Who are sociopaths and how to deal with them?

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Who are sociopaths and how to deal with them?
Who are sociopaths and how to deal with them?

How sociopaths become, the reasons for human deviant behavior in society. How to build a relationship with a sociopath?

A sociopath is a person who can be dangerous to society, because he does not want to live by its laws. Such individuals either boycott generally accepted moral norms, or defiantly violate them. Some people equate sociopath, social anxiety, and maniac. The justice or deceit of such an identity is worth looking into.

How do you become sociopaths?

Sociopathic man

A heated debate continues to this day around the voiced problem. When asked how they become sociopaths, experts agree on only one parameter - this is an innate factor. With a special structure of the brain, similar distortions of consciousness occur, which cannot always be determined without a deep analysis of a person's personality.

Therefore, sociopaths do not become, but they are born. To ruin other people's lives? Of course, because such personalities initially carry the seed of destruction. They are unable to create and do not strive to change their behavior.

Is it worth reproaching yourself to your parents that such an unusual child has appeared in the family? Definitely not. Genetics in this case does not matter. Let's put it simply: this is how the fateful stars are located, so be it.

Varieties of sociopaths

Active sociopath

There is no multidimensional classification of people according to this type of behavior. However, psychologists distinguish two types of personality of a sociopath unambiguously:

  • Latent cynics… Passivity in their behavior is only a screen behind which they hide their true thoughts and aspirations. Such people can be compared to a time bomb, the activity of which will unambiguously manifest itself in full force in the future. The contingent of such individuals usually includes persons who are under significant influence of the leader. It is he who restrains their desire to challenge public opinion.
  • Active sociopaths… Not in all cases they behave aggressively, skillfully disguising themselves as ordinary people. However, in the absence of an internal stop-tap, such people commit antisocial acts.

Important! Almost all sociopaths have a fairly high IQ. "Hero of Our Time" Pechorin was an unambiguous cynic who despised his surroundings. And at the moment, such proud sociopaths are found in modern society.

How to recognize a sociopath?

Sociopathic woman

In some cases, people with an unusual life model cannot be calculated the first time. However, a closer analysis should pay attention to the behavior of sociopaths and their personal position in relation to others:

  1. Lack of empathy… It is useless to tell such people about their troubles and experiences. At best, they will ignore the information they hear. At worst, they will begin to cruelly taunt the victim of circumstances or use the data they receive for their own gain.
  2. Denying your guilt… Sociopaths do not try to somehow justify their own asocial actions. They are not really ashamed of the evil they have done. In rare cases, such people generally voice their opinions about the actions they have taken, considering them to be the truth in all instances.
  3. Lack of affection… Sociopaths cannot a priori longing for their fellow man. Such emotional impulses are simply not available to them due to serious problems in comprehending reality and moral norms.
  4. Complete atrophy of conscience… They, like a little son, will not come to dad with the question: "What is good and what is bad?" Everything is always great for them, if in the end others suffer, but not themselves.
  5. Blatant disregard for the law… Legal norms for such persons are not something significant. They do not delve into them and consider them only an annoying obstacle on the way to getting all the pleasures of life. Can such a person kill? Maybe. Will he then regret such a terrible sin? Definitely not. By the way, sociopaths' crimes are solved quite quickly. Unlike psychopaths, they break the law in a spontaneous outburst without prior preparation.
  6. Obvious manifestations of aggression… When the question arises, how to recognize a sociopath, you can simply try to deprive him of what he wants. The reaction of the manipulator will be so violent that it is better not to risk your mental balance in this way. It should be remembered that such individuals are able to "dance on bones" in order to satisfy their own needs.
  7. Ability to masterfully lie… Although sociopaths have mental problems, they sometimes have no equal in ingenuity. For all their disregard for people, they may seem quite sociable individuals. Do not flatter yourself when showing their friendliness, because when the mask is ripped off by a manipulator, a potential victim is in for a real shock.
  8. Lack of desire to learn from mistakes… Why should a sociopath take into account his own mistakes if he considers himself to be right in everything? At the same time, he does not try to shift his blame onto other people, because it just seems boring to him.
  9. Desire to live on the outskirts… This aspect provides a major clue as to how a sociopath differs from a sociophobe. The second category of people tries to settle away from the noisy crowd of people because of the fear of society without showing aggression towards it. Some sociopaths buy housing on the outskirts of cities because they openly despise the representatives of society. They communicate with them only when it comes time to take advantage of someone's trust.
  10. Addiction to create love triangles… You can understand a man or woman who destroyed someone else's family in the name of great love. But how to deal with a sociopath if his intrusion into someone else's intimate territory becomes regular. Such people destroy other people's families for fun and for the sake of self-affirmation at the expense of psychologically weaker persons.

Attention! Sociopaths and misanthropes should not be confused, because we are talking about completely different psychotypes of people. In the second case, the person simply does not like to communicate with anyone, but is an emotionally healthy person.

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