only to help in the prevention and treatment of colds, but also in the treatment of much more serious viruses and infections.

In addition, the benefits of elderberry jam are relevant in the treatment of obesity, rheumatism, ailments of the pancreas and thyroid gland, heart pathologies, atherosclerosis, gout and even tumor processes.

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