Who are misanthropes and how to communicate with them?

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Who are misanthropes and how to communicate with them?
Who are misanthropes and how to communicate with them?

How to recognize a misanthrope, how does he manifest himself in society? The degree of danger, recommendations for establishing contact with such a person.

A misanthrope is a person who is able to hate all members of society, regardless of their gender. This category of people despises humanity for the fact that it simply exists close to an exceptional person. In a separate bunker, the misanthrope will feel quite comfortable, but it all depends on the degree of manifestation of his mental abnormalities. However, many individuals with such behavior are quite capable of getting along with people who seem to them to be persons worthy of communication.

Who are the misanthropes?

A group of misanthropes

Misanthropes are people who are dismissive of society, considering its representatives to be insignificant. This category of individuals despises not a specific person, but all of humanity at once.

Misanthropes are characterized by deviant behavior (behavior that does not meet the requirements of social norms), but this does not mean that they have mental instability. Such people cannot be classified as “psychopaths”, since the boundaries of their thinking do not exceed generally established standards. It is about character traits, not a distortion of consciousness. It is in this that a misanthrope differs from a sociopath, who can be dangerous to society, since it is capable of causing moral and physical harm to a neighbor.

Famous black metal vocalists are a striking example of misanthropes, according to psychologists. Such singing talents do not hesitate to voice propaganda for the destruction of humanity. At the same time, none of these performers was diagnosed with a mental illness. Talking about contempt for all of humanity does not mean dreaming about its extermination, in fact, outside the stage image.

No less interesting are the statements of Nietzsche and Schopenhauer about what a misanthrope means. Their reflections boil down to the fact that such a person is still considered a mentally unstable person. However, it is difficult to call Schopenhauer himself an adequate character in his denial of the continuation of the human race on earth. In the reproduction of people, the famous philosopher saw the spread of a dangerous infection across the planet in the form of homo sapiens.

There are two types of misantop people:

  • Passive representatives of this category can be friends, make amorous acquaintances in an extremely clearly limited framework. The principle of their choice of people for communication is not always clear, because misanthropes tend to go to extremes. The passive form of pathology is often not associated with an obvious manifestation of aggression. Such people usually find their vocation in writing philosophical works, which subsequently receive a wide readership.
  • If we are talking about an active misanthrope, then the evening definitely ceases to be languid. Inflicting pain and suffering on other people to a person with pronounced nihilism will not be difficult. Let's say more that he will receive tremendous satisfaction from the humiliation of the chosen victim. Let us recall the movie "Plumbum or the Dangerous Game", where the young misanthrope had minimal physical characteristics. However, this inferiority did not prevent him from despising everyone, bringing his father under the article and bringing the girl in love with him to death. For all their psychological “vampirism, on the physical plane, active misanthropes are rarely dangerous. They prefer to destroy by word, not by action.

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The causes of misanthropy

Communication fatigue as one of the causes of misanthropy

As a rule, they do not become misanthropes, but are born, and such people rarely change their views with age.However, external provocateurs still exist.

Among the most common reasons for the appearance of hostility towards people, the need to communicate with them for a long time on duty is highlighted. Not all interlocutors and clients are of high intelligence and decent manners. As a result, during the working day, the risk of encountering human tactlessness and outright provocations is not excluded. Such a bitter experience can then be formed in contempt for all representatives of society.

An excessive thirst for justice can also lead to a change in the perception of the surrounding reality. And here the question no longer arises as to why a person becomes a misanthrope. Excessive demands on yourself and other people often lead to sad consequences.

Overly strict parents should remember that their sometimes cruel measures of upbringing can turn the most affectionate child into a misanthrope. It is difficult to fall in love with the adult world, where stronger people achieve their goals with the help of physical strength or moral pressure.

How to recognize a misanthrope?

