What is female flirting

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What is female flirting
What is female flirting

What is female flirting, reasons and varieties. Secrets of attracting the attention of the stronger sex.

Female flirting is a special art in which coquets attract the attention of the opposite sex for further communication with him. By nature, not every woman is endowed with this gift. Sometimes inept female flirting looks pretty vulgar and ruins the reputation of an unlucky adventurer. However, learning such a skill without the threat of being branded as an accessible person is real, which is worth learning in more detail.

History of female flirting

Geisha on the street

Not at all times, coquetry was considered a priority in building love relationships. In the era of antiquity, experienced seducers could be found exclusively among heterosexuals. Courtesans of the highest rank were not afraid of public condemnation, because they flirted with highly influential men. Once they were considered slaves, but later the getters honed the art of flirting as free individuals.

There is also an interesting story of geisha, whom ignorant people rank among the rank of fallen women. There are not many such high-class professionals in Japan at the moment. Their skill of coquetry never oversteps the bounds of decency. Only an intelligent and charismatic woman was able to hold a traditional tea party and win the hearts of its participants with her charm. The legal wives of the Japanese and ancient Greeks were deprived of the opportunity to hone their skills of seduction on the opposite field. Their duties included honoring the traditions of the clan and raising offspring.

Flirting of a woman in the Middle Ages in European countries was equated with witchcraft. The Church actively suppressed all sorts of urges of the human flesh, which she quite succeeded in. The fires of the Inquisition destroyed many amazing women, whose beauty made men lust.

The rule of the Louis dynasty allowed the coquettes to make up for missed opportunities. They demonstrated their charms openly, without fear of the consequences of free behavior. In the form of heavy artillery, flies, corsets, blush and playful antics were used.

At the moment, in some eastern countries, flirting with men can cost a woman a life. In other states, such barbarism is suppressed when it comes to simple flirting. The main thing in this matter is to know the extent to which you use your charms, so as not to incur trouble.

Why do women flirt?

Woman getting married

The fair sex is trying to establish contact with men with different zeal in this matter. One of the reasons for female flirting is habit. Some coquettes do not realize when they are trying to attract the attention of an object they like. For them, such communication is the norm, and they treat condemnation of others with sarcasm.

Some ladies are playing a double game. It is no secret that women often flirt with one man in order to provoke the reaction of another chosen one. Such a maneuver works unambiguously, because the instinct of possessiveness has not yet been canceled.

Competition also remains relevant in this matter. Quite interesting in its veracity is the statement about an ugly girlfriend, due to which you can look advantageous. It should be remembered that the tastes of a strong half of humanity are not subject to the deification of one type of women. So the chances of an ugly girlfriend, with her inner charm, can equal the strategy of her beautiful dummy competitor.

Do not forget about such a reason for women's flirting as self-affirmation. Men often do not take into account that there is always a strong female for every Casanova.She will visually succumb to the charms of a womanizer, maintaining the tactics of the behavior of a potential victim. Such women are especially dangerous for the male sex, because they eventually begin to be skillfully manipulated.

Often a banal desire to get married is hidden under women's flirting. Singles often resort to the art of female flirting in order to hear the long-awaited march of Mendelssohn. At the slightest appearance on the horizon of an attractive object, they begin to actively flirt.

In addition, flirting for the sake of procreation should not be written off. Let's remember the fighting Amazons with their charms for the benefit of procreation. To this day, a woman can flirt with a man in order to get pregnant for a couple of intimate dates.

Important! The ironic expression that the best friend is a bald friend looks realistic. Female friendships can end when it comes to flirting with a desired object. In the struggle for personal happiness, all means are good. Having close friends is great, but it's best to keep them away from intimate secrets.

Varieties of female flirting

A woman seduces a man

Manifestations of female flirting depend on the temperament of a seeker of love adventures. However, a woman with acting talent can play any role.

Types of flirting on the part of the fair sex:

  • Shy coquetry… There is a category of men who like the type of Turgenev girls. It is important for them to conquer a person who is endowed with obvious chastity. This kind of flirting involves deeply reddening cheeks and a glance to the side when a guy you like approaches. It should be remembered that the voiced tactics do not always work. It is effective only if there is no prolongation of the period of exchange of views without the prospect of further development of relations.
  • Teasing Beau… Again, it is important not to turn light flirting into an obvious mockery of a potential boyfriend in this case. It is quite possible to limit yourself to changing tactics in the style of attraction and rejection. Such maneuvers should be done with great delicacy.
  • Outright seduction… In this case, it is worth remembering the shots of the movie "American Beauty" and the unique moments from the bestseller "From Dusk Till Dawn". This strategy is used by women with great sexual potential. One feline bend in Demi Moore's body in The Stripper was enough for the tough Bruce Willis to fall at her feet.

