How to recognize a friend's envy?

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How to recognize a friend's envy?
How to recognize a friend's envy?

What is envy, how to recognize it, its influence on the relationship between girlfriends. The consequences of such a friendship, what if the girlfriend is envious. It's important to know! There is a saying that "envy is a by-product of success." If a friend is jealous of you, it means that she considers herself in many ways worse, not very successful in life. Sooner or later, such black envy will manifest itself in bad deeds, and friendship will end.

What are the consequences of envy?

Quarrel between girlfriends

The consequences of a friend's envy can be very serious, this is in the case when the relationship is completely severed and former girlfriends become enemies for life. Suppose a woman is successfully making her career, a friend is jealous of her and speaks badly of her behind her back. If the temper of the "careerist" is proud and tough, she does not forgive the meanness of her best friend and stops communicating with her.

Envy does not always lead to the extreme that you have to sort things out almost with the fists. The quarrel can be long, but over time the emotions subside, the discord is forgotten and the girlfriends begin to be friends again. This can happen if both are gentle in character, know how to give in and forgive mistakes. Qualities that are available to few people, and therefore very valuable in communication.

Jealousy can give a positive boost to friendships when they admire the accomplishments of those they know. For example, a girl has achieved significant sporting success, a friend is jealous of her achievements and tries to imitate her. Such envy cannot be called "black", which carries a destructive beginning in relationships.

It's important to know! Alexander Rosenbaum sings that envy "cripples souls, poisoned thoughts, altered dreams." This is the worst thing she can bring to a best friend relationship.

What if your girlfriend is jealous?

Conversation between girlfriends

What should you do so as not to be unnecessarily nervous when the envy of your best friends is haunted? And is it possible to restore relations if the girlfriend turned out to be envious, or is it better to leave, forget about friendship with her as about the unlucky days of your life?

Every sensible woman should decide these issues herself, based on her life experience. But listening to a reasonable word also does not hurt. In such cases, the following rules should be followed:

  • Straight Talk… It is worth talking heart to heart and find out all the "controversial" issues that sow misunderstandings between you. Only openness and honesty can return the old cloudless relationship. Let's say a girlfriend is jealous that you have a boyfriend, but she does not, therefore she is often nervous, accuses that you give her little time, and “you all disappear with your boyfriend”. This is deeply personal, it is not for her to decide who you need, but if you do not want to lose your friend, you must treat her words with sympathy, comfort and tactfully convince that everything will turn out well for her.
  • Psychological support… Let's say she is jealous of your appearance or cannot afford the same dress. There is no need to rudely mock her, so as not to hurt pride, but rather to praise. Let's say that she looks very good today, and this outfit suits her. Only a respectful attitude towards the feelings of a friend will help maintain good relations, not overshadowed by envy.
  • Never please! If you feel that your friend is unhappy, you don’t need to fawn on her, try to “shade” the unpleasant topic. This will only strengthen her conviction that you are to blame for her. And your “fault” is that she is jealous, for example, of your happy family relationships, which she does not have.
  • No need to humiliate… It often happens that in female friendships (in male ones too) there is a leader and a follower. The latter are given the role of listening to advice and guidance. You should never scoff at the success of a friend, they say, there is nothing worthwhile in them. Humiliation is fraught with envy, thoroughly saturated with hidden anger towards the "superior" friend. An offended soul is often envious.
  • Don't use "forbidden" topics… For example, don't talk too much about your boyfriend that men are paying attention to you. This can make the friend feel jealous, jealous of such conversations, which will lead to hostile relationships.

It's important to know! If you have tried all the ways to establish contact with a friend who suddenly became jealous of you, but nothing worthwhile came of it, the relationship with her should be terminated. How to recognize the envy of a friend - look at the video:

True friendship presupposes honesty and openness, when both parties are equal in their relations and do not at all think about which of them "more or less" owes the other. This is the "salt" of true relationships of true friends. Only in this case you will not have to talk about the envy of a close friend.

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