Fictitious marriage is a hot topic

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Fictitious marriage is a hot topic
Fictitious marriage is a hot topic

What is a sham marriage? The reasons for the conclusion of an alliance because of the benefits and the possible consequences of playing with the law. Psychological assistance to victims of marriage scams.

A fictitious marriage is the legalization of a relationship of convenience, which causes a mixed public opinion. Some people, out of their own moral principles or because of elementary hypocrisy, condemn such mercantile alliances. Optimists, on the other hand, see love in a fictitious marriage if it is based not only on benefits, but also on mutual sympathy. People often draw the voiced conclusions solely on emotions or because of imposed stereotypes. Not knowing the essence of the issue, they cut from the shoulder, stigmatize villains and demand justice. Therefore, it is important to understand all the intricacies of an unusual union and what a fictitious marriage means.

What is a sham marriage?

Fictitious marriage of convenience

An officially formalized union of convenience is a non-criminal civil act for obtaining any benefit. The marriage certificate of a couple who decided to legalize their relationship in this way is not falsification. An exception is a court decision to annul registration at the registry office upon presentation of evidence of fraud.

A fictitious marriage can be concluded both by mutual agreement of the two parties, and from the mercenary goals of a husband or wife. This clarification does not have the essence of the matter, because, according to the law, both cases fall under the principle of a "void transaction". It means an agreement that is contrary to the laws of law and order and morality.

The terms of a fictitious marriage are an agreement with the prospect of receiving material benefits. On the Internet, you can even find out the price of a fictitious marriage, which is calculated in bills, and not sayings about morality from the Bible. They pay money if registration is urgent.

The procedure for concluding an alliance is not traditional in heaven and requires the provision of the following documents:

  • passports of two honest citizens who marry for gain;
  • a document on the dissolution of existing marriages, undoubtedly out of love;
  • certificate of residence (to enviable grooms or brides from abroad).

The recognition of a marriage as fictitious corresponds to Article 27 of the Family Code of the Russian Federation. Omitting the legal side of the issue, we can say that the law helps a false couple to scatter very quickly. It is enough just to submit an application to the registry office about the desire to again become a person free from family ties, which, however, did not exist. However, psychologically it can be extremely difficult to recover.

A divorce in a fictitious marriage can only drag on if one of the parties disagrees with it. The court will postpone the consideration of the case if the husband or wife was able to provide evidence that the union between the spouses became valid. As a result, endless litigation, showdown and nervous breakdowns begin.

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