See also how to flirt properly.

How to recognize female flirting?

Playful woman look

Manifestations of flirting with a man have different forms of visual presentation. Signs of female flirting are as follows:

  1. Increased attention… A person who is not interesting as a sexual object rarely attracts sympathy from the fair sex. Flirting begins when an electrical discharge runs between members of the opposite sex. A spark can also be formed unilaterally, which does not change the essence of the matter.
  2. Playful looks… You can say nothing, but actively send visual signs of attention to the object you like. It can be smiles at any of his words and frank examinations. At the same time, a woman will behave in a non-standard manner, but within the normal range, such behavior is not prohibited.
  3. Accidental touches… You can lean against a man a couple of times in public transport. This is not at all a sign of a woman's flirting. However, a man should think about it if an attractive person, as it were, casually tries to touch him. Perhaps with the help of such tactile contact, she is openly flirting.
  4. Feigned coldness… If a person is indifferent, then it is difficult not to understand. When asked how to recognize female flirting, one should consider the tactics of behavior of a person who is allegedly not interested in communication. She will show all the coldness of her soul in relation to the gentleman, but will not allow the opportunity to get off the hook.Usually women who are informed in advance about their communication with ladies' men behave this way.

Attention! Male and female flirting has different consequences. If the representative of the stronger sex is once again ticked off in terms of winning hearts, then the ladies, with unsuccessful coquetry, sometimes have to listen to the angry indignation of the public.

The main rules of female flirting

Communication between a man and a woman

A positive result should definitely work with a competent desire to please men. To avoid the possibility of being branded as a lady of easy virtue, you need to apply the secrets of female flirting in a clear dosage:

  • Demand… If a man is married, then the need for his attention requires maximum correctness. In this case, no one cancels female flirting if it does not go beyond what is permitted. The demand for such a love game must be put on the scales for and against. No one can prohibit flirting with a man they like if his relationship with his wife has no prospects. The main thing is to take into account that the spouse of a potential gentleman is also ready for divorce. Otherwise, it will not be possible to avoid a loud scandal.
  • Moderation… A woman who flirts with a lot of men should be prepared for public condemnation. You cannot be desired by everyone in the absence of ill-wishers as a result of this line of behavior. Flirting with the opposite sex is a natural thing when it does not overstep the bounds of morality.
  • Clear position… It is important to flirt when you do not want to get married at the same time with everyone and ultimately with no one. The question immediately arises about the advisability of voicing the issue of a clear position. And it is really possible to observe it when flirting with the maximum manifestation of one's own dignity. It is necessary to put yourself on such a bar, from the height of which human condemnation will look absurd and prejudice.
  • A little intrigue… If we are talking about female flirting, then a small element of the game will not hurt. Rather, it will come in very handy. Men love mysterious women, which is worth remembering. However, it is also recommended not to forget about a clear dosage of intrigue. Too complex objects to conquer may become uninteresting to the suitor. This factor is especially true for insecure men, who find it easier to give up their positions in an accelerated mode when a problem arises.
  • Correct movements… In the well-known TV series "Rostov" the anarchist Belka, without any moral principles, amazes with her energy. Her somewhat feigned antics do not irritate members of the opposite sex. Such a woman may flirt aggressively without uttering any words. The usefulness of walking from the hip has also not been canceled. Men will definitely appreciate a well-groomed and flexible woman in her movements.
  • Competent views… In this case, I recall the teaching of flirting in the movie "The Bat". Let such shooting with eyes remain in the past as a fond memory of a wonderful film masterpiece. It is necessary to use the tactics of a chained or scorching gaze. In the first case, it is not forbidden to closely focus your attention on the object of passion, when his attention is focused on something else. You need to look until the man feels a gaze on him. A competent reaction in this case consists in an instant demonstrative embarrassment, which will be accompanied by a warm smile. In the second case, you should not limit yourself if you want to flirt openly.
  • Ease of communication… When flirting, you do not need to tell your fan about problems in your personal life and at work. He does not initially need them if he barely knows a woman. Men are much more interested in a person who will be a playful cat, and not a person loaded with household issues. Ideally, you should subtly ask about your suitor's affairs. In the end, nothing will lose anything from a woman, and the gentleman will be pleased.

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If you want to know what female flirting means, you should remember the words of the main character of "Titanic". The heart of a woman is an unknown ocean, the mysteries of which only a strong man can understand. And it is better to make him feel like a conqueror of a proud personality with the cunning tactics of his partner's behavior.

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