Misanthrope girl

To define such a non-standard personality, a lot of skill and observation will not be needed. What is the difference between a misanthrope and people with our usual thinking and perception of society:

  • Individualism… None of us is forbidden to put our own "ego" on a high pedestal. However, it is worth remembering that it is necessary to observe certain limits of what is permissible without the desire to turn into Pechorin or Childe Harold of the 21st century.
  • Protest against society… It is not necessary to blindly follow the canons that society imposes on a person. Becoming a puppet in such a case is not a productive way of expressing yourself. However, the misanthrope so obviously despises even the inner circle that this fact is hard to miss.
  • Nihilism… Under the sounded concept, they mean skepticism towards the norms by which society lives. Nihilism in rare cases has a latent manifestation. Usually such people loudly and sarcastically ridicule all the prevailing foundations in society.
  • Pessimism… It is difficult to be a cheerful person when you are surrounded by dullness and wretchedness. This is what misanthropes think and do not hide their boredom from communicating with people with even higher intellectual potential.
  • Enjoy your own features… An erroneous opinion would be the conclusion that misanthropes consider themselves flawed individuals. In most cases, they love their own person and enjoy their sense of hate towards people.
  • Unsociable and selective in acquaintance… No misanthrope will be surrounded by numerous friends and relatives. He does not need this, because such people like to be alone with their "cockroaches" in their heads.
  • Lack of extreme aggression… The misanthrope will not take a knife in his hands, but will draw a circle around himself from evil spirits. As her, he voices people he despises. And the superman considers a huge number of persons to be narrow-minded persons.

Important! You cannot equate misanthropes and anthropophobes. In the second case, we are talking about the fear of people, and not their categorical rejection.

How to communicate with a misanthrope?

It is not always possible to stay away from such persons with the active manifestation of nihilism in them, since the significance of the misanthrope in our life is not always of a secondary nature. What to do if we are talking about a close, but emotionally strange person?

Features of communication with a passive misanthrope

Communication with a passive misanthrope

Such a person will not bring much harm, but one should not expect joyful moments when communicating with her. To smooth out the rough edges when connecting with such a person, you need to choose the following tactics:

  1. Refusal to discuss with the idealist… At the same time, no one forbids engaging in heated battles with a skeptical "truth-bearer".As a result, he will remain unconvinced, and the provocateur will have an excellent chance to make a serious enemy for himself.
  2. Minimum discussion of moral topics… Who is a misanthrope in simple terms? This is a person who will always be dissatisfied with the behavior of others. You will definitely hear his loud indignation if you voice out loud the right of women to abortion and the need to develop territories untouched by civilization.
  3. Providing the opportunity to be on your own… It is not at all necessary to take the voiced recommendation in the literal sense of the word. The misanthrope is not a hermit, he just sometimes needs solitude even from the closest people.
  4. Gaining trust… In some cases, a person with such a line of behavior feels contempt for others because of their imaginary or real vices. Every effort should be made to ensure that relatives and friends become reliable and trusted people for the misanthrope.
  5. Formation of philanthropy… Psychologists recommend developing a radically opposite behavior model in a misanthropist. Philanthropy implies love for people and a sensitive understanding of their problems. In this case, it is best to invite the misanthrope to do charity work or participate in a social project.
  6. Buying a pet… If in the family one of its members is a sociopath, then the pet must be abandoned, since the animal will suffer from the sadistic inclinations of such a person. Misanthropes, on the other hand, are able to become attached to a pet, which is definitely worth using.
  7. Demonstrating a positive example… If we are talking about an already formed personality, then such a correction will not always bring the desired result. Children can read fairy tales about kind people who perform courageous deeds in the name of others.

Tactics of communicating with an active misanthrope

Communication with an active misanthrope

How to deal with a misanthrope who is demonstrative in his manifestations of contempt for the people around him? First of all, you do not need to frankly show your own superiority. The most successful way to get along with an active misanthrope is to use the "sacrifice" technique.

This trick becomes dangerous when it comes to sociopaths. Sensing the obvious weakness of the other person, they launch a furious attack. An active misanthrope, on the contrary, is able to regret the victim of his inadequate behavior.

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To avoid the question of how to communicate with a misanthrope, you should aim yourself in advance at long patience and the manifestation of maximum tact. It all depends on why the person began to despise the people around him. There is no need to provoke him, because as a result, the mood will deteriorate not with the misanthrope, but with the instigator of the educational process.

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