Temporary marriage: necessity or union for pleasure

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Temporary marriage: necessity or union for pleasure
Temporary marriage: necessity or union for pleasure

What is temporary marriage and what are its features? The rights of men and women in a union by agreement. Is a temporary marriage a clash of interests or a comfortable situation for both parties?

Temporary marriage (sige, mut'a) for Muslims is a union by mutual agreement on a clearly articulated term. However, it is not allowed in all eastern countries. Such a pairing was recognized and approved for a certain period by the Shiites who live in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Lebanon, etc. Many people do not know all the intricacies of an unusual Muslim union, so it is worth opening the curtain of an oriental love tale for a certain number of nights with the spouses.

What is temporary marriage?

Temporary marriage

Shiites to this day defend the legality of temporary marriage. It should be noted that the number of representatives of the sounded direction of Islam is 1/5 of the recorded number of all Muslims. For this reason, it is difficult to challenge their beliefs about the legitimacy of the existence of a time-limited marriage relationship.

Sex in such a marriage is in the first place, because it is based on it. However, a temporary union may preclude an intimate relationship. An example is an agreement between a man and a nurse who cannot be in the house of a lonely Muslim without a legal basis. The second no less interesting case is a temporary marriage for a day, when a young couple goes to a party, and their parents, for their peace of mind and in order to avoid family shame, marry them for a while.

The term of a temporary marriage can range from minutes to decades. In some cases, the couple officially legitimizes their relationship.

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