Free marriage: principles and opinion of society

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Free marriage: principles and opinion of society
Free marriage: principles and opinion of society

What is a free marriage, the history of its appearance. Features of relations, public opinion about a free marriage union.

Free marriage is a union between a man and a woman, which implies legalized affairs on the side. The lifestyle of such a couple is quite traditional: cohabitation, common children and a budget. However, in terms of sexual relations, the concept of "betrayal" does not exist in such a family, therefore, due to mistrust, a couple in the free format breaks up in rare cases.

Free marriage history

Free form of marriage

Under the primitive communal system, the family structure was subject to a single principle - to survive. In this regime, free marriage had no right to exist due to the refusal of the man from the weak female. The exception at that time was the marriage union, when representatives of different communities were sympathetic to the problem of incest.

For a long time after the conclusion of an alliance between a man and a woman, the right to seek intimate pleasures on the side remained with the spouse. In ancient Greece, girls under 12 years old were urgently "given into good hands" to men who were suitable for their age as fathers. As a result, the young wife became the slave of a more mature husband, and her duty was to give birth to as many future warriors as possible. Her husband at this time indulged in pleasures on the side, which was not considered shameful.

If we further analyze the historical facts, then a free marriage could not exist due to the great influence of the church on its parishioners. Each of the spouses could have connections on the side, but everything remained a secret with seven seals.

The wind of change has finally reached the European shores. Free marriage in France became most popular in the 17th century. After the wedding, the spouses did not hide their amorous adventures. It was considered bad manners if the wife does not have a lover. This means that she is not interesting to the representatives of the opposite sex. Loving a legitimate soul mate and being a monogamous person was tantamount to recognizing oneself as an inferior person. In the future, prim England joined the experiment from the French.

In the 60s-70s of the last century, a subculture called "hippies" loudly declared itself in the United States. Their slogan about the need to have sex, not war, went down in history not only on the American continent. The hippies did not analyze the pros and cons of free relationships in marriage, but acted in a sounded direction.

In Russia, such fashion trends have caused a wave of indignation among ordinary people. Love triangles have always existed, but no one dared to live openly according to such a scheme of building family relationships.

After the collapse of the USSR with its dogmas and prohibitions, the impossible became real. People who previously found fault with the union of the spouses Brik and Mayakovsky themselves gladly began experimenting with a more expanded program.

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